TESTOSTERONE & AGEING – Dorian Yates on Steroids

TESTOSTERONE & AGEING – Dorian Yates on Steroids

If I wasn’t a professional bodybuilder, I – I wouldn’t if I had not continued with my professional bodybuilding career at that point, that critical point where I went to knife champions? [I] wouldn’t have take(n) steroids if I would have stopped right you know and Also, there’s a psychological side to it. A psychological addiction Perhaps to Steroids. there may be more than psychological Maybe it’s slightly physical as well But a lot of people get into this sport because of insecurity [so] [they] don’t feel good and they want to build up and to feel stronger to feel more powerful and You know steroids [where] will allow you to take that to the next level you know so if your whole Importance of self is built up in how big and muscular you are You’re never going to want to stop taking those steroids because you’re going to lose that When you can’t it’s not you know you can’t keep that level of development when you stop taking those hormones you will come down to a degree, so And it’s going to be a crash is going to be a physical crash There’s going to be a mental crash all those things you need to you know before you step on [that] Merry-go-round You need to think about those things. Did you start right away 97 did you scale back? I mean, do you know what [I] didn’t like my [normal] typical approach is black and white so I actually just Pretty much stopped which was not the wisest decision [rate], you know My testosterone levels were very low I was still married at the time and we’re thinking about trying for another child and my sperm levels were nearly nearly non-existent after 18 months, two years My daughter was conceived so things were coming back to normal um But I was 36 37 and my testosterone did not come back in the normal healthy range it was suppressed it was somewhat under so At that point I decided to take testosterone placement. Which if I hadn’t taken steroids Maybe I wouldn’t [have] to take that or maybe it would have been later or so on so you know there was some Long-term implications and that it shut down my own production. Okay. [do] you still take yeah? I take and probably Most people as they get middle-aged it. It’s actually better for your health to keep it in that range than to have low help That’s what they’re finding now people with low testosterone Have a much greater heart disease more of aging related diseases, diabetes, arthritis these kind of things. Actually, one of the guys that is You know kind of promoting the male hormone replacement is from Birmingham? And he said [he] [said] patients have been on multiple [medications] for you know for these [Dobia] Diabetes are arthritis different different things and he put them on a testosterone placement, basically Is off all the other medications, so maybe it’s a cheap way for the NHS to Avoid You know all those other medications and problems that come with aging their eyes related diseases You know do you think steroids are too easily accessible now for the high school football player? You know for the for the girl wants to get in shape for [the] beach? Maybe that’s not the best example or for [teak] There’s too much of it out there because when you started only bodybuilders took steroids. Yeah Because there was some like a subculture And it was only in that world and people outside of it hadn’t really her heard that much And I remember when I first started training, I asked a couple of guys in the gym and they were a bit like You know I don’t know. No, we don’t take them You know? It was a bit like that. Like an inner circle That you have to penetrate and like you know to really find out yeah to watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real Academy.com there you can sign in with your social media log in and watch the rest of the episode for free Along with all of our episodes on London real my webinars and all of our premium content all located over at London real academy.com So click on the link below you’ll be directed there. You can watch the rest of this fascinating interview, and I’ll see you there

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  1. One of the things I find at least, is limit the negative stuff you take in life, sugar, salt, alcohol, too little sleep, because as you age you have less youthful grace to rely on so living healthier means living longer.

  2. And this boys and girls serves as a lesson to why you NEVER use steroids, etc…. And if you don’t “get it”, then you’re most likely one who will never learn. Real men don’t need artificial “enhancement”. No shortage of what NOT to be in the world.

  3. I'm on TRT, myself, due to my testosterone being unusually low at the age of 41 (below the normal range). The needle injections have changed my quality of life (less depression, more energy, more sex drive, etc.). A doctor tested my blood prior and I recommend it if you have fatigue, sex drive, depression, and other issues because this might be one of the causes — they could put you on antidepressants without realizing it's a low test issue.

  4. …prolly the most down-to-earth bodybuilder you'll ever run across…quite refreshing after the likes of narcissist types like Schwarzenegger and others…maybe the first one to max out the male human potential regarding size/mass…

  5. Dorian is one of the most real guys out there. I really appreciate his honesty, not only about where he's been, but what his life is like post pro bodybuilding. Hes a good dude

  6. Respect steroids, to who ever invented steroids. Without steroids I would still be 6foot3 195 skinny underweight marathon looking. Now I'm 280 pounds. Very happy. No more body insecurity

  7. Dorian Yates needs more exposure in America. He is very much the epitome of authentic. I love the way he is very matter of fact about himself. Very down to earth guy who has alot to offer to the world.

  8. This guy is always making excuses for steroids. He floats over it from left to right. You can hear the dishonesty in his voice but for some reason he defends it

  9. TRT does not mean you can come of all medication. I have come of my high blood pressure med but not my type 2 diabetic med.

  10. I took 3 cycles one right after another of testosterone. Cypionate, propinate, and sustanon 250. I was 20, im 25 now. Are there benefits in the future from them.

  11. I only did 2 cycles in 2010, then stop taking them, in the following 2 years, my testostarone was never coming back, didn't have any desire to fuck! libido is gone! What is worse, metally very depressed because lack of male hormone in my body!But thank god my body finally manage recover after 2 years, libido is back and boner every morning! That is only 2 steroids cycles and in beginner dosages could affect me so badly!

  12. Strength is like winning the lottery when you got it your on top of the world you feel like your Conor McGregor you become more strong your mindset changes all of a sudden your confidence is on a high then illness strikes you become weak and sick you can win and lose the lottery at any time just like you can win and lose your strength

  13. I don't like how he says steroids are what did him in. The misuse, abuse, or overuse of anabolic agents is what causes all these problems he's talking about. He's on TRT which uses test which is anabolic, so then if what he said was true, he'd still be afflicted with those ailments, but because its at a moderate dose and not over the top, he's okay. Just thought it gave the wrong impression that if you do steroids you will be screwed. If done properly I believe that you can be just fine like he is right now.

  14. Back in my work-out days Dorian was always my favorite. Class guy then and class guy now. Love to sit down and have a beer with him.

  15. Wowwww listening Dorian Yates 5 times M Olympia saying pretty much all the people taking steroids are insecure and weak is PRICELESS 😂😂 i always thought about steroids the way Dorian said, whats the purpose taking them to look good if you know you have to stop using them and you gonna look normal again? Totally absurd

  16. They have low testosterone because of other physical problems that cause it. Aging alone is not an excuse to take testosterone replacement. I'm 67 and I don't need it. I do 20 pull ups and deadlift 335 at 5'11" and 165 lbs. I don't even think about age.

  17. Hello, I'm doing an experiment for my own studies.

    I'd like to ask you if you think of a person any differently if they are taking steroids. If you do, please like and write in the comments on why you think this way. If you don't, than you can write on why it doesn't affect your view on a person.

    If you do so kindly, I would also like to know on why you started to exercise to begin with. On other terms, what is your long term goal. Thank you for your time and i'd like to hear all of your responses!

  18. Brave man and very important interview even more npw tjan ever, young men in particular need to watch this..respect to DY. 🙏✌👏

  19. I am so sick and tired, of all these athletes whining about how hard they had it or how they were forced to take steroids or whatever. If you are truly remorseful then give back the millions of dollars that you earned. I know guys who actually know about suffrage and none of them are whining. I went to five conflicts, almost killed in three, my body has scars all over it, numerous surgeries, then I have contracted Cancer twice due to all the rads I was exposed to. However, it came with the territory of decisions I made. None of the guys I retired with are crying like all of these athletic millionaires. Now, I am happy to have been one of the ones to make it to retirement. I am grateful to have earned my pension and benefits. Even though I have a rod in my back and replaced shoulder, acquired over 50 fractures and 3GSW in 25 years of service, I am proud to have come from Germany to America and earned my citizenship. I just retired from teaching high school physics. I have started teaching college physics which I will most likely do until I am close to 80. I did not make millions playing a sport. I have made the choices I have made for whatever reason. Some caused me a lot of suffrage but I don't whine about it. In fact, because I was lucky enough not to loose a limb in battle and even though I am considered 49% disable; I have made a choice. And that choice is NOT to receive a disable veteran car tag because I never want to be the one to take a parking space from a service member that lost a limb or is in a wheel chair etc… I choose to honor them in this way. I am sure there are a lot of people out there without celebrity status who have suffered through their mistakes but they keep it to themselves and move on, lesson learned, without millions of dollars. Bottom line, stop the whining, and move on!

  20. Back in the days we went into the gym for first time we went for the protein shake, in this days new people get into the gym and get into the fastest and easy way, steroids.

  21. Anything one does to enhance anabolism, from drugs, to hormones, to lifting heavy weights, essentially brings that person to peak development much faster. This simply means that your body has reached it's peak very young and the aging process then takes places, at a very young age. Most of the people in this category decline in health very young, 50's, 60's, 70's, as they used these anabolic means to enhance the development process, which means they enhance the aging process as well. The key is to preserve the body not advance the aging or declining process. Anabolism results in aging at a much faster rate than normal.

    The middle and upper middle class in the US are living well into their 90's, thousands are 100 years+, there isn't one body builder in this category, bodybuilders generally lose 20 years of lifespan, all for vanity reasons.

  22. Dorian is one of the few bodybuilders, who are saying the truth about steroids and consequences of use of steroids. RESPECT!!!

  23. Dorian changed the game of bodybuilding💯
    He had a dry grainy look like no other as if there was cement under his paper thin skin.

  24. Every man his age needs testosterone replacement therapy. Steroids will suppress your natural testosterone but so does age. We are all gonna need it one day. If that’s the only issue he’s had from all that steroid use then sign me up. It’s obvious that steroids aren’t the devil everyone makes them out to be.

  25. Steroid takers dont realise the destruction they bring into their lives from taking steroids, such as relationship break ups, family violence. The law cant stop users. Its sad that they feel insecurity. But they become bullies and bring misery to family members etc. Mental abuse. I feel sorry for those people. Not users.
    They should get help such as councelling if they feel insecure.
    …. The people they bully develope depression and anxiety.
    & they get physically assaulted or murdered.
    Back in Arnolds days, Bertil Fox, a British Body Builder murdered his wife and her mother.
    Did they desereve to be murdered becauase of steroids.
    What can I say.
    Oh. I was bullied, had mental and physical abuse, from a family member.
    He lost his girlfriend, went to prison, lost me as family.
    & he hasnt grown as a person.
    In many ways he just hasnt expanded.
    He has a job. But thats about it.
    He wouldnt understand why I even bother to write this.
    Its just sad.

  26. Just an observation, when I first clicked I thought to myself he looks about 60.
    What did anyone else guess?

  27. "Insecurity" – There are now more nerds in bodybuilding and powerlifting than there are self-regarding gym brahs.

  28. This interviewer needs to wake up and smell the coffee I went to high school in the early 90s and I know people doing steroids then so pleased there has been access to it for 30 years

  29. I thought about taking steroids but I was getting pretty good results with the hundreds of dollars I was spending in vitamin stores… I guess if I wanted to take it to the NEXT NEXT level, then I would have needed steroids. I never had any aspirations for Mr. Olympia or competing. Dorian is right about one thing. It definitely is an addicting game once you get it right…

  30. Dorian owes me 20$ from 2 decades ago…I never let him pay me back just so I can say Dorian Yates owes me money.

  31. for all you teens out there… workout is healthy, steroids are not. stay away from it for your own good, nothing good comes out of it, it will only hurt you in the long run .

  32. It's time someone was truthful about the whole subject, and quit pushing the nonsense that eating chicken breasts and chugging shakes makes you big like that.

  33. Well you're eventually going to have your heart attack believe me you don't shoot roids for years everyday and not get your heart attack enjoy retard

  34. I am kind of sad when i see young, 18-25 years old men training and it can be clearly seen from their looks that they take huge amounts of different steroids to boost training. I am sad because human brains are fully developed when you are at age of 25. People should never ever take alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or hormones before 25. It disturbs so much spiritual development and distorts the self-image of man, the ego. I was 37 when i took testosterone first time. 1 ml/week. It was love at first site. No woman could do it like testosterone.. It was great and i was addicted to it. I got 10 kg in 10 weeks. Everybody knows that it wont stop there. So i used 2 years testo and other supplements. I got attention from ladies and gentlemen. But i havent used anything for over a year. I am not interested to do so for now. Maybe some day in future, i don't know.

    One thing everyone must understand that those guys who get serious health problems, use huge amounts of steroids. If you use 1ml per week and you do everything right, there is no real danger of anykind. It's bullshit if someone has other opinion about it. 1ml is easy to get of and you don't need any medication after use. Real problem is that can you leave it there… No you wont. I speak from experience.

  35. I'm thinking of taking steroids at 52 .Ive seen 20yo on steroids and think that's stupid. As you age you lose testosterone so I believe that at an older age their are advantages to dosing. Not to the very young in life!!!

  36. You know how ignorant people are about this in India they take steroids with a sense of unorthodox view that there in europe doctors are open about it and every one does it.

  37. He exactly right I injected 1/2 cc a week. I was turning out power like crazy on a bicycle an at the gym. My normal Testosterone level was 440 we ran it up to 840. I have gout arthritis and I didn't know why at the time but it was raging. I was trying to get over adrenal fatigue so that's why Dr. Feelgood put me on the T shots. After 3 years in 2014 I quit all treatment because it wasn't working. When I stop the testosterone my level fell to 150, the gout was gone. I had gout since I was 25, I'm 55 now an still no problems. Testosterone could be why ladies don't have gout. The doctors won't tell you this but it's for real. There are medicines that will lower your testosterone level so if you have gout give it a try. You know how bad that hurts, I would be down for 3 weeks sometimes. Meds and diets wouldn't control it but it's gone now. Hope this helps someone.
    It was kinda fun in the gym when the young guys were watching an thinking this old guy is goina be crusher under all that weight then you workout with it. The look on their faces was priceless.

  38. They're showing that TRT, except for sound medical reasons, causes aggressive cancers among other things. Its not an answer for normal healthy aging.

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