TFCC Tear / Repair Stretches & Exercises (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) – Ask Doctor Jo

TFCC Tear / Repair Stretches & Exercises (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
talk about the TFCC. Hmm wonder what that is? It’s actually the triangular fibrocartilage
complex in your wrist. I already have some wrist videos for DeQuervain’s and just some
wrist pain in general, but this is going to be similar exercises done in a different way
for you. Let’s go! So starting off with the wrist you want to get some simple range of
motion exercises in there. So you can start with extension and flexion to start off. You
can do them 10 times in a row moving, or you can actually go up and hold it and down and
hold it, holding if for 30 seconds each way. Then you can turn and go up and down, which
is radial deviation and ulnar deviation. So same thing, you can either do it 10 times
constantly moving or going up holding it for 30 seconds, going down holding it for 30 seconds,
3 times each. You can add pressure on there. If doing it without any pressure is easy and
not painful, then you can add a little bit of pressure to get some more stretch, going
back and forth. Up and down. After you get those motions, the next big one is supination
and pronation, which is supination going this way, and pronation going this way which are
very important ones even though we don’t think about them a lot. Going back and forth this
way ten times or holding it for 30 seconds each way. If you need a little pressure with
this one, you can use a hammer because it’s a little bit heavier up here to it will give
you that extra pull. Back and forth. We have some fancy things in the clinic to do this,
but a hammer works just fine. So again you can go back and forth 10 times and that weight
will just give you that extra pressure. Now it’s not your whole arm, that’s not what you
want to do. You want to keep your elbow stable so your getting that movement in the wrist.
In some of the other videos, with some resistive stuff, I’ve showed you using a soup and or
vegetable cans. You can also do your exercises with a Theraband. They range from different
colors starting off with yellow which is the lightest ranging all the way to black which
is the heaviest. So the green is kind of a happy middle ground. You want to again, stabilize
your forearm here so it’s not moving around. You want it to be solid, so your just moving
at your wrist. So going up, and then down. Then you can switch it. Going up and down.
And then you can get a little bit of radial deviation this way. I’d start off with just
10 each way, and then kind of work your way up from there. If you can get to 20-25 and
it becomes easy, then you can change the color of your resistive band. And finally just some
gripping. You can use a ball, like a tennis ball or racquet ball, but you can also just
use a rolled up towel. Squeeze the towel gripping it nice and tight. Hold it for about 3-5 seconds,
and relax. Do that up to 10 times, and then if it gets easy, then you can get something
that’s a little harder, like the tennis or racquet ball. Those were some exercises for
you TFCC in the wrist. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. If you
would like to check out some more videos, go to Don’t forget to follow
me on Facebook and Twitter. Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

100 Replies to “TFCC Tear / Repair Stretches & Exercises (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Hi I'm a little over two months post operation where I underwent a TFCC repair to fix a peripheral tear in my right wrist TFCC. I have roughly 90% range of motion in my wrist and have been strengthening my right wrist for two weeks now (stress ball for grip strengthening, pinch strengthening, wrist curls with a 2 kg weight bar right now, and rotation using a rubber tube as resistance). My wrist feels great and currently my right hand grip strength is 60% of my left. This number is steadily increasing as I work on my rehab daily and I was wondering at what point I would be ready to return slowly to weightlifting in the gym and going back to playing sports at a high level. Thanks.

  2. I was diagnosed with tfcc today, prescribed PT for 6 weeks ( before insurance will pay for the actual MRI) and told to wear a brace when "gripping." I lift weights, and the brace he wants me to wear will absolutely not work. Is there any advice u can give for a weight-lifter with tfcc, as far as wraps, or a different kind of brace goes? As of now, the tops of my hands constantly tingle as well as my fingers most of the time…even without a load on them. I don't see this going well in the days to come. Tough day for this girl ;( fighting through it seems idiotic, but I'm not stopping. I have decreased the weight overhead since that is what triggers it, and decreased the amount of reps I do. I also don't want to ruin things to where I can't lift at all.Thank youJulia

  3. hay doctor, i m also medical student.
    i ve injury on left wrist 1 months ago,may b due to weight lifting nd i feel pain in pronotion movement in just above the wrist n i test my uric acid level,is 6.6 mg/dl.
    is it tfcc or gout????

  4. Doctor Jo I am experiencing pain in my wrist whenever I try to move it , I got it when I pushed a heavy object and i am afraid that it will affect my swimming career , It has been two days and the pain got worse , how can I heal fast or how can I lessen the pain ? It would really be nice if you can help me doctor thank you very much

  5. Hi Dr. Jo I'd like your opinion. I was riding my bike and fell on my hand while it was outstretched going fairly fast. when it first happened I couldn't twist my wrist at all and had a very low range of motion. I iced it the first few days and heated it the next. I went to Walgreen's and bought myself their most supportive looking wrist brace and wore it for maybe a month. I'm confident I have no fracture however I believe I have a tfcc tear. I get clicking when moving my hand from a palm down position to a palm up position if I'm pushing towards the ulna side of my wrist at all.
    So I guess my question is does that sound like the correct assumption. also is the clicking or popping something that needs to be avoided at all costs because it happens throughout daily use without any extreme pressure. do I need to keep it braced or should I work on strengthening and range of motion exercises. I'm experiencing very little pain and discomfort. it could only be described as slight irritation or a feeling of instability like my wrist might give (which has always been present but is now not as bad after the bracing)
    let me know what you think and thanks in advance! 🙂
    (sorry for the long winded comment just trying to be descriptive)

  6. Hi Dr. Jo, my question is the twisting the wrist exercise causes more cracking and irritation, shouldn't I avoid this particular movement?

  7. I had a TFCC tear while playing tennis, Doctor have me in a splint. so from when i can start this exercises?

  8. i used of doing heavy workouts but recently my wrist started to pain since then i left gymming. help me with your guidance

  9. how often do i need to do this therapy, i have injured for 3 week, i still feel little pain when 90 degree bending my wrist, twisting my palm up to sky

  10. Hi, its interesting video. I first heard about tfcc injuries when i was diagnosed. I have weird question. It is treatable? My doctor said i have "Little degenerative changes of tfcc elbow part". And i'm 21 years old and for two weeks wear hand orthosis and i'm scary that i will never be able to back to sport.

  11. Dr. It been a year now since i got a minor tear as drs said in the beginning i couldn't do daily activities without pain now it's all gone also pain while bearing gone i only suffer minor pain only in case of applying load, is it the time for these exercises ? When i do it irritates at the time only

  12. Hi Dr JO i am from India and i am suffering from 1 year old ulnar tfcc tear (left hand) i had the injure during hard work at job even i am visiting the private clinic from past 6 months i am not satisfied with treatment due the pain i feel while working so can please tell me is there any permanent cure for this injure …..

  13. This was a nice video. I have a question. is it better to ice and apply heat to the wirst daily and do these exercises? I have been having this ulnar wrist pain for months and i just started icing it and it seems to be helping. should i apply heat or just do these exercises?

  14. @askdoctorjo could you suggest me other alternative if the stretching belt is not available at movement. Would you suggest me to lift heavy weights after recovery.

  15. Hi doctor Jo, when I do the radial deviation and ulnar deviation movement I feel some sort of tight pain near the thumb and pointing finger during the down movement. Does this mean that it's working?

  16. Hi Doctor Jo!I underwent a tfcc surgery 4 months back (DRUJ instability) and currently have got 70% of the original strength and 80% of ROM. My question is is it OK to push through the pain while performing physiotherapy. I put my hand in hot water for 10 mins and then perform stretching and strengthening exercises. Sometimes it feels that the tfcc would give away again.

  17. Hi Doc Jo ! Nice video thanks for sharing and help us ! It seems that I've got TFCC, as I play badminton a lot. I can do all the exercises in this video quite easily however, in Supination movement I feel a little discomfort while having a weight/hammer I actually feel a sharp pain. What would you recommend ? Here I got my MRI and it says partial tear in FC. We dont have surgical options here in Pakistan and my doctor told me that TFCC is not 100% recovered.

  18. Hi
    Great exercises, very clear. I noticed the guitar in the background. How about guitar specific warmups. They will certainly overlap your  other exercises , but it might prove useful. I have had thumb tendonitis, and a hyperextension injury of my left pinky and a yucky left shoulder, due to 40 years of doing dentistry, so warm ups are critical to me. I start them even before I get out of bed in the morning. Thanks for all the help.

  19. After playing tennis, I found there is a clicking sound in the TFCC area during supination movement. The sour fades in 2 days and there is no plain all the time. Do I need flint? If I do this exercise, how soon can I start playing tennis again?

  20. Hi Doctor Jo,

    I have a TFCC radial attachment partial tear. It's been there for over an year and I have been lifting weights throughout using wrist supports. I get a pain on the pinky side only during end-range of motion (pronate / supinate) and I get a weird vein pulling effect kind of sensation inside the center of the wrist when I pull weights with a jerk.

    Now that I have consulted an orthopaedic and the MRI showed this, the doctor has asked me to avoid any kind of pushing / pulling movements and do an ultrasound therapy every 2-3 days for a month. I am taking a Tendoncare tablet and a Calcium (500 mg) + Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) tablet. I am also wearing a wrist splint throughout the day.

    Kindly give your input on this. How long should it take to completely heal and should I resume the activities immediately after a month? Shall I do the exercises you have demonstrated or take an absolute rest as per the advice of my doctor?

    Thanks for the video,

  21. @AskDoctorJo. My hand slipped while getting out of the pool, and from the motion of my wrist (based on where it hurts) and with an X ray, my Ortho indicated a TFCC. I was wearing the band for 6 weeks and taking precautions but it has been 3 months now and it still has not recovered. What should I do? Also, I was asked to not lift weight at the Gym, could you suggest sources where I could see possible upper body excercises in the injury?

  22. Hello Mam,
    That's a nice video , actually i had this pain just below the pinky finger while twisting wrist. Apart from that no pain or swelling.i consult the doctor , he said just stop doing any kind of gym exercise and wrist will heal itself. It has been 7 months but i still feel this pain while twisting .Is this even curable? are these simple exercise will be able to heal my wrist?

  23. dr i have TFCC legament tear. i had msg you before. now i got exact name of problem. so can TFCC legament cure with exercise?

  24. what if you're trying to do the physical therapy exercises and there is a lot of pain when you twist the wrist left to right? Should I continue through the pain or just stop what I'm doing?

  25. Hello Mam,
    I have been suffering with TFCC tear for the past one year. Fortunately By not giving much work to my wrist (wearing a wrist band), I have relieved a lot from the pain. Do these exercises give me a complete recovery ?

  26. Hi, Doctor Jo! i believe to have a TFCC injury , its been 2 months and i ordered the wrist widget around 1 month ago, the pain is mainly when rotating my wrist , and when curling dumbbells, i don't know what i should do because its been so long and pain still there, i cant even curl a 5 lbs dumbbell without feeling pain.

  27. I had to temporarily quit violin lessons due to TFCC tear in my right wrist. I hope I can start again soon. 🙁

  28. How do I know if I tore it or simply injured it? About 8 months ago I'm pretty sure I injured it from bench pressing and I was not able to put pressure through the ulnar side of my palms or rotate my forearm. I rested my wrists for about a month and there was significantly less pain but it has not completely gone away.

  29. im 17 and hurt both my wrists in the gym, i havent done an mri but the doctor is very sure that it may be a partial TFCC tear and I've been doing these exercises for a week now, but it have been passed 6 weeks since my injury and I still got some minor pain when going from palm downwards to upwards, I'd appreciate your anwer.
    thanks !

  30. Hello Dr.
    I hurt my wrist playing tennis a week ago. The bone which bulges out under my pinky finger (ulnar) is sore to the touch and when I pick up weight and make a tennis motion it is sore.
    Without weight in my hand I am able to move in up down, supinate , probate etc . It is when I hold my racquet that it starts to flare up.
    Are these exercises and massaging area ok??

  31. I'm suffering from tfcc since last 2 years, after doing these exercise i feel more pain in my wrist, shall I continue doing exercise and my pain eventually reduces or stop doing exercise. plz help…

  32. Hi Dr. Jo, when performing the second exercise I feel pain during radial deviation. Should I allow my wrist to rest or continue doing this exercises? My hand was in a splint for the past three weeks and I started doing this exercises today.

  33. I think I have a tfcc tear rather than a sprain that my general doctor said because it has been three weeks now and doesn't not feel any better with the brace, icing and ib profin he proscribed. I think I am going to get an MRI later this week and am very nervous about the results. Also does anyone know it I need a dye injection for it?

  34. Doctor joe

    I fell into a cactus with my hand and I compressed my wrist and now I can't move it at all I tried these exercises and it still hurts what should I do?

  35. I hurt my wrist years ago from boxing. I don't feel pain anymore normally, but if I hit a punching bag again the pain will come back and lasts for few days. Is there anything I need to be wary of? Or I can resume boxing after strengthening my wrist?

  36. So are these exercises for when the pain is there? or has been? I hurt my wrist while boxing last week, and luckily the pain is not as bad as the first few days but whenever I make a particular motion theres that stingy feeling at the TFCC area. Would it be wise to do these exercises? Or maybe wiser to wait still?

  37. @askdoctorjo Hi – great clear video. I will give the exercises a try as some are different to the ones i have already been doing – esp the hammer and resistance ones. I don't know how i damaged my wrist but think it was from digging and impact from hitting the ground about 2.5 months ago. I now get a clicking/popping noise and stiffness when holding my arm out with my fingers stretched out and rotating clockwise. Is the clicking/popping bad news? Should it go away along with the stiffness as i do the exercises? Should i see a doctor about the popping? Thanks.

  38. my wrist hurts when im in a supernation position and arms extended , and movements such opening a jar and barbell curl hurts alot , any advice ? i dont want to cut my training off more than a week , any tips or help of what might be going on ? wrist straps helps alot during training should i use them ?

  39. My symptoms;
    Pain, at the base of small finger side of the wrist
    Pain worsens as the wrist is bent from side to side
    Swelling in the wrist
    Painful clicking in the wrist
    Loss of grip strength

    Doctor said it sounds like a torn ligament and referred me to physical therapy. Phy therapist diagnosed torn TFCC, with not MRI. They want to use a brace with a protrusion that will press one of the bones of my wrist into place. Sounds crazy to me. Why no MRI? Why not get imaging and then consider if surgery is the correct treatment?

  40. hello doc
    I have tfcc surgery 6weeks ago. and I'm just taking off the cast 3 days ago. now my wrist is very hard to move up and down or anything else. my hand feels so weak. do u have any suggestions to help my hand recovery faster? i already try to move the wrist but still hard.

  41. Hello doctor
    I have pain in ulnar side of the wrist but pain occurs only at one point that is near the base of fifth metacarpal bone.
    I think it may be foveal sign but I am not sure of it.
    Please suggest me some exercises to relieve my pain.
    Thank you.

  42. Hi doc, I’ve been having pain on the ulnar side of my right wrist for one year now, this was done when I punched the boxing bag with my right hand. Last year, but it seems to get injured whenever I punch hard with my right hand, would these exercises help? Is this TFCC?

  43. Hi Doctor, I am a drummer. Its been almost 10 years i ve been drumming but since last year, out of nowhere i started having my left wrist along with fingers getting locked and hyper tensed not being able to even hold the sticks properly. My fingers and wrist freezes, gets too tensed that i cant play drums i did MRI and they said its possible TFCC Tear. I did therapies and and also took rest for about 3 months.But it hasn't improved even 1%. Am afraid i wont be able to play drums ever. Please help me find out the solution..

  44. Hi doc, I am experiencing pain on the pinky finger side of my left wrist which I injured doing some rapid burpees, it's been 2 months.. The pain occurs only when there's some heavy weight lifted, when I do push ups or if there's some jerk to the wrist.. There's no popping or clicking sound, no swelling, only slight pain. Will these exercises help? For how long should I continue doing them?

  45. Hi Doctor Jo! I have a really big question for you , i tore my Triangular Fibrocartialage and my doctor injected fluid i think into it to make it heal but he said i wouldn't be able to go to the gym again. Bear in mind this doctor was 65 years old who has probably never been to the gym before because he was making it out for it to be stupid of me benching 55 kg when i weigh 72 kg but clearly you can do that in the gym. Is he right or will these stretches help me go back to the way i was in the gym? Thanks

  46. Hi dr jo, i am being able to perform all wrist movements without pain but without weights. I have pain while gripping a ball. Can i start shoulder strengthening with weights without strengthening for tfcc rehab? Thanks

  47. Also, if I am to do forearm exercises, will my performing all the wrist movements with resistance be good enough for the grip strength or will i still have to grip a soft ball for the same? Thanks again

  48. Hi Doctor Jo, I believe I suffered a TFCC tear in November. I saw a hand specialist and she thought that is what happened. I have been doing these exercises daily for about a month and it has started to make my wrist feel a little better. I have just returned to the gym and I can do most exercises. The bench press still bothers me some and my wrist gets sore for a day or two. Should I discontinue pushing exercises for now? If so how long until I give it another shot? Thanks for the video and help!!

  49. Hello AskDoctorJo.
    Last year, about 6 months ago I injured my wrist, I was lifting weights to work out shoulders, when I heard a click on my right wrist. The first days the pain wouldn't allow me to move my wrist very much, so I applied a bandage, and the doctors told me it was a sprain, so they told me to take pain relief and anti-inflammatory pills for 30 days. Also told me to take contrast therapy. I took the therapy for a month and the pain started to decrease. But still, after 6 months of the injury my first hurts when I want to lift something heavy, and starts to hurt when I pronate if I made some effort. Sprains and injuries in the TFCC are different? I've read sometimes they aren't diagnosed properly. So I have a couple of other questions:
    1) How long does it take to heal?
    2) Do I need some other treatment? I've been using a wrist band that offers support and doesn't allow the wrist to articulate.
    3) Can I start to lift weights again, but with less effort?
    I've been working out for years, so it's really been annoying to stop exercising for all this time.
    Thanks in advance.

  50. HI doctor 😀

    I have a focal thinning of the triangular fibrocartilage in my wrist , and doctor said it will never heal again …. Do those exercises help in healing my injury back ?

  51. hello, I know it’s annoying to read a long paragraph, but can you help me make some decisions?
    So I injured my wrist last year in January. And I rest it for almost a year and a half now(no exercise what so ever) and yesterday as I tried to do push ups to evaluate my wrist strength, although I can do it, I still feel pain doing push ups. So right now, I face two options , keep resting it or exercise it to make it better. And can I play basketball during the process? I only feel pain when I try to lift heavy objects or do push ups. Thank you in advance!

  52. Quick question I think u have this injury but it’s not too severe. So I was wondering how long should I take some time off from the gym? PS I’m going to start CT

  53. Thanks for this video! I have a mild tfcc tear and these exercises have helped. I had pain when doing supination and after a few weeks of doing these exercises (once every other day), the supination pain is gone. Now I only have occasional pain on extension and flexion. Should these exercises be done daily? (if so how often?) Thanks.

  54. doctor told me not to do ulnar and radial deviation exercise ..but my wrist is stiff on that movement after putting it in cast for 6 month.. can u help me in this..?

  55. i feel way too much clicking in my wrist and forearm…… ugh clicks tingles… and makes me laugh.. at least now i know what my injury is.. and where and what it is called… Im a drywall taper everyday constantly using my wrist.. pressure.. twisting.. you name it i do it… its been just over a year.. and wont go away

  56. Hello Doctor Jo!
    Thank you for the exercises!
    I'd like to ask some advice. I injured my left wrist 6 months ago.I practiced calisthenics…a lot exercises with horizontal bar, some handstand exercises and as a result in about 2 hours after one training I started to feel a pain in my wrist. It continued for 3-4 days and after that I got a limitation in movement(exactly pronation, supination and a little bit left turn) A lot of doctors, bandage, medicine and even manual therapy and kinesio tape didn't work. A week ago I started to do a few rehab exercises(very similar to yours) and for the first time a got a good result. Just wanted to ask how to prevent injuries like this in future?Maybe some diet advice…because I'm going to practice calisthenics again right away after I'll cure my wrist.Thank you for answer!

  57. Hi, thanks for making the video! I hope you can help. I injured my wrist around 3 months ago when I fell on it. I’ve had an X-ray which came back negative. The pain is on the ulnar side but I’m not sure if it’s the TFCC that is hurt or the tendons on that side.

    1. Will the exercises shown in the video help no matter what the injury is on the ulnar side?

    2. Whenever I’ve tried to start strengthening exercises, my wrist pain starts to get worse and worse and I end up stopping the exercises. What’s the best way to ease into them and is an increase in general pain expected after starting strengthening exercises?

  58. Hello dr. My wrist pain is from last 2 years. I do anything but still i don't get relief. Please give me any solution

  59. Hi Dr. Jo I injured my wrist two years ago in a car accident and it was a sprain. I reinjured it about three months ago a little over. I have been having stiffness, pain, and clicking noise and when I put pressure on the ulna I feel a sharp pain. It feels like a bad sprain.I am having a lot of pain should I perform these excersises?

  60. Hi Doctor Jo! Wanted to ask your advice again:) Cause I have some difficulties with all exercises with pressure on wrist(like dips, handstand, bar or even usual push ups)When I'm doing my workout after 3-4 sets I'm starting to feel pain in the edge of hand and it's doesn't go away for days. Good stretching and massage helps, but just for short period of time. Still struggling and can't handle that even with phisioterapist's help. Please help me!

  61. I got an MRI and my orthopedic said that if TFCC was torn, the tear is now negligible enough where surgery wouldn't help. I have a lot of wrist extensor tightness though. Primarily the ones that insert towards my ulna. Is this a result of the TFCC injury?

  62. I had an outstretched hand injury 6 months back and there was a tfcc tear for which doctors suggested wrist brace and nothing else but still there is a lot of pain if i bear weight on my hand.
    There is edema internally which is not resolving.
    What should i do??

  63. My doctor told me that u don't ride a bike…. Bcz given a accilator its damage your mussle…. U suggest so many exercise that u… R sujjested like that

  64. Hello. I'm wondering if anyone could help me. I believe I have tfcc in both wrists. My right wrist was injured 4 months ago when I punched a heavy bag with bad form. Ever since then, something"pops" out of my wrist when I attempt to do a bicep curl or any motions that put pressure on the wrist that way. My left wrist was hurt 2 months ago(bicep curl position) when I lifted a heavy box underhanded. I felt a pop and it slowly got worse over time. These injuries have ruined many aspects of my life. as a martial artist and soon to be pro wrestler, this has put me out of action for months. I can't lift in the gym and certainly can't fight. Does anyone have any idea what it could be and what I could do to heal and be able to lift again? Please help. Thank you to whoever read this entire comment.

  65. Hi Dr.Jo, I fell from a bike and been affected with TFCC Injury in left hand, Doctor suggested me to wear the splint for minimum 3 weeks and maximum 3 weeks, which am wearing now. Its already two weeks, I don't have much pain but when I am trying to move wrist, am feeling the pain. Can I go through these therapeutic exercises to get rid of the pain or Do I have to wait for more days to do theses exercises. Please advise me, I need your help.

  66. I’ll be doing these to help with my injury. I was playing rugby and during a tackle my right wrist took the entire impact, my hand was looking like an L with my wrist completely sideways. The doc just said to use a cast and it’s not off so rehab time I guess.

  67. When doing these, is my wrist suppose to feel sore and inflamed afterwords? The inflamed feeling is what's concerning me. Also is it normal to have your pinkie and ring fingers to be weaker after a tfcc injury? I'd go talk to someone, but money is an issue.

  68. Hi doc, i had tfcc tear for 6 month now.. (which i think its not that bad at all) and doctor dosent recommend a surgery but injection and PT
    So i didnt take any injection to my wrist and its been 2 month that i went to PT .. i feel so much better i can lift weights . I can do push-ups without any pain but, when i know im not fully recover because i feel a little pain in my tfcc when i do push ups (stright elbow) do you think i shoud do your excercises and PT?
    Sorry about my long message

  69. Hi doc, another question
    I dont have pain, and wrist getting better everyday but this cracking sound on the ulna side of the wrist is just killing me
    Is there some ways to get ride of it ? Because there are some meniscus tear in the ulna side of the wrist
    Is there anyway except surgery?

  70. I can’t pronate my wrist completely. I can only get half way before I start feeling pain and have to stop. I have ulnar side pain but I’m not sure if it’s a TFCC issue. Do you think it could be something else? Or is the pronation example enough to say it’s likely TFCC? Thanks.

  71. Dear Jo,
    i twisted my wrist last November while servicing a tennis ball. Later I started to have mild pain at maximum twist of right wrist. It had never affected my daily routine or work. However this March i might have lifted something heavy and started to have pain sensation at my ulnar side even if I am doing nothing. Suddenly in few days the pain was all around the wrist and my gripping was weak. With some splint and later wrist widget, the other pains were gone, however with rotation or twist of the wrist I get pinch type pain. Eg during toothbrush, drinking water with my hand, shaving etc etc. After writing 2mins or typing i get pain. However with stiff hand i can still do some stuffs. i tried to do your exercise, but with supination rotation i get pain at my ulnar side when my wrist almost gets flat. With pronation, there is no pain at all. With wrist up and down is no pain at all.
    I am scared of doing excercises as my pain can be back. What would you recommend? My surgeon has already planned an arthroscopy surgery date for me after one month. According to surgeon there is mostly perpheral tfcc and surgery is the only option. Bith ulnar and radius bones are unstable.
    I am still hopefull that I can avoid a surgery with some of your excercises. however really wants your opinion if I should do your exercises even with pain, or do limit your excercise just till pain..?
    Looking forward to hear from you. thank you!

  72. Hi Dr Jo, I happened along this video while looking up my case.

    I'm an artist, and I had a TFCC injury in my left wrist a few weeks ago after I pushed myself too hard for a project. It's been almost a month now, and even though the pain is much less intense there's still some residual pain. When I saw a orthopedist last week, they told me I should avoid stretches before the tear fully heals, is that true? Secondly, when I take off my brace I feel a clicking noise when I move my wrist for the first time, I wonder if that means that it was healing and I just reversed that.

    Thank you

  73. I’ve had a tfcc tear for over a year and it’s not healing and left me with pain. Doctors suggested I stay away from surgery because scar tissue will cause more pain. How do I promote healing

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