The 3 Deep Back Muscle Layers

The 3 Deep Back Muscle Layers

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  1. just found your Channel and i love it!!! You are the best explaining techniques and anatomy!! Love to see the draw musles while you massaged them. Can you make a video explaining what is trigger points, how to find them and teach the technique? Thanks!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. You are fantastic! The drawings and explanations are wonderful too. 😊👍👍💕

  3. Very good ..thank you.
    i too am a seasoned therapist and I love to see the muscle drawn on the body.
    i love your work.

  4. Thank you for your time and secrets 😉 what did you use to draw the muscles??! I’m currently studying at Irene’s Myomassology and that would help me immensely

  5. This is a great and helpful video. The muscles drawn on the back are really great and helpful. Thank you.

  6. Well explained, good information and visuals. You say there is no need to do deep tissue, then you pull out a tool to do it for you…hmm…a little incongruent but overall great video. I show a few advanced techniques in mine.

  7. Hello,
    Myofacial release needs to be done at a very slow speed and the client will feel a burning sensation. Nice video thank you

  8. Ouch! $38 -$72, depending on the strength, for 1.7 oz.

  9. So true about the pain and not triggering the nervous system! I went for a deep tissue massage with a women here in Seattle that apparently works with football players and she hurted me so bad! The massage was so painful it was torture and when I told her to give me a second she ignored me! I was more stressed and tight afterwards than when I came in.
    I want a massage with you! Thank you for this video ❤️

  10. Very thorough, thank you. But one thing, your thumbs will be destroyed if you keep up the movements with some of the positions. Be very careful

  11. But some clients are heavy set and have very dense muscles, only harder pressure works for them. Lighter pressure does nothing for those clients they can’t even tell they’ve had a massage afterwards lol.

  12. Как классно показано!! Жаль, что я не знаю английского, но кое что понятно.

  13. Omg i just discovered you. And i am so glad. I think i do massage just like you . And i am so glad . 🌹

  14. Espectacular tu trabajo sos muy buena se ve que amad lo haces para transmitir tu enseñanza Dios te benfoga😘🤗

  15. What do you use to show the muscles and still be able to work on top of it without wiping off? I stumbled upon this video looking for tips with a tough client. Love love love what youre doing!

  16. I don't speak English very well but I want to ask you the name of the tool that you use in the video, please. And also I want to send you my admiration and thank you for share your knowledge and wisdom.

  17. Superb work. Where can we buy these specific tools please? And how are they called? Thanks again for your superb video!

  18. Wow! I am so amazed of how your videos are so visual with the different colors of muscles. You are very detailed and I appreciate it very much.

  19. How do you work on persons who have a lot of back fat? Also there are some clients who are very thick, how do you isolate the muscles though the fat?

  20. I love your all VDOs. It's help me alot to learn how the muscle works. I learn at school in anatomy class, I can't understand at all.
    After watch your video is awesome!! you are the best teacher ever! Big thanks!!

  21. Agradezco la pasión y humildad de su trabajo , estoy admirada de lo sencillo , claro y completa información.
    Me encanta su trabajo y cada día aprendo mucho .
    Gracias , Dios bendiga su vida y proyectos.
    Un saludo , desde la blanca Mérida Yucatán México.

  22. Very informative.. I really enjoy watching its very interested to know about the different type of muscles and know exactly where they are located

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