The 6 Minute Muscle Building Meal Plan – Healthy Dinners

The 6 Minute Muscle Building Meal Plan – Healthy Dinners

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  1. You're great at fitness, but I'll take my Nutrition professor's advise over yours… Finishing up my Week 1 of AX1. Its pretty damn good in my view. Hopefully it'll fix some of these muscle imballences I have…

  2. Bro you are the man. However I would like to make one observation: you could and should be eating better quality meats. Purdue is garbage. Everything you eat should be organic. That is all. Thanks for all the great vids.

  3. Jeff, good start but an option for the overall plan is use of crock pot/slow cooker. Many will tire of the meal prepped by Weds/Thursday. A healthy balanced hot meal, after work and gym waiting can be a great pick me up to your schedule and the smell when you walk in.

  4. Jeff, what would be your suggested tip priority frozen vegetables for nutritional adds to a meal plan? Broccoli, some mix veg, edaname, Brussels sprouts…. ?
    What about fruit and berries?

  5. SOY beans… Really?? Pure Crap! And then he throws it into the radiation chamber… hahaha! Wow… Splenda… the Brain cell killer!!! Wow… UN-subbed.

  6. I found this video to be extremely helpful. Thank you for your recipe! I look forward to watching more of your videos that are very educational while promoting well-being and health.

  7. The microwave is destroying the nutrition in the food you put in it. Research the hidden hazards of microwave cooking. I know you're going to be interested in this because you clearly want to be healthy. Microwaves are the worse thing to have in your home. We threw ours in the dumpster after learning the truth about them.

  8. So wait he cooked then refroze and then microwaved chicken? That sounds like it would be absolutely disgusting to eat if not dangerous.

  9. The only problem I have with Frozen chicken breasts is they tend to have A LOT of salt in them. I tend to retain water easily so I have to keep sodium low, so I tend to buy fresh chicken to avoid extra salt in my diet.

  10. Me personally, not a big fan of frozen meat, I like it fresh, grass fed meat preferably, and chicken breasts organic if able, (yes there is a huge difference In taste, also I HATE using the microwave, put it on a stove top if you’re meal prepping, microwave is not good for you, idc what anyone says.. am I guilty of it at times, yea, for oatmeal and stuff, but not for my meat.

    I’m just saying what has worked better for me in my experience, he’s right you have to mix it up to stay on it, chicken breast rice and broccoli get old.. fast.🤷🏼‍♂️

    However, it clearly works for him. So good on him

  11. Takes out pre-cooked food from refrigerator. Microwaves it. Smart. Also not washing hands saved him another 30 seconds. I learnt something new today

  12. Hi Would the first thing you do when you walk through the door is wash your hands?? Before handling any food? Before touching your dogs? Made me feel ill to be honest.
    But I love the video's and training tips. Keep it up man.

  13. 3-4 days/week
    1 muscle group worked 1-2 days/week
    4 sets and 3/4exercises (75%/1 rep max) Do 5-8 reps per set (figure out max)
    2 minute rest in between sets
    2 minutes in between exercises
    Push or pull exercises
    12 total sets per workout
    (16 sets counting 1 isolation exercise)
    1 hour max workout
    (2 sec up/down)

    Day 1: sit ups

    Day 2: (push) bench press, shoulder press, dips, seated dumbbell press, peck deck, arm extention, hammer rows, cables

    Day 3: (pull) pull ups, lat pull down, bent over T bar rows, seated cable pull, arm curls,

    Day 4: (push) bench press, shoulder press, dips, seated dumbbell press, peck deck, arm extension, hammer rows, cables

    Day 5: (pull) pull ups, lat pull down, bent over T bar rows, seated cable pull, arm curls,

    Day 6: sit ups

    Day 7: rest

  14. i am sure you can spend the kind of cash to eat what it takes to look like him if you can afford a house like that – most people cant…

  15. Everyone talking about microwaving… all I know is that an ant can withstand being in a microwave cause they're smaller than the wave… antman on the other hand would be fucked cause of all the metal on his suit.

  16. i really respect what you do but i would never microwave chicken. i dont even re heat cooked chicken in the microwave.

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  18. step one: grab a plate…I messed up, could you make a video on how to grab a plate? what kind of grip should I use?

  19. So is cooking my chicken in the oven and warming up my vegetables in a pan of water not boiling just enough to warm them up. Is it not healthy or what? I feel so constricted on what to eat because of what people say, they're like oh chicken? "Its bad it has so much fat and sodium in it." I have no clue what to think sometimes and become self conscious and get anxious over what I'm eating. I bake my chicken and on the nutrition tab the chicken breasts I get only has 1.5grams of fat so it bothers me to eat turkey and chicken because I think 1.5grams of fat is bad. Same with white rice everyone always says not to eat white rice, eggs, regular potatos, any kinda meat ect… Its like they expect me to follow their vegan plant diet crap like its the only way of life that you Should/Have to be doing religiously to live and die by. I just want to eat healthy, to be healthy, I can do the work but its the foods that hard to follow.

    And people wonder why I got an Anxiety Disorder…

  20. hey Jeff, i tried soy beans and the husk/pod that houses the beans was hard, dry, and unpalatable!! i took the soy beans out of the husk, and they weren`t very good either. perhaps what i bought isn`t what you bought. could you tell us, just what it was you used again? i may have misunderstood!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  21. I’m not sure how I feel about frozen meats tho? Buying them like that… and microwaving everything. There is no way that is the “healthier” option

  22. Walks in whereing socks and, the funny part, grabs a plate that was in the microwave for 6 MIN and he just grabs it bare handed? continuity jeff (i know he has gotten better)

  23. wow. wait a minute. pan popped popcorn , a little bit of cinnamon , and what is splenda ? a little bit of what ? can someone help me out pls ?

  24. Do you still have a meal guide on your website or do i have to do a program too. I'd like a guide on what to eat and what ingredients but i don't really want to start a program because of my job. I won't really be able to stick with the whole thing. Im in the coast guard and leave for 2 months at a time and have really limited workout equipment and no internet.

  25. There's a lot of things he could do to make his meals a lot better (organic chicken instead of GMO Purdue) (bake instead of microwave) (cook chicken once instead of twice since reheating certain food makes it toxic) (real sweeteners instead of shit like Splenda) and so on. However you can't argue with his physique. Take what you learn here and apply your own healthy choices on top of it.

  26. I love chrunchy snacks… That popcorn is an awesome idea… I staged my lunches this week I'm going to precook all my dinners too! Thank you so much for all of the information you are sharing… You are helping me change my life!

  27. Watching this in 2019… Jeff has come so far. His delivery and on-screen charisma have gone through the roof in those 9 years. Still a great info-packed video though!

  28. Your intros are so much better now. Was that entrance an ode to Mr. Rogers? You should have hung up a coat.

  29. So I've done some meal prep and frozen things like cooked chicken breast & sweet potato wedges I've baked myself. I would usually take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge the night before I want to eat them to thaw them out. Can I actually put them in the microwave straight from frozen? Is it safe? Would the chicken be reheated properly or would it end up still frozen in the middle or the other extreme, too dry and over done? Thanks guys!

  30. Videos where I hear Jeff mainly uses his microwave I wonder if he only cares about his muscles versus his health I'm no where near as fit as Jeff but you'd sooner watch me die then use a microwave.

  31. One tip that I don't see very often in these guides: When you walk into the house after a day outside working and such, wash your hands before you go for that plate. Hygiene is a lot more important than you think…

  32. Dang it's crazy, I remember watching this way back when this first came out. Still great info. Seeing it again July 24, 2019 Jeff looks so much more confident and energetic now. Still ripped too and as a dad. One of the best channels on Youtube without a doubt. Jeff's passion is obvious and the knowledge I've gained from watching him over the years is priceless.

  33. “GET RIPPED IN 2010”
    “Jeff Cavalier, Athlean-X. I’m going to show you how you can get ripped…9 years ago. Sick of those embarrassing old Facebook photos? Let’s do something about it. Here at Athlean-X, we’re putting the science back in strength.”

  34. Man when you walk in a door or getting out of bed and you say hello guys Jeff CAVALIERE… I laugh my ass out!!!!!!!

  35. Come on Jeff….Splenda?? That shit is terrible for you it’s a fake sugar….GUYS…JUST USE STEVIA IF YOUR THAT CONCERNED or Maple syrup…………..or honestly pure cane sugar it ain’t gonna kill you….but for real if you want no sugar and just sweetness…go with STEVIA

  36. The irony when he said "the magic of the microwave". (turning some of the digestible starch into resistant, indigestible starch in the sweet potato and couscous).

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