The Amazing Power of Your Mind – A MUST SEE!

The Amazing Power of Your Mind – A MUST SEE!

Hey everyone, Jeremy Bennett here. Let’s look at how powerful your mind is. Let’s compare your mind
to the most sophisticated man-made device ever
created, the computer. The average computer can
hold about 250000 pictures, 20000 songs and hundreds
of full-length videos, nowadays on something the
size of my finger, crazy, but let’s compare it to your mind. Your mind can perform an
estimated ten quadrillion operations per second, without
you even knowing it, wild. Ask yourself right now, what’s making your blood
flow throughout your veins with the perfect amount of
pressure to keep you alive? What’s making your heart beat right now? Are you consciously commanding
your heart to beat right now? No. What’s maintaining your
body core temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive? What’s doing the six trillion things to your 60 trillion cells
every single second? It’s something called
your subconscious mind. This is the powerhouse to who you are. Your cat has it, even your puppy has it, but of all the things that
your subconscious mind can do, it can’t do one thing and this thing can help
you attract good things into your life or it can
absolutely demolish your health. What is that one thing it can’t do? It can’t distinguish between a real event and something you merely think about. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, right? What happens when you have a nightmare? You wake up, your heart is
pounding, you’re sweating and you’re anxious beyond words. The nightmare existed in your mind. You weren’t in any real danger at all, but your mind didn’t know that. You physiologically
reacted, as if the nightmare was actually taking place in reality. There was a study conducted where a doctor hooked up an elite athlete,
a professional skier to a device that measured
the athlete’s muscle fibers. He told the skier to merely think about skiing down a hill
without moving a muscle. The act of thinking about
skiing down the hill actually made the same muscle fibers that would have actually fired off if he were to be actually
skiing, fire off, from thoughts. This has been demonstrated time after time with the placebo effect. Group A suffering from a
particular illness gets prescribed a pharmaceutical FDA-approved drug, specifically designed
to treat that illness. Group B suffering from the same illness gets a sugar pill, thinking
it’s real medication. Both groups get cured. In fact, the New England
Journal of Medicine published a study involving two groups suffering from the same
degenerative knee disorder. Group A had a surgery
designed to scope out the knee and relieve the symptoms of the disorder. Group B, with the
permission of the family, had a fake surgery, a fake
surgery, a placebo surgery, thinking that they had a real surgery. Only three small incisions
were made in the kneecap but no real surgery was performed. Both groups reported that
the surgery was a success. In fact, researchers are suggesting that a minimum of one third
of all medical treatment including surgery is
due to the belief that the treatment is going to
work, the placebo effect. Most people don’t realize
that there is also something called the nocebo effect. It’s practically the opposite
of the placebo effect. The mind, instead of curing
illness, contributes to illness. That’s what a hypochondriac is. Their believe that they’re
going to develop a disease actually causes them to
experience the symptoms of it. Whatever belief you hold
in your subconscious mind will become your reality, bottom line. That’s how hypnosis works. The hypnotist implants the idea in the back of their subjects mind and the subject experiences
whatever they hold there. If they hold the belief that
there’s a spider on their arm, their eyes actually see
a spider on their arm. An amazing demonstration occurs when the hypnotist walks
towards his subject with his finger extended. He tells the subject that his
finger is hot and burning. The hypnotist slowly touches
the subject on their arm and a blister actually forms in the exact place that
the finger touched. Now, this is crucial to
understand in all healing. Free will as we understand it
is practically an illusion. In fact, two to four percent of the time, you decide what you want to do. You actually make the decision. 96% to 98% of the time, you
don’t, you’re on autopilot. Your subconscious mind
controls your decisions, 96% to 98% of the time. Don’t believe me? Do you like ice cream? If you do, snap your
fingers and stop liking it. Do you enjoy watching sports? Snap your fingers and stop enjoying it. You can’t. 96% to 98% of the time, everything we crave, desire and act upon comes from what we hold predominantly in the back of our subconscious minds. Whatever we hold predominately in the back of our subconscious minds, we are attracted to in life. What happens when you buy a new car? It’s the only car you see on the road for the next two and a half weeks. You saw all those cars
before you bought your car, but why didn’t they stand out to you? Because you didn’t own that car yourself. You weren’t thinking about it yourself. What you hold in your mind,
you’re attracted to in life. That’s how subliminal
ads work so effectively. They work so effectively
that they are banned in over 10 countries
as a way to advertise. So if what you hold in the back of your subconscious
mind shapes your reality, What shapes your subconscious mind? Practically everything
that you’re exposed to, everything that you see,
hear, smell, taste and feel is shaping your subconscious mind. Let’s look at some specifics, television. Here’s a scary stat. By the time a child
finishes Elementary School, that child has witnessed an estimated 8000 simulated murders on TV. All of these extremely graphic scenes are sinking back into their minds and don’t be tricked by
Hollywood or cartoons. In the most important developmental years, when a child should be taught
compassion and understanding, extremely intelligent
minds behind the creation of perceived harmless children’s cartoons are sinking violence into
the back of their minds. Don’t be fooled. What are you listening to on the radio? Every single word or thought
you hold in your mind has a particular vibrational frequency. Negative words or intentions have slower vibrational frequencies and positive words have higher
vibrational frequencies. This is a song by Lady
Gaga called “Bad Romance.” Some of the lyrics are,
“I want your drama. I want your ugly. I want your disease. I want a bad, bad romance.” Our thoughts create us. We have to be extremely careful with what we are feeding our minds. Music can be beautiful and beneficial but it can also have a
negative impact on your health. Choose wisely. When I was growing up, the most violence we had on video games was Mario and Luigi jumping over turtles’ heads. This is what our youth are playing today. These gruesome, extremely graphic images are sinking into the backs
of their subconscious minds weakening their immune systems and having astronomical, gradual negative effects on their health. Nobody is saying that these
games are going to cause them to pick up a gun and go shoot somebody, but these games are
affecting their health. There is zero doubt about that. What happens when you gossip? In order for you to gossip, you have to hold a negative memory, a negative thought inside of your mind. You not only think about
that negative memory, you share it with the other
person that you’re talking to. The second you hold negative
thoughts in your mind, the biochemistry of your brain changes and you release cortisol,
the stress hormone, into your blood, which then
weakens your immune system, inhibits the actions of
your white blood cells, increases the chances of infection and even promotes weight gain. All from gossiping,
all from your thinking. You can’t gossip without
hurting yourself, remember that. But of everything you
can expose yourself to, there is nothing more important than the thoughts you hold in your mind. We have, on average, 60000 thoughts a day and the reality is, not only
are most of these thoughts the same thoughts we had yesterday, but they are negative thoughts, either dwelling on
something bad in the past or fearing something
that could potentially happen in the future. The second we have
these negative thoughts, the second we release cortisol, the stress hormone, into our blood. Our thoughts create us. Most people believe that
situations cause them anxiety, stress or cause them to be depressed. The reality is this. There is absolutely no
situation in the entire universe that can cause someone to
experience anxiety, none. It’s your psychological
reaction to the situation that can cause you to experience anxiety, not the situation itself. This is crucial to understand. Why is it that when one person skydives, their brain releases endorphins, the good feeling chemical
into their blood, while releasing cortisol into another. It’s the same situation. How can the company of one person cause excitement in one person, while making another person stressed. It’s because it’s never the situation that causes anyone to experience anxiety, but the reaction to it. You create your anxiety, not a situation. When you truly, fundamentally
understand this truth, that’s when you realize that
you control your anxiety, not a situation. It’s one of the most liberating feelings you can ever experience. If you create it, you can take it away. Your thoughts control your life. You are the creator of your everything, choose your thoughts wisely. God bless.

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  1. Like the coyote and road runner and other cartoons, go off a cliff but only fall once they look down and realize there is no ground beneath their feet which they believed was there. After looking down only do they fall, believing that falling is what should be happening.

  2. Jeremy Bennett International, you're right because I met an advanced race of ETs called Esseliens who revealed to me things that might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. They said the real "God" is a generative power within each one of us and it can respond to your wishes either way you choose positive or negative. Everything is information and our physical universe was structured with information. For instance, our Solar System including Earth, the Moon and all planets (40 of them) was not naturally or randomly formed as our scientists tell us, but it was artificially created by Cosmic Genetic Engineers. In brief, all physical universes and galaxies were created. There is more to the story and my novel Binoetics: First Touchdown (Facebook/Binoetics) shares some of the forbidden mysteries of all times.

  3. Jesus help us and god bless us to be healthy and care of is a lot ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Why did they have to have a picture of a sleep paralysis demon out of all the nightmares they could have chosen!

  5. I've been studying this subject for 50 years. What is the price we, as humanity, are paying for the scientiific devices for creature and business comforts? Talk to teenagers about their mental status. I'm reading the first book ever written by Egyptian priests, maybe 7000 BCE. All cultures following Egyptian wisdom, namely, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Judaic, Kabbalah, Zohar, Greek, Vedic etc. borrowed from the Egyptian book. Ideas on creation, universal laws and humanity came from there.

    They knew Mind Sciences. Examine the achievements of pre-science civilizations. How did they build? We can't do it today.

    Please go to my site and study the two papers there. Let me know what you think.

    Einstein, Tesla, etc. are great minds who studied material sciences. You're thinking Mind Sciences.

    Also view my video on Brain=Mind Complex.

    1. For Brain-Mind Complex


    2. For Mind Sciences


    It took many years of research to prepare the material.. Your comments will be helpful as feedback.. They are forward thinking.

  6. There is no such thing as subconscious mind. Your mind is conscious at all time. It has two parts the spiritual side and the reality side. Your reality is weak at birth so it is easy for you to heal yourself. But once your reality reach a point where it can overtake your spiritual side it now has control of your brain. Your brain main function is to keep your body working so the mind can reach a point where it no longer need your body. This is from the power of three. Mind brain and body. Your mind controls your brain and your brain controls your body. Your brain don't care about your child your dreams of becoming successful or your need to belong to a certain group. All it cares about is your body. If you can somehow find a way to balance the reality side with the spiritual side then you will be able to heal yourself through your brain again. The brain is the most powerful organ in your body.

  7. I am my amazing mind picturing and visualizing wonderful scenarios. As I sleep I am my subconscious mind remembering it and only reacting positivity in response

  8. Sorry sir! But, you have said one important thing wrong!
    Mind is not Brain… Mind is 'A collection of thoughts'. Thoughts come in our Mind.
    The processes like Heartbeating, Constant temperature of our bodies, etc. Are controlled by the Brain ( specifically, our Neural Processes). But, our mind is related to Mental processes… That we know… Brain's product is Mind…
    It would be more suitable if you said mind here as Brain.
    Sorry for interference but this is true.. Please don't be angry…
    – Swapnil Lewis, Professional thinker.

  9. Instructions not clear broke my window using telekinesis
    Sense this ** don’t want to work um I do astral projection

  10. I get it cause sometime I lose money thinking I need things that I don’t or is that just impulse 🤔

  11. My mind doesn't operate my heart. Wtf.
    A heart can beat when one is brain dead. Anybody not noticing the bullshit fed here is brain dead too

  12. Hey man , your video is really great and helpful !!! I making music , and I wanted to ask you if I can use some parts of your explanation for music

    Thanks anyway ✌️ Steve
    ac[email protected]

  13. Funny thing is, no matter how much we evolve and grow evolutionary, no matter what science discovers, do we really expect that some day we will have figured everything out? About life atoms meanings God death spirits organisms nature everything. Will this ever happen? That would be like the end..? Its not even possible, if it has been built this complicated way by God (whatever that word means) then it must be this way. Then it IS this way. Dont you see it? This is it this is life. What are we trying to do? Are we trying to beat God? This is never gonna happen. As long as I, and each of all of you, live right now, its NEVER gonna happen for you and me. It might happen when we die. But as long as humans are being born again and again, this will be life. Were never gonna be perfect Gods living the perfect lives having all the answers to every humanly possible question. Never. Which makes you wonder, if that is so, is it indeed true that this is what life is? A big school, a game where you come you play you learn you grow and you move on. Others come and go and it goes in an endless circle. So why bother with these questions and all you know? Its like knowing youll neve gonna win, but still trying. Like chasing your own tale. It only makes sense to just live your damn life, probably enjoy it as much as possible, probably avoid pain as much as possible, and leave. What more do we want? Why are we obsessed with finding a purpose to everything? Why we keep lookig when we know we wont find it. Best you can do is come closer than the previous guy, but then soon youll both die and others will get closer and closer. But the f annoying point is WE WILL NEVER REALLY GET THERE!! We're just getting closer and closer to a NOWHERE! A NOTHING! And guess what? "Hey news flash theres no f time either!!" Which proves exacy that! This is never gonna happen!!! If not now then never! Scientists will come and go the world is, always was, and always will be changing, everything will always be this what seems like a – perfectly planned chaos – and that is all. How the f youre gonna ever digure out all this chaos made by a GOD'S Intelligence!? We will never be Gods. And yes i may believe the theory that God and all are One and we create all but as long as I am here breathing like a human its never gonna happen for me. And this goes to all AT ALL "TIMES". When we die well see. As long as we live its all pointless. And when i die others will be born so it will be pointless to them. Then they will die and others will be born, again same different pointless. it is meant to be this way it was created this way for a reason! Its like were not meant to find any answers we are meant to be looking for answers. So maybe the real queation must be : why God doeant want us to know? Or remember? Yes we accept we wont ever know, but why? What are we doing here then? Why were we sent here? Why life even exists? What is this shit anyway? "Life"? WTF IS GOIN ON GOD???? @#@@#₩#%@¥#
    I dont know. Life is weird.

  14. Saying NO SITUATION in the world can cause anxiety would be equal to saying – witnessing brutality should cause no anxiety! While I am a big fan of all this science – there're limitations to all truths. Period.

  15. i’m in the torture and life control
    with mind control microwave weapon
    from my enemies they target me and my family do u know how ican sheild or get rid of this torture
    how i can solve this problem
    i think sheilding it is the better way more possible way that is easier
    do u know any information about the name of the devices and jamming them.
    what i have to do

  16. Pretty sure torture IS a situation that WOULD cause anxiety -not just a reaction to it. The reaction is fighting back or pain, wounds etc. Knowing you are def gonna go through more torture tmrrw WILL cause anxiety -at least until you are no longer captive (not in that situation). There are many things in life that dispute that.
    Still, you are on right path with rest imo. Not bashing vid just giving thought on that part

  17. Liking something has nothing to do with free will, free will is the ability to make your own decision. Not what you like

  18. Good video but your in correct about a lot of your numbers for instance the placebo affect is not completely affective and other things

  19. these bible clowns on here are very fickle, don't mind the praises they are giving you now, wait until you say something that is not in the bible, oh boy, as true as it is they attack you,

  20. Sub Conscious mind is so powerful that we can transform ourselves ,,nice message,, really wonderful,, thanks,,

  21. Proverbs 23
    Saying 7

    1When you sit to dine with a ruler,
    note well what a is before you,
    2and put a knife to your throat
    if you are given to gluttony.
    3Do not crave his delicacies,
    for that food is deceptive.
    Saying 8

    4Do not wear yourself out to get rich;
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    5Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone,
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    12 Or like an arrow shot at a mark, the pierced air closing so quickly on itself, there is no knowing which way the arrow has passed.

    13 So with us: scarcely born, we disappear; of virtue not a trace have we to show, we have spent ourselves in our own wickedness!'

    14 For the hope of the godless is like chaff carried on the wind, like fine spray driven by the storm; it disperses like smoke before the wind, goes away like the memory of a one-day guest.

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    Hebrews 2:14
    14 Since the children have flesh and blood, he too


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    Matthew 12
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    29“Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.

    30“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. 31And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

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  23. Thank you very much for mindset and mindful video. One thought can make millionaire but right thought and right way.

  24. Spiritual people they knows! But they dont believe if cannot prove,? But is awareness is done to prepared,

  25. We belive in soul and vital force which maintaing every function of body and every individual have differant soul or vitalforce for every response


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