The Approach to Abdominal Wall Pain

The Approach to Abdominal Wall Pain

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  1. I've just had a huge birthday meal about 7 hours ago and my belly is making loud noises, I just posted a video of it, despite being a long time ago my stomach isn't seeming to feel better. If it doesn't feel better in the morning, should I consider seeing a doctor? But I definitely don't fill my stomach with food like this and certainly not this amount however.

  2. What the doctor is saying is true and is fine for diagnosing the problem, Radio Frequency Ablation is the ticket for getting rid of the pain on a more permanent basis, I say this because I had to have the procedure twice, 3 or 4 years apart. The injections the doctor is talking about works great for a few hours, after that you get some relief for about a week then the pain will come roaring back.

  3. I have a pain on both upper right and upper left quadrants. The one on the left started 2 yrs ago, on right 10 month ago. I feel the pain is probably on the stomach wall on the left side, near the gallbladder on the right. But i like to press with my finger on both sides , as you do when you have a sore or somerhing. Could the pain come from the fibers or the organs? I did CAT , Ultrasound and endoscopy, results were bile reflux gastritis, unsmooth gallbladder wall. Not much improvement after treatment of bile reflux. What's wrong with me? 2 years already…

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