The Benefits Of A Low Protein Diet

The Benefits Of A Low Protein Diet

hey guys so in today’s video I’m gonna
be talking about the benefits of a lower protein diet right so if you know my
channel very well I’m a big advocate for eating a lot of protein and I’m going to
explain why I advocate for that in a second but first I want to talk about
protein and how it’s perceived by most fitness enthusiasts so most guys out
there think that protein is the most important macronutrients and the right
to an extent protein is incredibly important and relevant if your goal is
building muscle losing fat maintaining on to your muscle while you lose fat
protein is key however protein is incredibly overhyped
which I’ve talked about in my video on protein powders and that’s one reason
why it’s overhyped it’s because of the supplement industry because of people
trying to push protein powders onto you to make money so they overhyped the
importance and the benefits that you can get out of consuming protein so very
quickly the three reasons why protein is important is because one it helps you
recover from your workouts build muscle maintain Ahn’s muscle – it’s gonna help
decrease your appetite because of certain effects it has on hormones and
three it’s the most thermogenic food meaning it requires the most energy to
burn out of carbs fat and protein that means eating more protein increases your
metabolism so what on earth could the benefits be of a lessening this magic
macronutrients so the first thing that the research has shown us is that to
build muscle you know if you’re in a calorie surplus the amount of protein
you need isn’t as much as most people think it’s between point seven to one
grandpa pound of body weight of protein which is about one point six to 2.2
grams per kilogram so there are a lot of guys who will consume well over grandpa
pound of bodyweight of protein per day and an effort to build more muscle
there’s a sort of myth out there that the more protein you eat the more that
turns into muscle it’s like people think muscle tissue protein a more protein I
build muscle that’s true to an extent the daily recommended amount of protein
to consume for the general population is actually far too little and that amount
for people who are resistance training and trying to maximize athletic
performance and build muscle is way way way too low so in in that circumstance
increasing in sake is gonna help you recover better
and get better results however there are people pushing well over a grand per
pound of body weight 1.3 1.4 1.5 and this amount of protein can actually be
useful if you’re in a very very big calorie deficit in order to prevent
muscle loss but usually it’s unwarranted here’s one reason why it’s about
testosterone so protein is actually important for testosterone but research
has shown when people are consuming too much guys tend to have a decrease in
testosterone now this isn’t due to protein per se it’s simply due to the
lack of the carbohydrates and fat that you would otherwise be getting if you
were consuming a more moderate amount of protein so both carbs and especially fat
are important for testosterone research has shown that when you acutely decrease
carbohydrates testosterone decreases and likewise low fat compared to high-fat
diets tend to foster lower testosterone levels in men so it makes sense because
you’re gonna be able to consume more carbs it’s gonna give you more energy
for the gym more fat may mean more testosterone and overall it also makes
sense from a sustainability perspective so by
decreasing protein intake you’re gonna get more carbs in they may help your
performance in the gym more fats from olive oil for example may help to
increase testosterone a bit but that isn’t the main reason why I think it’s
good to sometimes lower protein intake it’s more for the variability and your
food selection but you don’t really hear people over feeding on protein and
eating way too much price stuff myself with protein you don’t really hear about
that it’s usually people stuffing themselves with foods which have a lot
of carbs and fat those are the tasty foods so if you have more options with
your food it’s gonna be more sustainable as a diet you can follow a long-term
that’s gonna be more enjoyable I mean you don’t really want to just be eating
chicken breast and eggs all day you want to be consuming some other foods as well
and if you’re consuming way too much protein because you have this idea that
more is better you’re gonna miss out on a lot of foods and that may simply make
the diet you’re doing unsustainable long term and that’s not what you want yes
consuming a ton of protein short term can be incredibly effective fat loss one
because it’s so satiating to your metabolism is gonna increase so much so
because of this you can lose fat rapidly but
not something sustainable long-term and it’s not gonna be good for your hormones
you’re not gonna have a high libido on a super high protein low carb low fat diet
it just doesn’t work long-term for performance and mood and energy
there are also some animal studies showing that you know high-protein diets
are gonna increase insulin like growth effect and lead to a decrease lifespan
forget about this stuff for now you know the research on this is incredibly
complex it’s not something I know about or I’m going to try explain but what I
do know is that a moderate amount of protein even a high-protein diet which
resistance trained guys are consuming isn’t something that’s gonna be
detrimental to your health long term there there are no bad side effects of
consuming a high-protein diet if anything it’s it’s good for your health
before I say it point seven to one gram per pound of bodyweight protein is a
good amount aim for and more than this when you’re
bulking up isn’t really gonna have any benefits when you’re cutting it when
you’re in a calorie deficit it may be a bit more important to increase protein
intake slightly although there is also some research showing that your body
becomes more efficient with the protein that you give it anyway you shouldn’t
really need to go over 1.1 1.2 grams per pound of bodyweight ever there’s never
really a need to go to go higher than that for those of you following the
metric system which is most of you I’m guessing that’s like 2.6 grams per
kilogram you don’t really need to go above that amount unless just really
really really struggling with your appetite and even in that circumstance I
would recommend trying something like intermittent fasting just so you’re able
to include a greater variety and your diet so you don’t even need to go that
high in the first place I think that most people if the losing fat and are in
a moderate calorie deficit 500 calories under maintenance you don’t really need
to go above 1 gram per pound of body weight of protein 2.2 grams per kilogram
there’s no need to go higher than that so here are some facts you need to know
about protein protein timing can matter you know research has shown that it’s
gonna be most effective when you’re consuming 0.2 to 0.25 grams per pound of
body weight of protein over 4 meals throughout the day however more
the research is also shown that protein timing isn’t that important whether you
eat all your protein in one meal or six meals isn’t really gonna make the
biggest difference to your body composition long term so eat whatever
you want as long as you meet your total amount for the day we know this from
studies looking at people doing fasting in other people not fasting and the
results show that both groups had the same results and retain the same amount
of muscle over the course of several months basically the message of this
video was short and sweet don’t obsess over protein you don’t eat protein
powders you don’t need to constantly eat protein and protein and protein just eat
the amount that you need to eat for the day you know point seven to one grab the
pound of bodyweight and then forget about it you don’t really need to worry
about it much more than that don’t overthink the timing and don’t think
more is better okay as long as you’re getting enough from food you don’t need
to go and buy supplements you don’t need to consume ridiculous amounts of it
alright guys so I hope you guys got some value out of this video I’ll leave a
comment down below and let me know what you think about protein I’m curious to
know how much protein on a daily basis have you found works best for you when
you’re trying to lose fat all right I’ll see you guys next time

9 Replies to “The Benefits Of A Low Protein Diet”

  1. It's great to hear timing isn't all that important as I tend to only eat two meals a day. I stick to one gram of protein but use my desired body weight (trying to lose weight here) instead of one gram/pound of current weight. Great video!

  2. Thanks Philip. I like how you try to give objective advice based on empirical data, you don't push just one way of achieving weight loss/fitness goals, and you aren't afraid to state the facts even when they run counter to popular opinion. Those are the reasons I watch your channel for reliable information. Have a great day!

  3. Hey Philip, as you get more traction with your subscribers, don't you think you need to have a better video recording set-up (thinking background, visuals on display screen graphs, charts etc.) now ?

  4. I like it for satiety tho, get a lot of my protein from beans, lentils, tofu, chicken, eggs, low fat quark

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