The Best and Worst Tires for Stretching

The Best and Worst Tires for Stretching

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  1. How about hankook ventus v12? Are they suitable for reliable 1st or even 2 stage stretch? I have 18×9 and 18×10.5 was hoping to run 245 front and 275 rear. But based off your how to stretch video im looking for a stage 2 stretch front and rear.
    Need a 35 profile tire.
    Help is def appreciated!

  2. Accelera Phi R.. Have held up perfectly for me and they run thin for more aggressive stretch! Running 205/40 on 17×10

  3. always had good experience stretching Hankook V12’s for very wide large diameter wheel setups. was running a 255/30 on an 11

  4. So apparently the Falken ZIEX ZE-912 has been replaced with ZIEX ZE-950? Any significant difference between them anyone know of?

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve never heard of 99% of the brands you sell wtf. Wtf is a Manzarani wheel? 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Personnaly I once had Falken ZIEX bought at walmart for half of a cheap tire price and… didn't even bother using them more than one season… they're terrible on water and nothing like Toyo Proxes into performance… but Yeah They'll cost You 300$ for 4… proxes will is a little more than twice that…

  7. so 225/40 PS4S on a 10 wider is a nay ? you briefly brought them up but was curious as to, do they give any stretch at all or will it eventually push back?

  8. nitto NT05 tires have a great look when stretched for anyone wondering, but you cannot mega stretch them, i had 205's on i believe a 9 inch wheel.

  9. Federal 595 are a terrible tire even with no stretch the edges wear like shit with the minimal amount of camber DO NOT stretch then all 595 should be used for is drifting since they cheap af

  10. to see how your stretched tires would fit on a wheel. and if you are trying to just make sure your wheel fits on a tire correctly then just go on and look up the tires you are thinking of getting and it tells you the rim widths they fit on. takes some of the guess work away and even tells you the recommended width the tire likes.

  11. I've owned 3 of the tires on this list without having any idea they were good for stretching. They were just on sale xD
    (595, ZE912, Ecsta 4XII)

  12. 2:30 I stretched Pilot super sports and it worked out just fine. 225/40r18 on a 10.5j fronts and 235/35r18 on 11j rears

  13. I have a stretched down a size (225 to 215) and the rims' offset makes it look like a poke fitment but my rims is just about the fender, so it's kinda not? Stock suspension so I had to do the math. Looks good and classy IMO.

  14. All the Mexicans were running this style in Vegas in 1996 glad to see were all running something "fresh" God I feel old

  15. In order to stretch a tyre, does that require the tyre to have a soft sidewall? so basicly if i want a tyre that handles and feels good i should get one that wont stretch? 🙂

  16. yes please i would like you to make a video on how certain tires look with certatin strches and also take a look into this new company nokian the new as serious
    and alos explain the driifernets between xl tire as and none xl becasue in my opinion xl give you that extra stretched lip cover look witch i like i dont like bare lips please please please thank you

  17. Im so glad i watched this. Now i can pick better tires. I thought you were going to talk about price. Would have been nice to know, but i can also look it up lol.

  18. Whatever happened to wide tires? I feel like a dinosaur and I’ve been in the car game since before I could drive and I’m only 24 in a month

  19. All tires that he name are tires that run small basically check the dimensions get tires that run small you can have a 255/35 at 10.1 inches wide small or 255/35 11 inch large

  20. Yo dudes – could you do a video on how much force it would actually take to blow different tyres off different sized rim? Maybe chuck in any stories/ experiences if you guys have any ?

    Personally im looking at fitting some performance 195 45 tyres on my 8x 15 inch rota grids (idgaf, rotas are cool a-f) and i wanna know if id be at risk of them blowing off on a track day or if i caught a medium sized pothole mid corner 🙂

  21. Aw yeah! I've got the Kumho Ecsta's that I used to do a slight stretch and had no problem seating the bead either.

  22. So I was wondering are federal 595 215 35 18 really $99,999,999 or is that a typo on your site lol I took a screen shot of it

  23. I ran federal 595 (195/40) on my 16x10wides… dumb stretch, never popped a bead, and I drove on them like they were non stretched meaty set up with -7 on all 4 wheels. I will forever run 595 for stretch

  24. What are the worst tires to run? You only talked about the good and only used Pilot Sports as an example

  25. Planning on running a set of 595s in 195 50 15 on a set of 15 x 7s. I Know it's not much of a stretch but the video helped me out on making my decision on what to get.

  26. ok so i have federals 595 rpms and i got side wall bubbles on the inner sidewall is it because it's a cheaper federal? i see a lot of people run stretch and they don't seem to have a problem… do i need a better tire so this doesn't happen?

  27. I have Michelin defender tores they are brand new. Would it be ok to stretch those 215/70/15's onto a 10 wide wheel.. I love the stretched tire look and drive a 1990 Lincoln towncar but bought these tires before I seen the crazy stretch.. thanks and keep up the great videos

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