The Brain

The Brain

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  1. This video really helped!! And it is an amazing review, absolutely loved that you had a re-cap in the end!!! GREAT video!!!!

  2. Brains are good eating, scramble it like eggs with garlic n pepper, little olive oil yum yum..!😂😂

  3. my god, thank you for sharing your knowledge in a very easily understand languange! this will certainly help on my test

  4. This was great, and thank you for telling all of the functions and where all of the parts are located, I honestly thought that this was very helpful, thank you.

  5. What part is affected in an autism child with high brilliance but routine obsession spoils everything good in her life

  6. You are so amazing and so helpful!!! Thank you sooooo much for posting these videos! I love the little quiz at the end!

  7. Wow coming back to your videos after a looong time. I remember watching you when I was finishing my last year in highschool and now I just graduated from my undergrad. Your videos saved me!

  8. Not cool to monetize a video that your students are required to see. In fact it's crass and grotesque.

  9. Love these lessons so clear and straightforward…always manage to make me understand lessons that even my teachers couldn't teach me properly…keep it up…u are amazing

  10. Look at large that for brain is now here is some potential problems with the brain activity you could have massive amounts of children who were born early premature who has a slow development of brain capacitation now the UK and every other responsible hospital has reports of young children being born early meaning their main charities are not faster than the average children would you're at school simply because they're learning abilities is still developing and still growing

  11. By expressing a full development brain which is on a loan incapacitation far superior than everybody else you expecting that they should be using a full lot of information and data which has been transferred from school college and university

    It is not known as a storage device you cannot store information because the information would not be the same information what you have written down

  12. The actual information of the full brain is self for example massive amounts of individual people expresses their information on a regular basis but they follow a production of information over the internet following somebody's mentality which escalated many many years ago so they populated this information over the internet now this information what you are reading up there a different comparisons and information which is being produced on a regular basis through Google like Wikipedia Google Yahoo dictionary they have different meanings and sayings about personal information every information is not clarify the same including the laws which have been written up the laws only been written up by one or many fewer existence people with assuming that they have controlment over the human mind

    The development of the human mind is very spontaneous this information which I am writing up now would not be the exact information which I expect to express to other people simply because the information which have already Express on information which is been fully been reserved cannot be the same

  13. Question science mister: the yellow part of the brain that controls sensation,i've been having pain at that spot and for a period of time (6 days or so) i lost my sense of skin? Idk how to explain i couldn't feel my skin properly and when i'd scratch myself i wouldn't feel a thing as if the ich was deeper…at that point i was very pressured with some important exams and also very exhausted do you think it was just the stress or could it possibly be damage in that part of the brain?

  14. Thanks a lot for this video.
    Can you provide the slides, because they are very useful for reviewing.

  15. commendable service to all learners by a noble and dedicated teacher.A million thanks.

  16. 0:23 17 Different Brain Structures
    1:23 Taking in Sense Data

    1:43 The 4 Humps

    2:32 You when you were an Embryo

    3:43 The Brain Stem
    1. Midbrain
    2. Pons
    3. Medula Oblungata

  17. Knowledge is the key to everything. I'm learning about brain to keep the trove stacked. One more book about the shelf itself.

  18. Thank you so much! Taking psych online and the book was not cutting it. I learn much better from your video!

  19. It's the best explanation of human brain I've come across. It really needs talent .Why is anterior pituitary not a part of the brain?? 🤔🤔

  20. look for the center of a self in the brain… can you find it? what does that mean? 😉

    edit: appreciation for Paul Andersen!

  21. Thank so much for your class and sharing a well demonstrative class! Thank for your kindness!

  22. hi iwant to see a video about the
    1,maturation of the vertabrate brain
    2. pathfinding by axon
    3. determinants of neuronal survival

  23. I've been searching for videos that explains anatomy and this person right here made everything easier and understandable… ty…

  24. What’s up Bozey Honestman. I heard a lot about the brain so I decided to take a peek at what it is. Looks pretty cool but I don’t think it’s really as much as people make it out to be. What’s really cool are railroad tracks. Yeah, those things. When’s the last time you sat down in a train station and just watched the subways go by for an hour or two, even? I bet you never have. It’s quite therapeutic. There’s just something so logical and right about working on train tracks, like I do. I have a good assistant. He’s real smart, too. He knows all about genetics. Me, him and some other dude were talking about the phenomenon of extra fingers on hands (hyperdactyly) and he gave us the real run down on that stuff, dominant genes, the whole like. You’d never expect to bring up that kind of information while working on he subways, but you’d be surprised. Also I’m not gay I am aroused by women but I also had an erotic not-dream (it’s not really elaborated on and never explained) where I came into the mouth of my handsome male roommate. I’m not sure what this was a metaphor for and why I didn’t just come in my teenage-hood female crush because that was the projectory of my not-dream but it changed so fast. However when it comes down to it I’m not really bothered just like every other protagonist in these fucking nove

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