The Complete Beginners Guide To How to Start The Gym For The First Time!

The Complete Beginners Guide To How to Start The Gym For The First Time!

this video is going to be a
complete beginners guide to starting the gym for the first time. I’m going to try
cover all the things you need to know to get yourself into the gym, to get yourself
active. The main topics covered is probably the gym essentials that you
need to bring with you, your training routine you should follow, nutrition and a little bit
about supplementation as well. The basic essential thing needed to bring to the gym which you really is music so you can bring your phone or iPod to listen to music, while there, I bring some headphones I can listen to the music, i’ll bring a water bottle and
potentially a towel as well. Next up on the list I would say it’s clothing the
clothes doesn’t have to be the most expensive gym brand but it really just needs to be
something appropriate that you can wear in the gym and something that your
personally find comfortable and don’t mind going to gym and training in. next
up is the workout routine you’re going to be following once you’re in the gym
these are also known as training splits or bodybuilding splits, so if you hear that
phrase that’s what it is a bodybuilding split is basically a set of days you
allocate to working out certain body parts and muscle groups; one example of a training split
would be one called push pull legs split and that’s basically on push day you do
loads of pushing motions so you be working like mainly chest and you
shoulders and your triceps because most of those movements are presses then
you’ve got pull day which would be like exercises that involve your
back and your biceps and rear deltoids things like that so more like putting so
things like deadlift’s. it’s a good training split that will allow you to train the desired muscle group you would like to be training the point you are training intensely but not
to the point where you’re over exerting yourself and you won’t be able to train
for another few days Muscle soreness is often referred to
as DOMS in the gym kind of community training breaks down your
muscle fibers and as they repair they get stronger and denser which allows
them to grow bigger. For your first two weeks in the gym you’re
most likely going to feel a lot of muscle soreness, after most your
workouts this is because your body’s and training muscle
fibers you probably don’t train often on a daily basis, so just as a heads up
that it is common and it will probably fade after the first two weeks
if you continually go to the gym the same frequency I suggest going to gym
four times a week, three times at a minimum. In regards to what you
should be training during your session, if you watching this video you are most
likely a beginner or someone that needs to go back to the basics, so what you
need to do is make sure you’re building your muscle foundation for your body. A great way to do that is adding compound
exercises to your training routine so fir example whereas bicep curls will just
be training your biceps, exercises such as the deadlift and squat they recruit
more than one muscle group so when you deadlift you’re training your back
your legs you’re working you’re working multiple body parts in a deadlift, same as a with the
bench press; you’re training your chest and triceps so that is what a
compound movement is and most of your big lifts are compound exercises and they
are really great and a very good to start with as well is pull-ups about
bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups are great compound moves to
also start and you can do that as a warm-up as well if you find a routine
online most likely it’s going to talk about sets and reps if you don’t know
what sets on reps are reps just me and repetitions how many of the exercise are
you doing so if you do four sets of eight you’re all let’s do introduce four
separate instances of eight repetitions deciding what sets and reps you’re going
to do more or less depends on the goal you’re looking to do if you’re looking
to be like a strength douche kind of strength training increases strength
more than anything there are a lot of those guys do lower rep ranges so the
lifts like a heavier weight but live like say three to five whereas a lot of
people don’t like my pet retreat type training and more let’s kind of grow
your muscles bigger and go for your stakes they will do something like an
eight to twelve me personally I do a mix for the stronger lifts I try and do six
to eight reps I’ll do like kind of eight to twelve which still works in
hypertrophy and the big definition if you want to do solely toning up then you
can do like say fifteen minutes onwards hopefully this video is helping you guys
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let’s carry on with the tip one of the final but most important things we’re
going to speak about in getting your routine or exercising is correct form
like this is important purely down for two reasons one good form allows you to
more or less avoid the chance of being injured in the gym cause be doing
something incorrectly chances are you’re probably like end up injuries our second
reason is because if you don’t do the form correctly you’re most likely not
going to be talking the most groups you think you are
what’s up on a bench press if your elbows are way too wide out you put in
more emphasis on your shoulders than you are in your chest if you keep your
elbows there and start doing that as you can see my chest is getting
more activated than my shoulders so form is also a good thing to learn in the gym
if you’re unsure what the correct form is for an exercise final estimate in the
gym or if you don’t wanna do that is you choose with loads of videos in it I may
have even have some that give you easy tips on the quick form next up is
nutrition as I said the next thing we’re going to speak about nutrition and
nutrition is important purely because that you can be training as hard as you
want in the gym if you really want to see actual progress you need to make
sure you’re eating the right fuel food source is basically to fuel your body to
actually show the games the obvious thing you can go to the gym and work out
as hard as you want and you get a little absolutely lenient relative touchy goal
getting the day if you want to get that kind of physique you need to actually
eat good as what’s the basis of all the stories you can’t eat junk food and
expect to look wonderfully a steak so you eat nutrient-dense foods that
doesn’t mean that all you can eat broccoli and chicken and on green beans
you can have a balanced diet so you get to fit in some of the foods you like
best way to locate is the cleaner your diet is and is the more efficient your
trainings going to be and the results are going to be obviously you can mess
up on your diets can be slower progress so if you will never reveal the physique
they’ve been training so hard for in the gym
you’d have to make sure that your food is fairly good the best thing I can say
is learn how to cook because once you learn to cook you able to you’ll be able
to come up with a lot of dishes yourself that you find tasty that probably still
healthy for you and once you know how to do that it makes Fitness a lot more fun
because when you feel like I’ve got some guys that you’re more likely to fall off
whereas if you learn how to make meals that you like and it tastes good and
also healthy you’re on to a winner and that means you’ll also be able to be
various different types of food rather than the same basic meal every day and
if you need more ideas feel free to check out my for davian’s as lausanne
there as well so if you need any food ideas or you want to kind of get the
gist of how to track your macros or things like that he’s go check out my
playlist I have for Devi in full search my channel in his notes phrases that you
might get quite a lot if you have friends I go to the gym supply that a
bulking cut in macros and basically quick gist of all three of them is
bulking basically when you eat more than your daily calorie allowance cutting is
when you read lesson it will be bulking more less
you will be getting stronger and trying to build muscle whereas cutting you’ve
not technically building muscle you’re trying to retain the muscle you have
while cutting down to make cell look a lot more lean alright last but not least
well actually last Annalise is supplements if you’re a beginner right
now really supplement to be the least of your focus like eating whole foods and
training spectively should be your main priority right now
supplements should be a distance door and supplements in general you don’t
really need them they’re not essential some are helpful but they’re not
essential my main focus maybe should be following
a structured routine eating a bunch of whole foods or more less basically foods
that you have to actually not just drink and putting a shake real food is how you
make real gains so don’t be convinced with these people trying to sell you
their mass gainers on Instagram or their flat tummy team she’s all these girls
are doing you don’t need to do that you don’t need to take any of those stuff if
you really really want to look into getting them some supplements tell that
to help you along the ones I’d suggest would be the basics we choose a
multivitamin or what I mean I’m ENGLISH a multivitamin and official tablet
because I was too really good really really good it got your proteins by
foods and whey protein may be a way to go keep all it really does is help with
recovery and as I said earlier the cup as your muscles recover they grow back
stronger and denser and looks bigger if you do vote on a soft memory a good Ram
to try is my protein because they’re reasonably affordable like that one of
the most cheapest and and high-quality protein companies out there there’s also
muscle food comm they’re both very affordable and young for anything from
my program before lower should have like a 25% discount code so feel free to use
that if you want to but as I said earlier these supplements and I sensual
I personally would focus on the training and eating the food the correct foods
hopefully this video was given you all you need to know what to do when you
start going to the gym for the first time those you that may have a little
bit of anxiety or a bit worried about going to the gym don’t be trust me
the gym is filled with some of the most nicest people you’ll ever meet their
friendly if you ask them something they are most likely going to help you out
trust me don’t be intimidated by the gym so whole bunch basically a whole bunch
of people like-minded people with the same kind of goals and everyone see
progress and they’ll be very very very good to you I I won’t guarantee
say most people anyways thanks for watching the video like I’m a scribe if
you found this video informative please thumbs up the video I’d like to say
finger the thumbs are born and I greatly appreciate comment below if you if
there’s any other tips I missed out and I’ll see the next video hopefully please
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100 Replies to “The Complete Beginners Guide To How to Start The Gym For The First Time!”

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    Workout Split Routine:
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    Note: First 2 weeks is a mad ting.

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