The End of Muscle Cars

The End of Muscle Cars

Rev up your engines,
today’s question comes from joe m and joe m says, what’s up with muscle cars these days,
is it the death of the v8, I see all kinds of 6 cylinders going where they used to have
v8’s what’s up, well joey that’s a very good question because
we’re at a rather strange part in history when it comes to muscle cars, there are some
left with v8’s with insane horsepower, but at the same time the v8s are really being
phased out in most cars, who knows it might be like in the road warrior movie, these could
be the last of the great v8s, the original muscle car was a pontiac gto and it put out
325 horsepower and it started out with a list price of $2,800, when I was young I knew guys
who had them and they were screaming cars, they were always doing burnouts, terrible
gas hogs and they handled like boats, I mean the handling was terrible, but they were really
fast in a straight line, now today you take a dodge challenger, that’s got 797 horsepower,
it lists at $58,995 for that horsepower, kind of against the original idea of a muscle car
that was a car that young people could afford and then drive like maniacs, now both the
dodge and the gm engines, hey their still pushrod engines like the orginal muscle cars,
giant pushrod v8s, that do have a rather unique sound, but with modern technology going way
beyond this 68 cougar, most manufacturers are going for v6 design, take the original
muscle car, a 64 gto, that thing put out 325 horsepower with a v8, but take a modern v6
engine like in the nissan gt-r v6, in a vehicle that’s much lighter than that big heavy gto
was, that’s more than enough horsepower than any normal person needs, back in the day people
were driving big heavy vehicles, they put bigger engines so they could zoom around faster,
you could get a 4 cylinder engine today that would run circles around a gto, and with all
the government regulations all over the world about pollution, gas mileage, hey it was only
a matter of time that most of the v8 engines are going to start to be retired, because
their just not as efficient, and let’s face it do you really need 797 horsepower, I’ve
driven a 2013 shelby cobra, it had like 667 horsepower and it was insane, that thing was
dangerous to be driving on the street, but I mean do you really need that kind of insane
massive horsepower for driving around in the street, years ago even the formula one race
cars, they went from v8s to v6s they have regulations, they want to make it look like
they care about the ecology of the planet so they don’t want these big gas guzzling
v8s so their going to these v6s and the can of course sell that v6 engine idea to the
public and regular cars, which in itself is kind of a laugh because the v6 engines they
run in those race cars they really have nothing to do with the ones you buy on the street,
it’s just a sales thing their pulling on that one,
and when it comes to modern muscle cars and v8 engines, their kind of like the top of
the mountain and going towards the bottom really fast, insane horsepower, more than
they ever had, but their in very expensive vehicles, that really the average kid isn’t
going to be able to afford, and with the gas mileage that they get, most people kind of
just walk from something like that today, I mean there’s always a market for any type
of car, it’s a big planet you know, there’s that guy koenigsegg and he makes cars that
cost millions of dollars and he claims their the fastest cars in the world, there’s always
going to be a market for really rich people that want to buy one of those things, and
I’m sure there’s plenty of guy my age who made millions over their decades of living
on the planet and working, they think oh I’m going to go buy a $120k corvette or I’ll throw
down $50-60k for a hellcat engine that’s got almost 800 horsepower, I’m sure there’s always
going to be somewhat of a market for that, but for the public her their phasing in v6
engines, that’s just the way that it’s gonna be and I mean they do put out a lot of horsepower,
you get in one of those that’s got a v6 engine with twin turbos I mean those things have
plenty enough power for anybody who wants to drive fast, and really the big v8 muscle
car engine, that’s a dinosaur design, push rod engines, even the mustang v8’s went to
overhead cam on their muscle car mustangs, they got away from push rod engines but if
your a purist and your into heavy duty muscle cars I mean you still got the dodge and the
gm big block v8 push rod engines, that can put out insane horsepower, but they certainly
aren’t the muscle cars of the past, where anybody could buy one mod it and drive around
like a maniac, now they do handle a lot better let me tell you, back in the 60’s I mean it’s
amazing that guys like me are still alive, I know a lot of guys that didn’t make it through,
the wrapped them around trees, especially up north where it snows in the winter and
you got this insane horsepower on the rear wheels with rear wheel drive and they spun
around all the time smashing into telephone poles, thinking about getting yourself a v8
muscle car and you got a lot of money, you can still buy a brand new one or you can go
the other way and go retro and go buy a 60’s or 70’s muscle car, and get one that’ been
all done over and fixed up, a lot of guys do that now because they hold their value,
that’s just how those things go, you buy a brand new one, their value especially the
dodges, they pullet quickly, but the old ones they don’t, so besides the limited amount
of people that are going to afford a modern day v8 muscle car, it pretty much is the death
of the v8 muscle car as time goes on, and really for the safety of everybody driving
on the roads these days, that’s probably a good thing,
and since this is the Thursday segment where I answer a viewers question, place your own
question on the YouTube comments below and I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video
to answer your questions, and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of
fixing cars to answer your own question with a video,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
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  2. Democrats want to end everything that uses fossil fuel . That would also end the construction of any infrastructure projects but they haven't figured that out yet

  3. You guys ever see those memes where it’s like “put anti-freeze in the gas tank so the gas doesn’t freeze in the winter” 😂 it would be sweet if he did a video on those telling people to not listen to those or not

  4. We do need more efficient engines. I put about $50 a week on average in my Northstar 4.6L v-8 and it is ridiculous. I would much rather roll with a super charged 3800 or a twin-turbo charged 4 banger.

  5. Scotty I luv your channel. Keep up the good work! Traded a 2012 Chevy Cruze that was starting to get expensive with a 2019 charger rt (5.7). The V8 charger gives me more mpg smiles than any new car I’ve owned before.

    But it’s only a matter of time before big brother outlaws these sweet sounding V8s and sends them to the boneyard. I wonder how many green politicians themselves are being chauffeured around in big V8 suburbans while telling us to drive a Prius.


  6. Modern technology provides us with FAR SUPERIOR cars to those 50 years ago, but according to NASA, they no longer have the technology to now return men to the moon. So, we're supposed to believe they actually landed men on the moon 50 years ago? Puh…leeze.

  7. As a muscle car purist and general performance aficionado, there is one old school hot rod saying that will always hold true.

    "There is no replacement for displacement!"

  8. The muscle car has ended for ordinary people. For the elites they are alive and well and getting more and more power.

  9. Anyone still driving a 1969 Cadillac? My Dad bought one in '69 and gave it to me in '76. I drove it until 1980 and sold it for $1,000. As I remember it had a 472 cubic inch engine that purred like a kitten. The don't make them like that any more…

  10. These American v8 muscle cars are a useless joke. A turbo 4 cylinder with a good transmission will smoke any of them . Except maybe the 800+ horse ! demon. Ya that one is special. Good damn. that's an insane car !

  11. People want to get rid of engines and focus on electrics because they don't polute. Cars with engines dont cause pollution, it's the energy they use that causes pollution. So instead of taking away what we car guys love, how about you all focus on perfecting biofuels instead of perfecting electeic cars. It's a win win, We keep our v8s, and cars won't pollute anymore

  12. Muscle cars were always expensive. The price they sold for back in the sixtys was not cheap. They sound cheap but once you figure inflation into it they were always a lot of money. I was 17 inr 1965 and no way could I afford one and none of my friends could either. We bought old junkers and did our best to keep them running. They were pretty simple and easy to work on and parts were cheap from the local junk yard. I had a couple cool cars back then but back then they were just worn out used cars and not considered classics yet. But todays cars do handle way better. But the old cars had stlye and were made in the USA by Americans. Thanks for the cool videos Scotty.

  13. Well I don’t believe it’s the end of the Muscle car.

    Muscle cars will never go out of style. For one reason people. People age and as you age you become more appreciative about tradition, values and classics.
    So Scotty I think you really out did yourself with this video. I mean you went right down the hill with this.

    Anyways I’m 20 years old and I love Muscle cars. V8’s there powerful and fast.

  14. Do we really need environmentalist breathing our air no we don’t tell them to move mars and will bring back a 351 Windsor or 460

  15. Your kinda of right but i think the reasons why people buy those super power cars the feeling , the sound of the engine , the prestige . But if it was me i will buy an 60s or 70s muscle car , today's production is a big scam and unreliable

  16. I'm going to be completely honest I have a V8 Corvette I recently got to test drive a Camaro V6 and was blown away with the power and acceleration I thought it was going to be slow or like a typical V6 but that thing was extremely impressive so I would get why the V8 would be dying out because it's also rare to race and have the freedom of enjoying peel outs and the true power of the vehicle. So I'm kind of feeling the V6 might be in my future. These modern v6s are ridiculous.

  17. If the Dodge engineers have any say, they will keep building cars the way God intended! Front engine longitudinally position drive trains predominantly rear wheel drive musclebound V-8‘s! They are simply the last bastion of the best cars on the planet!

  18. You said ask a question so here it goes Scotty, I know you don't like electric hybrid cars I can only imagine how you feel about phev's lol but if said car was saving someone $200 a month in gas plus oil changes do you believe that it's cost is worth the small chance of something going wrong, shoot I've got a really bad apr (I'm fixing asap) and the total saved is only slightly more than the payment, and when I refinance it'll probably make money for me. Currently at 166 miles per gallon equivalent and rising, I was spending almost $200 a month on gas and now I won't spend $200 in a year, haven't even filled the tank in 4 months lol.

  19. Pushrod v8s are great. I have an LS3 which puts out 500 wheel, does 25mpg in my S2000 and has the same amount of valves to deal with as my camry…

    enough said.

  20. Hey Scotty I wanna buy a Dodge Challenger scat pack, but I wanna get some info before I buy it, more on reliability terms …

  21. If the big three keep duking it out I could only imagine the HP in 5 years for a regular mustang or charger or camero ??😅😅😅i mean 700 hp stock?? Or will it phase out 😅😅and only be 4 bangers and 6s because they can just say there is a top out?? I mean eventually there's going to be a limit??? Or maybe cars will make 1000 hp and be safe ?? Lol I drive a v6 rodeo stick and I love 4 bangers and 6 s I've owed a few 5.0 fox bodies and a 03 Mach 1 I just don't feel or when there's going to be a limit 😅😅😅😅long live the V8s hopefully they will still be around when my son is 18 lol 😅 cheers everyone! Great vid Scottie!

  22. Sixties crap cars, seat belts were optional , the inner tube tires standard, I lost a few friends because of those early barges. The drink driving helped take them out too.

  23. Is it pontiac gto, because many will argue that impala was the first muscle car. I think it was Scotty's Celica but that is my opinion.

  24. Hi Scotty! question; if you could build, tune and drive a race car what would you build? Dragster, Funny Car, Alcohol Dragster, Pro-Mod or would you do circle track, F1, Drift?
    Cheers Scotty!

    p.s. were you in the Army?


  25. The more the horsepower the better! Rev up your engine in your 800hp HellCat! Ya never have too much money or too much horsepower.

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