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  1. I remember since this is such a good explanation for the endocrine system, even my teacher uses Bozeman Science for system presentations. Thanks for the info.

  2. great insight and knowledge of the endocrine system – gave me a greater insight into the endocrine system – tku!

  3. Thanks… You are an excellent teacher….. Thank you so much for your help…. Your kind help leads me to success…..

  4. My high school Human Biology teacher doesn't teach, she only shows your videos. Thanks for all the effort you put it, you're a gifted teacher!

  5. I’m giving a presentation on this tomorrow and you made the endocrine system so much easier than the textbook! Your videos have saved me this year in AP Bio 😂 Thank you so much

  6. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed watching our intro video on the glands of the human body. Please let us know what you would like us to cover on the next videos. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Check out our quiz about the salivary glands available to premium members: https://khub.me/igubs Good luck!

  7. I am a senior in university studying for the GRE Biology exam. Of course I don't specialize in all areas of biology and so Bozeman videos have seriously helped me fill in the gaps from courses I have not taken. Never underestimate the power of basic understanding! Bozeman videos and Mr. Andersen helped me through the AP biology exam four years ago and here I am back for the GRE to get a PhD in molecular biology!! Thank you so much to the channel you have no idea how much this channel means to so many people.

  8. Thank you for this excellent lecture. The way you explain the endocrine system makes sense. I’m paying over a grand to listen to my professor and it makes no sense. You are straight to the point without the filler. Thank you!

  9. Something that looked very intricate for me now looks very understandable! Thank you soooooooooooo much!

  10. Wow this is way better than crash course way easier to understand and way more likeable guy thanks for helping me not have to study at all or go to class

  11. I am a re-entry student, taking Biology, which has felt like I was studying Greek without a translator. Your videos have helped me tremendously, as they are in plain English, without any detours. Thank you!

  12. you are seriously so amazing and so helpful!!! you are changing lives by doing these videos so well! I don't think I would be doing nearly as well and actually enjoying biology this much if it wasn't for you! I love your relevant examples like the facebook and email to compare the endocrine and nervous systems. And the little reference to Dora… lol. Do you have kids? 😛
    Thanks for being awesome!

  13. Umm well I believe the nervous system works both ways to send signals not just one way. There is a mind body body mind relay.

  14. wow I have literally watched crash course, amebo sisters, and tons of other videos and I have learned SO MUCH and honestly understand this material after watching ! Thank you so much, this video really helps for an a&p student !!

  15. Tell all how the government and hospitals have put endocrine in newborns to screw up their genes and produces gays and ftm and mtf for 20 years now and can expect every new born from here on out to expect the same.


  17. Paul Anderson shows that we are all better off being Youtube students. No darn loans to be burdened with; just wi-fi connection costs. How cool is that???

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