The KEY Exercise for Learning the Muscle up! – Calisthenics Unity

The KEY Exercise for Learning the Muscle up! – Calisthenics Unity

I got something good to show you! Your hear many people say that for the
muscle up they want to go as explosive with the pull up as they can And they just keep training explosive pull
ups all the time Cause eventually, you’d be able to go over the
bar – they think. And it’s also partly true – but! Most of the muscle up is actually a push
movement. It’s a push exercise! Like I also told you before. Once you grab* (nice grammar i know;) the bar,
once you do like this Then it’s your tricep pushing! (In the transition) If you can’t maintain the pressure in the
tricep muscle Then it’s just going to look like this
and you will fall down. Almost like if you were doing a pull up to
get over – it’s not going to happen. So, what you want to train is your
tricep muscles! So you can get over the bar. And the best exercise apart from all the
standard push exercises like dips and regular push ups This is another push variation, it’s called
tigerbend push ups. It’s really great. I will show it in a few seconds. Many of my friends and people I have coached and all that – I showed them this exercise, and they learned to do the muscle up a few weeks after they started training this exercise I did that too myself. I found the exercise and learned the muscle up around 3 weeks after. It looks like this. So you place your hands like this In the regular push up you’ll be like this. But in the tiger bend push up you’ll be like this. With your index finger pointing forwards. Keep a more narrow grip. You can even put them totally together like this. Then you go down like this, and up. And it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. Many people can’t even do it first time they try. And that’s why it’s important to start with the easy variation of this exercise. Don’t start like this and try to go down. Thats almost impossible. You want to start with your hands here, then it’s easier. Then as you get better, place your hands closer towards your center. I hope this exercise will help you a lot to gain tricep strength in order to get your muscle up.

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  1. Hey, man. Do you have anything to fix, or prevent wrist pain? I bought some straps, but they're still knackered.

  2. Man why and how your abs are so pushed out?
    i do hard abs day after day but they are not so big you have a little belly fat but your abs are big how??

  3. hey Chris,u should make a video of a workout routine for beginner,anyway u really inspired me alot thanks dude

  4. Did he say he watched a video and learned the muscle up 3 weeks after. Nice! I can do 7 pull ups. So it's time to train my triceps

  5. Bro, you should start focusing your obliques! You really need them, if you want the finishing touch to your perfect body.

  6. ok. m 25 years old and you are 16. still m looking at ur videos to learn things. great job bro. keep it up.
    don't back off b3cause of haters.

  7. I'm not strong at all! I can't do a push up because I'm not strong. I would like to have fantastic abs like you and so big muscles. You look so good! What would I do? You look so good!

  8. So end gall is start position of head above the wrists? I can do plenty of those and around 15 straight bar dips . I still have a hard time with normal dips though , maybe thats the prob

  9. If I am working towards a muscle up, is it better when practicing explosive pullups to stop when fatigue sets in and focus on quality, strong reps when fresh or is it better to continue to do them until I fatigue/do regular pullups as well til burn out? I noticed last year that when I continued to do more reps it built more endurance but never seemed helped me build the power that explosive does. Should I only do explosive or do both to fatigue?

  10. Hey, this looks pretty easy – After attempting – Holy 2016 presidential election this sucks! However I greatly appreciate these videos.

  11. thanks Chris, you are the reason I started working out, seeing your transformation from 2013 to 14 really inspired me

  12. Kids over targeting his anterior muscle groups. You can see the kyphosis developing. Do some back workouts too man.

  13. If this is done on the knees does it have any effect? Does it help in the progress of being able to do one full pushup of this one on the feet.

  14. This kind of body i like it because its not enormous its looks great keep training your subscriber from saudi arabia countine what you doing and thams up for you bro 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. I've been wanting to do a muscle up for a while now, but never knew the exercise….. Thanks @Calisthenics Unity this video really helped! 🙂

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  17. Sir I wanna ask you a question.. I m a 16 year guy…and for getting muscles..should I follow ur video featuring routine exercise for beginners..pls reply sir

  18. Hey Chris _nielsen!!! This is great for beginner excercise!!! Again, Christ comparing vhx and you tube as you are better cos it got automated English subtitle as vhx don't have, wonder why!!! Because it is easier for deaf guys and partial hearing to read subtitle while you are talking. I am sure you understand. Cheers

  19. Hey Christian, how many reps and set do you think we should or is it max out? I can train that every one day to build tricep strength?

  20. 2017-05-12 in 1 month (2017-06-12) I'm gonna tell you guys if I get any better. Right now I can do chicken wing muscle ups (one arm first and then the other). See you in 1 month!! 🙂 I will be posting a reply on this comment, so yeah.

  21. Bruh, all its ok but if i go to GYM And there i trying to do it and i can't do it. But in home I tried i did it like 6 times and every day starting to do it I did it like 20 times. I can say Big Big Thank you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love your Chanel

  22. Hi,thank you for the tip.I finally nailed my first strict bar muscle up and consecutive bmu after this tip and also strengthening my lats from doing explosive pull-ups and also ordinary pull ups .Much appreciated

  23. Hey Chris , i think shoulder strength is also required to throw our body on the top of the bar to do muscleup, is it ?

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