The Meaning of Pain – Teal Swan –

The Meaning of Pain – Teal Swan –

♪ Intro Music ♪ Hello there … It takes about 3-secondsflat
upon coming into this life to realize that pain is a part of life. And yet, no one wakes up
in the morning and says: “You know what? Today my goal is
to have a really painful day!” In fact, most of us spend our
entire lives trying to avoid pain – that’s ourentireprerogative. Take a look at our lives … While there are some
things we do specifically cause we’re following our joy, the bulk of things we do in our life we
do specifically to avoid and escape pain. We go to school
and then work, so we can guarantee we won’t
feel the pain of being broke We try to be as careful as possible
in selecting a partner who is a safe bet so we don’t have to feel
the pain of heartbreak. We get married so we can guarantee
we don’t feel the pain of separation. We take that pill so we don’t have
to feel that residual pain of previous traumas in
our emotional body. We put money in
the retirement fund so we don’t have to feel
the pain of working forever. We watch this very video
on the meaning of pain, specifically so we can learn
how to escape our pain. Take a look at your life. Take a look at how your life is
designed, specifically, to avoid pain … This is not your fault. You are wired, just like every
organism on this planet, for the continual and
perpetual movement away from pain, and
towards pleasure. This benefits your survival, obviously, if you weren’t programmed to
avoid pain and to go gain pleasure, you wouldn’t live very
long on this Earth. This is not in and of itself,
a tormenting process, until painful meaning is added
to the pain we experience. Until we make the pain
something … This causes us to resist Pain. And what do we know
about resistance? Whatever we resist, persists. Most of us are absolutely
terrified of pain. because of what we
have made Pain mean. So right now I want
you to ask yourself (and answer this question
as honestly as possible): “What do I make Pain mean?” Here’s an example: To one person,
pain might mean that they did (or are doing)
something ‘wrong’, and therefore they need to correct
something or change it instantly or else they are unlovable,
not good and unwanted. which leads to being
rejected and forsaken. The physical Human
(being a social-group species) equates being alone with death. In truth, for many of us, being
isolated is worse than death, so we would prefer
death to being alone. If this is the case, pain becomes
a worse fate than death. If we are this person, we will
become terrified of pain. If we are this person, we have made
feeling pain wrong and therefore, bad. We will be desperate to get out
of pain the second we feel it. We will chronically
ruminate and worry, our life will be a futile desperate
attempt to control external conditions so
we never feel pain. and we will be in more pain than
the average person because of it. This is in fact, what
most of us think. We think that pain is
‘bad’ and ‘wrong’. In other words, we think
that when we feel pain something has gone
terribly wrong. Andnowhereis
this more apparent than in the Spiritual Community
of today’s world. See, the modern Spiritual Community
has figured out something critical, and that, is that your
emotions are like a compass. They function like
a guidance system. Whereby positive emotions
keep you in-alignment and negative emotions
are an indication that you are out of alignment. When we begin to
subscribe to the idea that we create our
own realities… our negative emotion
becomes the indication about whether we
are focused currently at something that
wewantto create or whether we are focused
currently at something that wedon’twant to create in our reality. Suddenly negative emotions,
and pain, becomes Enemy #1. Pain becomes conceptualized as ERROR
and pain becomes ‘wrong’. So what are you supposed to do
whenthat’syour mindset, and you’re in pain? ~ Laughs ~ Okay – what we need to do, essentially, is to drastically alter
our perception of Pain and what Pain means. Let’s begin … Pain is not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. It is an indication
that you are alive. Numbness is an indication
that you arenot alive. Pain is also a
multidimensional experience. Pain exists on the physical, emotional
and mental level of your Being. And regardless of where you
perceive this pain starting, whether that’s physical,
emotional or mental , it will involve the other two aspects. So what is the purpose
and function of pain? It calls the attention of
our conscious presence. This is the real reason why Suffering
has been the main doorway to enlightenment for so
many thousands of years. The presence of your consciousness
transforms suffering into awakening. Because of this, to try to make it
go away shouldn’t be our goal. We need to let the Pain show us
what needs to be shown and known. It alerts us to where we
are out of alignment. It is acrucialaspect of healing. What modern medicine
will eventually figure out is that pain, in fact, triggers
repair mechanisms that arenottriggered
without the pain. It alerts us to the
aspect of ourselves that needs to be brought
back into alignment so that we can become Whole. In fact, a while back, I was teaching
a bunch of healthcare professionals and one of them shared a
really beautiful idea with me. It’s that the letters in ‘Pain’, P.A.I.N., can stand for ‘Pay Attention. Integrate Now.’ Pain prompts you to re-evaluate
and change your life. Now, the purpose of life is that it facilitates consciousness
becoming conscious of Itself. It is the catalyst for self-knowledge. It wakes us up from our
unconscious slumber and as such, people
who experience pain, are provided the
opportunity to ‘wake up’. It is a bio-feedback system
telling us about ourselves. It is a messenger calling ustoourselves. All too often when we
think pain is ‘bad’, we shoot the messenger. Pain calls for presence. When we go into Pain, it puts others in
the position of providing their presence often in the form of assistance. It unites us in this way. It equalizes us and forces
a shared-experience. This has powerful implication as
it applies to ourselves as well. Pain calls us powerfully
into the present moment. It causes us to be
fullywithourselves. So much of our affliction
on this planet is the fact that we try to escape
ourselves all day, every day. we’re never fully-present with
ourselves or present in the now. So Pain calls us into the profound
spiritual practice of becoming present, which is the opposite of self-abandonment. Pain is the catalyst for
universal expansion. Universal expansion takes place as
a result of personal expansion. And how do we Expand? We form Preferences. Pain alerts us to
what is unwanted. So that we have acute
awareness of what is wanted and thus can go in the
direction of that very thing, and thus, we Expand … The entire process we call evolution
is in fact the by-product of pain. Discomfort triggers wanting and that wanting triggers
an evolutionary process by which we align
with our desires. Pain creates an empowered person. Each time we feel pain, we must search for the cause. By looking for the
cause we have to face the fears that are inherent
within our body and our being. We have to face what
we are trying to avoid. By doing this we become more
and more non-reactive. More and more
present with ourselves. More and more comfortable
with facing fears, until the things we fear
lose their power over us. We develop a kind of
graceful ‘immunity’. Pain is contrast. We need contrast to understand
anything or to become aware. We need ‘white’ to understand ‘black’,
we need ‘black’ to understand ‘white’. The contrast of pain
is absolutely necessary for us to even comprehend the concept, or experience, of Joy. We could never experience
pleasure without knowing pain. In this way, pain enriches
positive emotional states and increases our
capacity for pleasure. To the degree that
we have suffered we are capable of the
opposing-level of joy. Pain is also the
seat of compassion. We must know pain
to recognize it in another. We must know Pain to care
enough to create a world that is free from suffering. Pain is the catalyst to improving
all of your relationships. Your relationship with life. Your relationship
with other people. Your relationship with
the Universe at large. And, your relationship
with yourself. Pain becomes suffering when pain
is not responded to with presence. When we try to deny, suppress,
disown, reject our pain. And also when we add
painful ‘meaning’ to our pain. Suffering is about perception. It’s about you adding
painful meaning to the experience of the painful thing
that you are experiencing or the pain Itself … To understand how meaning
changes pain into suffering, I want you to watch my
YouTube video titled: “Meaning (the Self-Destruct Button)”. It is well known that
the meaning of pain causes people to experience
pain differently. For example, in World War II,
many of the soldiers who had operations done, had to have those operations done
with little-to-no anaesthetic but many of those soldiers
were able to do that and reported experiencing
very little pain because of the ‘meaning’ they
assigned to their wounds. They took pride in them, and as such, their
pride in their wounds caused these particular soldiers to not feel the experience of suffering, relative to those wounds. Treat pain like a teacher
and learn from your pain. You can visualize your pain. See it in your mind. What color is it? What texture is it? When did it start? When, by your experience,
do you expect it to stop or decrease in intensity? How big is it? Where does it exist? Where does it not-exist? Explore the edges of your pain. If this pain could speak to
you what would it say? What does It need? We need to be willing to choose
to be present with our pain and surrender to it, to use
pain to transform ourselves. See the truth of that it is a
companion for improvement rather than an adversary. To understand how to be
present with your pain, watch my YouTube
video titled: “How To Heal The Emotional Body”. We often become completely
identified with our pain. This is especially true if pain
in your life is chronic, something that you undergo
on an ongoing basis. When this is the case, you lose track of the fact
that your pain is not you. you are more than your pain. Pain is like a ripple
on the top of the lake. It is something that is
occurring within the lake but it is not the
of the lake. If we have identified
with our pain, it may benefit us to completely
disidentify from our pain To disidentify with our pain we imagine it as a
completely separate entity. So when we begin to feel pain, we’re aware of the fact
that it is this ‘pain-entity’ that is being ‘charged’ or ‘electrified’
in that moment and not us. We can observe it from that state. When we experience chronic
pain it means that pain is no longer an experience for us. We have not used the pain to create
the change that It is telling us to make and instead, the pain
has ‘become’ us. It is our reality, it is our identity. The Ego has now
identified with It and thus sees it as crucial
to its own survival. We need to ask ourselves honestly,
the following questions: “What bad thing would happen if I sat
with my pain and allowed it completely, ‘instead of trying to make it go away?’ ‘What would it take, or
what would have to happen, for me to completely allow my pain?’ ‘What bad thing would happen if the
pain truly did go away and, for good?’ To understand more
about disidentification, I want you to watch my
YouTube video titled: Disidentification
(The Practice of Non-Attachment) We have been programmed by
our current society not to feel. We’ve been programmed to
believe that if we feel pain something has gone terribly wrong. That we have to correct something.
That something’s bad. This could not be farther
from the truth. This attitude fuels all
kinds of addictions by convincing us that we must
escape the pain as fast as we can. It causes us to resist pain and
thus feel even more pain. Next time you feel
pain remind yourself, that Pain is the catalyst for the true alchemy of life change. Pain is one of the best things
that can happen to you. Nothing has gone ‘wrong’ anymore than something
has gone ‘wrong’ when you feel the pain
of birthing contractions. Pain is an indication that you
are in the process of expansion. You are becoming
conscious and aware. You are evolving into the life
that you are meant for. Pain has entered your life so that you can step
fullyintothe life you were meant to live here. You are becoming self-actualized. Have a good week … Subtitles by:
David Soh & Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community

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  1. I agree with all of this, well spoken – but a life time of pain with all manners of strategies from denial to embrace will be very testing on a person's endurance. Long term pain can make you feel that you're never really present in life. It can prevent you from feeling emotions fully even when you have opened them up, and to have normal sensations within your body in response to your environment. Many people have tried everything but not managed to readdress the complex imbalance that's causing it. This really is a whole other chapter and requires some special attention, as people are getting more and more afflicted with conditions such as fibromyalgia and ME. I would hope Teal addresses these kinds of illnesses with some serious consideration some time very soon!

  2. I really like u so much..and am learning and healing myself 🙂 I wish u so much happiness and peace as much u have strived to give us all 🙂 I wish you smile a lot more because it is very beautiful, open up much more(because its so beautiful to see ur livelier side). Thanks a ton for u! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your time and energy, Teal. This video is a great way, to get the best understanding our own (and collective) relationship with pain.


  4. Now I'm ready to meet my pain when it appears again. It was poisoning my life for so long. I hope I can fully understand and accept it now and let it go. Thank u, Teal!

  5. Pain is good. Extreme pain is better. But do yoy want a life of pain all the time? What for ?. Pain is an illusion then happiness is an illusion. Pain is part of who you are. If you change , pain goes away. As buddha said desires are cause of pain. I have magical answer that shut down every question people have. But it is not possible to understand unless you have been in certain situation.

    Any solution based on each issue is only a misdirection. Self hypnosis at best.

    Real secrets are never spoken. Even if it is spoken no one will understand it.

    As long as you ( you can call ego , consciousness or what ever mumbo jumbo) exist pain will be part of it. You can hide pain embrace pain or what ever keep you live.

    That said people need to hear from different sources because each person vibrate differently and attracted to tone of different person.

    So all good. But i do not believe in words.

  6. Great video. As someone said below, if there is desire there will be pain (attraction/ aversion), therefore it is in the loosening of attachment to the play of these forces… if it can be done. It’s a good reminder that we could learn to be more at ease with the tension of our pain. Teal pin- points how pain can cause us to self- abandon and I find this important to understand because rather than becoming more conscious, pain usually causes more unconsiousness.These days, it’s well-known to follow our joy but this can also mean that when we feel pain, it feels horrible in comparison. Along with following joy, being aware or learning how to be alright with those initial pangs of suffering in ourselves and others is a good thing since what is not resisted will not persist. As I listened to her voice, I was also reminded that there is a quiet surrender to this, a trust, which can turn habits around. Thank-you Teal for what you offer to our understanding.

  7. Everything she says is true,. I don't see how it's comforting though, just reinforces my hatred of reality. It's designed to be hell.

  8. I love Teal Swan's videos. But the problem is that they're making me feel guilty that I'm on antidepressants. :/

  9. What does having thirty years of woresing low back pain mean?😂😟😞 It sucks and I don't want it.😦

  10. addiction is a huge aspect of running from pain. why are so many people not pain filled and glide through life like its a cake walk and they accomplish everything they dream to achieve? my sister is that way, im the loser of the family with past addiction issues and i go through pitts and peaks. now the thought of suicide is present and not like before when i would wish it but would never imagine it, at least once a week now. i would never do it but its there. ive been on the spiritual path for almost two years but i guess i never actually looked pain in the eyes and let it linger. this video has helped me see something i wasnt seeing.

  11. so… i am watching all this video and i am feeling the pain of a lose in my life, also other kinds of pain, and this… all this video is not doing anything else then anger to me! so she thinks people know already how to apply all this knowledge when next they gonna feel pain? because for me is clear that pain is big enough to disconect you in that very moment from everything else you know! i dont think there will be much people who enjoy suffering….

  12. I have spent the last 47 years descending into the clutches of what was inflicted upon my body, mind and spirit while I was in Vietnam. During the last 31 years I have been hospitalized over 50 times including a few times where I made it back to the living by the threads of my spirit when afterwards the doctors told me that they expected me to die. The past 8 years have been particularly hard on my mind/spirit as physical problems such as Parkinson's Disease (PD), a truck explosion in Vietnam and a accident on a drilling rig have constantly assaulted the core of who I am beyond this transient flesh costume we all wear. I was admitted to a VA hospital where the doctors pronounced me as being in the final stages of PD. They said I would be there for whatever the rest of my life would be and they did not give me very long to live. My daughter and my mother "harassed" the doctors into trying other drugs to treat my PD. I was lucky that the doctors there, unlike most VA facilities, actually gave a damn about veterans and were there to try to heal us as much as modern mainstream medicine can. In my opinion, contrary to the desires of the majority of doctors I have known, modern medicine is limited to only what is the most profitable over what is the most beneficial. Big Pharma, contrary to the place in the medical/industrial complex it should occupy, is the dictator of what is accepted medical practice and what is not. It is all based upon the maximum amount of profit that can be derived from a treatment through selling their drugs. All one has to do is look at the 71 plus years of so-called cancer treatment fostered upon us by Big Pharma world wide. In case you did not know "chemotherapy" was discovered through the explosion of a cargo ship loaded with mustard gas – please google for rest of story. If not for the general population beginning to catch on that chemotherapy is basically medical torture some of the newer approaches would not be happening. But those newer approaches are permitted only because Big Pharma has figured out a way to profit from them. Non emergency surgery is acceptable because surgeons have to use drugs pre-op, during surgery and after surgery. Of course the correlation between mind, body and spirit/other non physical elements is seldom considered in any of modern medicines treatments. And that is the MOST GLARING DEFICIENCY of modern mainstream medicine.

    At the present time my daily pain from PD is dramatically compounded by injuries to my spine that happened in Vietnam and an oilfield accident which has increased to almost intolerable levels over the last two years. Thus far, in keeping with the VA's true paradigm of providing only enough care to keep us quiet about their poor care, the VA has refused to treat me for my pain while constantly telling me that I am too sick to receive any actual treatment to resolve my problems. I started smoking marijuana in Vietnam, at first because I am allergic to alcohol and have been taken to the ER twice at the brink of death due to an allergic action. I did not drink all that much but when I did I would begin to experience violent hangovers before I was even drunk. So marijuana and not alcohol became my social drug of choice not just for the nice physical sensations but also because, for me, it became a doorway to my higher self and a lot of my creativity as an artist/writer/musician. As time moved on it began to be the primary vehicle to help diminish pain without using the poison pain medications produced by the drug wing of the medical/industrial complex. No matter what position you hold concerning marijuana the reason that it is still illegal for medical and recreational use in the US today is that Big Pharma is spending hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars to keep it that way. Marijuana just like the alternative natural cures for cancer is kept illegal because, at least for now, Big Pharma cannot patent natural unprocessed substances. Accordingly, the conundrum is not why these forbidden substances work but why we allow Big Pharma's Wimpy Wants A Hamburger Operating Model to prevail at the expense of using those things our Mother Earth readily provides to help us heal what should be temporary disorders of our bodies. When I was diagnosed with cancer I used an alternative treatment to heal my cancer. I did allow a couple of surgeries to remove cancerous tumors but after a year of the alternative treatment no tumors returned. Of course I used marijuana to achieve a light state of mind/body/spirit connection through visualization to incorporate my self treatment and surgery into the overall removal of the cancer from my body.

    Because of the tremendous increase of pain and lack of treatment for it over the past two years I was ALMOST ready to surrender to death. I knew it would be simple because I have seen too many older and ill friends and family members give in and literally lay down and die! I have been at the point of death a few times so I knew that once I could overcome the natural fear of death it would be easy to surrender this life without any external assistance. I was almost at the point of total surrender but I kept feeling the muffled but growing louder battering against the doors of my mind by the higher self. But at best it has been a tenuous hold upon renewing my mind, body and spirit. I must admit that I often experience neon flashes running through my mind with the question of: "Who are you to believe that you can defy death and live your natural time here?" However out of nowhere things began to happen that started to reinforce my resolve and open doors to a path of restoration of mind, body and spirit. I discovered a DVD with Tia Chi exercise designed for PD patients, Yoga for Pain Control, self treatment of spine pain and I ran across Teal's YouTube videos. Teal's videos have reminded me of much of the spirituality I used to have at the forefront and practice before I allowed my war inflicted illnesses to take control of the integration of my higher self into this life.

    Teal has apparently traveled her path through many lifetimes and I look forward to learning as much as I can from her videos as I once again bring my higher self to the forefront of my life and relegating my illnesses to the backyard of temporal existence.

  13. Dear Teal, I'm following your videos since a couple of weeks and it's impressive how by just watching them I seem to finally make concrete steps out of my semi depressive state.
    I have a question for you: One of my biggest "issue" in this current life is my complete incompatibility with spring.
    Each year, when the rest of the world (nature, animals, men) start to wake up from the cold winter and seems to most enjoy life, i fall into some sort of depression, have spring related allergies and close myself from most of human relations.
    Every year, in this very period of the year, all I can feel within myself is emotional pain. The days I call "good days" are days when I feel nothing. I arrived at the point where the only way out seemed to be committing suicide.
    Now I feel slightly better and with some re-acquired mind lucidity I understand that the only way out is to completely embrace and accept what happens to me every spring, how I do feel every spring, stopping to fight it.
    Now, I know how to do this with past traumas and locked emotions… but I can't figure out how to do it with my situation.

    Any advice is wellcome.

    With Love, Luca

  14. Makes me think of the digestion of food. First it has to be ingested (felt) and then pooped out (let go of)

  15. Hi teal I have an important and life decision question to ask you.. I went to a lot of people and I cant seem to find the right choice for me… how can I email you? Please it's kind of urgent…. I have only a few more days to make this choice ….

  16. Thank you very much for the video…..from a person who has been in Pain for the last 20 years, nearly without exception….every single day, I feel I have been formally introduced to my pain for the first time. A new perspective on Pain, Thank you. ☯️

  17. You're energy has been attacking me and threatening murderZ. I don't think know if you have any intentions about this but please, figure it out. I am a good human being bringing only love into my space and I'm going through a healing process and I'm not understanding if reiki is benevolent all around. This is an unauthorized Alashic doing. I should never have prayed for you or something?

  18. I love the images and drawing flashed throughout your videos, some make me laugh they are so perfecylt chosen. Whoever helps make your videos, you are all brilliant. Thank you, Teal, for helping us understand life better. You are awesome, and I love you. May you receive even half the gifts for what you have contributed to our world. Blessings, Namaste'

  19. Thanks for the video . I am 56 and have arthritis so bad I can't sleep or walk any distance and have been denied medical help and when I filed for disability they called the police to hassle me . I live in pain twenty four seven and I can't see it getting better . I have no way to support myself and I am ready to die .

  20. Pain is the philosopher stone. "the master" will generate great deals of pain & avoid pleasure (hence the concept of hermetic sealing – to avoid pleasure and create much pain – to seal out pleasure)

    alas, no pain is an accident. it is forced upon us by God. it is unavoidable and we have no say in the matter. before something exceptionally nice happens something noticably painful occurs as a precursor.

    we're always payin (pa'in) for everything in life.

    tragic it is that the pleasure ALWAYS runs out. we are eternal (unfortunately) and the unpleasant experience we used to build pleasure disappears over time.

    alas we cannot experience comfort, warm, satisfaction, fucking, fun, excitement, awe. or any other form of pleasant experience without pain. and if we live in a safe environment (like our homes/familliar places) we find that place eventually becomes poison. horribly numb, boring even painful.

  21. This is such BS. I never fight my pain and I have TONS of it every single day. I hold it off to function then I let it flow. Does absolutely nothing to heal it . This whole LOA lie is to allow people
    The delusion of control which is what you say you’re about.. letting go of control. Not seeing it

  22. What? How do tiny infants do this nonsense? Not being nurtured is the root of my emotional pain in which I had no idea for 59 years.

  23. Mountains and mountains and mountains all the pain you can handle it never ever ever ever ever ever ends capish?

  24. It’s a seizure there is no getting around it I’m like a puppet. I try to go in deeper but it doesn’t ever end . The pain never goes away at all it’s always present and coming it’s like being in a washing machine

  25. “We can never experience pleasure without knowing pain”

    That’s unfortunate. In its biggest and smallest part all is mediocre. At best and at worst mediocre. This makes so much sense. I wish it didn’t make sense.

  26. Teal swan pls im so sick i cant stop resisting my chronic physical pain i feel like death is my only escape . I justa cant stop runing from my pain i cant stop resistend. What can i do ?

  27. Respected Mam, I have just started listening to and watching the videos presented by you. I definitely will go through them with full awareness. May I ask that if you also practice for the establishment of the self within you. Because I have established the same. it's beyond words. it can only be attained only from the one who has already established it within one's shell. Hope you reply. Thanks.

  28. Videos like this make me glad I’m goth inside 😎
    Pain is pain is pain is pain
    Attach to it and we SUFFER
    Takes a lifetime to unlearn tho 🕯🎏

  29. I deeply appreciate your profound and very practical messages that you share with much authenticity, open-mindedness, open-heartedness, honesty, compassion, empathy, eloquence, generosity and grace.

  30. All this is so true in my life.
    Throughout my life the really big lessons I have learned, the lessons that have ultimately changed me and changed my life for the better, have been the people and or situations that have been the most painful.
    I really do believe that is exactly why these people came into our lives and I for one, am so grateful to them.
    I have been so unwilling to acknowledge the pain that many times I have let things persist until it feels like I have been hit in the head with a 2×4 repeatedly because the Creator is trying so desperatly to get my attention. I just continue to stuff it down so I don't have to look at it until I am left with no choice but to look at it and acknowledge it or to face dire consequences for not doing so.
    Thank you sweet Teal.
    Much Light & Love❤

  31. So we are programed to move from pain to pleasure? What about the homeless people? The sick? Or the old people? They feel endless suffering without the chance of pleasure…

  32. This really speaks to me.. Ive struggled so much over the yesrs and have become so identified with my pain that it just became normal and i assumed that this is just what i have to deal with and im also empathic and i felt so long that maybe im just feeling the pain of the world and those around me,as well as the pain leftover from a difficult childhood and trauma. It has been teaching me though and more and more im realizing that it is asking for my attention and it is guiding me to love myself more. It is yelling at me constantly because i am not spending my energy in the right ways and am stuck in patterns ive struggled with for years. The biggest factor though is the shame i hold and feeling inadequate or unworthy,or a bad person,and physically unattractive. Somehow thoughts can make you believe that you deserve the pain youre in and you have to feel it all until it goes away. I have consciously been doing spiritual work and peeling back layers of myself for years andit feels neverending. But i realize now that until i find my inner fire and desire to fully LIVE and reclaim my power and find my voice and face my fears and no longer shrink, i will be experiencing pain and not be fully open to giving or recieving love. For me this is a solar plexus issue and it is around not feeling strong in who i am,not having enough self direction and regulation and being the passenger in my life rather than driving it and achieving the things and taking action toward empowered self. I deserve it and so do all of us no matter what the past has told us and no matter what other people think.

  33. Everyone want to avoid pain unless you're David Goggins lol

    You guys should search him up in youtube, his story and mental toughness mindset is very inspirational

  34. Emotions suck, thoughts hurt and getting old blows. Pain is always part of my life. Thanks goddess, I am not disabled. I know clouding pain helps . I want it to quit. Emotions and mind. My head hurt. I used to box. I used to let people punch me, hoping that mental pain would leave . The punches were never enough to challenge the mental pain. Crying doesn’t help. The pain stays. I try hiding my pain and repression of my emotions and withholding my thoughts are protecting me from vulnerability. No one intimidates me because I am always in mental and emotional pain. How could anyone intimidate me when I deal with such mental pain. I get mean and nasty intellectually because I want you to feel my pain. I try using that pain , but it still hurts. Pain. I hate pain of my brain. Sometimes I want to destroy the pain. I hate hurting, pain. I try using my mental and emotional pain to connect with my tenderness emotionally. I try using my pain to alleviate my pain. I try changing pain into compassion because I need at least that. I hate stoicism. I could never release my pain. I understand the emotional power of pain. Unconscious life is painless mentally, that is a seductive thing. I try using my pain to feel your pain, like Clinton 🤪. I accept the pain. I hate it but try using it to help develop my soul. I can’t imagine that my mental and emotional pain is hurting my soul if I focus my feelings and thoughts on the karmic nature of life. I can’t create pain in others when I think of karma. I can’t even kill my self when thinking of karma. I have to help my karma by accepting the pain and do not harm.

  35. Teal, As A Masochist Pain Makes Me Happy. So I Want To Incrementally Find More And More Ways To Be In Pain So That I Can Offer My Surplus 'Suffering' To Universal Source In Exchange For Your Incremental And Eternal Liberation From Any And All Suffering And Pain. The Universe Is A Closed System. There Is A Given Quotient Of Pleasure And Pain In The Universe And Source Isn't Particularly Concerned About How It Gets Distributed: As Long As The Sum Total In The System Amounts To An Equilibrium And Cosmic Harmony Is Maintained. If You Dump Your Pain Into Me It Makes Me Happy. Then, Through The Spiritual Alchemy Of Sexual Masochism I Transmute Your Pain Into Love And Adoration – Gold, In Other Words – And Channel It Back Up To You. And So On – Ad Infinitum.

  36. Are you talking physical pain? I had an accidental injury 9 months ago, and still in agony most of the time. Is there an emotional cause? Is my soul trying to tell me something? Oh…pain is bad…BAD!

  37. What is going on here? I have been in a deep deep depression lately and every time I get on youtube there you are you amazing woman with a video about exactly what Im thinking about and feeling. I love you so much Teal. You saved my life in so many ways. And it seems the universe knows what I need. You are the best!

  38. "and no one really wakes up in the morning thinking today my goal is to have a really painful day"
    I wouldn't say so…

    But yeah, learned a thing or two from this video even though I'm quite acquinted with this subject.

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