The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep?

The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep?

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  2. I dream every single night. Mostly very vivid dreams.. and some recurring..
    I love my dreams, Ive also be trying different sound frequencies while I sleep to induce lucid dreams…

  3. I would like to have Dr ease drop on my dreaming I believe I would eventually be able to communicate back with him

  4. Where do we go in our unconscious DEEP Sleep? Does our Self-being unite with this "dark energy" – which
    is all over – to `recharge` our life's energy `batterie`? Or do we go to some other dimension we can have no
    memory of? Or …, or … any idea???

  5. In "big reality" time does not exist, it is always but NOW, including what we conceive as the past or the future!
    Last night I had this peculiar dream of a little girl standing in front of me: Being absolutely stiff, like being made out
    of iron. I felt that she was under total shock and took her into my arms, carrying her, while trying desperately to console her.
    End of dream! This morning, during Coffee, I could read an article, concerning this dreadful fact of abused children …

  6. Is that what happened to me once at school? I started to day dream and then went into auto pilot? One minute I am in the classroom and the next minute I am in the playground and I had no memory of how I got from one place to the other.

  7. Very often I have dreams of people. Sometimes alive and sometimes dead
    As I see them, I will ask questions and sometimes they will answer

  8. You have 2 minds in 1 brain your conscious is you day time thinking mind your subconscious is your nite sleep brain that were you can reprogram your mind & change your life get both sides of your brain to work in harmony

  9. This crowd must not be Billie Eillish fans. The lack of "Where do we go when we sleep" references in the comments is alarming… Lol

  10. sleeping in water"drove evolution" of one eye open? You have absolutely no scientific proof of this. Why don't you acknowledge our creator and state that they are designed r created this way?

  11. They study all this so they can figure out how to keep us slaves awake 24/7 keep us working more productivity.

  12. "When I'm asleep, I travel in space and live other lives"! My mind travels far away at times into other realms! Why I don't know!

  13. The entire brain is used in your life time, nothing is on reserve. There is no ten percent used, the lines, so to speak ,are blurred. You can't measure brain activity. Because dreaming is a real place. The entire mind, body and soul is used in awake; and dream activity. How much is used in each reality is a choice. You dream so the creator can evaluate your existence daily, the creator commanded you to dream. What you did unbeknown to you. You willed a being into existence to represent you in the dreams. That being in dreams is not you. It now exist independently of you. This reality, and dreams are a conjunction. Where God and man meet.

  14. What about sleep-walking,? my late brother did when were kids.,we had bunk beds he was on top and urinated on me on the bottom.Omg…..

  15. Amazing.
    I read in a book, written in the 7th century to record the words of a prominent figure during the era (early years of Islam), that this person said: “People are asleep, and they wake up during the onset of their death”.
    Regardless of one’s belief in an afterlife, or the lack thereof, one (who believes in science or logic or both) cannot stop but trying to wonder:
    What kind of knowledge did that person have, and what was being invoked?
    Especially when one reads that the same person said, addressing the human being: “and you claim that you are a tiny insignificant object in the cosmos, while within you folded is the cosmos”.
    I personally thought about the nature of consciousness, quantum reality (“virtuality” for skeptics), and multiverse when I asked myself the question above.

  16. I love my dreams. I almost remember every one of them. I love the fact that when I'm having a bad dream, I can tell myself it's a dream in my dream and change my scary dreams.

  17. Made it 2 1/2 minutes. Those kids are too annoying. Who gives a care about what some waterhead kid dreams about.

  18. As far as I'm concerned the point of sleeping is to have gained knowledge required for a skill is firmly and permanently imbedded in the neocortex, basal ganglia and cerebellum, which happens during sleep.

  19. Several years ago, I had an NDE (near death experience) and during the time I flatlined, was recessitated, and then slipped into a coma, where I then began to quickly fail. Machines were doing everything for me and all my organs were failing. Of course I was unaware of all of this. I went SOMEWHERE. I don’t remember much other than that ir was the most peaceful place i had ever been. I dont wanna die or anything, but I am desperate to travel to back to this place. Anyone know if I can do this via astral projection?

  20. I believe that when we dream, we go back home,,, until we wake up and resume our destiny here in this reality… just a hope 🤔a Dream 😉

  21. I have come to see sleep as transition to and from the physical world and the spiritual world. Daily sleep would be regular transition whereas physical death would be long-term journey to the Other Side. For this reason I no longer fear death.

  22. I dont know about you all but when i go to sleep i go to starbucks!
    It would exsplain the coffee stains on my shirt and sheets

  23. Those animal experiments are sickening, especially if you account that they sleep like us – and most probably feel like us, too.

  24. Heaven knows we are mostly over over stimulated… the quest for more and more!…..poor brain…poor body….poor family…. Rich politicians….👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😕😕😕😕😕😱😨😰

  25. Sleep is very dangerous in the midst of predators…!……so true….survival mode…..👍👍👍👂👀👃

  26. These so called specialists are a joke!!! What right do they have to connect electrodes to animals? Studying the dreams of animals will never reveal anything about human dreams. Animals perspectives in life is completely different than ours. They don’t have egos from traumatic childhood conditioning that we go through. Nor do they use language in the same way we do. This is completely ludicrous!

  27. Sleep is just a word made up by man.
    When we close our eyes, we rest our human existence, but our brain is very active, taking oneself from a 3d intonation 4 or even a 5d surrounding, free from the entombment of a body.
    Oh, how close minded have us humans become, it's such a shame 😢😢😭

  28. I slept 4 times during watching this in peace which made me rewind the video around 15 miniuts each time.

  29. I'm very open minded , yet I didnt think this video was well done. It didnt follow through in an organized manner. There seems to be gaps here and there and it was quite boring and difficult for the average or even beyond average person to follow. I listen many videos on enlightenment, and many other subjects. Some of these people have been interviewed by Anthony Chene and his videos with these same and other people are so much more interesting. This was not interesting for me. Thanks for the effort, maybe it will help others.

  30. What a great video! Full great in information in the subject, thank you much for sharing 👌👋👋👋

  31. I once saw a fruit fly on my kitchen counter. It was asleep and shaking its head ever so slightly as if it was dreaming. So I smashed it with a swatter!

  32. Energy comes from the void. Poles of the same essence…….. If you don't sleep that is void yourself… are tired…… that is to say "out of energy" If you go to sleep…. a deep sleep …… you wake up energized. It's a transactional effect.
    Now the funny part….we think life, sleep and existence nondualistic and that is what we call being " mixed up and confused" since we try to extract our experiences from the "whole"

  33. My doctor says " I give you enough meds to knock out a horse" pain sometimes wakes me! I sleep walk family have found me just stood up in kitchen fast asleep I've been woken a few times when my head hits the floor! I just wish I could just have a full nights sleep I have RLS and fibromyalgea and its one or the other that wakes me x

  34. Dreams Rule! I may know that my mind is going to try to grapple with an issue through dreams, but I have no idea exactly when or in what manner that will happen. I do know it will be interesting and maybe not entirely pleasant, but it's never been a complete nightmare. Only had vivid colors after that gummy hash years ago, dammit.

  35. My dreams are weird I do happen to dream what I experience but it's not an exacted experience

    Example: not long time ago I heard the name "Rick" (reminded me of a show I like) and then I see myself having an intire dream about it a complete episode of that show, only from hearing a name once
    Edit: sorry if my English is bad btw

  36. What if we die we wake up with a bong in your alien hands surrounded by your alien friends asking you “how was it”

  37. I find this really interesting to note. We are observing the idea of the outer animal or indeed ducks, preference to maintain a higher sense of alertness. Either raising their head or having one eye open, while the rest sleep. As a purely individual goal of not being hunted.

    It is necessary to question whether or not these ‘outer’ animals are indeed acting as some kind of early warning system, not for them as an individual but as with the military sentry routine, protection for the rest of the group?

  38. I have very vivid move-like dreams at night. Sometimes I’ll even have precognitive dreams, I’ll dream something and they come true days later.

  39. Basically, the mind is only awake/active when we are awake and when we are dreaming. In deep sleep or the stages before we dream, the part where consciousness pretty much ceases has our brain activity to that of delta waves, which just means that the brain is running at a very low level or frequency, so no, the mind isn't always awake and active, whoever thinks that is just stupid, deep sleep = no consciousness, mind not awake not active, dreaming = a little bit of consciousness just not aware of it unless lucid, mind awake and active

  40. Dreams "seem" incredibly meaningful? They ARE incredibly meaningful. 22 minutes in and not a word about Jung. Getting bored.

  41. When I was young I would go quail hunting with my father. Our bird dogs would find a "covey" or a group of quail on the ground and as they would fly away they would leave behind a single pile of their poop. They all pooped in a tight group and I never understood why they did it that way because they would fly away before we got close enough to actually SEE how they were situated on the ground. It wasn`t until years later when I bought about a dozen quail from a man who raised and sold birds and put them in a backyard pen I built on the ground. I walked outside one night with my flashlight and saw for the first time how quail sleep. They were all in a circle, with their tails tucked closely together facing outwards in all directions.

  42. I wonder, when we sleep are we uploading our experience to the larger consciousness system? Are we in a video game to create order in any way we possibly can, hence free will? If nature is so efficient, and we know that it is very much so, why use 4-8 hours of it unconscious? Are you here when you are sleeping? No, you are not here. Perhaps, if someone looks at you, you are there to them. The observer effect in quantum mechanics. But where are "you"? The brain is more active than when we are awake. REM = Rapid Eye Movement. Why? Could it be because our experience is being quickly uploaded in the most efficacious way possible? Are we transported to another "world" based upon our free will decisions made during that day? Some of my thoughts, thanks for viewing. 🙂

  43. When you listen to the children speak compared to the adults speaking, you can just see how much Social conditioning has affected the adults compared to the children who are speaking more like Psychonauts than children being asked to speak about their dreams.

  44. A girl I know said when she was little she could see her dads etheric body float up when he went to sleep on the couch. I believe her. Science has a long way to go unraveling the multidimensional mysteries.

  45. "We wake up every morning from the dream, but to be free you also have to wake up from the waking state." ~Mooji

  46. Where do you go when you to sleep?

    Depends. If you are married you sleep on the floor or if you are like me unmarried you get the whole bed to sleep. ROFLMAO

  47. For a time I would have sleep experiences where I could feel the feelings of wings being a bit tired from pushing against the wind as I flew. It wasn't a dream story it was just the physical feeling of flying. Dropped off this video when I think they were going to discuss lab animals…can't do it, don't believe in cruelty to animals.

  48. Are dreams a realm where reality doesn't apply ! I have to laugh when I think on these lines ! Because when your walking on a road in your dream ….is the road your walking SOLID ?!

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