The Mopar Muscle Truck Blew Up – Roadkill Extra

The Mopar Muscle Truck Blew Up – Roadkill Extra

Roadkill Extra appears every single
weekday at Motor Trend On Demand it’s a show that gives you question-and-answer
sessions deeper looks into our project vehicles behind-the-scenes stuff and
here’s a sample right now of one of the shows that you missed last week on Motor Trend On you can watch them all with a 30 day free trial I have to
admit I felt pretty guilty why well we were telling the crusher camaro when
this thing blew up and overheated nuclear style nuclear yeah it was like
Fukushima it was really bad all the coolant went away and you know when we
took the head off it just puked it had water coming out of
the cylinder so we’re talking about the 360 small-block Mopar that’s been in
this thing ever since we did that episode on the shootout between the
Mopar muscle truck and the original roadkill Chevy muscle truck that was
really weird and let me give you a little background on that 26 days I was
in here okay that whole engine came out of a step-down in the wrecking yard in
about 2002 okay it was a reman and it was brand new I was like wow score it’s
already all machine so it was low compression at the time but it was
pretty good because it was hardly even used at all when the thing got junked
and so I used it for all kinds of dinosauria testing all kinds just out of
mule for years and I put it in the 5th Avenue I had it in there it broke a
crank in half oh yeah so it sat in the shop for a couple of years I put another
crank in it and then this is all without machining the block no never really seen
the blocks till 40 over yeah and then about five years ago me and my buddy
Bryce rebuilt it in one morning for another dyno test weary Pistons it put
in a balanced rotating assembly with scat rods and and another well I guess
we use the same crank because we had replaced it before and it made about
five hundred and some-odd orth power there but it was still 40 over straight
from the junkyard we gave it a Dingell ball hone so and that’s what was in it
the whole time we did that episode not like I bored it out it’s bigger and then
you know broke through somewhere it was what
were the thickness of that war was from day one and I got 18 years of use out of
it well for developed a pinhole yeah well it happened while we were towing my
crushers so I felt guilty but then why I figured this would languish I couldn’t
be without a truck the other thing so I had a 318 which is another Dino mule
that we use for a million stories it actually threw a rod through the
cylinder wall and had a sleeve put in it and that’s in the truck right now yeah
that’s what this is but it was rebuilt with the sleeve it’s got a KB
hypereutectic piston it’s got stock rods it has a 273 steel crank it’s a little
over 10 to 1 these cylinder heads are your old heads
from the orange duster yeah those are ported heavily angle milled heads from
Hughes performance yeah and they’re perfect for 318 because the small
chamber is what you need with the flat top Justin to get compression ratio so
it’s about now between ten and ten and a half to one is not a regular performer
on that thing it’s a regular performer but it’s ported and the reason I did
that is because this air conditioning compressor won’t bolt to an RPM so it’s
got a bracket in the back okay and I wanted to use that accessory package so
I was forced into that manifold I was asking about the intake manifold because
normally dulcich and I would use the l brock RPM manifold which is a taller the
high rise dual plane this is just the standard cruising model it’s kind of
like a stock 364 barrel intake with a poly flange yeah and actually if you
take one of those brand new out of the box and compare it to a stock iron
manifold it isn’t talking right yeah but will this one accept a thermal quad
it will take a thermal quad or or a higher bore oh I went with the Edelbrock
carburetor I had it it’s an 800 which people think is way too big for 318 oh
no way not with an Edelbrock because they’re I don’t know how they raid them
but not to see him Holley yeah I ran that very same carburetor on a
completely bone stock 318 with an old street master manifold and the thing
would burn rubber all day long I don’t find yeah it was good um so this thing
fires up like instantly I just needed to have a truck I don’t
even know who can call it the Mopar muscle truck anymore I was going to ask
exactly that I will say we d’emic maybe we’ll just call it the Mopar fitness
truck now Fitness sort of a little bit trim menotti actually ma yeah but you
know for a three-team this thing really surprises and actually it revs out like
crazy so go for a ride I’m pretty happy with it I’m glad it’s
just running and driving again yeah it’s good think your level ever put that 408
in it now probably sounds pretty good yeah if you need more roadkill extra go sign
up for the 30-day free trial right now

100 Replies to “The Mopar Muscle Truck Blew Up – Roadkill Extra”

  1. The inevitable thought that runs through your head as the truck pulls away is – "its got some pickup!" yes, yes it does 🙂

  2. Never use small blocks to tow with. Guaranteed to puke its guts. Ask anyone who works around a fleet of utility trucks what they think when the company gets cheap and buys trucks with small blocks. They all got at least one older truck with a big block that never breaks.

  3. So Freiburger, you're saying that Edelbrock carbs actually flow less than rated? Like, my 650 might actually only be good for 600? I have the 650 on my built 351C, tuned perfectly, and my wideband never shows it going lean, but would it still be a good idea to consider stepping up to a 750? I just don't want to be leaving power on the table that I could be using.
    I'm amazed that Dulcich gets away with 800 cfm on a 318!!!

  4. Can I get the link to Amazon so I can get the On demand I go to the site on my Prime Account I go around and around What A Mess! just put it in the description box! for my PC…THANK YOU! Keep them Coming
    I hope you guys do A Single Plane VS Dual Plane intake using the Holley Sniper VS Terminator on Stock 350 Chevy and Dodge 318/360 I have heard people say the Single Plane is better for TBI VS Carb but I am afraid to try it…Holley has been NON Committal when I asked them Directly they Punk Out and Say just run whatever you already have…WHAT A NON ANSWER! Dont they Check before they put this stuff on the market? I always liked the look of the Single Plane Old TORKER And Tarantula Style Intakes because I am Old..ha-ha Well 50 anyway it would be cool to be able to run one polished but not if my Sniper Will then Suck!
     Also Anybody know where I can get a good US Made rebuilt Starter for my 87/95 Chevy In SOCAL that is not junk! the light weight kind not the one from the dark ages

  5. My butt hurts. I don't know wtf on demand is, or why exactly anyone wants to pay for it. Maybe if there were the slightest bit of knowledge being shared, but for the most part these guys are just like "look what I did, I think I'm cool, maybe you could do this too, but I'm not going to show you how."

  6. My 92 dakota 4×4 with the 318 was my favorite truck. Many burnouts. Lots of mud and all that thing did was burn oil.

  7. 318s may not have tons of horsepower, but they produce tons of torque. One of the best sounding engines too! Ran straight pipes on an old Plymouth I had w/ a 318 that would drown out a bowtie 350 with open headers.

  8. It really sounds like Mr. Dulcich has found his voice.

    I've had my own opinions and reservations & whatnot since opinions were opinions. Dude seems to know his poo, and I'll take my hat off if I should ever neet him.

  9. Im working on my 73 w-100 truck today. I broke a rod, then that rod jambed up against the block and locked up my rotating assembly pretty hard. If things go well, will get the broken rod out.
    What is the cheapest way to get this back together, and running (I only use it about 100 miles a year, so it doesnt have to run well.)
    I would like to just remove the rod, and throw it back together with some RTV, but if I do that, wont the crank leak oil and prevent good oil pressure?
    If I cut down the broken part of the rod, and bolt the big end back up to the crank, then put it back together, will that work?
    Also, is this sort of thing roadkill, or engine monsters?

  10. I like Freiberger ,dont get me wrong,but compared to Finnegan he is a motormouth,i like mostly the quiet types,sorry….Freiberger,but i lost track of the times i got really bored during 1 of your "speeches".kindly Erik Lawaetz

  11. 10:1 Compression and cast iron heads in a truck that pulls heavy loads like a car? Maybe you operate at higher levels/altitudes so it doesn't ping on pump gas. Air conditioner and high RPM, interesting combo. Everyone likes what they like, for example if I had that many trucks, I'd be replicated Dodge's Adult Toys, like the Power Wagon, Warlock step side, maybe a Ron Hall truck and certainly a 4×4 Little Red Express and dump the high revving smallblock in the 67 Dart convertible out behind the shed, shown in a prior episode next to the Ramcharger 4×4. And then the 440 out of the RV would go into the Challenger dirt tracker rather than the Crop Duster, and then…but I digress. keep on, keepin' on, guys.

  12. Man I wish I could of been able to play with larger engines for experience… Apartment life sucks. So I worked on Dirt Bike Engines.

  13. Because none of the motors you guys build last. You throw everything together on a budget and in a hurry.

    LITERALLY, he just built this engine…

  14. I have a vivid vision of this thing with a cage, a nice suspension and a modern Mopar 426 factory stroker, with euqal length headers. Like 600 and a bit horsepowers, Evil sound… and it should do 11.00 in the quarter

  15. Pre-smog trucks rock! Great episode. I love my small block Chevy because I'm lazy and frugal, but I also love seeing these oddball engines, too.

  16. I am a Chevy guy c10s mostly ive had a ton of cars but I had A 77 D100 fleetside shortbed weld centerlines headers and 40 series flowmasters to the rear and a posi .I was basically all stock and that mf 'er ran hard for a 318 and was the snappiest best sounding truck ever .If I had started out as a kid with that truck I never ever would have been a Chevy guy .I love Chevys but Its true MOPAR OR NO CAR….DRIVE ONE YOU WILL SEE.

  17. I have a cool idea for Mr. Dulcich. Please build a 360 bottom end and adapt a set of 318 Poly heads to fit it. That would be the coolest small block Chrysler engine ever and it would be old school hot rodding at its finest.

  18. Where did you source the V belt Sanden compressor mount from? I have a Magnum 360 I'd like to dress as a V belt LA motor. Thanks, Chris

  19. Roadkill extra on MOD with Steve is worth watching every time. Classic old school car guy with endless knowledge.

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