The Most Important Stretches for Calisthenics

The Most Important Stretches for Calisthenics

Stretching is a very important part of calisthenics, because many skills require being flexible in certain parts of your body. This is why stretching should be treated as equal to strength training. But not every part of your body is equally important to be flexible for the sole purpose of training calisthenics. Here I will tell you about essential stretches, when they are required and what my favourite exercises are that work on the flexibility of those parts of the body. The most important stretch in my opinion is pike stretch. Being able to lay on your straight legs makes all the difference. Here are just a few examples of exercises that require flexibility in your hamstrings and calves. Being able to lay your hands flat on the ground makes this exercise easier for your shoulders and also make it look better flexibility allows you to lift your legs higher and this makes your abs work harder. And again, it just looks better similarly to the L-sit, bringing your legs closer to your face, makes this exercise stress your abs more and also look awesome if you’re not very flexible, after you raise your legs to a certain level, you start using your back more than your abs. So flexibility helps here by making the exercise train your abs more efficiently Here are a few of my favourite stretches: Side split stretch lets you put your legs to the sides, making the centre of mass of your body get closer to your shoulders in exercises like front lever or planche. And this makes those exercises easier. Side splitting in handstand makes it easier to keep balance for the same reason – the centre of mass of the body gets lower. Here are the stretches that I do: Being flexible in your chest and shoulders lets you put straight arms behind your head. This makes your body form a straight line which is required for proper handstand position. The hollowback handstand is another exercise which needs you to be incredibly flexible in your shoulders and chest. The two stretches I do are: lowering your chest while holding your hands on something bridge hold, which is great, because it also stretches your hip flexors If you can’t do the bridge yet, just use the wall. Those are the most crucial stretches for calisthenics in my opinion. There is also the hip flexors stretch or the pancake stretch, but those are of minor importance. Of course being flexible in every part of your body is ideal and everone ought to pursue that, but not everone has the time or motivation. Tell me in the comment section, what is your favourite stretching exercise. See you in the next video.

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  1. Finally someone ally someone posted something on flexibility and mobility for calisthenics! Nice vid man. I'm trying to get the pike and the splits

  2. Amaaaazing video.
    Should you stretch right before your usual workout or should it take a separate training on a free day?

  3. Awesome channel and content you've got 🙂
    Need to start working more on my flexibility!
    How long have you been training for?

  4. as dumb as it sounds, any videos you have for progressions to head to shins?? I can not even touch my toes yet I can do 4 or more sets of 10 pullups, I have strength yet not flexability.

  5. Spot on. I also work a lot on ankle mobility and stretching out calves. Glutes as well. For me the test is being able to sit in a deep squat position with feet flat and body relatively upright feeling relaxed and comfortable for quite a long time. Can't do that then calves, especially soleus, and glutes need stretching. Vital in my opinion for effective squats and to be able to do pistols without wrecking your knees. Ultimate test is nose or chin to toes pike. Great vids, always enjoy. More plant based diet tips appreciated.

  6. Dude, im literally enjoying (and liking) every video you uploaded, all of them explained nicely and helpful, thanks for the uploads man

  7. Uau! Estou começando a praticar calistenia, com certeza tenho que dar mais atenção ao alongamento. Seu vídeo me ajudou muito. Bom trabalho!

  8. when u started calisthenics could u do these kind of stretches?? As i have started calisthenics jst one week ago but still cant do muscle up or these kind of stretvhes as much properly what should i do?? Love ur videos pal

  9. Hi, this is my first time watching your video and subscribing it. I like how you coaching viewer who watches your video or tutor, for me; I easy to understand what you want to show up related to video's title. This tutorial is help me to gain knowledge and yes I recommend this stretch technique because I do in capoeira exactly the same in this video.

  10. For a person like myself who struggles greatly with lower back and hamstring flexibility, how many times a day should I do these stretches?

  11. I really want to do the V-Sit already watched your Video on that. As soon as i am able to do it i´ll upload a video :)!

  12. I am going to staring training hard at calisthenics and your really motive me to get to Advance level. How long does it take to get to advance level in calisthenics?

  13. Great video! I've been doing calisthenics fr 6 months now and I've learnt the importance of mobility fr learning the advanced exercises. Love your content. Those are my favorite stretches too .:)

  14. A useful video man thankyou. I've started Calisthenics 6 months ago and fairly early realised flexibility is key. I've prioritised learning side splits and pancakes for the straddle and V sits. I find my other flexiblity is good. Have you considered learning full front or side splits? I'd imagine that level of flexibility to be very useful for bodyweight work.

  15. for how long should i hold on to a stretch? when i bend my fingers reach only till my knees. how long will it take for me to reach my feet?

  16. Hi……first off are you German? Cool accent…….well I can do the L but the V is on the horizon but the hip flexors need work……and I do use my back more after a few toe lifts, thank you for sharing!

  17. Hello man , i did alot of stretching exercices but if i just stop 5 DAYS my legs returns to the normal so i need to do everything again and again .. can you help me pls?

  18. Thanks for your videos ,my favourite stretch is shoulders,I'm working my flexibility for handstand because I still can't make a good line.

  19. Great Job !!!!!!!
    " Ok I got A Goal Now " !!!!
    Please Help Me Accomplish it " When I can Do All of these Exercises " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "I WILL REALLY BE PROUD OF " ME " !!!! " I Want that " !!!

  20. For how long do you do each stretch? Or maybe I should be asking how long should each of this streches take for a beginer?

  21. Hip flexors stretch is not important? Specially after all those leg raises
    (hip flexors work, not so much abs) they are precisely the reason for lumbar compression, hyper lordosis, and associated hyper kyphosis and hyper cervical lordosis related problems.

  22. CAn you help me with stretching ? I've got a problem. In fact, when I try the pike stretch, it's my knee ligament (at the back of the knee) who are stretched. So I'm not enable to properly stretch my hamstrings. And that the same for every hamstrings stretching. What can I do ?

  23. Is it weird that im afraid to do any kind of handstand? When i kick up i dont even get to a straight point and i already go can i overcome this? I tried the variations against the wall too..still the same problem 😅

  24. Hey man i love your content. I have a question. How do i add stretching exercises to my daily programm? Doni have to do them before or after workout? And for how long?

  25. I think the last pose is GOLD for leg stretching. Seated side split, or upavishta konasana in yoga. It allows to stretch hamstrings and pelvic muscles/tendons, i.e. the crotch, at the same time. If a person maintains a reasonably straight back (important), then that pose allows to stretch lower back too, for example after doing deaflifts or isometric lower back exercises that tend to tighten lower back muscles. So three-in-one is huge value for a minute of the exercise. In three minutes one can do what otherwise would have taken 7-10 minutes.

  26. And you have pretty good flexibility for a strong guy with that much well trained muscle! You must be spending at least 2 hours a week on flexibility?

  27. Hi I'm 53 years old and not very flexible. Can you make a video on how to make my body as flexible as I can possibly can.

  28. how much should you be stretching? after every workout or specifically setting aside one or two days a week for stretching and mobility exercises? just starting out

  29. when do you recommend to stretch?
    before training, after training or on off days?
    got the same problem with using my back to much in "toes to bar".
    do you do it in sets with static holds?
    i find it difficult to get the feeling for stretching..

  30. I personally prefer windmill. Breath with back stretching backwards like into the bridge but not so hard, then touch the left ankle with the right hand and repeat for both sides.

  31. can you please give me a simple legs warm up before streching for touching toes and splits ? i dont get that free time since i study so i dont have time for a long warm up

  32. It would be good if you talked about how to begin with these very important stretches. Technique, time, methods, etc. Thank you.

  33. dude,,, you have to be one of the ONLY youtube fitness guys with QUALITY music in the background… ESPECIALLY by NOT using the cookie-cutter EDM trash that always has some annoying urban female vocals that are auto-tuned up 4 octaves… BIG THANK for that.

    Like that superhumanyou guy… i canNOT STAND that stupid ass song.

  34. 1:22 that is an amazing point!!.. wow… that already happens when I do leg raises… I can feel that my lats kick in to help… but I didn't know that was due to lack of flexibility

  35. this song reminds of Sleep Party People… you have to checkout this link:

  36. When is the best time to stretch? And how many time I must stretch? please answer as soon as possible, And should I Warum Up before stretching?

  37. @3:45 i've been stretching lower body in all positions at evening and it sometimes takes over 1 hour to complete. so yeah i don't really have time for it anymore when i already workout almost 45 min/day, 6 days/week.

  38. Im fr Jamaica n I'm 41 yrs old n I am very flexible n supple jus like him..stretching must b done everyday to stay flexible

  39. I like the head to shins exercise although I cant reach that yet. How many times do you flex. You think 4 times a week after my workout is enough to reach this level of flexibilty?

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