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  1. Awesome explanation !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much and I think your videos are really helpful for my final exams coming a later couple of week

  2. Many thanks for these informative, easy to understand videos, am studying neuroscience at the moment and these straightforward explanations are exquisite. I have I hope (thanks to my neurons) kept most of the info imparted.

  3. Took A&P and gained a rough understanding of the Na+/K pump, action potential, and nerve synapses, but now everything is suddenly clear after watching this video. Thank you so much for this.

  4. If excitatory neurotransmitters open ion channels on next neurone, do inhibitors close them, if so won't the neurone just remain at rest potential difference ?

    If so how does an inhibitor 'outvote' excitatory neurotransmitters? Does it 'dilute/weaken' the excitatory signal?

    Great video by the way thanks

  5. You are better than what my science teacher has ever explained in his class. Very specific and useful for science dummies like me! Love you and thank you sooo much!!

  6. you are an excellent teacher, so clear, you make it simple and I can't thank you enough for all your videos, they are helping me gain the understanding I do not get in class. you are a true gift from spirit.

  7. You are awesome. I would never be able to pass A&P without your videos. I got over 100 on my last exam, when the class average was only 80, because of these videos. Thank you so much!!

  8. What did the neuron say to the brain stem cell?

    you may not be something now, but i can tell you have potential

  9. Interesting, staring straight at the plus I had better luck identifying the sun but I didnt see the earth/plant very well at all.

  10. Wow, thank you so much for this video. I could not, for the life of me, understand what an action potential was and you completely cleared that up for me.

  11. Are there other ways of remembering 3 Na+ ions goes into the cell and 2 K+ ions go out the cell? I get those mixed up quite a lot.

  12. The salty banana is the first time I was able to get the ions correct. Each other explanation is confusing about what flows where-when. Brilliant, as simple as anything but explains it perfectly.

  13. who else is watching a ton of Bozeman's vids for preparation of the AP Bio Exam this Coming Monday?

  14. who else is looking in the comment section for people saying that they are cramming for the ap tomorrow

  15. Oh my God I am so grateful for this man. he is the best explaining this subject. I can say i have learnt more with him than with my teacher. She only read ppt at class. Thanks Mr. Anderson, you are the best.

  16. 9:25 "When this goes to negative 70.." You mean negative 50? You drew the line from 50 and said 70. You also said that the voltage of a neuron was 70 prior to this error.

  17. My AP Bio teacher assigns these to us for HW and it's honestly so helpful!! You explain everything so simply so I can understand but it gets the lesson through really well!

  18. Yo my man, that video was so long but felt short, how do you do it? How do you make me enjoy a subject I have no interest in??

  19. Just wanted to say that i've watched this video probably four times and each time I've been confused about action potentials and the potassium pump – but finally I got it! I feel so proud of myself but also so thankful to you for explaining this process so well. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do!!

  20. I'm still lost on the inhibitory and excitatory thing. What's the point of having them and what do they mean? Do they have other names? If so it might be easier for me to catch up on it

  21. "so thats weird" "its like playing pictionary with yourself" lmao thanks for waking me up at 12:14am…trying to stay up and watch all these videos!

  22. My favourite video – it helped me in school, in a biology olympiad and is still helping me in college.

    Thank you very much!

  23. So how is someone able to overwhelm someone else senses by making lots of noises such as coughing and also one time this person was shaking their head vigorously or in a complex way in a conversation, it was like she did it on purpose to disturb my composure and it worked! It made me feel overwhelmed and anxious. How was this possible just by seeing and hearing?

  24. The sodium potassium pump does not reset the membrane to resting potential! This is 100% wrong. I'm a neurobio professor, and this is one of the biggest misconceptions in neuroscience. The pump plays no direct role in returning to resting potential. The pump simply maintains the concentrations gradients over a long time period.

    But: When an action potential occurs, only a tiny, tiny amount of ions (<0.001%) need to move across the membrane to change the membrane potential. This is because membrane potential changes are not determined by concentration changes, but by permeability changes. The membrane potential is a function of the relative permeability (through ion channels) of the membrane to each ion, and the equilibrium potential (E_ion) for that ion. The E_ion is determined by the concentration gradient set up by the pump. The membrane is hyperpolarized at the end of the AP because voltage-gated potassium channels have increased the permeability to K+. As they close, the membrane returns to the resting potential, which is set by permeability through the "leak" channels.

  25. Damn, I couldn't tell what I saw when you showed the earth and the flower, so I was afraid to have some problem related to my corpus colossus. However, I was totally able to identify the sun, while testing the other size of our sight. Finally, I concluded there wasn't any issue with my brain or its functions. Only after realizing this was all due to being a left handed person, myself.

    Never thought something of this great depth and cognitive-essential as this (the way in which we process visual stimuli and can identify images, depending on which side is received) could be tested as easily as you did here. Even less, that said process could, possibly, be affected by which one of the sides is the dominant one.

    Just amazing and mind-blowing!!

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