The ONLY Way You Should Be Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls!

The ONLY Way You Should Be Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls!

>>Adam: Welcome back to mind pump tv. I’m your host Adam Schafer. Today we are going to go over a bicep dumbbell
curl. The first thing that we want to talk about
when we are doing a bicep dumbbell curl is posture. We are going to start off with a standing
bicep curl, although you can do these in a seated position. Why I like to teach them in a standing position
is because I like to put my clients in a unique stance. When you do a bicep curl, the main function
is flexion at the elbow; any other movement in the rest of the body is unnecessary and
will take away work from the bicep and other muscles will take over. The position that we get into is very important. So what that looks like is we want to take
the shoulders in a retracted position. The reason why this is so important is that
already most people have this issue where they have a rounded shoulder and when they
go to do bicep curls what ends up happening is that the front of their shoulder starts
to kick into the movement which is why some people feel this in their shoulder. So what I want to do is retract the shoulders
back, peel the elbows back by my side when I do this bicep curl. Once I come to this position here, my bicep
is fully flexed. Any more movement, look where the dumbbell
would end up being right there, any more movement from here to here is now shoulder flexion
which is not working my bicep. So you don’t need to take this all the way
to the top of your chin like some people do. All you want to do is take it all the way
up to full flexion. You will feel the bicep fully flexed, the
shoulders still in that retracted position. In order to get the dumbbell any higher, I
would have to roll the shoulder forward and then the shoulder takes over — we don’t
want that. So I’m going to start you guys off in a standing
position and we are actually getting in to what we call a “split stance”. And in the split stance I am going to shift
my weight on to my front foot and my back foot is on my toe. The purpose of this and why I love to teach
this to clients is because this creates a little instability. And when it creates instability it kind of
forces you into good posture. Just an old trainer trick that we used to
do. When you have somebody that is lifting dumbbells
and they are rocking and they are moving it will throw them off balance. This kind of forces them into good posture. So I’ll take a client, I’ll put them in a
split stance, weights on the front foot, I’ll tell them to take their shoulders in a retracted
position, and their elbows by their side. I also like them to imagine that you have
a pin that goes through your elbow, in through your side, and out the other, and that it
has to move on that axis. You never want that elbow to move from that
point of axis. So it stays pinned right by the side the entire
movement. Alright, now lets talk about range of motion. One of the most common mistakes that I see
people doing is either shortening their range of motion too much or going to far when they
do a curl. Now I kind of touched on this a minute ago
when I talked on the position of the elbow being pinned on your side and this is how
high you need to go up. You don’t need to go any higher then this. Common mistake I see is the rocking of the
elbows and the shoulders. That’s too far. You don’t need to curl all the way up. It doesn’t mean that is wrong or its bad. It just means that youre going to incorporate
other muscles that you may to be trying to work. And your trying to develop your bicep and
thats our main focus, then we are just trying to get right to the top and squeeze the bicep. Now the other mistake that I see people do
is that they catch it at the bottom. You see I have a ten degree bend at my elbow. You can open up and fully extend the arms. You’ve heard people talk about don’t lock
the joints out. It is completely safe to lock the joints out
if you keep tension in the muscle. What do I mean by that? It means when I come all the way down, I don’t
relax my bicep and let the joints take the weight. I want to keep the biceps tense. This is probably where people get that 10
degree bend where they are constantly tensing the bicep. But you can actually open all the way up,
fully extend, but still be mentally concentrating and keeping tension in the bicep. So we want to take the arms through its fullest
range of motion, open it all the way up, and come all the way up to a squeeze without rocking
the elbow or the shoulder. So full range of motion, looks just like this. Shoulders are peeled back, elbows are back,
all the way up into that flexed position and I am squeezing that bicep at the top. Right there I am at full flexion of the bicep. Any more of this is now shoulders getting
involved to get there. So full range, all the way down by my side. Alright now lets talk about alternating dumbbell
curls or pronating or supinating the wrist while you do the curls. Now these are great little variations that
you can throw into your dumbbell curls. There is not one that is better or worse then
the other. But I do like to incorporate some sort of
pronation or supination into the curl. Meaning this. So when I come up to a curl. Some people will start in a neutral position
and they will come up and curl and they rotate their wrists out, leading with their pinkies
as they come up and then rotate back down. Now, you are not getting any more bicep work
like that, you incorporate a little bit more of the bracchiealis when you have neutral
grip, which is just a muscle that runs underneath the bicep. You will hear a lot of bros talk about that
makes the bicep look bigger and meatier because it is a muscle that runs underneath because
it creates size underneath and pushes the bicep out. So yeah, it is a great idea to incorporate
some sort of alternating or supinating every now and then. Or you can just incorporate hammer curls,
and you can get that same effect on your bracchealis. The other thing is alternating the dumbbells
back in forth. There is not a real difference between doing
both dumbbells together and alternating. The only real difference is that when I alternate
I come up here, this dumbbell by the other side is at rest. So I typically can lift more weight when I
alternate because I get a little bit more rest in between reps versus doing both of
them together. This is going to be a little more challenging. I like to incorporate both of them into my
routine, both are great to incorporate. Alright lets talk about how do I know if I’m
doing this right or wrong. You’ll know your doing it wrong when you don’t
feel it in your bicep. When we are doing an insolation exercise or
a single joint movement, it is pretty challenging to not feel it in the right muscle. You should feel this in the bicep. If you do feel this in other muscles, the
most common one are probably the front of your shoulders and sometimes your traps. Now that is a dead giveaway that you are rolling
your shoulders forward and you are getting this movement and swinging with the elbows. That’s actually really common when people
are challenging themselves with weight, they tend to use momentum, they throw it up, and
the elbows start to rock. When you start to really notice it in the
elbows or the traps you know the muscles are starting to take over and you are not getting
much benefit in the bicep. So when you do feel that, retract the shoulders,
keep the elbows back. This is where I like to talk about tempo. This is where tempo becomes really important. Sure you can do faster of slower tempos. But when I like to teach this movement, I
like to teach you a four second negative, nice and slow and controlled, until you open
all the way up, and then you come up one to two seconds. Four seconds on the way down, one to two on
the way up. Now when you do that it helps control the
weight, it helps you keeps from swinging the dumbbells up and down and incorporating other
muscles. Alright if that video helped you guys out
make sure you guys like, subscribe, and share. Also if you guys had other questions about
the cues, just leave them in the comments we will be coming back periodically to answer
your questions. Also if you liked the information in this
video you can go to or click the link below.

100 Replies to “The ONLY Way You Should Be Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls!”

  1. Ok sounds like a great way to use weights. Just one thing you haven’t shown exactly how you place the back leg 🦵whether there’s a bend to it or you keep it dead straight?

  2. Thanks, just started trying this and I can definitely feel the difference in my biceps from what I was doing

  3. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. You should use your shoulder because that is where the bicep is attached to.

  4. I am 72 and just started work out in order to fight against diabetes. I have bought a pair of 10Kg dumbbells. And although my method was not correct, my biceps have grown bigger and tight. After watching this video, I realize that there was no need to rock your body in order to lift the dumbbells higher. Thanks dear Adam Shaikh.

  5. Amazing channel. I regret not knowing your channel 6 months ago. I've made very less progress. Time to gain some lost time and muslce

  6. look at him do the rotating wrist and how he moves his arms to the shoulder just like he said not to a few minutes earlier

  7. Anatomically inaccurate. The long head of the bicep ties into the shoulder. There is benefit from a full contraction that involves SLIGHT shoulder flexion.

  8. I lifted 42 pounds with my right arm and 32 left arm and barely reach 10 reps…. Sweating all over myself like a bitch.. this guy seems doing the lift nonchalantly like lifting cardboards..

  9. That method is okay but some days you just want to go heavy so you will be using every fiber in your body to get that way up LOL Rocky Esterline ex-pro boxer best flight predictor of all times and founder of boxing vs UFC

  10. when you alternate the curl the one is not curling its not on rest mode because you are grabing the weight in the air its a active stretch.

  11. Great video! Does anyone know if lifting a bicep up one arm at a time while the other arm is on my chest to try and keep good posture is fine as long as I follow retracting my shoulder, not moving my elbows, and keeping a full range of motion?

  12. I purposely incorporate shoulders, I don't have time for isolation. I totally agree with what he is saying, but when I do standing dumbbell curls I work my abs, biceps and shoulders. I may try that split stance, bet I get an extra ab burn. I also use a little bit of swing on my last reps – I know it's not the perfect way to do it, but I get a little more burn. I wish I had time (and motivation) to be a body builder, I have to settle for what i get done in my limited amount of time – great video – thank you!

  13. The biggest problem most people will find in the sport of bodybuilding or fitness is ego. Take this guy for example, you can tell he appears to be very well educated and knowledgeable on the subject of fitness and execution of the exercise. He is also very good at presenting the information to the viewer. Most people buy into the mentality you don’t know anything unless you are a roided out beast. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been around the bodybuilding circuit for over 32 years and I have had several friends that were pros, some were also personal trainers. Majority of the pros that I knew that were personal training had no fucking clue what they were talking about. they knew how to take the drugs and had a another trainer who looked nothing like they did to get them to the level they were at. Also they had superior genetics. In short don’t let your ego stop you from learning something new that may benefit you and don’t judge a book by its cover, but by its content inside. You never know it just may change your life. Good luck 👍

  14. The biceps is a bi-articulate muscle and is a shoulder flexor and responsible for forearm well. The brachialis is the primary elbow flexor.
    Research shows that the underhand inverted row
    The EZ bar might be preferred over the d-bell variant as it enhances BB and BR EMG activity during the whole range of motion and not only in the eccentric phase.

    Probably because the EZ allows you isometrically induce a supination load

  15. Incline seated Dumbell curls, just drop those shoulders back, you'll know your doing it correctly because the weight your curling will drop, because you'll find it allot harder as it isolates just the bicep for the lift.

  16. You don't promote full range of motion, I've seen guys with larger biceps than you bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height when they curl without moving their elbows up.

  17. First off i did no see any half range
    Movement,this guy here in this video looks good he is not over built but well built,his descriptions
    Of how to lift in my opinion are perfect. Please tell me what u think is wrong, if you think things are done wrong do your own video,I dont know the man,but his body represents his body of work and dedication he is all
    Positive and those are the only people I follow, I'm am old dude
    Seen lots and lot of gym rats, love
    Working out, proper form keeps
    U from injury, with as any gym rat will tell u can set u back months
    If not permanently dont care what
    U SAY this guy is nothing but proper form would follow him in the gym all the time that me old
    And still at it sorry your jealous

  18. Definitely agree you don't want to be getting the deltoids engaged on bicep curls if isolation of the biceps is what you're going for. However I still think it puts the muscle under better tension to bring the upper arm to slight forward flexion because of the fact that the biceps long head originates at the supraglenoid tubercle (i.e. just about the shoulder joint). So you'd be working the long head just that extra bit due to its secondary function as a minor shoulder flexor.

  19. If I only feel the pain in my lower biceps and not in the upper part, am I doing it correctly? I don’t swing arms, my shoulders don’t move and my elbows pretty much stay at the same place but I only feel the pain or burning on my lower bicep close to the elbow!

  20. The dumbells, with proper mind/muscle memory, can be brought up higher than what is shown, without the elbow leaving the post….

  21. A heartiest thanks 🙏 to you my dear brother from the very depths of my heart 💔 for giving us this awesome video. I am really honoured to subscribe your channel. I really appreciate your honest feedback and suggestions as I am also making these same mistakes sometimes. But now I will definitely improve my workouts. And I will definitely follow your instructions. As I usually do my excercises at home 🏡. And I mostly use dumbbells. May god almighty always blesses you with health wealth and prosperity and happiness and a healthy life full of love and guffaws of laughter. A millions and millions of love 💖 from India 🇮🇳 my motherland.

  22. So much bullshit, hypocrisy, and contradictory statements in one video, it’s honestly tough to watch. You claim that a “mistake you see people do” is bringing the weights up to far, but then 10 seconds later say “I’m not saying it’s wrong or it’s bad.” That doesn’t make any sense. Is it a mistake or is it not lol? You then ironically brought the weights up fully to your shoulders 2 minutes later when showing off the exercise.
    Anyways, you need to fully bring the weights up, as closing that angle is what forces the maximum amount of blood into the bicep.

    Videos like this are what gives rise to half-repping idiots that wonder why they keep seeing no gains. Such a shame.

  23. For me I feel like it burns more when I go up more like you said not to do should I keep doing it? Cause I like how it feels and it kind of gives my biceps a peak

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