The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

OUT THE GATE”] Blood, sweat, and respect. The first two you give,
the last one you earn. Let’s get out and
earn it, daily.

100 Replies to “The Rock’s Ultimate Workout”

  1. Awesome, a Workout-Video with real masculine rock-music, no pussy soy electro "music". The Rock knows what's cookin'!!!

  2. Rock is overrated because he s rich and famous already. Hid body is so average for someone who can afford anything. Personally im not impressed every serioud guy training in the gym will rock with good music and good camera work

  3. Dwayne Johnson first of all you are a very strong guy so what do you do just grab the heaviest weights ever , great job
    l have 20 pound weights at home and i get stronger every day

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