The Story of Augustus – A Walking Skeleton Undergoes An Amazing Dog Transformation

The Story of Augustus – A Walking Skeleton Undergoes An Amazing Dog Transformation

The Story of Augustus – A Walking Skeleton Undergoes An Amazing Dog Transformation The Story of Augustus – A Walking Skeleton Undergoes An Amazing Dog Transformation dog transformation videos dog days all transformation

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  1. I can't understand what makes anybody want to do such things to a dog like this. I just don't get it.
    When it comes to any those who helped this poor dog out and got him back in good health and care …..I WISH THEM THE BEST AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!
    Now as for those responsible for the mistreatment to this poor dog, if they were to burn in hell once their number is up…..
    ….IT SERVES 'EM RIGHT!!!!!

  2. I like toi abuse the snowflake that abused this dog or all… But these looser fucks aka snowflakes yall cowards … God help u I ever catch some1 abusing any animals….

  3. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖓🖒🖒👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗🖒💖💖👒

  4. That poor poor helpless baby! What is WRONG with some people?! If you can track down The people who did this, you should do to them what they did to this poor baby!

  5. I've seen horrible cases of abuse on animals but this one is definitely the worst I've ever seen. I'm glad that Augustus is doing much better now. I hope he finds a forever home.

  6. It just sickens me to see how humans can be f****n abusive to such innocent creatures of God…thank goodness he was a strong guy hugs and kisses 🐾🐾

  7. I love animals. always had them around, especially dogs…there was a time when we also had 3 parakeets, two lovebirds, and two cockatiels in the house, with a dog, and a neighbor's cat, and all these guys got along pretty well, not particularly chummy chummy but basically left each other alone and respected each other's spaces. BUT, dogs are not MEN, they are not humans, and I still cringe at the idea of being called a father or parent to any. Augustus did not grow into a nice young MAN, he grew into a nice young DOG. Let the haters hate, but that's just what it is.

  8. People who hurt animals should be tortured and “put down”! I don’t know how someone can torture such a loving animal.

  9. This has got to be the most unbelievable act of inhumane cruelty I've ever seen!!! The really sad part , in the wild he would of known how to survive as all dog's descend from the pack wolf's. We human's made them domestic pet's and with that the ability to know how to survive on their own gone! A stray cat will survive instinct will kick in and they hunt mice bird's but our dog depends on us to feed them. We as human's have no better companion I don't care what other kind of animal people get as pet's yes they can be nice but the dog is faithful, loyal , loves unconditionally will lay down his life for his human! It's why police have them as partner's it's why they stand by the side of our handicapped people and those people can live go out on their own because they know their dog would never run off and leave them!! Our dog goes to war like our human men and will willingly step out on a battle field first and take a bullet or be blown up so his human will be safe! Dog's are movie stars they entertain us they are so smart they actually act. What do they ask in return? How many people seen this dog walking around a k9 skeleton? It's not something unnoticed because it took a long time to waste away to just bones!! Through it all he still as scared as he had to be stood and let human's do what they want not knowing if they was helping him or hurting him but that's how loyal our dog's are!!! This has to stop dog's do not get justice for some reason their abuse gets looked the other way or who ever did it gets away with a slap on the hand and a, No, No!? These are the very animal's that become officer's of the law, why are they good enough to protect their human police officer but not good enough to get justice for the abuse they suffer why is it always over looked?! Some one has to know who owned that dog!! It cost thousands to bring this guy back to health thankfully their are people with a heart and will donate. What this baby needs is a forever home to be loved the rest of his life and fed a warm place to sleep, hugs and kisses, but what he deserves most is JUSTICE!!!!! Alone it's hard but together we become a formidable VOICE for these helpless animal's who get abused it has to stop!! Be a Voice to the voiceless. Sorry for the long post.

  10. The neglect of this poor creature of God has persevered to become a loving hopefully fully healthy dog, he deserves to be adopted into a loving home not the dungeon of doom he was living in. They even shot the dogs foot. SHAME on those people who mistreated, starved, shot, neglected with open wounds and still made a come back!! Thanks to all the people instrumental on rescueing poor baby boy. Hes a loving dog if not he would never let strangers near him. Augustus deserves a 2nd chance at a loving family home.🏡🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤🐾🐾🐶🐶 please update us on his progress.

  11. I've actually seen worst cases. About pit bulls the breed with the WORST BAD RAP ever in society (even other dog owners). Pit bulls can withstand enormous pain. But that is a very typical tail wag found in pit bulls . If you truly want to be MORTIFIED, it is time people face reality . Yes, like everyone I treasure these come back dogs & cats.
    Animal Shelters are high kill because they need to be. As for dogs? Cats are to the much higher percentage .

    Look at a real case(s/) of Death Row in animal shelters . This has to be done & if any are adopted (and they are usually puppies if so) the sheer amount of animals end up here.
    After their mandatory hold for claiming by owners: They (in the order they came in) are put in cages & the outside of the cage is marked their death date. Giving them names actually breaks the heart of those who work there. They are not cruel task masters just a horrendous job.
    As one or two meet their Death Date, the others simply move closer to their death fate. But I can absolutely attest that pit bulls are shall I say jump to the head of the line and NOT in a positive of course. They may say it isn't true, but this is not true. "Agressive" pit bulls barking are just scared, stressed like any breed of dog.

    FYI: Some localities are now legal to use gas chambers & the animals (usually cats) but dogs too are gassed en mass .
    PSA that many don't follow regarding microchipping . You must register the chip with the company or it is useless.
    Also, if your contact info changes (just like on your bills) contact them again to change it. I am NOT talking about just addresses, but mainly phone numbers which is much more vital.

    Signed Another Responsible Pet(s) Owner (Just like you.) <3 <3

  12. If you happen to find any homeless animal and bring them in and/or rescue them: Do not overfeed, but small doses. (Same thing in humans right?). Also feeding a liquid mash creamy mash with bits of whatever you can think of (simply fill a bowl and put it down. The "creamy" can be milk, the healthy puree of vegetable many use, same with fruits and chunks of wet & dry food. Anything you have on hand, doesn't need to put in blender, but better. Finely diced apple, banana, orange, carrot peels. Make it thick with oatmeal if you have it . THINK TODDLER FOOD. Start small then go up. Overfeeding is desparetely wnat people want to do. But even small amounts will be barfed up upset and cramp their stomach. Common sense for humans as well.
    Skin is the largest organ of the body. Not tissue, organ. Human burn victims loved ones will soon learn this. Liquid will seep out WITH NO SKIN BARRIER and there are common infections almost routine which is why the treatment is so horrible painful. Dead skin must constantly be debrided (taken off) dead means necrotic to allow for new skin which advancements in skin type layers to be placed upon.
    Edema is common and expected. Skin infections are staph infections. Fevers are a certainty as w/o skin what happens? All bacteria, will just go right into past the no skin. Why burn units are so strict and protective covers. Why you may not be able to visit but short amounts even gowned. Depends on how bad the amount & degree is.

  13. This dog was obviously confined somewhere, then when he got this bad, his people released him. Poor dog… rotten humans.

  14. Why is NO ONE talking about BATHS !!!
    This dog's got SKIN PROBLEMS !!!
    Be on the menu of things to do to get rid of the MANGE…
    Or whatever skin condition he's got !???
    Givin' him food and medication for his insides are NOT ENOUGH!

  15. Aa long we watching videos and happy or not happy endings for animals, abuse will happen always. Forever. Why? Because abusers are either punish with few years in jail, or not punished at all. Abusers should be killed right away, and every abuser need to end up with a bullet in their head. Till then, we will have million videos like this.. Abuser is the one who hurt animals, and abuser is who watch animals on the streets and do nothing.

  16. The perpetrators of these dastardly deeds should have to suffer the same was…ie if they starve an animal to skin and bone then the perpetrator should be locked up and starved till he/she is skin and bone….minimal food and water….just enough to sustain life….guaranteed they would never do it again and others would think twice before going down that road.

  17. Why is it that acceptable to put an animal down to supposedly end it's suffering? If this was a human child that statement would not have been said out loud to many others and definitely not on social media. That poor puppy deserves to live, in my opinion, more than half of the people on this Earth today!

  18. I'm so happy the city of my birth is doing some positive things and being seen in a positive light, instead of the constant negative light so many seem to enjoy mentioning over and over. OURS IS a GREAT city, a city of love and kindness. Augustus is ours, a Chicago boy, who is strong and deserves life and love. I have seen worse, but I do not want to see any of these poor abused babies anymore. We owe them all the best we can give.

  19. Abused dog used for fighting and target practice. I'm amazed and shocked how people can be so cold hearted towards man's best friend . Poor mite undeserved.
    I'm glad to see better now .
    God bless you X

  20. I just had an idea……wouldn't it be great for intern vets to learn how to heal dogs from the street as a on hands learning towards a degree? They have to be able to identify so many infirmities from just looking as the animal as well as administer things to improve a dogs condition. It takes a lot to bring a dog back to life and if they can get this kind of training this is also helping the teaching vets as well as helping the dogs who may some day be adopted by someone who is in need of a healthy pet!!! And of course pets with a tragic back story always seem to get adopted out faster than the throw aways.

  21. This breaks my heart to watch an innocent animal left to decay like this in such a way.

    It is this very kind of abuse that demonstrates what kinds of animals some human beings have reverted too knowingly to do this to a loving animal.

    Glad he is getting the help and love he deserves.

    Thank you for all you do cheers

  22. If you find who did these please do me a favor and punch them rip out there eye and then leave them do die ♥️

  23. Most of us have nothing but compassion for animals, why, we love them like they were part of the family. However, there are some and I suppose there always will be those that just don’t care, or, allow themselves the joy and honour in seeing these poor souls for what they have been created …to bring to each and everyone of us an experience of friendship we won’t soon forget.

  24. Go Augustus you were and are so beautiful 😍You guys are amazing and worked so hard to save his life! WELL DONE!!! Angels on earth! 👍👍👍🐾🐶😇🤗❤️😘

  25. I salute the poor animal for suffering so much and still surviving well! If a human was having to endure so much, he won't survive

  26. What wonderful people that helped this poor dog. I so happy to see him recovering and not having to be hungry and alone. God Bless all the staff and donations for him.

  27. Remember….God DOESN'T approve of HIS CREATURES being mistreated and IGNORED.!!!ODD isn't that when writing IGNORED ,IGNORANT is shown.

  28. It us hard for me to believe that this dog could be wandering around such a big city as Chicago without some car I g about him? Shame on the people who live in Chicago! Some humans gave to the worst

  29. He had a gunshot wound, nearly starving to death for a long period of time without any intervention or concern. It was likely the ghetto.

  30. What makes me crazy is why didn't someone step in to help this poor creature long before he developed into this condition. How do people with a soul avert their eyes so nonchalantly to his plight without helping?

  31. Augusta was a fighter strong will to live . I pray he Wii find a kind mom and dad to give him forever happy home . Thank you to all the awesome vet staff that relentless keep him alive are are special people . Love story that have a great ending

  32. One heartbreaking story- I think dogs wag their tails trying to show they r aren’t threat trying to say PLEASE b nice to me- or just leave me b- It’s totally heartbreaking that he was starving to death in a City in USA and many just passed him by and some bastards shot and threw acid on him- I wouldn’t blame him if he ran as fast as he could humans but hes a dog a friend to humans that most don’t deserve – if you put a chain on your dog and kept outside your them- love your dog they’ll always b there for u to love u no matter what

  33. All of you who are showing anger for dog abuse..pls visit animals famrs and will see worst conditions there since birth to murdered..just coz cows and pigs cant be cute like dogs..will u help them …will u guys?

  34. Now a days human thinking about all about money no pity around world, they also need food like we eat save them love animals love more than we

  35. Yes, that was a small fortune spent on Augusta’s. Wow. I wish George Sorros would put all that money to a real cause!

  36. Cannot believe how mean and cruel some people can be to these animals and how they would neglect to see him roaming around looking like that and nobody actually do nothing to help God bless the person that helped him out and the people at the vet for for helping him get a new start to a new life really sad beginning to a really positive ending thank you guys for giving him a new life

    Hear our humble prayer, O God,
    for our friends the animals,
    especially for animals who are suffering,
    abused, abandoned,
    for any that are hunted or lost, or injury,
    or deserted or frightened or hungry,
    for all that must be put to death,
    and for service dogs, too.
    We entreat for them all,
    Thy mercy and pity,
    and for those who deal with them,
    we ask a heart of compassion,
    and gentle hands and kindly words.
    Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals,
    and so to share the blessings of the merciful.
    O God, please give CONVERSION to those
    who mistreated ALL poor animals. Amen.
    St. Martin De Pores – pray for us, and help/protect all animals.
    St. Francis of Assisi – pray for us, and help/protect all animals.
    St. Anthony – pray for us, and help/protect all animals.

    Glory Be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
    As it was in the beginning is now and
    ever shall be world without end.

  38. This incredible animals initial condition was heartbreaking, it was an amazing sight to see him come back to life thanks to you awesome people, whom ever made him suffer like that will be judged, thank you beautiful people!

  39. Nossa coitado. Ver um animal nessa situação Me revolta. Não custa nada cuidar de um animal. Eu tenho condições É cuido mto bem da minha. Ela é mto feliz.

  40. Disgursting ! No one could bother to feed this sweet skeleton ??Poor soul never wanted to give up, although had gone through rough times : NO FOOD; NO WATER NO SHED NO FRIENDS JUST sours and bones on her 😱😮🤭😪 poor darling someone gave up on him and chucked his on to dangerous places and roads, ‘coz doggie seems to be very friendly. No animal deserves to been neglected and left to die of hunger also no bedding thats why all those sores on his body! Could a human survive this cruelty ?

  41. Someone should tie up the people responsible for the torture of this dog, and use pliers, a circular saw and a blow torch on them. Feed them let them heal and then repeat the process in the public square.

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