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  1. My few friends started to be so mean sometimes. I often get depression only because them. I also has chaotic mind and don't know what to do first. Being teeneger is hard

  2. Ill tell you something interesting about the human brain most people dont know their is actually a stage where between teenage years and also young adult years where some question their own sexuality gender and also some have intercourse with men and women to see what they like it sounds kind of far out their somewhere but their is a stage like that and all kinds of other messed up stuff that happens during adolcscent developement .

  3. All adults need to be reminded of this every day. School times must change for tweens, teens and kids. School times must allow parents to work without causing job loss, and it does cause job loss. Healthcare must also become a basic human right for this reason, it affects teachers, parents, students and society at large..

  4. most of these points are valid, but, It would be fascinating to do a study on teenagers raised in "normal" families and those who have had an abusive parent(s). To see what parts develope slower and what is sped up. Obviously, emotions would have grown faster and the prefrontal cortex would have to develop sooner in order for reasonable thinking (to avoid punishment) and in a lack of pleasure and reward that most teens seem to have an excess of, perchance it was delayed or diminished in the lack of rewards. IDK I'm also a teenager, but I thought it would be cool to know.

  5. I was a late bloomer, a docile teen, obeyed all the rules and did all my chores. I started rebelling in my 30s, against my wife, she sucks.

  6. I will never understand why older people have permanent grudges against teens. People for some reason love to forget what it’s like to be young, just because they’re past it now so they don’t need to care how others feel.

  7. How do you expect anything will go even remotely smoothly with having hundreds, maybe thousands, of people that have a war raging inside them being in one place for hours?

  8. I was never in to durgs. Smoking or drinking when i was a teen i did think about drinking before i turn to the drinking age in where i live but i was just never in to it

  9. So why don't schools start later when it's been shown that students get better grades, have less absenteeism/tardiness, and are better behaved?
    Because teachers want to get off work sooner!

  10. I'm 13 and I guess just starting and I don't feel like I have mood swings or anything. I feel like noone really spends 4 hours on homework, or at least I don't. I do try to utilise my critical learning period by learning Japanese, Cyrillic, the Arabic alphabet, drawing, the recorder and the. piano. Besides French, Ancient Greek, Latin, German, English, Dutch, Physics, PE, Economy, History, Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music and Drawing.

  11. Can we please just change the school system,,,make our parents understand and get a free therapist please🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  12. Teach: you nedda decide your career
    Me: I need more time
    Teach: You indecisive teenagers
    Me: at least I think my careers through

  13. My Small brain thinks it's right every single time, but maybe i should accept that i'm a stubid, lazy and moody teenager. Adults are always right after all.

  14. I’m such an immature 17 year old.
    When he said Pituitary Gland, all I thought of was “this is the pituitary gland, he may be small but he has biiiig plans” “goodbye childhood….” from Gravity Falls

  15. Can you please make videos for how your brain works and what changes it goes through in your 20s? Or better yet, for each decade/life period. That would be so great!!!!

  16. Adults don't seem to try and understand teens as individuals. They just see us as "horny, gum-smacking, dumb burdens" for the most part, while failing to acknowledge that we are PEOPLE, and we have different personalities.
    You treat us like kids, but expect us to behave like adults. How idiotic is that? You think all of us have the judgement of a sheep and are unable to have a mind of our own? Maybe if adults let us reason more frequently, instead of forcing their opinions on us, things would be different, but they're way too biased to realize that we're blamed for things we can't control whatsoever. Most of us are just trying to carry on in a world that oppreses and exploits on the youth.

  17. I feel for all teens, especially younger ones. Adults think you're stupid, and irresponsible. They don't even remember how hard it was to be a teen. So for you teens out there, it's okay to make mistakes, or not know what to do with you're life. It's true, you're parents don't understand, but that's okay, as long as you find people that do. I care for you all ✌ I'll be the one adult who will back you up 😀

  18. What if you run into the issue were you start seperating home and school? I have work I need to get done at home. But I'm never really able to stay focused on it. At school it's no problem.

  19. 7:10 I feel that when he says that, he is still being a teen himself. Tbh I used to think my parents didn’t understand, but through maturity I realized that a lot of the stuff I went through they also went through. Yes I’d agree not every decision they make is beneficial, so he does have a point, but still there’s a lot your parents understand that you may not think they do, it’s a matter of time that will get you through that phase. I’m 14 btw

  20. It’s so annoying seeing people my age claiming and self diagnosing themselves with depression. I understand it’s hard to tell but don’t downgrade other people’s actual possible depression with your “i have depression” and “people never understand”

  21. Being a teenager is like mixing Gatorade into Coffee and smelling colours. Seven years of very confused noises.

  22. The only thing my teenage brain understood from 10min vid is tjat teens lose sleep cuz we're watching reruns of the simpsons and playing call of duty but he forgot on thing

  23. Funny how there's a whole scientific explanation to why teenagers are mostly dumb, tired and emotionally conflicted and yet adults don't even try to help or at least understand it, even tho they already experienced that and know how it feels.

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