The Top 3 BEST Muscle Building Supplements (BUILD MUSCLE FASTER!)

The Top 3 BEST Muscle Building Supplements (BUILD MUSCLE FASTER!)

What’s up Champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of and welcome to my kitchen. In this video we’re going to look at the top three supplements that actually work and that are safe to help you build muscle faster. The supplements we’re going to look at today are in the category of situational supplements. Alright. So these are specific to specific goals. Alright. I categorize supplements into two groups: staple supplements and situational supplements. So if you ask me what supplements did you use Vince when you first got started, by the way that would be a way better question and what something to use now, unless you’re currently where I’m at right now, it would give you a better context to what I’m about to recommend. When I first started back in 2002 I was 22 years of age when I first got introduced to weight training in a serious manner, I use three things: fish oils, protein powder and multivitamin that did all right. You can ask my brothers, my parents who I lived with at the time the supplement cupboards were very bare. Alright. My mom actually thought my protein powder was steroids and she threw it in the garbage. True story. So today, 15 years late,r the supplements I use are in context to a lot of experimentation over the years. A lot of evolved research and to just having different goals alright. So I want you guys to understand that because without context you don’t have clarity alright. And I don’t want you guys to think that I’m trying to shove supplements down your throat. I honestly could care less. But I will say this. You need to be open-minded right. You don’t want to be on either extreme because the truth is almost always somewhere in the middle right. You don’t want to be that guy that thinks you can get all your nutrients from food because that’s just not a fact and you don’t want to be the guy that is taking everything blindly and not even knowing what’s actually working all right. So we have to be open-minded and I want you guys to always also know that the supplements that I share with you guys have to pass a personal test of mine. I call it the four-year test. Alright. So these supplement, the ingredient has to have passed four years of time. Alright. Time always prevails. Right. Supplements that are just BS don’t last that long. Alright. They just they come and go quickly. Alright. So the things that I’m about to share with you have passed my four year test. For me I’m very comfortable recommending anything that passes my four year test. There’s a lot of supplements in that cupboard I’m personally experimenting with. I’m happy to experiment with stuff alright, but I haven’t shared it with you yet because I don’t have enough data. I share with my clients some of the more open-minded guys, or like you I’ll give that a shot but we don’t have enough data yet, feedback yet, to say you know what guys I love to tell you about this so I want you guys to make sure you have context. Does that help? Before we go into what’s in the the cupboard. So let’s cover those three supplements. Again, these are all situational supplements. The first one I want to talk to you guys about is caffeine. Alright. Caffeine is probably the most, it’s a drug by the way, caffeine is the most powerful drug you can put in your body when it comes to performance that would be still legal. Alright so caffeine, I have found, has to be dosed properly. I used to only just take like 150 milligrams you know. 200 milligrams could be like a large coffee and I never got as much out of my workouts until I actually discovered the research that shows more optimal dosages which is four milligrams per kilogram of body weight alright. So if I’m 100 kilograms times four that’s 400 milligrams of caffeine. A lot of you guys are saying that’s a lot of caffeine Vince. It is a lot of caffeine but that’s where the research has shown for the caffeine to really get the most out of your workouts. Now what I like about caffeine is that it gives you a level of focus that you can’t replicate any other way alright. So I preserve my pre-workout, my caffeine, for my hard training days. Alright. I sometimes don’t take it when I go train arms or shoulders because it’s like if you need a pre-workout to get through twelve sets of arms you’ve got bigger issues alright. But when I’m going in to do heavier stuff, you know when I’m trying to really beat what I did last week, when I’ve got more performance-based workouts, where I’m really trying to like you know crush through you know unchartered territory, that’s when the caffeine comes in, alright. Now you only get 250 milligrams from this so what I do is I added something else to it. I add a product called Java Stin which is two hundred and twenty-five milligrams of caffeine. So this gives me quite a bit of caffeine when I combine it together and why also take a lot of caffeine is because I train early in the morning and then I work all day and this amount of caffeine gets me through my whole workday too so I don’t take this just for workout performance, but for business performance, for workplace performance too. I have way more focus, way more concentration, way more productivity, alright. So this is a killer combination. I also like this because you get the full dose of beta-alanine which helps. 3.2 grams which helps you in train harder and longer. Alright. Lots of research on beta alanine and I’ve noticed the difference all right. There’s also a cool product in here called peak ATP which is very similar to citrulline malate. It has a similar effect as citrulline malate which helps increase blood flow which helps bring nutrients into the muscles, helps with recovery, helps with energy. So all things like, I want you guys want to help you understand how should I buy my supplements. Just simply ask yourself, if you’re not present, if you’re not focused in your workout, are you going to have a good workout or not? You have to be focused and you have to be present so this has a lot of stuff that helps also promote blood flow to the brain. So again you’re present when you’re in the gym, you’re focused on your set, what you’re doing, getting those extra reps, getting that extra weight ,having a good quality workout. That’s why these are an easy justification for me. Alright. When we move over to ummm Creatine, Creatine is obviously one of the most effective supplements according to the research. Alright. There’s virtually piles and piles of evidence to show that creatine is going to help you perform longer, harder, you’re going to get more reps, you’re going to make your workouts count alright. So I like taking this type of Creatine. It’s a buffered form which helps you absorb more of it. I’ll put a research link, a link, sorry, a link to a research paper below that you can learn more about the specific creatine in this product and why I pick it over other creatine products. Not all creatine products are created equal. I’m sure you already know that okay and a lot of people ask me when should I take my creatine? Putting creatine in your body is kind of like putting gas in the tank. Does it matter when you put gas in the tank as long as the tank doesn’t get empty? Iit’s there if you want to put gas in the tank in the morning at night in the afternoon. As long as the tank is full the tank is full. Same thing with creatine. There’s no benefits to taking it any particular time in the day as long as you take it. That’s what matters alright. The last thing I like is a test booster. I know test boosters are controversial and also know someone’s going to say in the comments below, you know test boosters don’t work. Again test boosters are not all created equal. There’s a lot of bad test boosters on the market. 100 percent I totally 100% can’t disagree with you. Alright There’s a lot of bad test boosters on the market. So the stuff in this product is all backed by research on humans not animals. Again I’ll put a research paper for you guys in the description below because I don’t want you to spend your money until you’re fully confident and what’s in the product. I won’t go through the whole product. There’s two things I want to point out in particular and that’s zinc and magnesium. So zinc has been shown to help increase testosterone levels and people that have low test levels, so zinc is very powerful. You get a full dose of zinc and you also get um you get thirty milligrams of zinc so if you take it twice a day you’re getting 60 milligrams of zinc which is really really good. You get 450 milligrams of magnesium and this is excellent because magnesium has been shown to reduce stress, reduce cortisol, and when stress levels are high, testosterone levels are low. Alright and magnesium also promotes sleep quality alright. So here’s how you know if this product is working for you. If there’s anyone watching this video right now from my family, please stop watching right now especially. Yeah, just stop watching right now okay especially if you’re a part of my immediate family alright. So I have what’s called the hard on test. Alright. So if you’re getting a hard-on six to seven times a week. You’re pitching your sheets. You’re waking up above a teepee, underneath a teepee every single morning, you don’t need this product. Your test levels are most likely very very good. Alright. Again this is a way to kind of get a gauge on your testosterone levels without getting blood work. Obviously that’s what’s going to tell you whether you need testosterone support or not, but that’s a really good gauge. If you’re only getting a hard-on four to five times per week you probably benefit from this product. If you’re not even getting a hard-on one to three times per week then you definitely benefit from some testosterone support okay. Minerals like zinc and magnesium will help you sleep better, and testosterone is replenished while you sleep. I don’t know if you guys know this, the testosterone is what makes your penis hard alright. So if you don’t get a hard penis, you don’t have enough testosterone in your body alright. That’s why these guys, these bodybuilders, who inject tons of testosterone, yeah I talked to them, and like like how you doing man with all that test in your body’s like dude I’m freaking ridiculous man. Oh my god. Walking hard on man. I got too much. Bit more than it’s good for me. Like my god right. It’s already hard enough to be a man how the heck do you inject all this stuff in you, like oh my god, the poor girl. The guy’s eyes are probably bouncing 24/7. It’s … anyways I’m going off tangent but testosterone is what makes us men alright. So it’s what makes your penis hard alright. So if you’re fine like hmm so here’s your test. Take the product. If you’re not noticing an improvement in that one area, it’s an ineffective product. Ask for your money back which you can actually do with these uh blue star supplements. So I think that’s it. Those are the three supplements I wanted to introduce you to and again if you don’t want to go with this company by all means doesn’t matter to me but I recommend these guys because they have extremely high quality control standards. All their stuff is made in the government regulated facility. I know the owner personally. I know the lengths he goes to ensure that everything is above board. Alright I’ve been promoting these guys for eight years straight and in the position I’m in I have the luxury to promote any supplement in the industry because they’ll all offer me a certain commission. So it’s not like I have to promote them. I get to choose who I promote so I only promote stuff that I personally use. It boggles my mind cuz a lot of people ask me do you actually use the supplements. A thousand percent. If you’ve been following me for any length of time I’ve been promoting these products for over eight years unlike a lot of guys they just bounce to the next supplement company to offer them more money and hey it is what it is. But I take pride in using the stuff that I share with you guys. I would not expect you to spend your own money on stuff that I don’t personally invest in and that I use and that I share with my top clients, family members, and myself alright. So I just wanted to put a word of what would that be. A word of reassurance. There you go. That’s the word I was looking for into the back your mind. All the links to pick this stuff up are in the description below so you guys have any follow-up questions to supplements, let me know in the comment section below. If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, be sure to do that right now and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye bye.

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  1. Idiots supps don't work, if they did you'd all look like kai green. Just get vitamins and a healthy diet and consistent exercise

  2. A lot of you were asking for a video on muscle building supplements so I kept this one short and sweet and shared 3 situational supplements I'm confident recommending and if you'd like to try any of them or earn more about them, links are in the description. If you want to dive into other supplements and protocols let me know in the comments section. Also, what are your thoughts are me launching my own supplement line? It's been a long time vision of mine and I have a few formulas I'd like to bring to life. Look forward to your feedback:

  3. Hi Vince, just curious if I can get your take on supplements that contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Is it ok to consume twice per week? I've read online that it is harmful to your body. At the same time some people that I know have told me it's ok to consume and that you have to consume a lot for it to be harmful.

  4. good video  I found the constant background music to be a bit of a distraction though the supplements you started with are the ones I use currently I was thinking about working in creatine but honestly I used it in the past and it didn't do anything noticeable to help me with the last couple reps

  5. Vince, f.y.i.—anyone with cardiological problems can't take caffeine or any stimulant for that matter. Wish there was a way around that "problem." I can tell the difference! 🙁

  6. 2 things about this video 1. You actually list more than 3 different supplements when you count all the added ingredients and 2. You aren't pitching a tent 6-7 times a week 😛 Always enjoy your vids.

  7. Problem with caffeine is that that the non-responders rate is 1/4 people, so it does not effect everyone…also up to 50% who do take caffeine suffer side effects such as headaches, nausea, cramping, heart palpitations etc..use with caution especially as to elicit a training response the dosage is very high which increases the likelihood of one of the symptoms to occur..

  8. I cant take that much caffeine. My heart would explode. Would not sleep either. I take nitric oxide, creatine and beta alanine and add in BCAA and proteine. That seems good for me.

  9. I trust you Vince, I've been following you since 2009! Thanks for the advice, and something I would like to know is, HOW DO I KNOW the Whey protein I'm taking is High quality??

  10. no disrespect yes u do lift but looks like your average like u never touched a weight but yet give out advise like a typical Joe that body can't back it up but want to give advise

  11. i can testify preworkouts work.I used legion athletics preworkout.I stopped it coz the caffeine was overdosed for me since I am 5."7 and my adrenals got busted.I developed bags under my eyes coz of it.I gave up caffeine and lost like 15% strength on my lifts.Now I am reintroducing it again but under dosing it.

  12. Hey vince, someone can have excellent libido and low test and vice versa. Sex drive is not a great indicator of test levels. Which is why there is NO science that popular test boosting supplement Tribulus even tho many ppl report increased libido.

    Something to look into 🙂

  13. Hi i wanted to ask u this i eat 15 egg whites a day an i workout 2 hours to 3:30 a day but i feel a little pain in my kidneys ?!!! is it okay or im damegeing my kidneys?!

  14. The thing that scares me about using so much caffeine is the long half life that it is.  There is no way that I can take 400 mg at 2PM and still sleep that night.  The other thing that bothers me about it is losing my sensitivity to it.  If I'm in a place where 200 mg isn't doing anything than that's a problem.

  15. Thanks for the great info just wanted to ask what's your opinion on Test O Fuel to the Status witch one is better ?

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