100 Replies to “The Truth About “BURNING BELLY FAT””

  1. I just started getting into fitness, and I've hit that wall concerning my Diet and Technique. I've become addicted to improving myself and now I'm ready for the next step. I'm extremely glad I came across your channel! I cant wait to see my before and after photos after following your advice!

  2. Been watching Thenx for some time. Their fat burning and getting in shape videos are always inspiring. I agree with the methodology of nutrition and HIIT as fundamental for weight loss and they got me to move away from weights and into calisthenics. Back into training now after weights injury and downloaded their app.

  3. Believe it or not yes u can burn only belly fat and i know how to do it without any workout at all. Once I tell you this secret is not going to be a secret anymore and the world is going to use this. Its only 2 things 1st thing is cutting out meat. 2nd thing is drinking hot water for 21 days ok im going to say one week. An u will see results immediately. Rosbeyond Rosbodies

  4. My homie and I do most of these workouts and i have to say its beastly. Hes been at this sort of working out longer than me…so i throw up sometimes 😆. Im actually not in that bad of shape either. This shit is no joke. He can do 5 rounds i can do 2 with correct reat periods. 1 if he wanna hit workout after workout. My pull ups are my worst exercise. Ive been out the game for about 5 years but im a healthy eater that sprinkles in training. Well now im back and im after my adonis years. Kind of wanna fight again. This will help alot when on the road since i travel for work.

  5. just passing through with some positive vibes, sweet video, looking great, we hit the like button for u. if u have time, check out our latest vid 🙂

  6. man how can anybody be a hater to this guy and concept. I just wish I had seen this vid earlier, totally inspiring, I do weights but man it looks so refreshing to add thenx. Going to bed now but cant wait to wake up, totally dug the way at the end of the vid where this guy did a pull up all the way up to stand on the cross bar. sweet, new high new goal. and yes body will lose fat on part of body that it knows make life easier, like dips body don't want to haul up the belly weight, it then targets the belly to make it less difficult for the body. But one must help themselves, people that are fat warehoused out their belly to Micky D's cant blame anyone else, work it off.

  7. i don’t really need to lose fat i’m skinny as it is but i still like that super human workout with the push ups even tho it’s not super human it’s more effective

  8. Absolutely agreed with Chris, but keep in mind GYM is only 40% other 60% its a proper diet. If you are planning to hit fast food chain every day and/ or keep traditional western diet forget about loosing weight anywhere on your body. Since people loosing fat equally from their body, last part will be belly area since it store much more fat than other areas.

  9. Hes right about people putting you down people I tried to gain weight by working out and when I just started to gain weight people were shooting their self hates at me. I ignored it and I'm 17 pounds heavier now. 150 to 167

  10. I don't know what the trolls say, but I share every word you say in this video, both on how to work to burn fat, and on what people don't want you to achieve goals, ask those with experience. you cannot ask how to have children for those who are still virgins. I can only say that I lost 20 kg in 6 months making a blow and a free body maintaining a low calorie state alternating with a normal phase to keep my metabolism in shape. there are no other roads, if you want to have a good body you have to train, eat clean and fair and train again, and again with the pleasure of doing it, the goal is to give you energy is not the point of arrival to end our journey .

  11. I cut 80 lbs, became a pro wrestler, had surgery on my shoulder and since then I haven't been on a steady workout routine. The more stuff like this I do makes me feel better than lots of weight training

  12. I'm not tall or thin. 175cm/5.8in, 74kgs/163lbs. Chest and arms: ok. They're about half the muscle mass or definition that Chris has. My belly though, specially lower belly, is saggy. Waist is prolly 35 or 36in. Not sure I want to lose upper muscle, nor necessarily weight, but this has got to go. What can I do?

  13. Well there is some interesting research that involves doing muscle groups and then doing cardio after, that MAY induce spot reduction

  14. For example Russian twists if you go to left then right is that 2 or 1? Also should I be doing like 1-3 sets or supersets? Meaning like do 50 Russian then break them 50 more Russian or like all workouts then do them all again ?

  15. I have a question that nobody talks about: What is more effective for burning fat? A short and very intense training (HIIT) or long and quiet bodybuilding? If in both I burn the same calories, does it matter? Is it equally effective? Thanks for the videos!!

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  17. So true. I tell people who ask me that they need to raise their body temp to create a fat burn cycle.
    I know this is a big part of the equation. I also advice lots of water and for them to not cut down on sodiums so they can sweat out unhealthy chemicals trapped in the fatty tissues.

  18. You're right. Specially the way you trained. Intense and explosive. Btw congrats on your 4M subs. Still 2019! You killed it. As always.

  19. Instead of the fancy camera angles you should show the whole view so that we can see your form better. For many of the exercises it was hard to tell what you were even doing with your legs

  20. Awesome vid, been doing the '100 push-ups per day' to try to get my unfit body kick-started (at 49 no mean feat) and this may be my next step,, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Grow your muscles lift heavy and then slim down your muscles will still be there just bigger and showing more and your fat will be less.

  22. Thanx, I am only driving all day my car for engineering, I am getting to fat, so I can use this very much, thanx again 👍🏼

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