The Truth Behind Keeping MORE Muscle While Cutting NATURALLY | EASY & PRACTICAL TIPS FOR ANYONE!

The Truth Behind Keeping MORE Muscle While Cutting NATURALLY | EASY & PRACTICAL TIPS FOR ANYONE!

Hey, what’s going Nation? I hope you guys had a great weekend for those of you Who probably did my upper body workout that I released on Sunday you had a great weekend Up until you tried that workout because you probably sore as hell right now But aside from that I thought it’d be really fun to do a video with you guys [you] know not so scripted more just kind of shooting the shit and talking to you about my progress [into] [made] my last video called the truth behind my Recent Gains which came out a while [ago], when I made that video I was so bulking a bit had a bit higher body fat percentage now sitting around like a hundred and seventy nine Pounds obviously with summer coming up and for those of you who are going to body power in the uk and Birmingham? I will be there at the [BsF] booth and because I’m going to this event obviously I want to look my best [so] that means I’m going to have to start trimming down a little bits of fat now those of You who’ve been watching my videos [for] a long time you know that [I] promote lean games I don’t believe in bulking and gaining 20 pounds of [fat] There’s no point to doing it and when you gain lots of fat like that If there’s a lot of things that go [wrong] Inside your body They kind of go against muscle building one of them being you produce more estrogen But we won’t get into that right now like I said So what kind of talked to you guys and share with you some [of] the things that I have been doing? In order to trim down as I approach you know body power [I] did just release a video called eight fat shredding tips you wish you knew last summer and yes I am incorporating a lot of those tips into what I am doing now [it] was a really long video was like 20-something minutes along, but I mean those were Amazing tips and I mean judging from the views of the video you guys agree And I think that’s what it really needs to be about you know when it comes to natural bodybuilding [there’s] certain things that work And there’s certain things that Don’t and I want you guys [to] always know [that] I’m only going to give you the things that are going to work You know there’s no bro science on my channel. I don’t follow into fads or trans It’s only things that work So some of the things that I’m doing are more personal no to get ready for body power are very very simple One of the most simple things that I have been doing is just [snip] you leading my diet And I talked about this in that video. I just said the eight fat shutting tips and you know I do a lot of one-on-one Consultations. I do skype consultations with lots of different people all over the world and as always one thing that seems to be like the most like Unheard of thing to do like most people don’t realize how easy It is to manipulate their diet so [that] they can actually make lean gains and that biggest thing is carbohydrate manipulation You know it’s very simple you guys should you know it should click in your mind if you’re [going] to the gym? And you’re working out obviously you’re burning more calories So even if you’re if you’re on a bulking plan or if you’re trying to lose weight, no matter what you’re doing [there’s] still a certain window with what you want to stay in so if you’re trying to bulk usually that window is like a 250 to 500 Calorie Surplus So you don’t gain too much body fat and if you’re trying to cut that window is [just] the opposite 250 to 500 Calorie deficit you try to be in each day, so when you’re working out You’re obviously burning more calories So you have to eat more food to keep that? deficit window between 200 and 500 And then on days where you’re not working out? you have to eat less food to keep that deficit window between 250 to 500 in the easiest place to pull calories from is going to be your carbohydrates now I usually eat like 200 to 250 carbohydrates a day in my old school days I used to eat like 350 to 400 but I was also a lot more active back then and a lot of people get that confused, too They think that as you get older your metabolism slows down Because you got older and you know that might hold true for some people but for a lot [of] us the reason why our? Metabolism slowed down as we get older is because we’re not as active even me like I am a fitness YouTuber and when I was younger, and I worked in a gym I was going up and down stairs all day long walking around clients all day long and even if I was just walking I was Still burning way more calories than I am now where I do a lot [of] research Right a lot of articles added a [lot] video So I’m sitting on my butt a lot so I can’t exactly bulk and keep that same mentality of eating every single Carbohydrate site [I] got to be a bit more mindful of what I’m putting in my body So you know right now my macros are like 250 Protein 250 carbs and a hunter and [10] fat some of you guys might say my proteins too high it’s what works for me So that’s why I do it and personally, I don’t think it’s too high at all, but that helps me get those calories I need in order to lean bulk and so on days where I do not work out Or I know I’m not going to be working out. All I do is I lower my Carbohydrates from 250 down to 150 and if I’m being super lazy not doing anything maybe between a hundred and 150 grams a day and Usually that’s enough to keep to close the gap in my calorie deficit or my calorie surplus no matter what I’m doing [if] I’m not working out that day because if I’m not working out those calories that would have burned are gone [so] [you] have to make up for [that] in [your] meal plan and it’s really that simple And some of you guys might be saying like how do I? How do I do this how I find like foods that I can eat that it will allow me to kind of close this gap Or how do I how do I save up [hunga] if I’m getting really hungry at night and one of the tips I talked about? Is I talked about drinking bcAas at night and also eating leafy Greens? And that’s something that I have been doing every single night I actually have a mini fridge in [my] room And I keep my leafy greens in there and actually I just did that last week like a light bulb went off in my [head] And I’m like why am I keeping the leafy greens downstairs in the fridge? I could put them in my room and have them available for me when I want to binge eating at night So anyway, that’s a side note. So that’s what I do in the bcaas obviously really good You know especially for those new guys that fast you know how great bcAas I the reason why I talk about Amino x by BSN and I use the grape is because it has a very sweet taste zero calories zero stimulants It’s not going to keep you up in to me It tastes like a grape like soda drink And I love that and it keeps me away [from] like wanting to eat some of it because like my daughter and my wife They’d like to have snack everywhere and like I can’t just sit there and see them eat snacks and not get jelly You know what I mean, so drinking that helps kind of like push those cravings away Another thing to you guys would I [talk] about a lot with my [clients]? They’re always ask me like what’s better to have whey protein [or] casein protein or should I just take Casein protein at night and like? But they really don’t understand why they’re choosing different things personally you guys know obviously I use BsN Syntha-6 and it’s a mixture of both Casein and whey Protein now when it comes to muscle building and muscle Breakdown Basically you always want to have more protein synthesis happening than protein Breakdown protein, synthesis We’ll just say is muscle Growth protein Breakdown Obviously is muscle loss you obviously always want to have the protein synthesis Ratio higher and in ways you can keep that higher is by always having Elevated levels of leucine in your blood now great that there are other factors that come into play But this is something you guys should all know Leucine is in BcAas and also in protein, too So whey protein elevates leucine levels in your blood like a really high spike, okay? Reason [wise] fast digesting protein so what elevates that level really high but then quickly kind of tapers off I think it’s like 3 to 4 hours you get a spike And it kind of wears down where Casein can last like 7 to 8 hours But the spike isn’t as high so basically you got leucine like this and Casein kind of like this But it go long enough not like that Goes like this to then kind of last you know 7 8 hours So it lasts longer and so the reason why it’s nice to have a blend of both Is because you’ll get that initial spike And then kind of taper off And you’re going to have a slightly higher elevated level of Leucine for a longer period [of] time that’s what makes it so good that if you’re doing things like Bcaas and [if] you’re fasting obviously that helps [too] because you’re keeping [those] leucine levels high Help stays stable off muscle Catabolism where you’re breaking down muscle tissue like I said there’s more that goes into it But I’m just trying to give you guys some quick notes to help you understand Why you should be doing certain [things] now if your natural body build-up And you’re trying to keep as much muscle as [possible] when you’re cutting and you want to look full You know it’s a [hot] thing to do you can definitely you can’t crash diet because if you crash diet You’re never you’re not going to get enough Not only macros that vitamins and minerals that you need in order to keep healthy muscle tissue, and you’re going to be losing weight But it’s going to be a lot of muscle wasting as well. Don’t want that to happen That’s why I always recommend lean bulking so that you can do a lean cut as well staying within those 250 to 500 calories, you know windows whether it’s a surplus or deficit depending on what you’re [trying] to do at this time So you know what I like to do is what I’ve been doing. Now is I basically been manipulating my diet I’ve been doing the bcAas in the morning as soon as I wake up I’ve been doing the bcAas at night with leafy Greens and I’ve been [manipulating] my carbohydrate each day depending on how active I am and it’s really [that] simple [and] I will say I still am doing my cheat and recover workouts one thing I have noticed obviously now that I’m going in a bit of a slight deficit of my calories is they’re much harder to do obviously Whenever you’re cutting you’re not going to have as much energy Manipulating the carbohydrates does help and on days [like] where I’m doing legs for example, and I’m exerting a lot of energy I might close that gap so that my deficit isn’t so small like so short That’s not kind of make it more around like maybe 250 calories for the day I’ll try to close that gap around there and not lower cobb as much because I’m going to need the energy, but yeah I mean, I’m still doing the workouts last week I was completely fried actually did it [deal] o2 week and for those of you who are waiting for the cheat and recover program? like I said I’m testing it out right now making sure that I deliver it to you is a lot of volume and it’s a lot of a Lot of puts a lot of stress on your central [nervous] system So you might have to deal owed a lot more often than normal like usually every four weeks after four weeks four Maybe five weeks. I was like spent I had to do a d load, but I want to get too far off topic Just want you guys know that the program is coming, and I’m working on it But you know all I’m doing is [manipulating] my carbohydrates And there’s some other things that I’m doing as well that you guys should know number one you guys notice I’m a little red kind of in the face in the hands We can really tell in my hand But I just got done running outside and what doing is boosting my cardio And I do it like three times a week [now] [I] try to do it in the morning if I can, but if I wake up And I’m too busy to have stuff to do I like to do it after my workout never do your cardio before Your weight training. You can still do a warm-up but don’t do your intense cardio sessions before your weight training because you’re not going to be able to train as Intense as you normally would because what happens when you do cardio is you start to get loose, right? We rely on a lot [of] that like tension Elasticity in our muscles to be able to lift more [weights] we can obviously put as much of an overload on our muscles as possible, so Great things like I said you want to warm up you want to Dynamic warm up so that your muscles aren’t cold and the joints [are] cold but if you do like a 20 minute cardio session And then go lift you get a notice right away that you’re not feeling as strong and mentally you might think that Maybe you didn’t eat enough You can sleep in that sleep enough where you’re losing your games you might think all these things [where] all that’s happening is you [should] in your cardio [after] to avoid what just happened So that’s not a quick tip for you [guys] But what I’ve been doing is like 15 to 20 minutes of hit Cardio and all I do guys is I literally Run on a treadmill for a minute, and then I do like a fast jog for a minute And then I run for a minute fast jog for a minute So most treadmills are about the same in terms of like miles per hour when you can push the buttons So I’ll do like I like 4 miles per hour on my fast jog Then I’ll go like 8 or 9 on my minute run and I’ll alternate between that for [15-20] minutes max depending on how I [feel] or how much food a I kind of like Calculated on the spot and for those of you guys have been working out for a while You can kind of feel out [your] body’s too. So I do that Another thing that I have [been] doing is I’ve been doing some ab training at home now Obviously if you want your abs to show, and you want them to really pop you have to train them and you have to really Really put them through hell to make them look as tight as possible And I’ve been doing a training program at home And I’ll post [a] photo for you guys my abs are starting to get super tight again And it’s because [obviously] losing body fat and because I’ve been doing this this brutal I’m at home, and you guys would like the program of course like in filament for you Just leave a comment below and hit that thumbs up button and obviously get that film this week But that’s been helping me too because when I go into the gym You know I’m trying to get in and out of there within like 60 to 90 minutes Max and for me I mean I can get someone for the [waited] [add] exercises that I like to do I can smash those out in the gym usually like in-between You know if I’m training like chest and triceps instead of resting for like a minute and a half I can go hit a really hot core ab exercise because if you’re doing chest and you’re doing TricePs great that there’s some core engagement but not like a squat like I’m not going to Superset ab Exercises while squatting cuz my core is just kind of like it You know like like crumble under the pressure of having weak abs and trying to squat or dead lifting [too] So you gotta be smart about that but but doing a heavy ab training at the gym? You’ve been doing this thing on my house literally at least five to six days a week I have a lot of my my consultations doing it as well They absolutely love it, and it’s literally like a fifteen minute workout that you can do as soon as you wake up Oh, and that brings me to another point [too] guys. It’s all about maximizing Time like for me. I’m super busy and like just so many of you guys. You’re [all] super busy I try to maximize time as much as I can so obviously you got to prepare my meals [I] have to go to the gym. I got work I have to do but when you get to the gym if you’re trying to get in and out of there in 90 minutes You don’t want to be spending like [twenty] to [thirty] minutes warming up because you’re super tight Especially those of you who sit down all day like I sit down a lot I hate to admit it throughout the day because I’m always on the computer like doing site stuff editing stuff I try not to be all day, but you know usually four to five four hours a day. I’m sitting on my butt So when I wake up in the morning, that’s when I do Stretching and I do like a quick 10 to 15 minute max stretch And this is something every single one of you can do no matter what you do for work You just wake up a little early, and you start doing the stretching as soon as you wake up It’s going to make it more productive throughout the day and it’s going to make you Not feel as tight when you get to the gym and the reason why I say makes you more productive is because once you start Stretching and get the blood flowing that’s when you start to feel [good] again if you go to the gym And you [do] your stretching And then you go, what if you feel really good? Excuse me because you’ve been stretching it the blood flow and the muscles are getting nice and loose You know and I still recommend obviously doing a quick warm-up when you get to the gym That’s another video a lot of you guys been asking for a warm-up [I] can very easily put together like a quick Ten to fifteen minute warm-up that I do personally [which] I’m sure I I wonder what haven’t made this video like I was thinking today at the gym I’m [like] why don’t I made this warm-up video yet like this is so easy, and you guys are going to absolutely love it so I can put that together to Like you guys should [be] doing warm-ups and quick stretches as soon as you wake up and then fat your day You’re going to feel absolutely amazing so like I said I just wanted to kind of talk to you guys and get more on like a personal level let you know what I’ve been doing has been manipulating my diet and have been manipulating my training and It’s been working for me. I feel phenomenal guys I look I feel like I look better than I have in a long time And it’s just because they made a few small [changes] like if anything I’ve had less time to do a lot of stuff Which is good that means things are going well [for] me, and it has I had less time But I’m able to do more because I’ve been really utilizing the time that’s available to me [so] I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I love having chats with you guys brings me back to like my roots I usually have chats with you guys all the time and just answer questions This is what makes it fun for me. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video For those of you who are going to body power please come by the BSN booth as You all know for those of you watching this video right now if you ever come to the aisle or the Olympia I’m always tossing you know bottles of BSN in your bags when nobody’s looking and that trend will always continue to happen you can [Guarantee] that Especially for my subscribers. Hope you guys have a great night be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video Subscribe if you haven’t already and as always more good stuff coming soon

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