The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked

The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked

(bones cracking) – [Dr. Trumpi] Hug yourself
like you love yourself. – What are you gonna do to me? – Hey guys, welcome to my,
bone cracking extravaganza. (intense instumental music) – And out. (loud exhaling) (loud cracking) – Oh wow, how about that? (funky intro music) – Bones, it’s not just
a bad CBS show anymore. – Bone Cracking. (knuckle snaps) Joint popping. (back cracking) Body ASMR. – Today we’re getting our
bones professionally cracked. – [Keith] I have never gone
to a chiropractor before. – Did this come from China? It sounds like it came from China. It was a white guy? Now it’s less exciting. – I don’t really actually
know what it does. I think it’s releasing fluid or something. – I’m very scared. They like grab people’s
heads and they go whoa. It’s how action stars
kill people in movies. – Okay, if you watch chiropractor videos it is borderline sexual, right? I’ve never been to a chiropractor. I think part of it is the fear that I’m gonna love it so much and I don’t need other
things that get me off. Right? – We’re going back to Dr. Trumpi. – [Eugene] You might
remember Dr. Mary Trumpi from our labor pain simulation videos. – Oh, ow! (cries of pain) – Instead of inducing pain, she will produce pleasure for the Try Guys. – Not a Universal Studios ride. – You’re gonna hear some good stuff today. Hi Zach, how you feeling? – Hey Dr. Trumpi, I’m doing okay. – I’m a certified
chiropractic sports physician. That means I’m trained
in working the spine, as well as all other extremities. I can adjust them, put them back in place and get you feeling better. – I’m a little nervous. Where else will she pop? Will she pop my legs? She’ll pop my hips? Why? – Just because he’s the tallest. The world’s not built for him. (laughter) – That’s what I’m saying. – I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins. – Oh my gosh, see? – So, I have more back pain than ever. – Oh, this is probably
important to mention, I have a titanium shoulder. – [Zach] What? – [Keith] What are you
talking about? (laughter) – I am like a Wolverine. – When a patient comes in my office, I always like to take a detailed history. – I got diagnosed with
ankylosing spondylitis about a year and a half ago. I have had chronic back
pain my entire life. I really relied on the
chiropractor just to feel okay. At one point I was going weekly just for some sort of temporary relief. – You look for areas that are restricted, lack of movement, response to pain. – I had a hernia once
and it’s been repaired. – My SI joints are almost entirely fused. – What they do for work is important because we’re so static these days. – I’ll edit for four
to five hours straight like this, like a little demon. – It is interesting though. We’re sports medicine
here, but I would say 60% of the people are
people who work at the desk. – I have terrible posture. I think most people in the
world have bad posture. – See how that bone comes
out, but if his head was here, and his posture was here,
you see how it goes away? So any time you’re waiting in line, put your shoulder blades
in your back pocket, and let your arms relax. They come in chronic pain they don’t even realize they’re having. Once you start adjusting their spine and teaching them how
to sit better posture, suddenly they’re like, “Oh I feel better”. – I don’t think we need a consult. I feel great, my body’s
great, just pop me. – Let’s do it. – All right. Whenever I slumped as a kid my mom would actually come by
me, roll my shoulders back with her hands, and stick
her knee in my upper back. She would say, “Slouching
is for ugly people”. – Eugene, I kind of expect
that his bones won’t crack. – Tell me how I feel. – Oh my God, you feel so good. – Yeah? – She’ll just push and be like, “Oh, you’re just perfectly balanced. Your spine’s great, I wouldn’t
recommend going to me”. – You have a little curve in your spine. – I have a curve? – Look, curve to the right. – [Eugene] Oh my God. – Curve to the left.
– [Eugene] I never knew that. – And that tells me that he may have a leg length difference. Yes! – Yeah, but how’s the ass? – Well, one butt cheek is a
little higher than the other. – [Eugene] Oh. – Look, see, this side’s a little, I’m sorry this is sexual harassment. – You can touch it. – Left one’s a little bit higher because this whole
torso thing’s happening. So stick this one out when
you wanna get some action. – I basically just crack
my bones all day everyday. All right. – You comfortable if I adjust you? – [Zach] Yeah, please. – Okay, your spine’s nice and straight. You still move pretty
good for being fused. – Oh there was one already.
– Did you feel that? – Yeah.
– Cool. – If a strong breeze comes my way, I feel little cracks in my body. – Well, I’m still nervous, I’m just channeling the nerves into excitement. – [Dr. Trumpi] Breathe in please and out. (breathing) (bones cracking) – Oh, yeah, how about that? – What’d you think about that? – [Keith] That felt pretty good. – [Dr. Trumpi] Breathe in, out. (breathing) Ready? (bones cracking) – Oh. Ariana Grande. No tears left to cry. – Breathe in, out. (bones cracking) – Oh, yeah. – Breathe in, out. (bones cracking) – Oh, Kelly Clarkson. – I adjust pregnant women all the way up until they give birth, it’s awesome. Roll back, let it go. (bones cracking) You feel that? – Oh, yes, sure did. – [Dr. Trumpi] In, out. (bones cracking) – [Zach] You didn’t even
have to do anything. – [Keith] Whoa, yeah,
you just turned your head and you got the first three. – Oh my God. That was fucking crazy. (laughter) Yeah, I feel like I broke into egg shells. (bones cracking) – Oh. There was like a layer of them. How’d that sound? (bones cracking) – [Eugene] That last one was great. – That was crazy. – The adjustment is a physical manipulation of the vertebrae. (bones cracking) There we go. Okay, lay flat. – That’s good. – I’m actually moving the
spine. I’m moving the vertebrae. All of the nerves that come out
of the spine run everything. These three nerves that come out of here are the sciadic nerve. Let it go. (bones cracking) Oh. – Oh, yeah. – Heels up. The spine is made of bones and disks, so it’s bone, disk, bone, disk. – Wow.
– Roll this side. – Yeah, get it Dr. Trumpi, you can get it. – What can happen sometimes the disk can get irritated, they
can bulge, slip, herniate. (bones cracking) – Oh. It was in there. – As a chiropractor, you know which way the vertebrae is twisted. Perhaps it’s a little to the right, a little to the left, up or down. (bones cracking) – Oh my God. (laughter) – She’s having a little tension
in the low back just because every week her center of
gravity is changing, right? I’m gonna gently stretch you
here, it’s gonna feel great. If any time you don’t
feel good, let me know. Breathe in, out, (breathing) stretching. (bone crack) I like to have a lot fun in my job, but if we can keep your
spine in alignment, hopefully we can keep you
being as healthy as possible. (bones cracking) Oh yeah. – Yeah. Get it back, you take
that, you take that pop. – People think, “I don’t
want you to do my neck, I’ve seen those movies,
we’re gonna break my neck”. – I’m nervous, I’m trying to be relaxed. – You’re so strong, so brave. – I’m so brave. – It would have to be an extreme rotation that even the patient
would know that would not be in a correct phase. I’m kinda gentle, okay? Especially if there’s
a little fear factor, just kinda get them, because I know that we can make a lot more noise. I’m not gonna do that. – Yeah, we don’t need to make too much. – [Dr. Trumpi] We don’t,
we’re just gentle. Your job is to breathe in again and out. (breathing) (bones cracking) – Oh, there it was. It’s hard to just give away
your head to someone else. – [Miles] Yeah. – You know, it’s tough. – You know it’s people
like, “Oh I’m scared of chiropractors, they can paralyze me”. You would have to do
quite an incorrect move. That’s not really gonna happen. Let it be. (bones cracking) – Oh. I really heard that one inside. – [Dr. Trumpi] Breathe in and out. (breathing) Rest. (bones cracking) Oh, did you feel it? – Yeah. (bones cracking) – Oh, wow. (laughter) (bones cracking) – Oh, a star is born. – Oh man. Each vertebrae are like
this, there’s about eight points of contact. (bones cracking) It’s a gas that escapes from
the joint that makes the noise. (bones cracking) – Oh, Jennifer Hudson. – It’s kinda like a joint fart. (laughter) It is. (bones cracking) – Oh. Could you guys hear that? – [Keith] Yeah, we could feel it. – I can. (bones cracking) – Oh, Gwen Stefani. (bones cracking) Katy Perry. (bones cracking) – Oh, I’m like a whip. (bones cracking) – Oh. (laughs) – Lady GaGa. (laughs) (bones cracking) – Oh God. (bones cracking) – Oh. – [Dr. Trumpi] No problem? – No that was mental man. – [Dr. Trumpi] Good. Let’s do it baby. – Let’s do some more. Sometimes it goes like that. – I like it, I like it. (bones cracking) – [Dr. Trumpi] And out. (breathing) Relax. (bones cracking) (laugher) – It’s been a stressful
time in our work life. – It was great, it was
just great to see everybody who had a little bit of
stress somewhere in their body have that stress relieved. – I didn’t know that I really enjoy listening to other people’s bodies pop. (bones cracking) – [Dr. Trumpi] Felt it? (laughter) – [Zach] I’ve never seen such euphoria. – I definitely see why and how it would be helpful for
people who seek it out. If it helps them in their daily lives then more power to them. – That was actually pretty fun. Literally letting somebody else take the full weight of your head. – Just being conscious and aware of how you’re treating your body all day, everyday is
the biggest take away. – Feels very, like, postcoital, like it feels good. This is so unprofessional, I’m so sorry. – That’s okay. – I feel like we know each other now. – You feel way better. – [Eugene] You electrocuted my taint. – Yeah, I know. Next time handcuffs. (hand clap) – You heard it here folks. (funky outro) – [Zach] We got new merch, (funky outro) – Internet, darling, Miles Beef, out. – [Dr. Trumpi] Oh my God. – [Keith] Oh my God. (laughter) – [Rachel] Wait, wait, wait. – [Keith] Come on, internet darling. – [Zach] We let you on camera once.

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  1. You guys should get adjustments from Dr Beau Hightower. He does deep tissue work along with the chiropractic adjustments. Really want to see how you guys cope with it. And if it is worth it.

  2. Those noises literally had me laughing. But it feels soothing when its done to you. Had an accident once 12 years ago and i feel like i need this to ease those random backpains.

  3. I got my back cracked about a week ago and he tried doing the pressure cracking where they push down on your shoulders and he couldn’t get it to do it so I was being squished, he ended up having to hug me to do it for my back😂😂

  4. This is my second time watching this and I’m still somewhat disturbed. Mind you, I am a person who cringes at the sound of anyone who simply cracks their knuckles, neck, or back. Every time the chiropractor did something, I literally felt a uncomfortable feeling up and down my spine. But it’s not too bad because they all still make me laugh throughout the video. Especially Eugene. 😂😂😂

  5. Every time I bend down, My knees crack and it is hilarious to see peoples reactions because they only expect it to be in older people and I'm 12.

  6. I didn’t realize this watching it the first few times. Near the end the background music is rly close to cannon (the wedding song). Maybe they liked it lol

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