The Woman With Two Vaginas | Living Differently

The Woman With Two Vaginas | Living Differently

Some guys view you as a trophy
and a goal.
That way, when they find out
that about you, like,
“Yeah, I had sex with a girl
with two vaginas.”
I felt like a freak of nature.Honestly, when a doctor tells you
that, you think, “What the hell?
“What do I do with this?”And then there’s the other aspect of
trying to explain that
to your partners
before you have sex,
like, “Hey, I’m a little different
down there.”
I found out I had two
vaginas when I was 17.
The make-up of my reproductive
system prior to surgery…
You would have the opening,
normal labia
and then it funnels upand splits off into a “Y”and it’s two different
vaginal canals.
At the end of the canals,
there were two little doughnut areas
with cervixes and that divided off
into two separate uterine bodies.
I first noticed that something was
wrong when I was bleeding
more than I thought I should,and the pain was intolerable.When I was on my period,
I could not function.
I went to my primary care physician
with complaints
of excessive bleeding.My surgeon told me that
I, in fact, had two uteruses,
two vaginas and two cervixes.There were times I had to wear
Depends because pads, tampons…
they weren’t sufficient enough.The condition affected my life
pretty severely.
Relationships with my boyfriends,
relationships with my friends.
I can’t even honestly begin to
imagine what she’s been through
because I’m not a woman.But I could get a glimpse of it
because I could see
the after-effects of it.He’s my rock. He takes care of me.He’s never made me feel like
a disappointment.
I love her, and she’s the one.Nicci is really strong.I commend her for being as strong as
she was getting through all this.
I can only imagine how hard
it was for her.
I’ve had three miscarriages.You get very desperate when you want
to have children
and you just wonder,
“What am I doing wrong?
“Why am I going through this?”My hardest and darkest moment…after my last miscarriage.You know, I’d been bleeding for six
months straight. And you’re drained.
You just want to be done.And you have moments where
you don’t want to live,
but you know you have to.So…
Staying strong is all I could do.
Put on a bit smile and do what
you’ve got to do to get by.
So…First I was OK with it, but
the feeling I felt knowing that
I could not have my own children,
I kind of thought…
like I wasn’t really a woman,I wasn’t fulfilling what
I wanted to do.
It was kind of
a hard-hitting moment.
If that meant it was going to
improve her life,
I was fine with it. I was like,
“Look, we can always adopt.”
I know a few people that have
adopted and, you know,
the benefit of giving a kid another
chance with a better home…
even better.Dr Winter has helped me so much.Hello.Hi.
How are you?
Doing well.How are you?Good. Any issues or
problems since surgery?
No, ma’am.Immediately, she was on board.I didn’t have to fight her for
the hysterectomy.
She was more than willing to do it.
She realised I’d had enough.
The first thing I’m going to
do is just check the incisions on
your abdomen.So, these incisions are perfect.These will continue to get flatter,softer and less noticeable up
to the course of a whole year.
So what you see now is not
the final product.
Those look like those are
healing up great.
OK.Now that I’ve had a hysterectomy
with the reconstruction,
where they remove the vaginal
septum, I now have a normal vagina
with one vaginal opening, no cervix
now, obviously, and no uteruses.
Sex now is good. It’s comfortable.
It feels one million times better.
I don’t have any pain at all.Oh, you just sat on Amos.
I didn’t sit on him!
INDISTINCTReally?I’m going to sit over here.
Yeah, this is right.
Bless my husband.He has moments where he’s like
scared to touch me still,
it seems like,because four months isn’t long
after surgery, and we’re still
trying to figure out my new
vagina, so…
Oh, what’s wrong, buddy?I want to adopt one day.
Hopefully soon.
There are so many women out there
that have anomalies
and don’t feel like
they have anybody.
So, you’re not alone and
you’ve just got to be strong.
Cross-stitch my friend did for me
when my surgery…
That is…the cervix, cervixes,and then the two uteruses
with the ovaries.
You’re not a circus freak
if you have two vaginas.
You’re just different.
You learn to work with it.

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  1. I had a period that lasted over a year before, and yall in the comments freaking out that hers was half a year. Smh.
    One of my nieces was born with 2 vaginas, but only 1 was fully formed. Another of my nieces has 2 uteruses. I think these things are more common than many ppl think. This is a strong woman, to have made the decision she did. I cannot imagine.

  2. Oml now I feel bad for complaining when my period is 7 days instead of 5 😭💔 god bless her and her husband❤️

  3. It's called uterus didelphys, and sometimes it affects the vagina too, but she can undergo surgery to fix her vagina and remove the wall between the two vaginas and get one.

  4. what happens if she has twins and they both come out at the same time through the two vaginas. Then is there no way on telling whos older?

  5. 6 months of period I can’t even take 5 days OMG!!! My blood is scolding while I’m watching this😥😰😭😢

  6. I've had issues like this before but I've only got one vagina. My longest period has been 5 1/2 months. Mine are so heavy and painful that I can't leave the house. I mostly stay in bed during them.

  7. My doctor is offering to remove my cervix and I'm strongly thinking about it. So no problem having sex without cervix? I was concerned but you seem to be OK without cervix.

  8. Girl,you're amazing,you could be mother of anything or somebody,you have a lot of love to give,that's women mission,don't need to be pregnant to become a real mom,we can take care and give a incondicional love to a child,animal,husband,our family or other person that needs to be love in this world.Be strong and live life to the limit.

  9. I will never complain about my period again.

    6 months


  10. this amazes me .. you were born pretty much unique and found yourself a man who has the biggest heart ever .. God bless you both 🙂

  11. But why didn’t she freeze her eggs before having the hysterectomy? 3 miscarriages 😳 life can be soo unfair. God bless her 👏🏾🙏🏿

  12. She could have had some of her eggs harvested and used IVF/a surrogate, but that probably would have costed tens of thousands and i get that not everyone could afford that

  13. You are a strong , beautiful woman. God bless you for your courage. You have a wonderful husband. 🙏🏻

  14. Ha im a boy all my friends that are girls say

    Oh yeah i cant go to the beach cuz i have a period and i am like😑😑ok then

    But yeah i do feel really bad

  15. holy shit 😱6months bleeding. girl how are you even alive. God bless this strong and kind soul with great health and happiness that she deserves

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