The WORST Hamstring Stretch (But Everyone Does It!!)

The WORST Hamstring Stretch (But Everyone Does It!!)

What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Another ATHLEAN XPRESS video for you. Today it’s all about tight hamstrings. I’m going to try to help you figure out why
you’ve got them and how to fix them in under three minutes. Number one guys, we have to start by looking
at the functions of a muscle when we’re trying to figure out whether or not we have a tightness
there or more importantly, how to correct it. What I mean by that, is if we look at the
hamstrings themselves, we know that they have three functions. 1. They’ll flex our knee. 2. They’ll extend our hip. And 3. They’ll posteriorly tilt our pelvis. Right, so we start to sit there and think,
well how did we get so tight in the first place? Because when the hell are we going to be flexing
our knee, extending our hip and posteriorly rotating our pelvis? We don’t spend a lot of time in that position
to do that and to maintain or develop these tightnesses. Yes we do guys, this is what we’re talking
about right here, We sit. So yeah we are not extending the hip here. But that’s why I don’t think people don’t
correct their hamstring tightnesses as well as they should. So we have to sort of disregard that component
of it and address the other two. One, we’ve got the posterior pelvic tilt and
Two, we’ve got the flexed knee. So if you really want to straighten out and
correct your hamstring tightnesses, you have to reverse those two motions. We want to extend the knee, ok that’s an obvious
one. But we also, Key, want to anteriorly tilt
our pelvis. Which means we want to get our pelvis tilted
forward. Matter of fact guys, if you want to really
stretch your hamstring out? The first thing I want you to do is once you
have your knee out is just get into an anterior pelvic tilt. Right there I can light my hamstring on fire
without doing anything. I’m not going into our hip flexion at all,
ok. So again, get the leg out straight, anteriorly
rotate the pelvis. That’s probably going to be enough for a lot
of you guys who have tight hamstrings, right there. Without even having to go down. Thinking that you’re going to get a really
great stretch here guys, is not going to help you that much because you’re not addressing the number one
reason why you got there in the first place. And that is that sitting position, posterior
pelvic tilt that that causes. We have to start with the anterior pelvic
tilt first and then address the next two components. If you want to fix your hamstring guys that’s
how you’re going to do it. Little quick bonus tip here for you. When you’re looking to stretch anything guys,
I always tell you, try to learn about the functions of the muscle. Even the bicep itself. We know that it suppenates the arm, it flexes
the elbow, and it flexes the shoulder. So if we want to learn how to stretch that,
we go the opposite in all three directions. We’ll pronate the forearm, we’ll extend the
shoulder behind us and we’ll straighten the elbow. And right there, if you grab onto something,
that’s a great stretch for the bicep. So there you have it guys, in under three
minutes. How you stretch out that hamstring is most
of all guys, get that anterior pelvic tilt going and you will start to see some major differences. If you guys found this ATHLEAN XPRESS Tip
helpful, make sure that you leave your thumbs up, your comments below and we’ll keep them
coming. Alright guys, we’ll be back here again real

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  1. Thanks for this very important PSA. Awareness of this issue is often worked on in yoga class. If the yoga teacher knows how to properly instruct forward bends, they always emphasize not bending forward into flexion until you get your anterior tilt. Taking some height under your hips, blanket, block or bolsters, even up to the level of a chair or bench, and letting your legs slope downwards as you show in your video, is the best way to access that anterior pelvic tilt. Important not to skip this step or power through a stretch with improper form.

  2. So what if you're someone already suffering from anterior pelvic tilt, but also has tight hamstrings? How should you stretch the hamstrings?

  3. Hey! I feel lots of pain behind my knee, when I stretch my hamstrings. Its a pain on the external tendon (semi membranous? ) what can I do? Love your videos!

  4. I didn't feel a hamstring stretch by doing this. What does that mean? I have a 'natural' anterior pelvic tilt, so from what you have talked about in the past I shouldn't stretch my hamstrings exclusively the 'usual' way (seated on the ground and your legs look like a 4-stretch). How else should I stretch my "hamstrings," when I have an anterior pelvic tilt? Thanks.

  5. Jeff, can you make a video or a couple of them for building flexibility and strength for martial artist? Especially when it comes to kicking?

  6. whenever I sit with my legs stretched and 90 degrees to my body my lower back bends and it hurt,what should I do to improve this?

  7. Heck yeah! I am watching this bc I came across the butt wink which I always noticed in the mirror when I squatted but I had no idea it was an actual "issue" hahahah… Now this stretch is awesome. Gonna get started on it now and do it daily!

  8. I'm really confused guys.l can touch my toes with my knees straight.After practising for a few days(I didn't see this video before).Now my question is,should I continue this hamstring exercises? (like toe touching).
    If anyone could help,thank you! 😃

  9. My chiropractor told me to do this hamstring stretch and whilst stretching remember to have my eyes focus at one point in front of me, I didn't understand why that's necessary and often have my head looked down. After watching this video now I know why! Keeping my eyes straight at a point even when I lean forward helps maintaining the anterior tilt! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation!!

  10. I gave this hamstring stretch a go, but having injured a disc recently, and having some ruthless nerve pain down my leg, I've decided I'm not yet ready for this one! But I will need a good hamstring stretch once the disc lays off the nerve. Ta muchly.

  11. my hamstrings are short, I can not stretch my leg, my knees become genoflex, with this stretch I feel it burn behind the leg, but it does not force my back.
    Can I do this exercise every day?

  12. What if I can't stretch my hamstrings but rather end up stretching my erector spinae or something similar, not that I'm complaining.

  13. Yo JC, THANKS BRO! I've been following you for a few years now and you've ALWAYS given great advise and directions!!! Your content has continued to improve and provide a trusted source of information, thank you! I just wanted to say how much I I sincerely appreciate this vid and your coaching!  I recently injured my hamstring training for my first 1/2 marathon and this vid has given me the extra knowledge (along with my normal protocol) and applicable information to help me recover before my race Sunday! Thank you for your diligence and dedication to being professional and PRACTICAL in your approach to training! TY TY TY!!!!!

  14. That shrieking sound you hear is me sitting, but extending my leg and anterior-rotating my hip. Voila!! I need to get off my @$$ more!

  15. The exercise that u r sayin to avoid…was being done by max. Percentage of our grandfathers nd dad…..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  16. One of the simplest mobility tips I've ever seen, but it has given me the most benefit out of any mobility tip I've ever gotten. Amazing content, man.

  17. I Just stretched with anterior pelvic tilt as shown in the video and when i stood up the relief i felt was insane, I hope nobody was near my room because the would have heard me sobbing/laughing "oh my god it just feels so good,,, aaah thats amazing, thank you Jeff"

  18. Jeff. Jeff…
    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…

    Where have you been all my life!
    My lower back…Jeff…my lower back is now an anime face.

    I'm going to do these stretches before and after each fap session. Really maximize my orgasms.
    Thanks, mate.

    -The Internet Police

  19. You are awesome, Jeff. Thanks for all the tips and workout tutorials. I've definitely learned a lot and have incorporated what you've taught (along with what my workout buddies have taught me). Keep em coming 🙂

  20. seriously…I just tried this and my hamstrings feel a thousand times better than any stretch I've ever done. I've wasted so much time…

  21. I love your videos I've been going to chiropractor for months and saw slight improvement. Doing these stretches have made a big change thank you!

  22. Wow, hopefully after practicing this I may be able to squat without lumbar pain. This makes a lot of sense. I have always known that my hamstrings were tight, I just didn't imagine that could cause back pain.

  23. I have lateral pelvic tilt my one leg length is small than the other and the hips are also not correct what should i do

  24. Man, I'm forty and getting back into shape. I find the information you give priceless. I was struggling on dead lifts today and wondering how I could get better range of motion in my hamstrings. Boom! Free lesson. Right here. Now, I'm sitting on my bench before bed, stretching them the right way for the first time EVER. Thank you so much.

  25. it's crazy how people taught us the stupidest shit when growing up. like trying to touch your toes for hamstring stretch. doing so i hardly feel the hammy, but feel the calf like a mofo. then i do what Jeff just did, and tilted the pelvis, and my hammies were on FIRE without leaning over at all. love this channel

  26. Got my tens machine grinding away at my hips. Gonna try this next. My gluteus and hammies are dying after my tap class

  27. I have done the second test and I can hold it for 15 seconds,so that means I have tightness in hip flexor and I need to stretch it right??

  28. I believe I have anterior pelvic tilt. But I also feel like my hamstrings don't stretch very much. Should I stretch them even though my logic tells me it could worsen the anterior pelvic tilt?

  29. You should make a full body static stretching routine for after workout, similar to how you have the 10 pre-workout stretches ;u;

    If he has one, plS LINK

  30. If I were to perform this every day to give my hams more flexibility for squatting how long should i hold it for?

  31. It would be amazing to see you do a video on the safest stretches for getting the middle splits without damaging your joints! So many out there bending there knees in horrible positions… It's also more extreme stretching so suggestions would be great to minimize damage 😀

  32. Best fitness channel of YouTube Jeff. I've learned so much from watching your videos over the last 8-10 months and anything I've been able to try has so far worked.
    My main issues are a PPT and general all over body tension from a combination of stress/anxiety and as the product of a sedentary lifestyle over the last few years. Your videos have greatly encouraged me to get into the gym and confront these mobility issues that have been been the absolute bane of my existence for the last number of years, which I'll be doing Monday week.
    As soon as I get the cash together I'm going to buy the AthleanX workout program and I'll be using that as my workout bible. Massive thanks for making these videos Jeff.

  33. I have been following his channel since a month now. I would really like to thank Jeff for the invaluable information shared. Really helps to self motivate urself as we exactly know what to expect from each workout and each muscle group. Whats really good is that he provides ways to work around injuries, why injuries occur, how to prevent them with all his markers and PT expertise with focus on longterm fitness. Really grateful. Thank you Jeff!!

  34. This is the best stretch for my tight hamstring EVER! Used to be 200mm gap for me to touch the toe but guess what?! I can touch my toe after this magic stretch! Jeff you rock!

  35. Ive been a competitive swimmers for a decade now and I only realised your recommended version of stretching the hamstring actually works so much better than the the sitting on the ground one. Thank you so much Jeff!!

  36. Wow…. I have been looking for resources for this as I sit way too much for my job. This is fantastic and I can feel it immediately with little traditional effort

  37. Yes! What a simple but effective stretch to do even while sitting (which caused the problem in the first place). Thanks!

  38. Man the one you show in the thumbnail is a Yogasana, I guess it's called 'Paschimottanasana' (however this is a double leg variation)
    I used to do this as a part of my Yoga and not as a hamstring stretch.
    I think it's supposed to stretch your spine – mostly the lower spine if you inhale and blow you gut out in the final position.

  39. You're right, I used to do this stretch because I was always taught to do it by Tae Kwon Do classes. I ended up making my hamstrings tight and even injuring one during deadlift. It was moderate reps, no ego lifting just 8 or 10 reps boom injured.


  41. I really need help with this. I am going to see a trainer tomorrow with some background in physical therapy. It is the sitting that hurts. This guy has it right. However, there could have been better visuals and time demonstrating how to get relief with the stretching.

  42. I drive 10 hours a day. My right glute and lower back is in pain night and day. I tried this routine last night and before work this morning. NO PAIN AND STIFFNESS ALL DAY LONG.Thank you !

  43. Alexander Technique firms and orthopedic sources make wedge shaped cushions for seats that makes your pelvis rotate like this video recommends. Amazon has some as little as $15

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