This Average Guy Learns the Ring Muscle-Up in 21 days

This Average Guy Learns the Ring Muscle-Up in 21 days

A few months ago, I learned the muscle-up
in 35 days. I got countless comments saying that’s not
a real muscle-up because kipping doesn’t count, so I worked on the muscle-up without
kipping for a while but I didn’t make progress. Recently my friend suggested I should try
to learn the ring muscle-up first before going back to train on the bar muscle-up without
kipping. According to him, it’s easier and it will
help me build up the foundation strength for achieving a bar muscle-up without kipping. So starting from today, I will attempt to
learn the ring muscle-up until I can do 3 in a row. Here is my first attempt. Ha. Nope. Quite tricky, eh? This seems to be a lot harder than the bar
muscle-up because I can’t utilize momentum, and this thing is constantly shaking. Ha. Oh, this is going to be a long journey. Oh. Today I am going to try the push part of the
ring muscle-up. I am totally stuck. Hoo. I can’t believe I can’t even push myself up. This is hard. I decided to go through as many ring muscle-up
tutorials as I could on YouTube, and I realized the biggest mistake I made was not using a
false grip. I tried the false grip out and I had to start
with hanging with the normal grip in one arm and the false grip in the other arm because
my wrists were not used to the pressure. Eventually, I was able to hang with both arms
in a false grip but still couldn’t pull myself up. I also decided to work on my support hold
and continue to get my elbows and shoulders used to the dip position. To my surprise, on day 6… Oh, hoho! First dip of my life. Alright, haha. Yes, that’s progress. Goob job, man. Thanks. Oh-ho, second dip of my life. Oh. Very intense on the, the pec. OK. One, coming down, and two. Ah! Wow, what happened today. It might be you. It’s you, haha! Yes! I made another progress the next day by being
able to pull myself up with a false grip. I was even surprised by how fast my wrists
had adapted. I continued alternative training between dips
and false grip pull-ups. On day 17, I decided to start attempting the
ring muscle-up but then realized the transition was quite tricky. On day 18, while I was working on the transition, need to be able to pull to here somehow, all of a sudden I had an epiphany. Ohhh, okay, man,
it gotta be on this side. I realized my false grip was most likely wrong
because the ring crossed the outer part of my palms. The transition seemed so much more possible
when the ring crossed the inner part of my palms because it allowed me to push down with
the bone here on my palms. My arms were gassed at this point, but on
day 19, this happened. Ahhhhh, yes! Yaaa, first rep! Yes, good job! Yah! Hoo! Hoo! Wow, number two! Hoo! And then come down. Try not to loosen
it, and then one more time. Oh man. Haha. Oh, that was good! And then on day 21, one, two. three. Yes! Yes! Yes! One more time for people who are gonna say
it doesn’t count because I didn’t turn the rings out at the start. One. Two. Three. One last time for people who think I might
be cheating because the bad camera angle cut my feet off. Thanks for watching. My next goal is to do the bar muscle-up without
kipping. Stay tuned and make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

100 Replies to “This Average Guy Learns the Ring Muscle-Up in 21 days”

  1. did you train both parts everyday or did you do the pull one day and push the next? great job… i am working on the muscle up on the bar…

  2. Ohohoho first dip of my life
    second dip of my life
    ………. 2 years later ………
    Ten thousand fifty fourth dip of my life😂

  3. I would say it's easier for him to achieve this cause the guy looks like he weighs 130 wet. Try doing this when you weight 180 plus and not do to being overweight.

  4. Amigo, que perseverancia y constancia la tuya. Felicidades. Saludos desde concepcion. chile.

  5. Those people who told you that what you did wasn't a muscle up because you were kipping need to stfu. you did a good job

  6. Now it doesn't count because you were kicking forward with your right foot while doing the muscle up 😁 haha
    Keep doing it man. This was great!

  7. So in the first 20 seconds I learn that a more accurate title would be "This guy, who already knows how to do a muscle up, learns the ring muscle up in 21 days". At least you clarify that this is a click-bait right away.

  8. I could do dips and pulls ups…but had no idea on grip placement… I think its gonna make me look awesome in the gym 🙂

  9. Average he says.. U are incredible man, there's a lot of hard work and perseverance behind all your videos..
    Keep the good vibes!

  10. It turned out I had the same issue with false grip. Tried correct form and after few attempts got my ring muscle-up, thank you!

  11. Whoever complains about kipping during a muscle up cannot do one and has probably never attempted one. EVERYONE kips on their first muscle up. You have to kip for a long time before you can get a clean one with no kip. It's all part of the progression.

  12. Hahahah everyone who said that it is not a muscle up when you br8ng you knees up are stupid bots hahahah. There is a lot of different ways of doing it and that was one of them. So sorry to all the clueless idiots that cant even do 1 muscle up and dont know shit. Hahaja you are truly a bot.😙

  13. GEEK CLIMBER, man I've wanted ask you how many pull ups and dips were you able to do before attempting the ring muscle up(like on day 16-17)?

  14. For those who say it didn't count because the rings did not turn out at the start "F" you. Bro you are da man. Thanks for the epiphany with the false grip. It made a huge difference. Thank you again you the man.

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