This Homemade Protein Shake for Skinny Guys WILL make you grow!!

This Homemade Protein Shake for Skinny Guys WILL make you grow!!

what’s up guys Jalon from hardgainer
Fitness here I just got back from the grocery store and I got everything that
you need to make homemade protein shakes for weight gain I got the perfect recipe for
you just follow me what’s up YouTube welcome to hardgainer Fitness where we
give you all the tips and tools that you need to defeat yourself and crush that
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miss out on any important videos alright guys first off what you need to
make this smoothie is oats whipped cream water cinnamon peanut butter almond milk
and some protein alright so substitutions that you can make to the
smoothie if you want to try it out and you don’t like all the ingredients that
are here if you want to drink to be colder you can use ice instead of water
also if you don’t like peanut butter try substituting that with coconut oil great
way to get into extra fast and extra calories and in almond milk if you don’t
like almond milk use regular milk for some reason I’ve developed an
intolerance to to regular milk I don’t know why but over the past few years I
just can’t drink it so now the almond milk works just fine for me so frequency
I drink this smoothie every single day it’s a part of our meal plan that I have
for right now that I’m using to put on some weight I’ve gained 10 pounds in
just under two months trying to do a lean book he said one or two pounds per
week and I’ve done it including this smoothie in my meal planner this is not
something that you drink like once a week or once every other day I drink
this every single day usually first thing in the morning I’ll have this
smoothie even though this is a way game smoothie make sure you still have meals
throughout the rest of the day this is just to substitute one of the meals that
you would usually have throughout the day having a smoothly helps you to be
able to be mobile and not to be constrained the sitting down eating
meal for in our thirty minutes or however long it may take you to eat
that’s why I included smoothly into my meal plan sometimes even two but they’re
really helpful and really it’s a really easy way to get in calories without
having to sit down and choose and sometimes you just get tired of chewing
after you’ve been eating so much every single day and for speeding you know
what I’m saying all right so let’s talk serving size for everything I have one
serving of almond milk which is basically one cup I have one cup of
water I have three servings of oats and not taking one scoop of protein and I
have one serving of peanut butter helping it didn’t even know don’t try to
act like you undo it – so I know you said Earl when I lift it alright and
then that’s it oh yeah you can use orange juice instead of milk and water
if you want extra flavour it’s not any specific reason why I use milk there’s
usually with it whenever I drink too much orange juice the Ashlee starts to
hurt my throat in my stomach so I’ll have it maybe maybe like once a week
sometimes I’ll throw orange juice in there instead of this just for extra
flavor because it does taste well like way better so if you try this and you
like this is nasty it’s too bland make sure you try to try it with some orange
juice it takes ten times better but after you put those things in then you
have basically the ingredients that you need who’s good take to hit the macros
that’s included with this so the macros that’s included with this is it’s got 45
grams of protein 107 grams of carbs and then 30 grams of fats and a protein that
I use has 20 to 22 grams of protein per scoop so whatever protein that you’re
using you know I know something I have 24 or some have like
30 whatever the case may be so yours might be a little bit different but
you’re gonna have around 40 to 50 grams of protein all right so you got all that
in now after I whip cream in just for extra flavor I’ve got some cinnamon on top too
and there’s no specific amount I just put in as much as I feel would be needed
for as much flavor that I want adjust to your preference if you want to hold out
his head him in for the whole life you want a lot of attorney for the whole lot
these two I really just fillers just to give it extra flavor and if you want
even more flavor like I said earlier try to orange juice and use honey as well
honey also gives you some extra calories so nothing wrong with that extra flavor
and extra calories so you can’t go wrong with it
give me all right so let’s go ahead and do it up almost turn the blender on at
the top alright guys and that’s pretty much it
for the smoothie like I said I’ve been drinking this every day
it’s helped me to put on 10 pounds fairly quickly if I say so myself try it
out see if you like it question of the day what would you name
this smoothie I think I would name it like a tropical butter blast or
something like that what would you name it let me know if you’ve been watching
any of the vlogs and you’ll know that I really do drink this smoothie every
single day so yeah that’s it man make sure you try this smoothie out use it to
help you put on some weight don’t forget to eat the rest yummy let’s draw today
as always you know who it is man Jalon with hardgainer Fitness bringing you all
the tips and tools that you need to defeat yourself and crush the scale you
already know what time it is man it’s time to grow I see all the next video
man peace

8 Replies to “This Homemade Protein Shake for Skinny Guys WILL make you grow!!”

  1. Very Great & Informative Video Broski. Like how you explained the purpose of the Smoothie and Reasoning Great Tip for us hardgainers. I honestly See you Channel Growing Big in A Couple of years if you don't get caught up in having low views and subscribers I See your channel being up there with austin and chris jones pumpchasers. Keep Up The good work you have your first loyal sub in me bro. Peace ✌

  2. Great video brother! this shake definitely looks good and will help us hardgainers make a ton of gains!

  3. This sounds good, even if you’re not trying to gain weight. Think I’d use oat or coconut milk instead tho, just cuz it tastes better than almond. Maybe a spoon of cacao powder too, if protein powder is unflavoured.

  4. I make this smoothie too but I put Greek yogurt instead of milk it adds more protein and it gives it a good texture

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