This Is Why You Should Never Let a Tragedy Define Your Life | Inky Johnson | Goalcast

This Is Why You Should Never Let a Tragedy Define Your Life | Inky Johnson | Goalcast

– I said, “I can’t move.” I said, “There’s a shock
going through my whole body. “I can’t feel anything man.” I still remember the day
I was in the film room watching film, and I was
watching the California Bears and my defensive backs coach
Larry Slade came in the room. He said, “Inky Johnson, I
got some good news for ya.” And I dropped the clicker, and
I said, “Coach, what is it?” He said, “Son, you’re a
projected top 30 draft pick.” He said, “All you have to do is play these next 10 football games. You’re a automatic multi-millionaire.” I ran out of the room, I got on the phone, I called my mother and my grandmother. I said, “Listen.” I said, “After this season our lives are about to change forever.” And little did I know our lives
were really about to change. The first game we come out and play against the California
Bears I get a interception. We shut ’em down. We get the victory. Second game we’re playing
against Air Force. It gets late in the game,
found ourselves in a dog fight. And I approached a tackle like
I approach any other tackle. And the way I’m approaching it, either I’m gonna knock you
out or you gonna knock me out. I’m 165 pounds. I can’t play with anybody. But at the point of contact when I hit this guy
something different happened that never happened to
me before in my life. I hit him and it seemed as if
every breath in my body left. My body went completely limp. I fell to the ground and I blacked out. I looked at the doctor because
I couldn’t feel my right arm. They had poked me with
all type of needles. “Inky can you fell this, can you feel?” I couldn’t feel a thing. They took me back. They ran the CAT scans and they brought me back into my room, and
I’ll never forget it. All in about a 15 second time frame I was lying there in my bed, my father he went to take a step
in and he looked at me, and he said, “Son, I can’t do it.” And he walked out. My mother she came in, she was running. She kissed me on my
forehead, she said a prayer. She said, “Inky, everything
is gonna be okay,” and she ran out. And as soon as my mother
stepped outside of the room the doctor rushed in from the
opposite side and he said, “Hey, get in here. “We gotta rush this guy
back to emergency surgery. “He’s about to die.” I said, “What?” I said, “My mom just told me everything “was going to be okay.” He said, “Son, what
happened, you have busted “a subclavian artery in your chest. “You’re bleeding internally. “We have to rush you back
and take the main vein “out of your left leg and
plug it into your chest “in order to save your life.” And when I woke up from recovery the same doctor, he’s standing over me. He said, “Inky I have some good news “and some bad news for ya.” I said, “You got some bad news for me “after telling me I was about to die? “I’m still alive. “How bad can it get? “I’m still here.” He said, “The good news is
son we saved your life.” I said, “Thank you sir.” He said, “The bad news is “you have nerve damage
in your right shoulder. “You probably can never play the game “of football again in your life.” I said, “Doc, no disrespect man, “but I’m eight games away. “I been working for this every
since I was seven years old. “Doc, there’s no way? “God, not now God. “Like let me make to the NFL
so I can help my family first, “like we missed meals. I said, “There’s no way. “I’ve never cheated. “I never cheated myself. “I gave everything I had
into it and I respect it, “and I never cheated. “There’s no way that
my career can be over.” I said, “Send me up to the Mayo Clinic.” And after several visits,
I will never forget, this is when reality set in. It was me and my mother
and my father in the room, and the doctors came in and they said, “Inky Johnson, here’s the deal.” They said, “Son, we hate to tell you, “but your arm, it will
never be the same again. “You’re hand, it will
never be the same again. “Son, you can never play
the game of football again.” They said, “Son, here
are your surgery options. “We can take the muscle out
of the back of your left leg, “plug it into your right arm,
but there is a possibility “that you will be left
with a weak left leg “and weak right arm the rest of your life. “Or we can take a nerve
out of your left arm, “reroute it up through your
chest, down into your right arm, “but there’s a possibility
that you will be left “with two weak arms the rest of your life. “Or we can take a nerve
out of your left rib, “reroute it up through your
chest, down into your right arm, “but there is a possibility
that you will be left “with a breathing problem
and a weak right arm “the rest of your life. “By the way, tell us what
you wanna do in the morning.” And the next morning I walked
into the doctor’s office. They said, “Son, what
option did you choose?” I said, “No disrespect to you doctor, “I’m not choosing an option. “My situation is out of your hands.” I said, “No disrespect to you Doc, “cut me where you gotta cut me.” I said, “I know I will come
out of this situation okay.” As I stand right here on
this stage before you today, they cut me six times down my left thigh. They cut me two times across my right rib. They cut me two times across my right pec. They cut me one time across
the left side of my neck, one time across the right side of my neck. They cut me from the
bottom of my right armpit all the way down to the bottom of my hand. And after they got through cutting on me, they said, “Son, you gonna
be in this hospital for “the next 40 days.” I walked out of the
hospital on the third day. They said, “You broke a record. “How did you do it?” And I said, “First and foremost thing “that I want you all to understand, “I would never let a circumstance “or a situation define my life.” (applause) But most importantly, you
know what I had invested? I had sweat equity. I had been working my whole life. And what I didn’t understand
by being determined to chase something, by
being committed to it. And what commitment is,
commitment is staying true to what you said you were going to do long after the mood that you
have said it in has left. You see, people think
commitment is saying yes, I’ll do it on the days when it feel good. But I had been committed to everything that I ever started in my life, and I never stopped, and I never quit it. And so being committed to
everything that I started, I finished it. It built a certain type of spirit. It built a certain type of mentality. It built a certain type of individual, and so now I couldn’t
quit even if I wanted to. I couldn’t lay in the
bed even if I wanted to. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I had too much sweat equity in my life and everything that I was doing. I understood the process is
more important than the product. It wasn’t about the outcome for me. Whether I made it to the NFL or not that was inconsequential
in God’s plan for my life. But I was going to fall
in love with that process, because I understood by falling
in love with that process it was gonna turn me into a machine. A lot of people need a little
extra money to get motivated. A lot of people need, ya
know, whatever the case me be, a little bonus to get motivated. I don’t need anything but
breath in my body and life. And every day I wake up I understand I got two children depending on me. I understand I got a wife depending on me. I understand I got a world that needs me. The reason I go at life with
the passion and the zeal that I go at it with
is because I understand every day of my life there’s
somebody in the world that is depending on me. It may not be you, and
if it’s just about you, you in trouble because I’m telling you you’re gonna hit something in life that’s a lot tougher than you and it’s gonna test your will and it’s gonna test your heart. And if it’s just about you and it’s just about the
product it will crush you. Every day I get up I
understand there’s somebody in the free world that’s looking at me to see if I’m gonna keep
going, and so I can’t quit. And so I went back to
school the next week, after they had just saved
my life I was back in class. I had to learn how to
write all over again. I had to learn to walk all over again. I had to learn how to tie
my shoe all over again. I had to learn how to bath all over again. I had to learn how to
live life all over again. Never one time did I say let
me go home, I need a break. You see, the thing we have to understand about everything that we’re a part of, first and foremost,
it’s a blessing by God. And when it’s a blessing you can’t help but to give everything you’ve got to it. And my life got saved,
I got spared my life. I almost died. The doctor came to me on the field. He was on one knee and
he grabbed my wrist, and he said, “Son, you don’t have a pulse. “I don’t even know why
you’re still living.” The thing about it, my wound,
like you could see this. You can see my arm. My wound is visible, but
there’s a lot of people in this room that are
wounded and you can’t see it, and it’s internal. And so the opportunities that we pass up to be a blessing to other people, we can save their life
with just one encounter. At my last doctor visit they
came to me, and they said, “Sorry Inky Johnson,
you will never be able to use this arm or hand
again in your life.” I said, “No disrespect to you Doc, “but I will use this arm and this hand “every day for the rest of my life “by the way that I live my life. “Every day I’m gonna
impact someone’s life. “Every day I’m gonna empower someone. “Every day I’m gonna inspire someone. “Every day I’m gonna encourage someone.” (intense dramatic music)

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  2. This man is a crazyyy good speaker! Motivated me everyday j listen to one of these videos and give it my all, 2019 and every year after are gonna be successful

  3. Ive had a bad situation that happen to me. i shot myself it went through my hand and shattered my femur Ive had 2 surgeries to repair my leg. IF the third one doesn't work there is a good chance i might loose my leg. this video has made me look at my situation differently. I am still scared but god is in control.

  4. show motivational vedio and subscribe my chennal

  5. Every day every night somone somewhere is motivated to do somthing right. He or she might not carry that one. Certain. Thing out but, “there’s always a spark, in a bonfire.”

  6. The people who disliked this please go see a therapist, because if you are regarded enough to do that I would HIGHLY suggest it.

  7. Sad part is that most people won't know how precocious life is before it's almost too late. Most 75 year old enjoy life, at the same time most 25 year old that feel dead.

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  9. For me its bad. I barely have any experience related to the work i want to get into (sales) so i decided ill take a placement year. 1 year in industry in my field. But after applying to 50 companies and going to the final stage of 5 seperate occasions, i was rejected by all 5 and my friends had found placements. Now i feel lile ive lost everything and my dream to change the world is once again hindered and i feel like i wont be able to help those around me. 1 door opens another shuts

  10. When you subtract women.

    Not dead will fight!

    NOT dead WILL fight.



    FIGHT !!!

  11. I saw this, I don't know how but my hands automatically started clapping for this man. I had started thinking that problems are big just because some people started criticizing me…shame on me…..Thanks for this untimely recommendation youtube.

  12. Every time I'm sad loosing somoin I watch these kinda video they make me bounce back 10 ft and save me I love hearing facts it makes me happy that I should never ever give up and I'll be succefullnot 1 time I thought about suicide

  13. 4:25 – 5:00
    " I will never let a circumstance define me…And commitment is staying true to what you said you will do long after the mode that you said in is gone.''

  14. This made me cry.. Honestly I didn't really understand his journey until watching it 3 times, he has gone through harder times than a lot of us.
    "Son you're gonna be in this hospital for 40 days."
    He walked out on the 3rd day.
    I have no idea how hard it was and how much pain he had to go through, but either way I'll respect him till I die.

  15. I was poisoned eating out, it damaged my entire nervous system, it was nine months ago and there hasn’t been a day that has not past with out my body trying to self destruct; the only reason I had the chance to type this today is because The Spirit of GOD lives in me.

    On that day, my body died but I was given this much time to let you know- one day, all our old bodies will return to dust but our soul and spirit lives forever….

    The poison may have destroyed my body and damaged my heart but GOD ALMIGHTY is my portion for eternity.

    The message is very clear, the body has always been dead without The Spirit of Christ, His Truth is the way to Life.

    Ask anyone who overcame death, and they will tell you, there is Only One Who holds the Power over Life and death.

  16. Many times our Greatest setbacks becomes our testimony which inspires many people in Life. God Bless you Inky.

  17. I relate so much as a pretty young person still later in hs having my leg so hurt that doctors said I would not be able to run for the rest of my school years. Crushed me because that’s my dream to run and I have always listened to this man and I knew I was not letting this stop me. I got out and after half a year I was getting back to working hard. This video has helped me so much thank you

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