This Rare Mutation Gives You Massive Muscles At Birth

This Rare Mutation Gives You Massive Muscles At Birth

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Hello Mr. Penguin! Nice jorts! Looking good! Less than 20 years ago, a German child was
born who appeared incredibly muscular. Doctors followed his development and found
that, at four and a half years old, the size of his quadriceps was over seven standard
deviations above the average for his age and the thickness of his fat was nearly three
times below the average, but otherwise he was completely healthy. His mother and several other family members,
including uncle and grandfather, were reported as being unusually strong, but none to the
extent of this boy. Genetic testing showed that he and his mother
both had a mutation in a certain gene – the mother with a mutation in one of the two alleles
she inherited from her parents, and the boy with a mutation in both. The gene that held the mutation is associated
with the production of myostatin. Myostatin is one protein in a larger group
of proteins called the transforming growth factor beta superfamily. They are responsible for the growth and development
of the various tissues in your body. Myostatin is predominantly found in your skeletal
muscles, the ones that help you move around, but newer research suggests that it might
also play a role in the regulation of heart size. Its job is to restrain muscle growth and make
sure that they don’t grow too large. A mutation in the myostatin gene can alter
your cells’ production of the myostatin protein, resulting in an overgrowth of muscle
known as myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. This is a rare condition that results in up
to twice as much of the usual muscle mass, with increased strength and reduced body fat,
but with otherwise no known medical problems. This is a very rare way to get super buff. Triangle Bob has just been chugging protein
powder and raw eggs, and well he still looks the same, but you’re doing great buddy! Keep doing that, i guess! The function of the myostatin gene was discovered
by researchers in 1997. They were studying the effect of disrupting,
or turning off, this gene in mice and found that mice with the disrupted gene had skeletal
muscles weighing two to three times more than those with intact genes, indicating that the
gene’s role is to inhibit skeletal muscle growth. While this disease is rare disease in humans,
similar mutations have also been observed in certain breeds of dogs, pigs, sheep, and
cattle. In fact, Belgian Blue and Piedmontese cattle
breeds, who both contain a mutation in the myostatin gene, are often referred to as double-muscled. They’re super strong – and also, if i’m gonna be honest, a little
scary… is that one looking at me? I feel like that one’s looking at me, right? Since limiting myostatin production increases
muscle mass and strength, scientists are exploring ways to apply that knowledge to treat muscle
wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy. In experiments testing the effects of anti-myostatin
substances, researchers found promising results with muscle mass regulation and the maintenance
of skeletal muscle during heart failure. However, clinical trials with these kinds
of therapies showed no effect on muscle strength. And a 2007 study on mice found that inhibiting
myostatin increased muscle mass, as we’d expect, but didn’t make those mice any stronger
than the others. Clearly, there is more to consider than simply
stopping myostatin. And before an anti-myostatin drug can be developed,
scientists need to continue working towards a more complete understanding of its effects
on muscle development. Hopefully someday soon we will get there. Until then i’m going to keep running from these cows because they’re still chasing me! Curious to know more about a rare syndrome that essentially turns you to stone? Check out this video! Imagine one day you find a huge lump on your rib cage, and even after getting it x-rayed you still don’t know what’s going on. As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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