Tom Myers: “Anatomy Trains” | Talks at Google

Tom Myers: “Anatomy Trains” | Talks at Google

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  1. Athletics multiple sports activities maintained my motion with E-motion. Gravity has a lot to do with this, weight training, lifting, stretching, hanging, various walking, skipping,etc.

  2. 39:40… “getting an adequate supply of protein can get a little dicey on a vegan diet”. Really? Great perpetuation of some widely spread myths and a completely factually incorrect statement. Eating a well balanced plant based whole food diet you can get all the protein you’ll ever need, minus the puss, blood, antibiotics and carcinogens like IGF1 that come with widely available animal based proteins.

  3. Who is the anatomist doing the "untreated cadaver" dissection @15:25 ? YT captions reporting as "Andres Pilat" but I can't find anything. Would love to see more of those videos.

  4. Thomas Myers, you are my biggest source of inspiration while doing my Rolfing training, hope for more and more of these videos.

  5. Too many physical teachers go back to evolution. For such educated people, how did something come from nothing? We’re created.

  6. I am a fan. I discovered my fascia with the rolfing and this incredible sense of inner freedom. This inter-connectiveness in our body is fascinating. Your concept of the 5 revolutions brilliant!! Superbe talk. Thank you

  7. hard to believe he only limits sugar unless he has incredible genetics which is certainly possible. would love to know more specifically what kind of movement he does. great talk !!!!

  8. Fascia builds slower than muscle. 39m; slow down training for muscle; process oriented instead of goal oriented
    slow and waves thru the body; enjoy the movement, not just for the goal

  9. Tensegrity. I love this stuff. As a physio this is what I teach now. The old scaffold and muscle model is obsolete.

  10. Sugar is not the enemy. People are afraid of fruit when people like you speak out of context. Research poly unsaturated fats… don't blame sugar…. and define sugar 🙂

  11. 39:40 – Just had falafel, hummus, lentils and spinach for lunch and now I'm snaking on peanuts. Nothing "dicy" about getting protein as a vegan.

  12. And certainly nothing "restricted" about not eating just 3 things in the whole world (meat, eggs & milk).

  13. Hey! Check out the African dancing kids on you tube. They will be flexable all their lives. The grandmas even get in on the action in the videos.

  14. Biomorphic motion, I know what that is. I do myofascial unwinding most days for my body wellness. John F. Barnes discusses this next level and the movement, which is the fascial layers doing it on their wavelength in timeframe, reminded me to the ancient Chinese Tai Chi movements most sessions here. The body finds it's balance by itself, but you have to allow it to move the body. Many times when I'm sitting, I do unwinding by touching an area with discomfort and waiting seconds before my body leans, sways and arms move independent of my conscious mental "Channel 5" awareness, and as John has stated in his presentations and blogs…I just tune in to "Channel 3" but now with direct awareness of movement to see my pains go away on their own in a form that resembles slow dance movements. Then when I'm standing and do the unwinding when I have more time, my foot lifts from the heel and the toe rises as the fascial layers move the body. Afterward, I feel so relaxed and limber almost like a rag doll, at times. So I know this concept by it's other name and it should be taught in preschools to high schools in the states, but this is like 100 years future concept. Yet I do believe we're in the "100th Monkey" phase of finally realizing that health involves far more than we've known for the past 50 years MFR has been ignored by American MD's…I learned about John's videos and Tom's after I'd been doing it for about 3 years in a slow learning curve. Once I got rid of headaches, seems for good now…I knew this was the next level of something that's been done for nearly 5,000 years of human history. Well before big pharma came along and people popped pills for every little thing. Theoretically, between Medical cannabis with higher CBD levels than THC now…we could train thousands about the fascia and maybe, with other herbal approaches, end the opiate crisis forever and all time. Because addressing the "source" of chronic pain makes far more sense than recreational smoking of the "Chronic" though many with intentions just to get wasted and mindless will oppose it, en masse. So…it's just for the few now who suspect there's far more to this fascia than we could ever imagine in this lifetime. I stay pain free and full range of movement just turning 65 recently. I literally went back in time, so in an odd sense, physically, fascial release is your "Time Travel" to an earlier version or in some instances, the best version of ourselves. Think about what Tom is showing us here…And I love his style because he's a bit snarky and irreverent, yet he knows his stuff. Definitely…and we've never met, probably never will, but I revel in this powerful thing called Myofascial Release Therapy and it goes with me everywhere and is easy once you learn how to ask it's "permission" and it yields under very gentle hand pressure. Most PT's with foam rollers and others are using it completely wrong anyway. Soft touch, sloth methods are far faster anyway. But let them continue because for most, it's about repeat business and money earned as clients return because they're never taught how to do this themselves. John's clinics teach clients how to care for themselves before leaving, and that's revolutionary. Traditional medicine can't make a profit off of you if you never have to return for something. Post surgical recovery is even made faster if one can learn the techniques to communicate on fascia's own level of gentle pressure to take care of those pains when you overextend, overwork key parts of the human architecture. I call it my "reset" or "reboot" for the whole human body. Cheers once and all. My brain sometimes just sits in the skull and enjoys doing things I did when I was a preteen some days….I just have to remember to know my limits so I don't injure myself because I'm not in constant pain somewhere in the body's fascia. I have fun now and go outside barefoot in the lawn to ground myself as well. Plant based, I lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. I love my fascia, because it's alive inside all of us, waiting to go back to normal, like when we were born. Can't say enough, but maybe have written too much here. So I'll go…bye!

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