6 Replies to “Tom Rapoport (Harvard, HHMI) 1: Organelle Biosynthesis and Protein Sorting”

  1. your work is really great, I am fond of your work, I want to know about the molecular mechanics, how molecules move to the target, what makes them move,

  2. Is there some reference somewhere that compares all the known signal peptides, their locations, and their relative efficiencies? I get the impression there multiple localization signals are required, but I'd still like to know their efficiencies.

    What about something like a viral membrane fusion protein that has a fusion peptide? It's a continuous series of hydrophobic residues surrounded by more polar or charged residues. How is that expressed without getting stuck in the membrane? They'd seem to be type-II, so maybe the hydrophobic fusion peptide is covered up as soon as it's expressed? I don't know much about how things are expressed, but this seems problematic since membrane fusion proteins are homotrimers. You'd have to trimerize as fast as you express to fully cover the fusion peptide. Does that sound realistic? Is there a better mechanism for the expression a continuous series of hydrophobic residues that doesn't insert into the membrane?

  3. You lost me when you started talking about evolution. Math proves it didn't happen, yet you stand there talking about it s if you were there watching. Sorry, but I can't respect that.

  4. Wow this would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
    2:36 "eventually these membranes pinched off and this generated the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum."

    They "pinched off"? I would hope that someone so familiar with biology would know that this is a load of crap. Cells and the organisms they compose are obviously designed by an entity that is at least millions of times more intelligent than we are.

    The idea that this stuff just engineered itself is so absurd that it is laughable, UNLESS your worldview is built upon that assumption… in which case it is an unquestionable article of faith which forms the foundation of your materialistic belief system.

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