Top 10 Biggest Cattle Breeds In The World – Biggest Cows & Bulls

Top 10 Biggest Cattle Breeds In The World – Biggest Cows & Bulls

10 Largest Cattle Breeds, You Need To See
To Believe They say size matters but does it? Well, there are different ideas on this so
let’s not discuss all of that and restrict ourselves to cattle. Now why do people domesticate cattle? While there can be many reasons for this,
the two major are milk and meat production. Keeping this in mind, you’d OBVIOUSLY prefer
the larger breed because hello, more meat! Now before you run to get the biggest of them
all, remember that they have their own limitations and each one is suitable to different climates
and needs. So are you ready to scrutinize the biggest
cattle breeds? Number 10. Bazadaise
This French breed of beef cattle takes its name from the town of Bazas in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine
region of south-western France. A festival, the Fête des Boeufs Gras, is
held each year in Bazas to present fattened Bazadaise stock. Now that’s interesting! Rising to 140cm in height and weighing somewhere
around 750-1000kg, Bazadaise is certainly huge! They were traditionally a draught breed but
are now raised majorly for beef, we guess it’s the size that has changed this! Number 9. Limousin
Named after the Limousin region of France where this breed originated, the Limousin
cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle. Back in the 1960s they were exported from
France in huge numbers and today it is present in about 70 countries! They range from 650-1100kg in weight which
is huge but an amazing thing is that they have low birth weights which makes calving
easier, a major reason for their popularity! Cool, right? Number 8. Parthenaise
Formerly a triple-purpose breed, raised for milk, meat and draught work, the French cattle,
Parthenaise is now raised mainly for beef. It is named after the town of Parthenay in
the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of western France. With a height of about 150cm together with
a weight range of 800-1000kg, the cattle are not small by any means! Once the oxen are done with their working
lives, they are fattened up and slaughtered! Number 7. Montbéliarde
These red and white pied cattle breed from the Montbéliard region of France is used
mainly for dairying and particularly for cheesemaking. They have short horns and are about 145cm
tall, impressive! Talking about their weight, it ranges from
900-1200kg and thus definitely makes it to this list! Would you believe us if we told you that a
single cow produces 7,486 liters of milk annually? We have enough reason to bring this one our
cow shed! Number 6. German Angus
This German breed of cattle came into existence as a result of cross breeding Aberdeen Angus
with different native German cattle breeds like German Black Pied Cattle, Gelbvieh, and
Fleckvieh. The good news is that it is bigger and heavier
than the original breed and has higher weight gains. You know what that means, right? Yes, more meat! With a weight range of 600-1200kg, it doesn’t
come as a surprise that it is used for beef suckling in addition to vegetation management! The height is not small either, somewhere
around 140cm. That’s a good catch! Number 5. Belgian Blue
It’s time for a special mention and Belgian Blue is our pick! These beef cattle from Belgium have an extremely
lean, hyper-sculpted, ultra-muscular physique which is termed as “double-muscling”. It is a heritable condition resulting in an
increased number of muscle fibers, instead of the (normal) enlargement of individual
muscle fibers. This mutation also interferes with fat deposition,
resulting in very lean meat. Another problem is with calving which becomes
difficult due to huge birth weight! But surely an interesting breed, so no missing
it out! Number 4. Glan
This traditional cattle breed is particularly found in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of
Germany. It’s interesting how they were once extinct
but have risen to the number of 2000 in the present day! Originally multipurpose, nowadays they are
mainly used for beef production. The reason is definitely its weight that ranges
between 600-1200kg. With a height of about 140cm, these cattle
aren’t small by any means! Anyone planning to give a loving home to this
one? Number 3. Maine-Anjou
This French breed of domestic cattle, Maine-Anjou was created in the nineteenth century by cross-breeding
the local Mancelle dairy cattle with Durham stock from Britain. Interesting! Their weight ranges from 850-1500kg with height
being in the bracket of 140-170cm. It was formerly a dual-purpose animal, raised
both for meat and for milk, but is now principally a beef breed. You don’t need us to tell you why this changed,
their weight, OBVIOUSLY! Number 2. South Devon
The largest of the British native breeds, South Devon have descended from the large
red cattle of Normandy. The breed is exceptionally adaptable to varying
climatic conditions and is presently well established on five continents. But that’s not why it is on the list, right? They generally weigh somewhere between 1200-1600kg
but one individual was recorded to have reached a whopping 2000kg! Rightly called the Gentle Giant! Number 1. Chianina
Originated in Italy, Chianina is found in different parts of the world today. Interestingly the tallest and heaviest cattle
breed in the world is also one of the oldest! On an average their height is 155-170cm but
can reach to 200cm as well. Their weight ranges from 800-1500kg and going
by the higher side, it really is massive! Would you believe us if we told you that this
breed can grow at a rate of 2kg per day? Enough reason to choose it for beef production! Which of these cattle breeds fascinated you
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