Top 10 Cervical (Neck) Disc Herniation Exercises & Stretches for Pain Relief.

Top 10 Cervical (Neck) Disc Herniation Exercises & Stretches for Pain Relief.

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  1. Bob and Brad . Thank you so much for the exercises. i have been suffering from neck pain all this time but the first exercise helped me so much it started healing me and now I'm better. Also passed trough a bunch of doctors none of them resolved it. Just passed a bunch of meds…

  2. Bob & Brad: Thank you for your great videos! 2 week ago I started to feel big pain in the low left cervical, shoulders and weak arm (left). I think it was triggered by a bad posture I consciously did during 10 days before.

    Already started PT and started making “McKenzie” exercises with good advances but pain is still there (centralization in progress). Just for caution, I will have an X-Ray and MRI.

    Typically how much time would you expect till nerve desinflammates and gets de-pinched, disc “heals” and all symptoms are gone? Months? Years? Thanks!

  3. Is it possible to get facial, neck, and arm tingling/light numbness feeling with absolutely no pain from a slipped/herniated cervical disc? Thanks

  4. I have same problem on my neck.c4 c5 c6. Herniated disk. Been doing PT. My question is this problem can recover by PT and injection ? Actually when I do traction then I feel good and then after 2-3 hours later pain back again from my neck to the right shoulder . I am actually worried about it. Thank you

  5. Pain radiates through my right collarbone, entire right shoulder, down my arm and into my hand. I have numbness in my little finger & the outer side of my hand. Haven't been able to raise my right arm in 3 months! All the exercises in this video cause more pain. If I move my head back, I feel dizzy like I'm going to pass out.

  6. Thank you so much! Really helped me figure out the pain and numbness in my hands wasn't carpal tunnel.It's in m'y neck! And I also figured out that it stemmed from using my smart phone.Thank you so much for the instant relief

  7. Thank you for this video. I have had a herniated cervical disc for almost 10 yrs now since I was 24, and I have just learned to tolerate the pain. My pain is localized to the neck only and does not radiate anywhere, but the pain in the neck is significant. I am excited to try out these exercises. How many repetitions of each exercise should you do and how often? Should you make this a daily routine until the pain hopefully goes away? And I'm curious, physiologically, how are these exercises able to reduce or eliminate the pain from a herniated disc…are they in some way moving the disc back into place (I didn't think that was possible) or simply strengthening the neck muscles and somehow that helps? Thank you again! I am so looking forward to trying these now.

  8. I have 3 herniated and 3 buldged discs in my neck, the only pain I ever get stays in the neck. I do get the worst headaches though. Injured by whiplash. These exercises did alleviate the pain in the stretching.

  9. My Orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me with Spinal Hernia at C5-C6. My surgeon advised me for increased pain or mobility loss in my upper body. I do get random numbness/tingling and nerve pain on both arms and hands at random times.I have been advised to do a chin tucks as well by a therapist as well. This spinal hernia is on top of my quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

  10. Honestly fantastic channel! Was diagnosed with a herniated disk c6/c7 root today as well as 2 bulging disks c4/c5, just actually was starting my personal training career before i started to experience the numbness in forearm/grip and dull pain near scapula. Appreciate the vids keep 'em coming!

  11. I’m exactly the opposite with the exercises. I absolutely cannot lay flat without being in excruciating pain unless there is significant pillow support. I can only do the exercises sitting up. I also cannot drive with my left arm anymore, as doing any kind of forward motion with the arm sends tingling or shooting pain all the way down the arm into the fingers. This sucks. Also, a question. I have disc space narrowing for some time, and this is my second time dealing with a herniated or bulging disc, and both times it came on after a respiratory infection? Could the coughing and blowing my nose while sick be throwing out my disc? Thanks!

  12. I just wanna thank you guys for showing me all these techniques. My neck pain literally went away immediately after doing these for the first time.

  13. Hello! I really want to try these exercises, but I`m scared. I`ve had herniated discs in my neck for 4-5 years, coming and going but the chronic pain persists and the movement I`ve lost in my left shoulder and elbow haven`t come back.. I`m just 25 years old, but I`ve been really plagued these past years and it took ages before the doctors and neurologists found anything. Now C4-C5 and C5-C6 are herniated.. My physiotherapist really wants me to operate, but the doctors disagree since I`m so young.. But I have no life. Constant pain, and my body reacts terribly if I do something. I opened my garage door once, and my neck locked in place and I was bedridden for nearly a month. What are your opinions? I`ve heard a lot of positive stories from people who have operated.

  14. I have two bulging discs in my neck four in my back and osteoarthritis in four spots in my spine neck to tailbone former Marine jumped out of a lot of planes the VA said nothing can be done are they full of it or can it be reversed keep in mind bulging not completely herniated been like this for five years they want to do surgery but I seen people come out much worse one battle buddy is paralyzed now because they fed up

  15. I have just tried out these exercises and I can straight away feel the pain down my arm and wrist ease. I am hoping by carrying out these exercise the pain in my shoulder will also go away which i have been suffering with for over 2 years.

    My arm was that bad, I had difficulty typing or writing text messages for a long period of time.

    Looking forward to continue carrying these excercises.

    I wonder of this relates down to the hip as I have been also been suffering with hip flexibility..

  16. 1. What is the name of that black apparatus that you showed at the end of the video?
    2. Where is the video link for it?
    3. Where can it be purchased?

  17. Hi guys, will this help if I feel the pain right in the neck area? I get numb fingers and pain in my shoulder blades, but the pain is unbearable sometimes right on my neck where I have the bulging disk. I tried TP but it still hurts.

  18. I go to chiropractor once a week, Earlier this year I started having a "hot poker pain" in one spot under edge of left shoulder blade. Would come and go for few minutes then gone. (My chiro didnt know what caused it, nor did the PT guy i went to) Fast forward to 4 months ago, started having right shoulder blade pain and top of shoulder into curve of neck pain. Then woke one morning with pain radiating down into arm and hand. Ive had MRI and was told I have bulging neck disc. I was already in PT and learned the towel and neck hang but from laying position which was better for me. I was put on Prednisone for inflammation and Hydrocodone for pain. I start PT again in week. thanks for posting these exercises

  19. Thank you so much. I have herniated disks with degeneration in my cervical area affecting c3 thru c7 as well as spina bifida and scoliosis. I am very overweight no job and no insurance. I've been heavily sedated months on end on generic flexril 3× daily and 6 gabapentin daily. I also have a damaged nerve in my brain that affects my balance from a virus a few years ago. I was told by a specialist that I do need surgery but its not a option for me because of my financial situation. I used to be a marathon runner and weight lifter and extremely fit. I look at myself now and its very upsetting to me and I don't want to continue down this path. I came across your video and it is given me hope for improvement. I will start these today. Thank you both so much for making these videos to help people. I am so excited to get started. Shalom

  20. Hi Bob & Brad 👋

    I have two small disc bulges at C6-7 and C7-T1. I had pain radiating down my left shoulder blade and arm for a couple of months but after doing physio and taking anti inflammitories the pain went and I’m left with intermittent tingling in my hand and a whole lot of muscle and strength loss (my left pec is noticeably smaller than my right and I can’t even press half of what I was pressing before).

    My question is, say I’ve been doing exercises like this every day for the last couple of months, and my strength isn’t coming back and I still have tingling in my hand, would you typically recommend surgery at this point?

  21. You guys helped me last time with my herniated disc in my lower back, I’ve done those exercises and got rid of the pain completely, plus I am a lot more careful at lifting heavy weights now, this time I was doing an exercise for my triceps standing up having the weight in my hands and lifting it over my head, I’ve got a herniated disc in my neck now, couldn’t sleep last night, you’re video just helped me again.
    You guys are brilliant, thank you!

  22. Would this help with a cervical strain? I also don’t have a Hoffman’s reflex and I’m wondering if this due to my cervical strain or my thoracic and lumbar herniated discs

  23. Hi Has anyone experienced a rotary sensation in a moving vehicle or lifts with bulging discs in the neck, and do they know why. Many thanks

  24. What if when ur doing sit ups it feels as though the neck isnt strong enough to pick the head up without support? Will these work?

  25. Hi. How many reps should one do for each exercise. And how many of them should I do if none hurt me and all the exercises are helping? And how many times should I do these exercises in the day

  26. I have a small c3 c4 disk protrusion I'll give these a try. I have tingling in my right shoulder blade and pain and weakness in my right arm bicep and tricep. And pain in neck when I turn my head more pain when i bend neck to the right side

  27. I have bulging disc and degeneration on my c3 to c7.I wear soft cervical collar during my work.7hours I doing right?

  28. Guys, I can't thank you enough. Ruptured C6 C7 a year and a half ago. Have been in pain and couldn't feel my right pointer finger ever since. Thought I would never be able to feel it again. Tweaked my neck again two days ago and the pain was almost as bad as when I first ruptured the disc. I was desperate and found your video. Followed the exercises last night and immediately felt relief. Very little pain today and felt feeling in my finger tip for the first time in a year and a half. I can't thank you guys enough. For anybody reading, follow their instructions to the word. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  29. my problem started a month ago i cant keep my eyes open in the day light , i can after some hours of waking up .. at evening everything seems fine .. normaly i do get neck pain and uneasiness , even after sleeping the eye strain dont go away … i do work on computers a lot but shouldnt the strain on my eyes go away after some days ? i dont have any headachs or anything just neck and eyes issues . hating my life rn pretty much

  30. I have cervical spondylitis and nerve compression. I have been doing this for the last two days after considering doing surgery . I have to admit my pain is significantly reduced . I have also been watching my posture and using my phone leveled to my face . Thank you so much for your great video . I have searches 100s of videos and this is by far the most effective video .
    Update : 3 months of doing this and i hardly have pain anymore . I don't do this as regularly anymore as the pain has subsided significantly.

  31. Thanks guys. 🙂 I had been misdiagnosed with a tendon injury in my shoulder and, eventually it was so bad, I'd "lost" the function of my arm. After a painful nerve conduction study they finally figured it out the source is two pinches in my cervical spine. The local PT was still not helping (they were still focused on my shoulder for some reason) and they ended up sending me for steroid shots. I was fine for 5 or 6 months and it happened again and they sent me for shots again. It was unsustainable and miserable. By watching your videos I figured out how to prevent it with stretches and by ditching my pillow.

  32. Ola amigos . Obrigado pelo video , moro no brasil, entendo pouco de i gles mas pelo que te ho visto nos comentarios , varias pessoas tem se beneficiado com as dicas de voces. Vou começar a fazer e conforme for melhorando estarei postando comentario pois nao poder usar as hands or sleep betther nao tem sido facil, gostaria de nao precisar operar e voltar a ter uma vida normal. Thanks Bob and Brad. How do yours have a happy saturday

  33. Thank you for making these kinds of videos. You have no idea how much it calmed my thoughts and educated me about what could be going on with my cervical spine. I have extreme pain when I do the chin tuck. Several days of doing ice and these stretching exercises has helped however because of the sharp pain that is causing more tingling I made an appointment to see a spine specialist in my area. I had to wait over a week for the appointment (which is coming up this Friday ) but in the meantime your videos have given me some solace where otherwise I would be in panic mode. I have a completely numb index finger and thumb. Again thank you for doing so much good in the world!

  34. Love the video. I'm very disappointed that I spent money seeing an orthopedist and then going to physical therapy for 4 weeks and it didn't help me. This video did. None of these exercises were recommended to me. I am so disappointed in the care I received, but I'm thankful for this video and these exercises that actually helped.

  35. I have hern disc in neck and sciatica problems as well. I hurt all over. Thank goodness i finally found the neck vids. i searched for 2 days. (youtube sucks lately)

  36. I can’t believe you really think these exercises work you are both healthy physio does not work for most people with herniated discs

  37. When you have a preexisting lumbar stenosis and get a neck injury walking is difficult as the previous compensations don't work. I bought a breathalyzer but was still assumed to be out of it, yet no one asked me to blow Russian.Imperial Stouts take 15 hours to be gone from your system. Companies are set up to maim or kill you, legally. See John Stewart's risk management scams..

  38. Thanks for this. By the way. Jeff Cavaliere is the most famous PT on thr internet by far. Sorry guys. Haha. You guys are great though.

  39. Oh goody goody !! I've done them for only two days (morning and night) and on the second night when I did the one at 9:00 it release soooooo much pain. I feel so much better, thank you!

  40. Hi Docs….thanks a ton for this video…totally describes my condition. But i also have a set of (14th) cervical ribs…do these solutions still apply to me?

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  42. Extremelly happy to find this channel. I worked as a massage therapist and alternative healing.
    Bob and Brad have the right techniques and have the greatest advice for posture alignment, therapeutics and Healing.
    Thank You for share your expertise and mastery in physical therapy.

  43. This video is a Godsend! I am glad I cam across this, been having pain, numbness and tingling in my shoulder, forearm and thumb and pointer finger. After doing these exercises/stretching I am playing softball and about to start lifting again.

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