TOP 3 EXERCISES FOR TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Pain/Disorder

TOP 3 EXERCISES FOR TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Pain/Disorder

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet hi I’m Bob Shrum physical therapist threatening physical therapy here we have the most famous physical therapist on the Internet in our opinion of course you should have a race to see how fast we can see that very good ok today we’re going to talk about top three exercises for TMJ temporal mandibular well disorders actually people call it TMJ and that’s actually TMJ is the joint it’s the name of the joint yeah and temporal mandibular disorders or what happens to it if there’s a problem right right so we just did a video on how to do a kind of a massage to the muscles around the joint that’s something to give you immediate relief right now if you’re trying to you know correct this for the long haul didn’t even want to do the exercises but don’t do these exercises and think well they didn’t work I don’t feel any better they’re going to it’s going to take a while for them to help right so a number of repetitions us will do contract and strengthen and make sure changes that are going to help very now the joint itself is right here if we pull it off here you can see shred pointing it up there how we look at Lani well he’s not saying anything that’s always bad wise not say anything oh yeah that looks pretty good sure all right and what I said we did the massages of the muscles around it but now we’re gonna do some exercises to help strength of that joint and to help put it in the right position sure okay so we’re first going to start off with Brad what you’re going to do is you’re the first exercise you can take your tongue and this is called the resting position it’s the right position putting your jaw in the right position you can take your tongue and you put it on a roof of your mouth behind the front teeth all right yep all right there it take a couple deep breaths with good posture by the way mm-hmm always good posture shoulders back head up and then go ahead and open your mouth six times with the tongue in that place okay I’ll do it from the profile okay we don’t need to do it I feel like a guppy yeah alright that’s the exercise number one the exercise number two is going to start strengthening the stabilizing the muscles okay so you take you two thumbs and put it underneath your chin and you’re going to push down like you’re opening the jaw but you’re not letting the jaw but you’re gonna push down I mean the jaw is pushing down the thumbs are pushing up okay so so I’m going to try and go but right you’re trying to be like yeah so the jobs going that way the fingers are pushing up so it’s an isometric yep six second hold six times don’t let your head come on like good posture at posture okay then you’re going to put your hand on the side and and you’re going to push on your jaw and not let it go out as y’all can go like this so one two three four five six but actually that the force is here now not up right on the bottom on it we call the mandible right so you could actually do it here to make sure you’re not I’m you could do the re but just for demonstration yeah I’m going to push that way my hands maintaining it another isometric and then we’re going to do the other side 1 2 or 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 ok the last three I’m it’s actually 1 but it’s what they’re all grouped into one are for posture Blee drop the position of your head neck and jaw really affect the TMJ sure if you have the head forward posture it is affecting your ability to swallow and it’s affecting the position of the TMJ and how it works right so you really want to work to the point where you’re getting your head you know your ears lined up with your shoulders your head straight up in alright your back basic posture posture that we’ve talked about many other nice so the first one they actually just takes your hands and make like a collar lock the fingers and then you’re holding the skin and then you’re bending forward like this and what that’s doing is it’s stretchy he’s stretching the muscles right here under the occiput here right where the hip neck meets the head so actually you can keep together bandages and foreign like that you feel that stretch up yeah okay the next one is chin tucks which we’ve done many times so yeah go ahead so it’s like you’re backing your head up and again you’re stretching this and you’re getting your neck and head into the right position right basic posture strong pressure off pressure on pusher ah like Brad always says it’s like someone’s throwing a pie in your face yeah you’re not going like this right you’re not going like this you’re going back right okay and the last one is shoulder squeezes which we’ve done a million times are putting your shoulders to bleeds together and trying to put them in your back pockets yep so I must have gotten a little high huh it’s amazing nothing I could heal on you raise the camera yeah so these pastoral exercises covers so many things as they do even jaw neck arms so if you’re having two key mkay problems try those things first you know those are things you can do yourself and then if you have troubles you know you want to see a dentist who’s you know trained in this orthodontist Tercel right right right they can make you splints and there’s pillows and all the things you’d like to avoid so maybe these are going to help and avoid that give this a try and I’ll link towards our last video here at the end of the one we did on massage so they all go together don’t they bless they do yep you agree all right dude all right thanks for watching that’s incredible Bob you could be a ventriloquist you

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  1. Thank you for this video! As a 20 year old who's almost a dental hygienist I love to learn about everything I possible can in dentistry. Now I can tell patients this and posible recommend your video and show them

  2. Thank you so much for doing these videos, both of you literally made me cry out of happines i.m being honest, great respect for both of you ! :,)

  3. Thank you so much for these quick tips.I really find it difficult, painful, and with noises to even just open my mouth and chew food and I've been suffering this for almost a month now. I've learned that it's called TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint disorder/ Temporomandibular Disorder from my research in the internet. I've been doing a lot of grinding my teeth while sleeping which I can clearly hear it and it's the number one symptom of having this disorder. Gladly I found your video! It's so helpful! Thanks!

  4. I Thank GOD, JESUS for leading me to your video Bob and Brad, I thought I was gonna go insane form the pain: five minutes "POOF" the pain stop!

  5. Thanks guys. BTW should one wear a bite plate just to be on the safe side? I get so stressed sometimes I become unaware what my jaw is doing.

  6. can TMJ case a blurred vision on one side? sometimes the message helps vision other times it does not. not sure if i'm just not getting all the muscles loose or if they are not related. Eye doc vision ok, regular doc says all blood work fine no indications of anything going on. I do have a history of bad pasture from sitting at desk for years. would this be a PT issue or dentist? thx

  7. Do you recommend doing each of the exercises 6 times/6 seconds? How many times a day do you recommend? Thank you.

  8. Bob and Brad…Thanks to the two of you for this video. I have another question. Should I work out at gym. Just signed up…and do not know if doing a weight lifting exercise made my TMJ worse. If so, are there any exercises I can do for upper body at gym that won't affect my TMJ in a negative way. …as I need to make my back and neck strong .

  9. I have suffered with TMJ fir over 10 years !! I know these exercises , but I never stuck with them.. I will try religiously to do them for at least a month and comment again.. thanks for including these exercises in your u tube videos !!

  10. A Proven Holistic 3-Step System
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  11. @physicaltherapyvideo I have personally experienced chronic TMJ disorder since 2012, i have learned way so generally maintain it, but these stretches are some fo the best that I have been able to find. This as well as the previous TMJ video. Can you guys do a video on Ear canal pressure Related to TMJ. My TMJD is so bad at times about 3-4 times a year my ear canal closes up due to the muscles contracting causing ear pressure and locks into place. Sometimes after I wake up it takes only 2min, sometimes it lasts for days, the worst time was 2 weeks. Thanks

  12. I used TMD splint for 3 months and now using a new one since Nov. 25th its been a month for my new splint. Do i need to start these exercises? Will it help in curing the ringing sounds in my ear?

  13. I really need someones Advice, from a few months now ive been suffering from a lot of ear pains and i found out i had something called glue ear and ETD so i would yawn and open my mouth widely and stretch my jaw harshly several times a day to help relieve the pressure and feeling of fullness in my ears for the last few months and my problems with glue ear and ETD eventually Cleared up however the ear pain was still there , it would either be an achy pain or sharp pains in and around my ears so I went back to the ENT Doctor and he told me that I possibly aggravated something in my jaw because of what I've been doing , does anyone know if the problem will go away on its own? As my problem is not too severe compared to other people with TMJ or any other related jaw problem, I only really feel pain in and around the ears and jaw joints and very slight pain when eating, I can still talk normally and don't feel any pain , it's also a pain that comes on goes several times a day but it's not constant , and I also feel my face and jaw is a bit stiff whenever I wake up in the morning and I feel more discomfort around the ears and jaw joints , can someone PLEASE help me out as I don't know if it's necessary for me to go to another specialist or will the problem just go away as it's not too severe ?

  14. So when I sleep with tmj should my teeth be touching/ should they be in a locked position or should I just keep my tongue touching the roof of my mouth behind the front teeth. Basically what I'm asking is what should a resting position of the jaw and teeth be?

  15. What I think to be my TMJ, for what you have told me. It is severe pain, and Tightness. I cant open my mouth as wide as I used to, I hurts to chew, I hurt to open my mouth to sing. I am in a band and it is important that I can do this. I have been doing the messages and the Exercises for awhile now. And I am still in that pain. What would you recommend next?

  16. Hello, I strongly believe that my TMJ disorder is related to my Cervical Dystonia (C5 to C6 to be exact). Any PT exercises to relieve that? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  17. 1 month in, seeing major improvement in fixing. Mistake i made at first was pushing jaw too hard while blocking. Once a day, it's simple but works! Do his jaw exercises after his jaw stretches guys!


  19. Woke up with some serious pain this morning, did these exercises and I already feel so much better, thank you! I'm not sure if you mentioned it but how often can I do these exercises a day?

  20. Wow, this is unbelievable, these exercises immediately helped me, I´ve had this problem for 13 years and no doctor could tell me what it was, they said I was making it up, eventually a psychiatrist told me I was crazy and making it up after asking for an x-ray on my chest (I had had a clavicle fracture) when he did not find anything he said it was all in my head and I gave up, recently I woke up and could not move my neck so I went to a maxilofacial specialist who finally told me about this, is insane the lack of knowledge doctors in Mexico have on this.

  21. Thank you for this video. I need to try both your TMJ pain relief video and this one. I have had such TMJ headaches for the past two weeks because I'm now on a weight gain regiment so I'm chewing a lot more throughout the day. You guys are great! My TMJ pain is more at night when I'm trying to sleep. No position seems to help the jaw, ear and temple pain. I tried laying on my back to sleep, but I've never been a back sleeper. Hard to get use to.

  22. Interestingly, doing the exercises in this video and your other TMJ video have cleared my blocked sinuses. How does that work?!

  23. Mine started when a dental assistant rubber dammed my mouth one week to fill the back lower right tooth and 8 days later dammed it again to fill the top back left tooth. The second time she had the dam clipped back so tightly it was pinching my lip and she left for 15 minutes and by the time she and the dentist came back, I was in tears from the pain. She adjusted the dam and the filling was done. When I walked out with things still frozen, I never realized how much it had affected the joint, particularly on the left. For the next six months, I had loud grinding and clicking every time I talked and chewed, it was hot and ached constantly and I started chewing on the right which was less pain than on the left, I had headaches all the time, and was not sleeping well. At times I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to put a spoonful of food into it, and I was nibbling little bites off the end of a spoon or fork, or poking food in with my finger. It wasn't until six months later, one day when I was purposefully attempting to open my mouth wider in an attempt to alleviate it, that I had a flashback to her telling me to open my mouth really wide, and saying wider as she tried to attached the rubber dam to poke that upper left tooth through it, and I realized that was when all the symptoms started. So I went to a massage therapist to glove up and go up into the muscles to loosen the tightness – the first time she put a small amount of pressure there, it brought immediate tears with severe pain, even though she was just pressing lightly and she said it was super tight on the left. After several treatments, it was 90% relieved. So beware dental dams, and if they absolutely have to use them, then get the TMJ and surrounding muscles attended to right away.

  24. Amazing, thank you, really helped.  I was just about to reach for the Advil and came across your videos.  Wish I could give you both a big hug.

  25. I have a TMJ problem from last 4 years. My right side of haw is locked. And when ever i tried any exercises its hurts more. I have visited many doctors and they obly give painkillers. Do u think i has a possibility to be treated

  26. I am suffering jaw pain.. it hurts so much when i open my mouth especially in the morning when i wake up. Its been 2 months already😭

  27. I just found you guys and i'm so thankful. I'm a mobile groomer so my body is always in weird positions and i'm usually sore in my upper body. Thanks for giving me tips and tricks to feel better!!!

  28. You guys are saving my life. I get debilitating ear pain from tmj problems that were made worse from childhood boxing. when it happens I can’t turn my neck, run, chew food, and I don’t want to talk. I have been having pain one to four times a month since I was 16 and am currently 22. I fear I will need a total tmj replacement as having a major surgery on my face haunts me. As an exercise science major, I understand it doesn’t happen over night but any workouts I can do to give me back these wasted days will be apart of my daily from now on. You guys made a difference, Thankyou.

  29. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Two days in doing this vid & the other one several times a day and I'm already feeling lots of relief 🙂

  30. Please help, I’ve always had issues with my jaw locking and clicking, but about 18 hours ago I bit into a soft sweet and felt an intense pain in one side of my jaw and it become stiff and painful to move from side to side, and also painful to clench my teeth or chew. I have tried anti inflammatory drugs, which have not helped at all they haven’t even alleviated the pain, I have tried hot and cold compresses and also many many massages. Nothing is happening and all I can eat is soup because I cannot chew. Please help it’s been nearly 24 hours and I don’t know what to do!

  31. Thank you for this video I plan to begin these exercises regularly. I have this so bad that my face shape and structure has completely changed since it has began over 5 years ago. Request for a video on sleeping positions and all advice, pillow position flat raised, no pillow at all maybe etc. that can help? I have been trying to sleep on my back with jaw in natural rested state on a flat pillow (totally uncomfortable) but ofcourse I flip flop and move while I'm asleep and wake up on my side in pain with a headache. So any sleep hygiene tips for TMJ sufferers would be really really great. This truly is a wretched disorder with all the referred pain that comes with it. But shall remain positive! Thanks so much to you both! I love your videos and upbeat helpful attitudes on some really serious pain/discomfort issues – a few videos have even helped my family members as well. Thanks again, Take care ☺

  32. I just did the chin tuck and my right arm started feeling weird (I want to say numb, but I'm not sure…), is this a problem?

  33. Being a near-sighted writer who sometimes spends sixteen hours a day at the computer, I know exactly WHY I have so much TMJ trouble. Thanks for these exercises. It’s been so bad lately that I don’t like to wear the splint the dentist gave me. It just makes my teeth ache. Something that’s helped me is sleeping without a pillow. I’m a back sleeper and when I sleep without a pillow I think it keeps my head back more during the night, giving it a break from all that “turtling” at the computer. Thanks guys. I’ll be trying these (and the massage in the other video is wonderful).

  34. It sounds like sand between rocks grinding when I eat. Not sure what to do. And constant clicking opening and closing my mouth.

  35. I have a question: how many times a day do I do this for? I went to a TMJ specialist for the first time last month and he said my TMJD is really serious. Even though I don’t get much pain at all. Just the physical deformity of having a square chubby jaw and clicking in both sides of the jaw joint. Should I stop if I’m start to develop pain in one side

  36. This happened to me after having dental surgery (bone graft). I got an infection in my gums and the graft was removed. I was trying to get a couple of teeth implants. After three weeks I still have intense pain in my jaw. Looking for relief of this pain.

  37. i have an overbite and ive been advised to get braces which is supposed to help with tmd… would love to know what you guys think? if i should do it

  38. Thanks so much guys. My pain was getting extremely bad and I'm amazed I feel so much better already. Thanks for giving me hope I can manage this pain 😊

  39. Thanks for the advice 😃I have such bad TMJ and I didn’t know that so many people have it too! It helps with the irritating pain, popping and locking

  40. Thank you for clearing that up. As a dental hygienist, people tell me daily that they have TMJ when their jaws crack or click. I’ve given up correcting some people 😂

  41. 3 years spent in hell with this jaw pain (which involved not only jaw but whole left side of my face). 2 times a day did these exercises. On 5th day i was moving my jaw just to get any kind of pain relief and suddenly my jaw made some sound, like it got back to it’s original place. And after that all pain was gone!!! (not instantly, but in 3-5 hours). And i went to all kinds of doctors, everyone said that my jaw was ok, and that problem should be in tooth/eye etc…
    God bless you, i can’t thank you more! Now i can live without being distracted with this unbearable pain! Ignore other content people, i tried many other exercises. These are most effective!!!

  42. this is relative to bruxism, I clench my teeth all the time and it's bad for my teeth, the enmel gets worn out and I have constant tooth cavities and constant tooth pains.

  43. I suggest this TMJ treatment to all my patients who`ve got TMJ . I have to inform you that most my own patients come back astonished with how much greater they feel through following the instructions in this program. I have found this program to be way more valuable than all the materials I have accumulated..

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