1. Hey chris, I've just started calisthenics (working on front lever with bands do pull ups daily, and a couple beachbody workouts. Finally took nutrition seriously too. I've lost 30lbs in a healthy controlled long term way. Just wondering if you know how long before I start burning the fat off my abs (I have a couple showing up top). everything else is looking lean, is that when lower abs start burning fat? Also how do you eat? like 85% clean? Also do you run at all?

  2. Thanks Chris i'm up for this as i be 48 this year I will be doing some form of progression myself. This video will help me out more thanks again.

  3. Can you do the explosive leg raises coupled with L-sit pull ups? Also, I am having trouble not death gripping the bar, which is not allowing me to turnover my hands. Is there a drill that I can do to turnover the hands? I can do negative muscle ups with great control, but death grip it also.

  4. Your videos are really exiting and challenging. Subscribed 4 your channel. Will try the exercises and will go for my progress. I hope:)
    Thanks for inspiring 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  5. Who's giving thumbs down? This guy is amazing!!! Great teacher. When I'm watching this, know, can do it myself, without any questions. Chris You ROCK!!!

  6. I have never seen anyone explain things better than this man
    He can explain anything to anyone great teacher
    Subscribed for life
    Thanks man for the inspiration

  7. I would like to know that do u only use bar to build your muscle ? I will be appreciated if u reply my question ! Btw i always love ur vids !

    Ps.sorry for bad grammar

  8. thanks dude it really helped me i can do a clean muscle up with 5 kg weight thanks dude you are the best 🙂

  9. Tried this routine today. I'm weightlifting for almost three years, and i thought I can easily do all this exercises and eventually master muscle ups, and i was so wrong) This routine turned up really challenging for me .Today I have found out that my muscles are absolutely not ready for bodyweight exercises (never done it before). I can only do 6-7 negative muscle ups, 10-12 seconds of explosive leg raises, 4-5 L-sit pull ups and 10-12 jumping muscle ups in a row, that's not what i expected) but I feel how this exercises hit right in the weak places of my body and I know that i'm getting stronger!) Thanks a lot!)

  10. Hi guys, i'm a beginner and i want to start training to do the muscle up, i decided to buy a resistant band but i don't know which band i should choose, the one that is more resistant or the one less resistant, can anyone help me, please?

  11. Very good workout! I've been trying to muscle up for about a month now, and since I did this workout only once 2 days ago, I really felt the difference! Been able to muscle up much easier. I strongly recommend.

  12. come on none of those leg raises where effective they where swinging and you where halfassing them by going half way if your gonna do them do them properly and stop showing shitty progressions for a muscle up without explaining the technique behind them and it would be easier to learn them on the rings at the some time its easier then just doing on a bar but also hard because you have to stabilize the rings and its all in the wrist you need to get your wrists on top of the bar before you move your shoulders can get up

  13. That is a tough exercise combination. I do a muscle up in order to do my negatives. Even one round wore me out. I did not want to do my weighted lunges after the first round.

  14. After 1 week I can only get 3/4 of the way through the routine.
    I examined it and came out with this fact for total numbers.
    10 muscle up with negatives on the way down
    1 muscle up with 20 straight bar dips
    15 muscle ups.
    Total muscle ups= 26 muscle up
    10 negative component
    20 straight bar dips
    10 L shaped pull ups waist to bar
    15 leg extensions
    1 round done
    4 rounds equal
    104 muscle ups.
    40 negative components
    80 straight bar dips
    40 L shaped pull ups waist to bar
    60 leg extensions
    Great work out once finished

  15. Did my first beginner muscle up today i can do 8 pull ups, started 3 weeks ago with calisthenics and could do only 3 pull ups! 3 sets of jumping muscle ups, 3 sets of 4 weighted pull ups and 3 sets of 5 weighted dips. Is my routine

  16. 6 months later i got my 3 muscle-ups in perfect form (hands and lats only) and another 6 muscle-ups with a slight legs kick.
    Thanks Chris

  17. Am I the only one that thinks chris is a little more pudgy than everyone else? He always looks a little more flabby than the others. Creatine or too much salt maybe?

  18. So I went to the website to have a look what the workouts look like, where the hell are they? do you have to be a member to get the workouts?

  19. MAN your channel and Freeletcis helped me to stay in the fitness life. Thank you so much Calisthenics is now a part of my life i think im doing bodyweight fitness for 5 month now and i found out about calisthenics 3 weeks ago. big love to you!

  20. Quality videos ever since. Still can’t muscle up but the belief is strong as ever! Thank you so much for your efforts and motivation, Chris and the ThenX family!!

  21. Man, thanks to this workout I did my first muscle-up today (two in a row!) 😐
    It took me exactly 3 workouts to succeed, I was prepared for at least a month or two of hard work.
    I did only 2 sets of this routine (4 sets were too much for me) every workout.
    At the beginning of each workout I also did muscle-ups with resistance band to "taste" the full movement, was surprised that I could do them at all honestly 😅
    Of course, I am far from really MASTERING the muscle-up yet, but now I feel like so much more possibilities opened up for me after this little achievement.
    Huge thanks, Chris 👏
    Keep being the be(a)st! 💪

  22. I used to think explosive leg raises were just a way to cheat controlled slow leg raises, but now im learning that that’s the reason I can’t L sit pull-up or do more than 3 muscle ups. If I can’t control explosive momentum, how would I ever stop my legs from swinging everywhere? Thanks Chris.

  23. I tried to do muscle ups today and failed. I'm going to practice these exercises to eventually get strong enough to complete them. Thanks for the tips.

  24. THIS IS WAAY TO MUCH VOLUME! Unless you already can do the muscle up.
    Decrease reps and time with 1/3 and do 3 sets or 2 sets. There you go.

  25. Should i be aiming to relax my scapula at bottom of my L sit pull-up, kind of how you do at the bottom of a scapula pull-up? I feel that that is the hard part of the L sit pull-up because you have to keep your legs from falling down and forward. These guys look like their backs are flexing the whole time which isn’t what you do in a normal hanging L sit, which is what you’re supposed to be doing the whole time, except you’re adding some full ROM pull-ups.

  26. At 4:40 the guy on the right is doing a L-Sit Pull Up and gets sooooooo freaking high (this is without any help from the magic button as you call it). I'm in awe….

  27. Confused here…if u do negative muscle up u hold your thumb above the bar. ( below is way harder)
    But in muscle up the thumb is below bar a

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