Top 5 QL Stretches (Quadratus Lumborum) – Ask Doctor Jo

Top 5 QL Stretches (Quadratus Lumborum) – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s DoctorJo and QL Remy,
and today I’m going to show you my top 5 ql stretches for back pain. so let’s get
started. so the first stretch you want to get into the butterfly position. so the butterfly
position is when you put your feet together out in front of you knees are
out to the side and depending on how much flexibility you have, you can bring
your feet in. so if you have tight groin muscles this might be a little
difficult. so you just get into a comfortable position, then the side that
you want to stretch, so if it was my left side I’m gonna take my left hand and
bring it up and over, and then take my right hand and kind of push down and
through. and so I’m just gonna kind of stretch this way that I should feel that
stretch kind of right in through here. some people like to kind of push down on
the opposite knee to get a stretch, but I personally like almost like you’re
taking a big ball and you’re just kind of rolling it through. so you’re going up
and over and pushing through and I get a really really good stretch with that. so
since it’s a full stretch, you want to hold it for 30 seconds and do it three
times. so if you just have one side that’s hurting, I would still stretch
both sides just because you want to keep everything balanced. and I also if I do
both sides, I like to alternate back and forth. you don’t have to you can do them
all on one side and then switch, but a lot of times if you’re alternating back
and forth it gives the other side a little bit of a break. so then the next
stretch you’re gonna take your leg that you want to stretch, so I’m just gonna
switch now so you can kind of see. so if I wanted to stretch my right side, I’m
gonna put my right leg out and so just kind of out at an angle maybe that 45
degree angle or if you are gonna do a split with your leg, and then so it’s
still kind of the same concept. so now I’m gonna bring my arm up here because I
want to stretch this side, and then I’m leaning over. and again a lot of people
kind of like to push down on that knee so you can push with your arm if you
have a little more flexibility, or you can just kind of push with your hand and
just kind of get that stretch all the way down. so I’m feeling that stretch all
the way kind of in that low side of the back and that’s where that QL or that quadratus lumborum is. and that muscle a
lot of times people forget about, but it has a lot to do with back pain. so again
30 seconds pushing down on that opposite knee getting that stretch holding it
30 seconds, doing that three times on each side. so you can also do kind of a
little bit of a change modification with this one. so you’re still in the same
position where you’re got one knee bent and the other one out, and so this time
when you come up you’re gonna rotate your whole body over to really get that
extra stretch. so I’m bringing my arm up, and I’m turning my body almost like I’m
pointing over to the opposite side. so arm up, rotate over, bring down. and I’m
really getting that nice big stretch through there, and so even though it’s
kind of hard to do, you can just do a small stretch. if that’s not too hard
then you can come back up and then go back over a little bit further. so you
can modify it a little bit and even if you just kind of turn without going down
you might feel a little bit of a stretch with that as well. so 30 seconds, 3 times
on each side. so the next stretch is going to get you in a little bit of a
tougher position. so if you have other aches and pains, injuries, this might be a
tough one to do, but you can definitely give it a try. so what you want to try
and get in the position of is a hip at 90 knee at 90 position kind of front and
back. so you’re gonna kind of bring one knee in the front so 90, 90 kind of thing
and then the other one in the back 90, 90. now this is going to be really
uncomfortable for some people, so if you can’t do this, that’s okay.the front one
is the one that’s a little bit more important to do and then again you’re
just going to take that arm kind of up and over while you’re just kind of
pushing this one through or maybe just holding that side a little bit, and then
just stretching over into that stretch. and you’re just going to get that nice
QL back stretch right there. so again holding for 30 seconds doing that 3
times. if you want to come back over and
stretch that way you can, but make sure that you’re stretching or switching your
feet as well. so then I’m coming up this way 90 90 and that one 90 90 in the back
and then stretching over this way. so I’m getting that nice stretch along the side
in the lower back and make sure you know again you’re not stressing anything out
in your legs while you’re trying to stretch out your back. so the last one is
going to be lying on your side. this is one of my favorites to stretch out the
QL just because it’s kind of easy to do. the other one sometimes it’s a little
bit of a hard position to get into, but all you’re gonna do is just kind of lie
on your side. it’s almost like you’re going into a side plank but you’re not
because you want to keep your hips down so it’s not coming up into a side plank.
keeping those hips down, keeping your body at that kind of perpendicular
position, and then you’re just going to push up. if you’re in this position right
here and you have a tight QL or that quadratic quadratus lumborum hard to say,
you might be feeling a stretch here, but to get even more of a stretch kind of
push up even more, and I’m feeling a big strong stretch right through there. and I
don’t even have a tight QL so again this might be enough stretch for you where
I’m just pushing that upper body up, but keeping those hips down everything in
that perpendicular position, or if I want a little bit more I can push all the way
up getting that nice stretch. and so this one’s just a little bit easier to do
because you have the floor to help you out, but again holding it for 30 seconds
doing that three times on both sides. if you can so there you have it those were
my top 5 ql stretches for back pain. if you like to help support my channel, make
sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe,
Where, Remy? right over there. and remember be safe have fun and I hope you
feel better soon.

20 Replies to “Top 5 QL Stretches (Quadratus Lumborum) – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. THANK YOUU… my ql been hurting for so long and I was limited on everything…this the only vid that has helped me

  2. thank you so much! i have severe back right pain and your tips help me a little bit. keep up the good work. XOXO

  3. I made a few not-so-smart exercise choices over the past couple of months, and, as such, I had terrible back pain that ran across my hip into my groin and down my thigh. The pain ranged from bad to terrible for over a month, often bordering on excruciating. My doctor ruled out arthritis and recommended physical therapy. Since I knew that was going to be crazy expensive, I took matters into my own hands and began researching what may be wrong, hoping that I had not done irreparable damage. I found a site about the QL muscle, and I had seven of the seven symptoms that could occur if one were having issues with the muscle. I knew immediately that I had diagnosed the issue. My sister found Doctor Jo on YouTube and shared the video with me, and after just one viewing, I felt better than I had in over a month. I have continued to perform the stretches daily for over a week, and my pain is gone! The stretches seem so benign as you do them, but they really release everything they need to in order to have a pain-free body. And as an added bonus, Doctor Jo seems super cool and nice. She certainly knows what she's doing, and I thank her for giving me back a pain-free existence. THANK YOU DOCTOR JO!!!!

  4. can you tell me what can be cause if patient just feel pain in morning in l5 s1 region only after standing for 20 mins , after that she don,t feel pain whole day and her pain increased with quadratus lumborum activation?

  5. How can I tell if the QL is tight or over stretched? Thanks for sharing. I’m new here and will try these.

    Edit: maybe 5:43 would be an indicator?

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