Top 5 Strongest Players in NBA History

Top 5 Strongest Players in NBA History

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  1. You look like the guy from Hostel who invited the American dudes to Ukraine or wherever foreigners are from.

  2. Karl Malone was a strong motherfucker but he was never ever 4.8% bodyfat , at this point he’d be insanely ripped look up 5% bodyfat to compare

  3. would of love to see wilt against shaq. actually i dont think wilt faced as many big man as shaq did in his career. Yao, Olajuwon, Mutombo, Ben Wallace, David Robinson, Mourning, Big Country, Patrick Ewing, Rick Smith, Sabonis Yes Sabonis, Seikley, all this guys where big and thats not counting all the PF that took turns on him. Wilt had who Russell and Kareem? Wilt would still dominated but would of definitely gotten slowed down by a lot. He wouldnt avg no 50pts. Maybe 30 but def not 50….

  4. Great video but mutombo was a lot older when Shaq faced him and Wallace was im his prime…other than that I love the video

  5. That's a good top 5 list. If this list was a top 10, maybe players like Dennis Rodman, David Robinson, Kevin Willis, Alonzo Mourning and Anthony Mason would be on it.

  6. This isn't pound for pound the strongest. This video is about the strongest players. Yao Ming should be here. Ask Shaq.

  7. Andre the giant was 7'4 when he took picture with wilt 7'1 wilt was taller no cap look at the pic wilt was maybe 7'5

  8. Rick Mahorn Charles Barkley said of all the players he played Rick mahorn by far was the strongest player he ever played against

  9. Not a bad list but subjective. Walter Bellamy was a beast and don't forget Mighty Mo….Maurice Stokes. Before the head injury, he was destroying people with sheer strength. Dude hit his head on the backboard.

  10. Nate Thurmond- a name seemingly lost to history- was Wilt's 2nd most successful opponent vs WIlt; the only man who really slowed him Was Bill Russell- Gilmore I think was grossly overrated; Dawkins was not "level I"- Akeem was awesome, of course Kareem- but in their peaks- I think Russell would have slowed Kareem the most- Kareem also was a "true student athlete" at UCLA-I was in medical academia and part of admissions to Medical School and Biomedical PHD programs- another school with best "correlation data " on "toughest undergrad schools" CONTAINED UCLA! Also, on "Wheel of fortune" Kareem was guest partner with little lady-they won, but bonus round, top 4 blanks, 2nd level 4 blanks, spot 2 "L" bottom spot 4 "R"- Pat thought impossible-under 5 seconds, Kareem cooly said correct answer "PLAY FAIR"! Very intelligent man-I have heard he graduated with highest honors from UCLA in PHILOSOPHY

  11. LeBron I think might weigh same as Barkley, but their body fat % is different, I think if LeBron had Barkley % body fat he might be close to 300

  12. More than 50 years after his prime and their has not been another NBA player who could match his speed, strength, stamina and size. Give him today's modern weight training and medicine and he would be a even bigger monster. Wilt was like secretariat in 73 triple crown, nothing like him before or since. If a young 7ft 1 plus, 290 pound Wilt was not best center and probably player in 2019 NBA I would be shocked. As a Celtic fan I know he would easily beat out any of our scrub big men including horford if still on team. ….I wouldve loved to have seen lbj or mj try to dunk on wilt…I think he would've destroyed them if he wanted to or at least blocked their shot. He was that big, that good and that strong….those guys are my top 3 NBA athletes with Wilt at the top ….I know mj and lbj would've brought the best out of him.

  13. Andrian Dantley was very powerful for his size. Lebron James is probably as powerful as Karl Malone. But your five was decent.

  14. Karl Malone slept with a 13 year old girl when he was 20 and got her pregnant. Then he basically shun out his kid. Basically disowned him. Then tried to ring chase and join lakers and try to hit on Kobe wife. What a fucking scum back. Glad he never won a ring.

  15. Wilt Chamberlain was the strongest NBA player without a doubt. He was the most dominant in the NBA and was one of the greatest athletes ever.

  16. How did you come up with this stuff. Just because you're big, doesn't mean you're strong. Kevin Willis from the Rockets benched 400 lbs.

  17. Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest basketball player of all time! Their is no argument that makes any sense to the facts of Wilt's dominance.

  18. wilt didn't have a shaq when he played nor did shaq have a wilt . we will never know. even though wilt was " claimed to have bench press 500 pounds that doesn't mean he was overall stronger than shaq , on the contrary shaq was overall stronger and had more competition than wilt.

  19. Shaq could "only" bench press 450 or 460lbs lol is that all? Charles Oakley, Orlando Woolridge , and big baby were some strong dudes too

  20. Wilt is the strongest player. Wallace was not who gave Shaq the most issues in his career and the playoffs. Hakeem did and Ming. Also Oliver Miller gave Shaq issues, but his career fell apart. Very few players could give Shaq issues.

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