Hey, everyone! Hey! Today together with Katerina we’ll show you a routine. Well, actually Katerina will show us a routine which we can use in Olympic weightlifting Before or after the workout? Actually, stretching is an important thing to speed up muscle recovery after the workout. That’s why we always do it after the workout – it’s obligatory. Moreover it helps to improve your joint mobility muscle flexibility that help to improve the amplitude during the workout. Wow That’s why you can do that way too. 6 exercises? I think yes. Basic? We start with the first exercise. We start with the lower body Kateryna will show how to do it right. I’ll show how a weightlifter does that. It’ll be a bit different… two different worlds. One of the most problematic parts of the body which may suffer from soreness quite often thighs so, what should we do to stretch it: Sit on something you can do it on the floor, but bench would be more convenient because it’s easier to keep your pelvis in the right position. Keep your knee straight. Inhale exhale and incline forward. And pull yourself as close as you can to your leg. You will feel nice, wonderful feelings in your thighs. Your knee should be straight and pull your pelvis back a little bit. Like you want to pick your glutes up. Otherwise, you’ll feel the lower back if your pelvis will be rolled up. But not your famoral biceps. Let’s try? As far as I understand… in this exercise we stretch till we hear the specific “click” in the lower back. Till you scream. Always work in your “comfort” zone. Because if you feel sharp pain – you should stop. Hold the bench. Pull yourself closer. Well, it’s quite enough for me. If your bodyweight is not enough – pull yourself closer using your hands. How long should we do it and how many sets? If we are doing it after the workout in order to improve the recovery process 10-15 seconds would be enough If we are doing it in order to improve the flexibility 30 seconds, 3 sets Tell me please, should it be dynamic move or static? After the workout – static stretching works better for us. I.e., when we pull ourselves closer and hold it. Because you cool down, calm down, lower your heart rate. Well, I feel tension here And lower back Or it shouldn’t be this way? No, that’s fine. First, because you’re trying to pull your pelvis back. Second, is the femoral biceps attached under the knee. Okay. Alternate? One leg. Then another leg, right? I think we can do for one leg first, You can hold 30 seconds – one leg Relax a little bit. Then once again – hold 30 seconds. Relax. 3rd set And alternate. Okay. Exercise #2. Than we continue with our gluteus maximus. I think in Olympic weightlifting…like no other sports these muscles work actively. So, we we’re doing.. Sit on the corner. You can do it on the floor, but it’s not always convenient to put your pelvis in the right position. That’s why when you have any height you can turn your pelvis to turn your iliac crests forward Inhale. And lower down slowly while exhale. And pull yourself closer. If you feel it’s not enough move your heel forward more. And meditation – 30 seconds. Okay, we’re leaving! And the same leg, right? Yes, let’s do it with the same leg. Stand up to have another leg aweigh. Like this. And this leg – backwards. So, I should sit on one leg which I’m stretching, right? Yes, ilium – forward. And lower down to your leg. Oh, right down? Fine! I wonder, will I make it to the exercese #6? Alex, it’ll be easier if you will lower this leg down to the corner. Actually, if this bench was wider and your heel was fixated it would have been much more convenient. Do you feel it? Well, in this exercise I feel a bit better probably. Yes, I feel gluteus maximus is stretching. You can do this exercise on the floor. I think this option is better for me. The more we move the heel forward the more we’ll feel the extension. Imortant: iliac crests should be on one line. You don’t mislaid on one side but keep them on one line, and your shoulders too. There should be a feeling like you are trying to cover the heel by this part. Lower down. And then put your elbows down. Yes, it feels better. Better than on a bench. Maybe because not everyone has a bench in the gym, but the floor can be found anywhere. Well, it depends. You can choose the option which works for you. Because some people have knee issues in this case it’s not so convenient to take this position on the floor. Someone will feel uncomfortable when directing their pelvis forward here. Always look for the similar options with the equipment you have. Please tell us how long. Well, actually the same. In general, the same for all the exercises. If you want to relax the muscles renew it’s functionality 15 seconds to improve mobility 30 seconds 3-4 sets would be enough 1 minute is also fine What I have noticed while doing this exercise at the training sessions after I stretch gluteus maximus I feel relief in the lower back and legs. Sure, everything is connected. As I’ve heard an explanation there’s a knot. And if you unleash it you unleash everything else automatically. Awesome! Higher mathmetics! Next: inner thigh. It’s more convenient to put your leg on a small height. Turn your pelvis forward the heel can be turned inside also, or sideward. Depends on you. Inhale, and incline forward while exhale. Bend your knee to feel your inner thigh stretching. You can unbend it a few times. Hold your pelvis. Incline. Now, try to bend this knee. I feel it here. Yes, inner thigh. Move forward and backward to find those angles that help to stretch more. You can try to turn the knee outward. How it feels? Do you feel like a gymnast? Okay.. Next. Calfs. It’s convenient stetch when you lean against wall, with on leg forward. Bent the rear leg, and the back leg should be on the floor. And we lean forward. Which leg should be moved forward? Let it be your right leg. We stretch the muscles of your back leg. Try to hold your heel on the floor. And shift your own weight forward. I can also do this way, right? You can, you can also lean towards wall. 15-30 seconds, right? Yes, 15 seconds – enough. Bend your knee of your front foot. And shift your weight forward. So, my main task: to hold the heel on the wall. Or, you can hold it aweigh first and direct it towards floor. Our task in stretching is: to distance the muscle (which should be stretched) attechment sites. In classical stretch. That’s why we’re trying to extend the muscle while lowering down the heel. A very good exercise for hip mobility is a well-known “butterfly”. When you hold your ankles and push your legs downward. Target: hip mobility. For those who struggle to keep their back straight you can lean on the wall. Lean on the wall and pull your feet towards your pelvis. And pull your legs to your pelvis as close as you can and try to press your knees towards the floor. How about this exercise? This position. To stretch quads? yes I don’t really like it, because people who have some knee joint problems not always feel comfortable to stretch in this position. Plus, if you lay down you may feel uncomfortable with your lower back. yes So, if the option we’ve shown is not available you can do the same on your belly. and move your leg toward the hip. And it’s better to have someone who can press here? Well, actually when you have a partner you can relax more. Okay. What about this one? If you have good lower back mobility to pull your pelvis back Then it’s a good exercise. It improves hip mobility and groin and inner thighs. Sit down. Pull your pelvis back. Like you’re pulling the pubic bone under. Inhale Exhale…straight back incline. Also, till you hear that “click”. Well, maybe. Lower. Actually, there were the times when I did stretching… In fact, Alex has a very good flexibility. If you have a partner who can help in this position you can hold your hands on the chest Do it. I’ll help you. Incline. Inhale. Try to relax while exhale. And the partner helps you to incline forward. And the same when a partner fixates your legs. Yes, when a partner fixates the leg position. What I’d like to say Regardless of which exercise you will choose and which exercise will be comfortable for you of course, it’s better to choose less comfortable ones as you’ll benefit more after doing these exercise. It’s important to do stretching. Do the cool down which improves joint mobility fasten recovery metabolism, etc. I consider it’s important, especially for such sport as Olympic weightlifting. Sport connected with heavy weight because you should take the right position in space when lifting weight. The better mobility and flexibility you have the more angles are available for you. And you’ll work on the muscles you need. But not what you involve into work accidentally. It’ll help to progress faster. Improve yourself! Bye!

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