Top 9 Foods High In Protein (Build Muscle/Lose Fat)

Top 9 Foods High In Protein (Build Muscle/Lose Fat)

working out is necessary to grow muscle
but if you’re not eating the right foods then nothing worthwhile is going to
happen diet is fundamental for adding muscle to your frame as it gives your
body the fuel it requires to repair muscle tissue after you’ve broken it
down protein specifically triggers protein synthesis through the mTOR
pathway and helps you recover from your workouts so with that being said here
are nine fantastic sources of protein you can include in your diet
beef is synonymous with the very thought of food that helps you build muscle beef
is rich in iron zinc nice and phosphorous B vitamins as well as
creatine grass-fed beef in particular has a good ratio of saturated
monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats but the main reason why beef is so good
is because it has all nine essential amino acids and is particularly high in
leucine which is the amino acid directly responsible for protein synthesis beef
also has creatine and it’s one of the natural foods which has the highest
amounts of it and when creatine is taken as a supplement it helps you perform
better in the gym get in a few extra reps and it gives you more energy by
increasing something called adenosine triphosphate or for short
ATP number two is Greek yogurt Greek yogurt typically has more protein than
normal yogurt due to the straining process involved in making it Greek
yogurt is a decent source of calcium protein of course as well as zinc B
vitamins potassium phosphorus and as well as healthy bacteria otherwise known
as probiotics the good thing about Greek yogurt is that it’s also low in lactose
which makes it a better choice if you’re lactose intolerant Greek yogurt also has
more caffeine protein which is a slower digesting protein meaning it can be a
good option before you go to bed just as a note many cheaper brands of
so-called Greek yogurt often add an extra sugar sometimes it’s not even real
Greek yogurt so just make sure you’re buying the real deal when you buy it
just to avoid extra excess sugar you know you know you want to be buying
what you think you’re buying number three is a canned tuna
now canned tuna or salmon or chicken for that matter it’s not the healthiest
source of these foods you know canned tuna there are some claims that BPA in
the lining of the metal and the can is bad for you you know obviously getting
fresh tuna or fresh salmon is gonna be a better idea than buying it canned but
the reason I’ve included it here is because it’s extremely cheap so if
you’re on a budget and you need a good quality protein source and you don’t
have much money to spend on grass-fed beef for example then canned tuna can be
a great option it’s versatile you can use it for your sandwiches you can just
quickly put it with some vegetables in a bowl and make a quick meal so it is
worthwhile putting it on this list just because it’s so inexpensive tuna and
salmon are also fairly high in the fatty acid omega-3 that has DHA and EPA which
may although it’s still in debate have several benefits for the heart joint
health and brain health so canned tuna is definitely a good
option especially if you’re on a budget but if you’re not on a budget then it’s
better to buy these fish fresh so number four is cottage cheese cottage cheese
like Greek yogurt is high in kassing protein so let me explain the logic
behind slower digesting protein and a bit more depth basically what this does
is increase amino acid levels for a longer period of time if you go to bed
your body is going to switch to a catabolic state at some point which is a
state where your body is breaking down muscle so if you consume casein protein
your body’s amino acid levels are going to be increased for a more gradual and
prolonged period of time and therefore the theory is that you’re going to be
able to preserve more muscle and build more muscle during your sleep now there
is some evidence to support this rationale however the difference this
would make a long term if you were getting all your protein from Cassie
Norway would not really make any significant difference but if you can
eat it before bed then why not a really good option is to combine Greek yogurt
with cottage cheese and then add something like blueberries or
strawberries to the mix because plain cottage cheese kind of tastes
disgusting to be honest so it’s a mean obviously taste is subjective but for
most people mixing it with some Greek yogurt and some fruit is gonna be a good
option just to give it some flavor so number five is chicken chicken is a
really really good option if you’re trying to keep your calories low as
chicken breast skinless boneless chicken breast is very low in fat high in
protein and very low in calories so if you’re trying to find a relatively cheap
and very high protein source without the extra calories in fat then chicken is a
really good option it’s not that fat is bad for you but sometimes you just want
a meal that’s higher in protein and low in calories chicken is also very high in
iron vitamin b2 zinc selenium and the list really does go on furthermore
chicken is relatively easy to digest so chicken over the years has been a staple
and the classic bodybuilding diet you know rice broccoli and chicken and for
good reason it’s a good protein source and you really can’t go wrong with
chicken so weight protein is a very common supplement taken within the
fitness world as it helps increase protein synthesis and promotes muscle
growth and it helps with fat loss so typically protein shakes are very
very low in calories giving you around 25 grams of protein with one scoop which
is usually around 150 calories when mixed with water so whey protein comes
from milk milk is made of two proteins casein and whey
so whey is separated from the casein and milk and it’s turned into these protein
powder supplements you see everywhere it contains all the essential amino acids
and despite it originally coming from milk it’s low in lactose which makes it
a great choice if you’re lactose intolerant there are lots of different
kinds of protein powder like concentrate and isolate and to be honest with you it
doesn’t really matter overall it doesn’t matter which one you
take all you should just focus on is the total amount of protein you’re consuming
for the day and yeah you don’t really have to overthink much more than that
there’s no point so number seven is P protein powder so P protein is one of
the best plant-based alternatives to whey protein P protein has a good
micronutrient profile to include things like manganese folate phosphorus
B vitamins 6 and 2 and more but the reason people teen tends to be a good
alternative to weight is because it’s nearly a complete protein some people
claim it is a complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids
however it is deficient in certain amino acids which is why it’s generally not
recommended as a good sole source of protein however if you mix pea protein
with rice protein at a 70/30 ratio respectively then you can get a similar
amino acid ratio to whey protein making it a really good alternative to animal
protein if you’re vegetarian vegan or if you’re just eating mostly plant-based
foods number eight is peanut butter so peanut butter is a smooth buttery
paste made from the legume peanuts it’s high in fat and protein which makes it a
good snack for you guys if you want to increase your fat intake from a decent
source as well as your protein intake be careful not to get the fake peanut
butter which is very high in sugar even if it says natural or 100% natural on
the container it’s still important to check the back just to be sure you’re
actually buying what you think you’re being marketed so peanut butter is a
great option for meal replacement shakes so you can get some of your whey protein
you can get some milk you can get some oats and you can put some peanut butter
in the shake blend it up and you have a good ratio of carbs fat and protein and
that’s a nice meal replacement so peanut butter is great on desserts and overall
it can just be eaten out of the container as well if you want alright so
lucky lost number 9 eggs eggs contain beneficial nutrients like vitamin D b12
a selenium of phosphorus brain boosting colon and a number of others making eggs
an ideal food for humans both egg yolk and white have good quality protein with
9 essential amino acids so eggs are also very high and leucine and if you
remember from number one leucine is important for protein synthesis eggs
also typically quite cheap as well as being tasty making them a great
inexpensive source of quality protein on a budget the egg yolk is abundant in a
variety of fats such as saturated monounsaturated fat as well as some
polyunsaturated fat all which is in a good ratio for hormonal health like
increasing testosterone eggs are also high in cholesterol which
research has shown isn’t something you really need to be concerned about the
reason I’m mentioning cholesterol is because whole eggs increase protein
synthesis post-workout more than egg whites even when protein is matched and
that’s because some research has shown that cholesterol is directly responsible
for helping to increase protein synthesis omega-3 enriched eggs may even
be a better option if you can get your hands on them because omega-3 has also
been shown to increase protein synthesis so to conclude guys there are a lot of
foods out there high in protein but these are some of the foods which are
high and leucine are very easy to find relatively cheap so this is why I’ve put
them on this list of the top nine high protein foods you can eat
although protein is necessary for muscle growth it isn’t the only fact that you
should consider when deciding whether or foot is good for building muscle
why because consuming a mixture of fat carbs and protein as well as a variety
of micronutrients is gonna be key for most people not all to optimize muscle
growth performance and overall health and a sustainable way long term okay
guys so remember one of the most important factors is to actually work
out because if you’re not lifting weights then your body’s not going to
magically turn protein shake and to a bigger bicep for you guys or a nicer ask
for you for you girls alright guys so there we go the top nine high protein
foods you should be eating beef Greek yogurt canned tuna cottage cheese
chicken whey protein powder P protein powder peanut butter and eggs as always
thank you so much for watching the channel I really appreciate it
I absolutely loved it when you guys engage with each other and comment down
below so leave your thoughts in the comment section down below and I’ll see
you guys in the next video peace out you

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  1. what about the link between meats dairy eggs etc and cancer? any info on that? my sources atm is just pea protein and beans, id like to have some more variety lol

  2. I avoid chicken because it contains antibiotics and hormones which are fed chickens on farms. You can probably buy chicken from an organic farm but it is expensive.

  3. Hey Philip thanks for the video really like it :3, and i want to ask you something … for example do you think someone who is like really overweight can lose weight and develop decent muscle mass, being well fit per say, in 2 years? I know it depends on the person but what do you think oh and btw i'm doing IF though

  4. Hello, greetings from Moldova. I was wondering what you think of organ meats – such as liver, chicken hearts and stomachs, cowtitties (the pink thing on a cow), ox tongue etc…as a source of protein? They are nutrient dense for sure but do you think one could substitute muscle meats with organs?

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