Top Bodybuilding Trick to Get HUGE Bicep Muscles | How to get Bigger Biceps with Dumbbells

Top Bodybuilding Trick to Get HUGE Bicep Muscles | How to get Bigger Biceps with Dumbbells

[Ultimate training method for bigger biceps]
Alright MI40 nation, here is your demonstration of incline bicep curls, NOS extreme style,
cell expansion protocol coming at you. We’re going to start off the way you do this is
going to be really really specific so I want you guys to pay close attention. You need
to be sure that angles are specific as well as body position is specific. This is one
of those exercises that can be a little bit confusing and you can put a little bit of
strain on the wrong areas if not done properly so pay close attention. We are going to pick
an incline bench that replicates the angle that my arm can maintain without putting it
into an excess stretch. So for me, it is about 60 degrees. My abs are really engaged. My
shoulders are pulled back and I am going to curl the way I normally would. I am contracting
my triceps at the bottom to make sure my biceps are fully lengthened. Once I am done 8 reps,
stop at the bottom, grab a good grip of the dumb bell. Don’t let it relax in your hand
and contract the triceps. And just hold it there. I am going to make sure that I have
a good external rotation of my shoulder so that I am not internally rotated at all. What
I am trying to do here is focus on contacting the triceps. My queues here are “squeeze the
hand” and “contract the triceps”, “squeeze the hands” and “contract the triceps”. I literally
want you to contract the bicep hard. So what we are doing is we are forcing additional
blood into the arm and we are maximizing the stretch of the bicep. This is going to start
to get uncomfortable after a couple of drops. I am not going to go to complete exhaustion
here because I have a long day ahead of me of doing all this stuff. So we are going to
drop it right away and next exercise immediately keeps going. Try to keep the dumbbells close.
So no cheat reps, same thing. This is the part where it starts to kick in and hurt.
Really focus on contracting those triceps. Every time I think about it, I want to re-engage
those triceps to make sure the bicep is fully lengthened. And that is where it starts to
hurt. Alright, drop it one more time. So normally we are going to do 4 working sets with 3 drops.
Chest stays tall, shoulders stay back. Oh, and last stretch. Squeeze the hands. Squeeze
the triceps hard. Really focus on squeezing those triceps as hard as they can. Use lots
of breathing, lots of air, stretching for between 20-30 seconds. 20 seconds for the
beginners, 30 seconds for the advanced trainers that have been doing it for a long time, and
one contraction to end. The amount of lactic acid in there is second to none. You can see
that is one set and I have a crazy pump already. I am using pretty close to the weight I would
be actually using. I use 35’s, 30’s, 20’s and I may have done another drop which would
have been 15’s or 10’s. But there comes a point where it’s kind of too light so I’ll
stop at 20’s [pounds]. And the pump just continues to grow. My forearms are pumped, my biceps
are pumped, and I’m getting a little bit sweaty! It is extremely difficult, extremely effective
and you guys are going to love this technique. Get to work!

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  1. Unlike other body parts when u strech bicep during workout u are at risk of causing tendon tear. Best to strech after workout.

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