Top Signs Boys are in Puberty

Top Signs Boys are in Puberty

Hey, guys. Welcome back to our blog. Whoo! Yeah, so today I
was walking down the street, when this dog–
uh, what’s up with you? Nothing. Is it that pimple again? Um, yeah. It kind of grew. Oh, man. It can’t be that bad. Let me see. Hello! OK, guys, listen. All boys go through a changing
process called puberty. There are many physical,
emotional, and social changes of puberty. And it generally takes
five to seven years for all of the changes
to be complete. The changes of puberty
happen at different times for each person. And there’s no right time
for these changes to occur. For boys, it generally starts
between the ages of 11 to 15. OK, so the most noticeable
physical changes of puberty for boys include
getting facial hair– Arrr! –having frequent and at times,
spontaneous erections when the penis fills with blood
and gets bigger, making sperm, which when mixed with other
fluids, creates semen, which is about a teaspoon
of whitish fluid that can be ejaculated out of the penis,
possibly experiencing wet dreams, meaning ejaculating
semen while sleeping– normal if it does
happen, and normal if it doesn’t– and possibly
experimenting with masturbation, touching
yourself for pleasure. Again, normal if you do,
and normal if you don’t. OK, guys, here are some
additional physical changes of puberty– a growth spurt,
during which boys become taller, their shoulders
become broader, and their whole
body grows larger, their genitals are growing
in size as their voice is deepening– How you doing? –occasional acne, and some
slight breast growth is possible as a result
of all those hormones, which usually
resolves on its own– Whew. –growing pubic hair around
the genitals and hair under the arms. And sweat may now
have a strong odor. Why? The purpose of puberty
is to allow the body to physically reproduce. This is accomplished
by testosterone, allowing the testicles to start
making sperm, which means when whitish fluid called
semen leaves the penis, it now has sperm in it. Now, in addition to
the physical changes, there are many emotional changes
too– more intense mood swings, having new sexual feelings for
the first time is sometimes called feeling horny,
being interested in other people in a new
romantic and/or sexual way, and often feeling like you want
more privacy from your parents and even your siblings. Dude, puberty is indeed
a challenging process. But hey, you’re not alone. Every boy goes through it. So congratulations. You’re on your way
to becoming a man. [BLOWS WHISTLE] Dibs. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. – 45% of views came from 11-12 yo
    – 53% says that they've already gone throught puberty
    – Puberty take 5 to 7 years

    Is there a lot of People Who start puberty at 4 yo ?

  2. Am i the ONLY GIRL that is watching this???????? Just me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kk i have 9 brothers so i need to know so i can help cuz i have not bee nice for 1 month😊😊😊😊😊 go meeeeee

  3. So, from watching this video multiple times, the info I have gathered can be sumed up to…


  4. The beginning is a reference to family guy when megs boy friend says:
    “So one day, I was walking down the street, when a guy put a big brown paper bag on my head!”

  5. My 13 year old bro turning 14 in less than 5 months is rocketing ahead of me I’ll never be tall 😥 I’m 11 can anyone tell me if I’ll grow taller or not

  6. Ima girl I only watching this since I have a boyfriend and wanna know if he’s going through puberty cause he hasn’t seemed to change a lot like in voice of height terms (we’re in grade 6 I’m not trying to find out in an intimate way and hey maybe I could tell him about this if it helps him figure out what’s gonna happen) 🤷‍♀️

  7. The kids who turned 11 are having no growth, after I turned eleven a month I started growing hair on my legs private a little bit chest not so much armpits nahh thighs holy. And yea I matured quickly but not on too puberty yet

  8. I have a question…
    Y do 11 year olds start growing a moustache and get a semi developed one at age 12?
    Any1 who answers this will make my life

  9. I don’t get it, so we get dirty dreams and our brain (which is asleep) gets manipulated to move our hand and start busting a nut until the volcano explodes?

  10. My brother got worse during puberty because he got taller, stronger and worst of all more stinky. I miss the old days when I had him under tabs.

  11. Wait so if u get through puberty u become purple so u be thanos

    That didn't happen to me
    And nor did I get a Thanos car
    Thx I'm also no Thanos

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