Total Body Stretching

Total Body Stretching

If a man would move the world, he must first
move himself. (Socrates) Hey guys, it’s Lunden, and
this week we are working on our flexibility and we’re
gonna get our stretch on! Okay, so you may have seen
my previous stretching video that I did with mostly lower body
stretches geared mostly towards runners, but then I got thinking –
when I’m on my runs I love to incorporate exercises, especially
push-ups and triceps dips. That way I can get my heart rate up and really pump up my run.
But in that case I would need a lot more stretches, not just lower body stretches. And for those
of you that aren’t runners and just do workouts in the gym or even workouts
at home – these stretches are really for anybody and everybody.
Okay, so… first we’re gonna start off with some
floor stretches. Go ahead and have a seat on the grass or on
your mat or the gym floor to do these stretches. Now, if you have
seen my previous stretching video you know that I included the
straight leg and reach test. But what I didn’t include is
some more important facts: there was a blog that I read on the New York
Times as well as an episode of the Dr. Oz Show where I learned that not only
is it important to be able to reach your toes, but it indicates something
very important: the degree to which you can reach your toes is also correlated with
the degree of flexibility in the arteries in your heart. Now, that doesn’t
mean that if you can’t reach your toes you have heart disease or something
like that, but for an ideally fit heart, which is also a muscle,
flexibility is important. So, test out the flexibility
of your heart arteries by doing this reach test! Now, you’re gonna want to hold all
the stretches for 20 – 30 seconds to ensure proper release.
The next stretch is also on the ground, it’s called the pretzel
stretch. You’re gonna cross one leg over, so I cross my left leg over my right, and I’m going to bring my right
elbow on the outside of that knee. That way I can really twist all the way over.
You wanna make sure that you keep your chest up and twist as far as you can. And, of course, we have to pretzel
on both sides. So we’ll switch. Okay, the next stretches we got to stand up
for. Our next stretch si going to be for the shoulders. Cross one arm across
your chest and lock it in with the other arm. I like to do a lot of any
kinds of push-ups on my run, whether it’s on a park bench or
maybe a curb and those will really activate your shoulders
a little bit more than just regular ground push-ups. So this stretch
is really awesome for your shoulders. And we’ll get both sides in there. Next we’re gonna stretch out the
triceps, so bring one arm over your head and grab onto
your elbow with the other and really pull that elbow
and make sure that your hand is reaching straight down your spine. Both sides. Next we’re gonna stretch out the
pectoral muscles, or your chest, with what is called the doorway stretch. You
can do this in a doorway, you can do this with a wall, but I’m gonna do it with the weight machine we have right here.
So, basically, you’re gonna grab onto a wall, a doorway or
anything you can grab your hand onto.
And you want to keep that hand behind you. So, as you step forward
you really open up the chest muscle. Now, for those
of you that don’t know: your chest muscle, your pectoral muscle, is shaped
like a fan. You can lift up your hand a little bit higher or bring it down a little bit lower to stretch different areas of your chest
muscles depending on what feels good for you. And… you’re gonna do both sides. Now, for any doorway you can
do both sides at the same time, just reach both arms behind you and grab onto
both sides or you can even put your arms like this in a goal post-like position and
grip onto the sides of your door as well. Now, last but not least we’re gonna stretch out our neck.
Sometimes, when running, I feel like my shoulders kind of go up towards my ears and everything
around my neck here gets a little bit tight. So, take one hand, place it by your
side, flex it and press that palm down towards the ground.
So, I got my left hand down by my side, palm flexed towards
the ground and then I lean my head towards the right. You can also further deepen that stretch by slightly
using that hand to pull your head down. Make sure you’re always breathing
throughout your stretches. It just feels so awesome.
Then the other side… Okay, so I hope you’re
feeling nice and flexible and really cooled down after your workout, because don’t
forget: Stretching… is… part… of… your workout! And don’t forget to leave comments
in the comment section below, I love to read them and respond to them and I love to use them for ideas
for future videos! Don’t forget to share the Runtastic Fitness channel
with your friends because sharing is caring! Catch you guys next
week on the Runtastic Fitness channel Peace out, yo!

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  1. Hi, is the order in which we are stretching parts of our body important? I've read somewhere that we should start stretching from our back then sides, chest, abs and go down to legs. Is that true?

  2. I would like to see some fitness exercises involving obese people. Some of the exercises with fit and slim bodies are very nice,however almost impossible for an obese person. Thank you for the tips. Really encouraging.

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