Total Body Yoga Workout Flow Strengthen & Stretch | Yoga With Tim

Total Body Yoga Workout Flow Strengthen & Stretch | Yoga With Tim

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  1. Loved this yoga flow; i have been doing yoga for 2 years now but have struggled recently for motivation and (I now realise) form. Tim is able to create a nice, relaxing flow that is physically challenging at the same time and he also has a great way of explaining how to do each pose correctly, which I have found many online practitioners lack. This is perfect for home practitioners.

  2. Thank you for these videos. I just finished your previous 30 day yoga challenge (I've found your blog a little late I know) and I notice a lot of change in my body. Looking forward to spend another month with your videos. They're a great motivation. Greetings from Albania

  3. Yoga improved the quality of my sleep and I stand more erect. With daily practice I lost my lower back pain, and couldn’t be happier with sticking with the 30 day challenge with Tim. THANK YOU.

  4. Started back with yoga today after a long break due to an operation, really missed it. Felt really good after doing this video, looking forward to the whole challenge and more. Thanks for the great videos, I've used your video tutorials in the past, they suit me very well.

  5. Hello sweet souls. My name is Baheya and I’m so grateful for coming across your YouTube channel. Thank you so much. I’m in yoga training for the next 7 months I look forward to practicing with you and through your teachings. ❤️🦋🙏🏽

  6. I loved day one. But for me as a beginner I feel like a 30 challenge usually becomes too advanced too fast. Thank you and namasté Tim.

  7. Great! But slowwww, the directions are easy but come slow, I would improve the pace of the practice!!! Thank you Tim!

  8. I'm in….I have'nt done much yoga in the past I started a while back it was a suggestion from a friend today was 265 days in a proud of me…Thanks for the videos Namaste

  9. First things first, thank you!
    I've completed previous 30 day challenge and feel better. Even my massage therapist said that my muscles became more elastic. Of course I'll stick with this 30 day challenge.
    Thank you again.

  10. Better late than never!!!!! Starting this awsome challenge TODAY!
    Thanks soooo much Tim. Honestly: the best yogi guru on the internet 😘😘😘

  11. I did a 30 day challenge close to a year ago and it's been amazing! I'm glad to go over these basics again to see what I can improve. Thank you Tim, keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  12. great vid, got a few minor strains at the moment, achilles tendon and shoulder rotator cuff, so this is perfect low impact training , as a dedicated surfer movement is vital, this is just what i need!!

  13. I’m in! All signs point to me needing more yoga in my life. I’m losing myself to the noise of the world, and I want to spend some quiet time with myself. Also looking to shed about 40 more lbs

  14. I've been with yoga since I was 11 years old, and I've only recently understood that in my whole life I only trained under women. Now, I tried to find a proper instructor in a studio where I live, but most of them are either training older people and superbeginners (we call the level-0-prep) or they just give you some weird crossfit mixed with yoga, and that is not what I want for my practice.
    It is very interesting how different the quality of her instruction is. Even the quality of my movement changed a lot during this video. It is so strange, yet it is good and refreshing. I think I'll stick to doing those videos every morning to see where it leads me under your light.

    Also, I hope to find associations for men. I keep thinking that I know only metaphors and instructions for women. One of my students said that the male version for "pull yourself by your bra-strap" is "pull yourself by the chest hair". Ha-ha! (funnily enough, it worked for the guys, but I rarely teach them.)

    Blessed be (especially so if you understood whatever this porridge of words is)!

  15. I think the 'sign up' form for the 30-day challenge on your homepage leads to a dead link. Please check. Wasn't working for me today. Cheers

  16. I am a yoga practitioner and instructor for 30 plus years. Tim, I fully appreciate your superb instructions and gentle, mindful flow. I want others to realize how knowledgeable you truly are. Thank you for all that you do! I am a huge fan!!

  17. I realize if I remain aware of my ribs not to flare them out and to keep my hips neutral that my abs are engaged throughout the workout. Namaste, Tim!

  18. Good yoga tutorial. The instructions were gently straight to the point. After Day 1, I can already feel a difference. Tim, you are by far my favorite Yogi online. Namaste.

  19. I got some much-needed "pops" and relaxation! Thank you Tim! – Stephanie

  20. Your program will make it easy to get back into a routine with yoga! Great first video..

  21. Late start but…I’m in!!! In my 40s and finally starting to feel all the wear and tear I’ve put on my body. Ready to try new things towards self improvement. Thanks in advance for your help

  22. Thank you,Tim. Restarting your 30 day challenge today after a mountain bike accident that left me with a broken rib. Feeling better and catching up with the days. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Namaste

  23. I stumbled upon you channel a couple of years back and it changed my outlook on yoga forever… since then I went on a little journey with my shadow self that I have come to fully embrace "him" with all of the love I can muster. Yoga calls to me and I intend on never looking back. For the last few days I have been working through your core workouts and decided that this 30 day challenge is exactly what I need to kickstart my mind, body, and soul back into the things I love most about my life: self love, active appreciation, and personal growth… Thank you so much for ALL of your yoga trainings thus far, and for the many to come!!! day 1 complete #namaste

  24. I stumbled upon your channel earlier this year and the way you teach has just helped me connect so much better with my body and make conscious movements. Keep doing what you're doing <3

  25. Tim, I love your approach and delivery. I just found your channel today. I started yoga about 5 months ago, and it led me to leaving my desk job and I am now learning to be a yoga teacher at a college in Vancouver Canada. I am already an experienced kinesiologist and I plan to share the yoga way with clients in a rehab, fitness, performance, and group context. Hopefully to more men as it seems there is a need for that where I live. You are an inspiration.

  26. I have done several 30 day challenges. This by far i can tell is going to be my favorite. He really teaches you the intricacies and with small movements you get so much out of it. Thank you for your knowledge and for sharing your practice with us!

  27. I've been doing yoga for many years, and teaching some as well. and this has been one of the best classes I've had in some time. I love slow, mindful classes. I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope to do more of this challenge sequence.

  28. Thanks to you I started yoga again. I wish you all the best and i really like your way of explaining how to do it the right way 🧘🏽‍♂️

  29. I'm in 🙂
    I have been regularly practising yoga for over a year now. It has brought me many benefits; both physical and mental. I want to make sure to keep building my practice on the right foundation. Thanks, Tim, for making this possible with your challenge!

  30. Just started this challenge. my sister referred me to your channel. Really excellent the knowledge you are sharing.
    One question that came up for me was on min. 16:46 to 17:30. What is the traction or what should be the focus on the legs, thighs while doing this? Should the thighs scissor towards the center while keeping the chest long? It feels like the front leg is unstable otherwise.

  31. I fell off the yoga wagon last year and can feel my body telling me I needed to start back. Just did this today and wow, how tight was I? Good gently start to getting back in to things.

  32. I used to practice before I had kids, now I can't get time to make it to the studio with work and them. I'm excited to start a practice at home, maybe they'll want to join in!

  33. I was searching for a way to have more physical practice. I did yoga before and I want to pick it up and make it part of my morning routine. So a 30 day start seems like a good way to get the routine.

  34. I’m in! I am an independent sales agent and talent manager in the ad industry – formerly also Pilates teacher. Love working out as much as possible. Just moving the body. And it is very hard to find the time. I like that these are able to be done at home and in under half an hour. Only on day 4 but very happy so far 🙂

  35. Looking for a different series than YWA since I like some diversity once in a while. This was great and had a side plank modification which I thoroughly appreciate! I look forward to building my strength with your 30 day series.

  36. Yoga is difficult for me and i can never stick to it long enough to see improvements. This series has fairly short routines that I can do at home so I am hoping that I can stick with it and find my strength in Yoga. Thanks Tim!

  37. So nice to be back doing yoga with you Tim. I really enjoyed the first day, and look forward to the next 29 days. I feel so much calmer after my yoga workout, and look forward to building a yoga practice into my everyday routine.

  38. Fantastic. Have just completed Day 1 – Breathless and sweaty and in NO way as elegant as you do the exercises, Tim 🙂 No doubt this challenge will be useful for my non-flexible body….. THANKS

  39. I am definitely late to the game here, but I thought it was a nice 1st class. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  40. I am definitely late to the game here, but I thought it was a nice 1st class. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  41. Just started the challenge today. After 3 months of no-yoga, I find myself so stiff! It felt so great to get back into with Tim 😎 I do have a question: my hands and feet got pretty sweaty (heat wave here lol) and I found myself sliding on my mat. Any tips on how to deal with that?

  42. I'm in! I have been practicing with you (via your videos) for years and really appreciate the time and effort you put into making and sharing your videos. Thank you!!!

  43. I’m 34, back hurts everyday, knees hurt and no energy. I’m an ex college football player that hurts every day. I need this.

  44. So happy to be on the 30 day journey with you Tim, been following you and practicing daily using your videos for a good couple of months now but this will challenge me to work from the beginning on my technique. Thanks for sharing your story – you're very inspiring.

  45. Wow. Such depth. I feel so alive. Time for meditation! I signed up to this in january, but never sustained a practice. Now I am back, and I am ready to do this. Tim, I want to get those emails resent because I cannot access all of them from before. Thanks, Namaste.

  46. Man, I feel great! This is a good start to a month of yoga. I started the 30-day challenge today. I've never sustained a specific yoga practice before, and I'm looking forward to doing this challenge. Tim's instruction so far has been clear and helpful. Thanks, Tim!

  47. Thank you Tim for serving so many people with these videos. I look forward to going through this 30 day challenge. The fore arm plank was intense Thank you for a great practice.

  48. I am in !
    My objective here is to heal my spine, to be more flexible, to anchor my body and to improve my meditation practice.
    Thank you Tim. 🙏

  49. Hey Tim, I'm a little late to the challenge, but…. is it normal for people to find themselves struggling with shoulder strength in sessions with long durations of downward dog and planks? In this practice we held the downward dog and plank for a length of time, and I think the purpose was to practice breath and elongation, but my outer shoulders were really burning by the end of it.

  50. I'm in, Tim! Thanks for offering this opportunity to be able to practice at home. I've been practicing regularly for 4 years now, in class. However, because of a move, I was challenged in finding a studio I can go to everyday. With your channel and this challenge, I look forward to being able to practice daily at home!

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