Training With Joint & Muscle Soreness and Injuries (GOOD OR BAD IDEA?)

Training With Joint & Muscle Soreness and Injuries (GOOD OR BAD IDEA?)

No pain, no gain? It depends on what kind
of pain you’re talking about. If you’re training at all with pain and injury, this is one video
you don’t want to miss. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Today we’re going to talk about the number
1 question we get here on this channel. We see it over and over again. And that’s, ‘Jeff, what do I do if I’m in
pain when I’m training? I’ve got this hurting me or that’s bothering me. Should I continue
to train or should I step away from the gym?’ It’s a question that’s right up my alley because
as a Physical Therapist and a professional Strength Coach, I actually get to address
this and see this from both sides of the spectrum. I get to see it in the acute stage when somebody’s
actually rehabbing, and then see them as they attack their workouts once again. And try to make sure that these pains and
issues don’t recur and come back. So, I feel like I’m uniquely qualified here to help you
with this. And it starts right here, guys with what I
call the cycle of pain. If you’re trying to figure out whether or
not you should go back into the gym or continue working out around an injury, it’s really
going to come down to this cycle of pain. And that means, when you get pain or discomfort
in a lift and it could be your knees on a squat, or it could be your shoulder on a bench
press. Or it could be even your shoulder on a Side
Lateral Raise. When you feel that pain, the first thing that’s going to happen is you’re
going to get altered joint mechanic pattern. So, if it’s that squat and I feel pain in
my knees, the first thing I’m going to do is what? Instinctively try to find a way to
avoid the pain. So, the same thing on a Shoulder Side Lateral
Raise. I feel pain when I’m in this range from here to here. So, I instinctively try to find a way that
I don’t have to have the motion occur in my shoulder so I kind of lift, lean maybe, you
know, pull up a little bit with my trap. What’s worse is, a lot of times these altered
joint mechanics are not even perceptible in the mirror because they’re happening internally. So, you can’t even all the time see them but
you know that they’re happening. With these altered joint mechanics, the next thing we’ll
see is weakness. So, let’s go back to the squat example. If
I feel too much pain when I squat with my knees and I try to lean a little bit more to take the descent out of the knees and put
it more into the hips, guess what happens? The quads don’t get much work. So, if we’re taking our altered joint mechanics,
the quads are now doing half of the work they’re supposed to be responsible for. That leads to quad weakness. So, you’ll see
a decrease in muscle size or an inability to reach the muscle size that you should when you start to avoid your
pain, alter your point mechanics and then cause weakness and/or a decrease of muscle
size. What goes along with the altered mechanics
is also a compensation. You know, the body is smart. It’s going to get to what it has
to do. It’s going to get to point B from point A.
The problem is, it shifts the load often times to joints that are ill-equipped to handle
those loads. Again, with the example of the squat. As I try to lean more forward to take the
knees out of the equation, I put more of it onto the hips, but more so, I put more of
it onto my low back. So, the low back is ill-equipped to handle
the loads of a back squat as you lean forward. It’s a bad position. So, now you wind up with pain again. And now,
unfortunately, it’s not even in the area that initially bothered you in your knees. Now it’s in your back. So, now you got 2 problems
to deal with. As you can see here, guys, this is a deadly cycle here. It’s an ugly cycle
to say the least. I get brought in a lot, and now obviously
CrossFit is a popular way to train. Now, I have my differences on how they train. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t need help,
right. I get brought in a lot of times to do seminars with CrossFit Athletes about what
can they do to break the cycle of pain. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re training
that way or whether you’re training with your own program. If you’re in pain when you’re training, you
have to start asking yourself whether or not it’s a good idea for you to be training. If you have the opportunity to work with someone
like myself who could fine-tune and look it over, see your program as you’re doing it and make those corrections as needed to allow
you to continue to train through and not allow an acute injury to become a chronic injury,
that’s a good thing. That’s what I did for a living with the New
York Mets. My job was to help these guys. Those guys were constantly training with issues. But we had to be able to get them to continue
to get out on the field and play and get around those issues. But not everybody has access to somebody like
that that can actually oversee every aspect of their training. I’ve been trying to put a lot more of our
corrective and mobility stuff on our channel as well because you guys have been asking
for it. And we’ll continue to do that. And you can
try to start incorporating some of that stuff into your training as well. And if that doesn’t make a dent in your pain,
then there’s other methods as well. Guys, one of the big things that I just invested
a large amount of my time in was a development of our ATHLEAN MECHAN-X joint supplement. Guys, joint recovery is just as important
as muscle recovery in the recovery picture. You guys know how big I feel recovery is when
it comes to seeing gains in the gym. As a natural, drug-free trainer, guys, you
have to make sure that recovery is on top of your priority list. And if you’re not addressing your joint recovery,
then you’re going to get yourself into big problems eventually. Again, young guys may sit there and laugh
at the whole topic thinking that I’m an old guy talking about this. Not at all guys. I had early, early knee issues that if I was
doing something to address them back in my early 20s, I probably would feel a lot better
these days than I did if I hadn’t just abused them the way I did. So, it’s not something to take lightly if
you’re training with injuries, training with pain, guys, if you need to take it to that
next level, NSAIDs are not the answer. Long, long, recurrent use of NSAIDs has it’s
own host of issues, as you can look up online if you need to see them. So, you’ve kind of
got to look more a natural way. Again, if you haven’t checked it out, guys,
I would definitely encourage you. Check out ATHLEAN MECHAN-X. We’ve worked a lot, a lot, to come with a
natural way to help to break this cycle of pain because if we can interrupt this pain,
then we can normalize your mechanics. We’re not going to alter them. We normalize
joint mechanics. Now, in that same squat, we get down, we do the squat effectively in
the way it’s supposed to be done. Now we’re putting the focus back on the quads.
Now your quads start to grow a lot more. They start to get a lot stronger. So, we’re not looking at weakness. We’re looking
at strength. There is no compensation. Compensation was actually directed to the
joints that were supposed to do the job in the first place. There’s no need to throw the forces other
places that can’t handle it. So, you start right here, you can start to get rid of the
pain in a natural way. And we can actually start to execute the exercises
the way they’re supposed to be done. Whew. That’s a lot to say, but hopefully you
guys get the point. There are things you can try to do. If you’re finding that those things are not
working for you, then it’s time to start investigating other ways. If you’re going to look the supplemental way,
I would totally guys, point you in the direction if ATHLEAN MECHAN-X. I really think this is going to be a game-changer
for a lot of people who find themselves in discomfort at all when they train. And whether that be through CrossFit, whether
that be whatever training method you’re using now, it’s the way to go to try to break this
cycle up. If you guys found this video helpful, make
sure you leave a thumb’s up below. Tell me what other issue’s you’re dealing
with painwise, I’ll be glad to make a video on it. We’ve covered things about the elbow. We’ve
covered issues in the knees. We’ve covered issues in the back. Let me know what it is that’s bothering you.
You can be sure that I will try to address it here in a future video very soon. Alright guys, I’ll talk to you soon.

100 Replies to “Training With Joint & Muscle Soreness and Injuries (GOOD OR BAD IDEA?)”

  1. Ankles, over the many years through sports, just being active, or other times doing something possibly foolish I've rolled my ankles allot. because of this I've noticed it's made them really stiff and restricts me in some movements. What are ways i can get back flexibility and as well strengthen them so i don't roll them in the future?

  2. Ankles, over the many years through sports, just being active, or other times doing something possibly foolish I've rolled my ankles allot. because of this I've noticed it's made them really stiff and restricts me in some movements. What are ways i can get back flexibility and as well strengthen them so i don't roll them in the future?

  3. i feel pain when am doing incline dumbbell curl in my left shoulder i have injury in both of my shoulder but i recovered from it …. does it back again or what ?? please help

  4. I have pain in the top of my right hand that effects my bench press to the point where I am unable to lift as I usually do, this pain is due to a motorcycle accident I had in may 2014, the doctors say that no bones were broken but the pain when pushing up or down can be severe. Help

  5. I dont think I have a joint issue but more so a muscle issue. Whenever I do chest or shoulders my right trap starts burning on a heavy load or after numerous reps. It's extremely annoying because I can't push myself as much as I would like. 

    I think I got this from slinging my school bag on that side for too long. 


  7. i have had pain in my left wrist while training for a few months and it makes pulling exercises, especially bicep exercises very difficult, please advise. thanks

  8. with this joint soreness video could you do a video about Costochondritis and what it is because I have been told that it is a form of arthritis and I would really appreciate some good info.

  9. I have a nagging pain in my right shoulder area and it hurts when I turn my neck to the right. It's not severe but its there and I don't know what I should do.

  10. Bro plz help …give me some tips or upload a video of some exersice for my back…its bit hunched..and destroys my whole look..plzz show some exersice to get straight back …..and its would be more great if u make ur food plan bit more easy to understand……

  11. i constantly get pain in my triceps tendon that last for about 2 weeks why is this happening and how can i prevent from every happening again. and I'm not benching I'm boxing. i have completely abandoned push ups because the elbows get destroyed every time

  12. what about trap/neck pain? I think i hurt it deadlifting. not during lifting but the morning after? Ive never heard of trap tear or neck tear… im limited in any pulling movement and incline pressing

  13. I've been getting pain in the inner elbow/forearm in the brachioradialis as well as in the medial epicondyle area like you spoke about in the soreness video for maybe close to a year now. At one point I took about a month off give or take from any curling exercises and I've done a lot of the same stretching you show in the video but so far the pain is still with me.  It feels the sharpest when doing any curling movement with palms facing in like hammer curl or lifting a dumbbell up to do inclines etc…

  14. Jeff i freakin love ur videos but u have start to explain the exercises better and describe how to do kinda like u explain ur workout funtions and science behind it so we dont end up doing the wrong work outs 

  15. I have a strange problem. When I try to do back squats with a heavier weight the bar must be pressing on some kind of nerve. This makes my entire left arm go numb and makes me put the bar back after 1-2 reps. How can I fix this?


  17. My left shoulder is in pain. I took a month off from the gym and it still is causing me problems. I especially feel it on my bench press. How do I get my shoulder back into shape without injuring it further?
    Never had this problem til recently, no idea how it happened or why its there. I don't feel that my form is horrible… I don't do anything reckless. just frustrating…

  18. My case is more complicated. I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome i.e. Systemic laxity and joint hyperextensibility etc. my shoulder joints pop in and out almost every rep of my chest workout. And pain follows as expected. I use panadol only when the pain really influence my form. Jeff, do you have any advise for me? Thank you.

  19. Okay, I'm a little beyond this point. I had for surgery on my right shoulder almost 2 months ago and been working out as light as I possibly could. I had suspicions that my left side was bad too. I had the MRI done. Just like I suspected, I have a tear on that side too. I don't want to say I'm stupid but I will say I'm very very stubborn. I'm 53 and I've been training off and on since I was 22. Its very very hard to step away from the gym and I do know how to train. that's what makes this so stupid. I have to emphasize the fact to everyone that a workout partner is so much better and so important. I don't have one. If I did it would probably minimize the injuries. Well now I need to look into surgery for the left side after the right side starts feeling a little bit better. Just have to get this off my chest before I step into the gym now.
    Just be careful guys. Don't over push yourself, not without a workout partner.

  20. Hi Jeff!
    I currently have a badly broken wrist (from a 41" box jump attempt, gone wrong) and REALLY want to get back into training. I have a broken distal radius and scaphoid so I won't be gripping any weights for at least 3-6 months.
    Resistance bands and cables are going to be the only way I can train my upper body so can you suggest some creative exercises to keep my strength up while the wrist recovers?

  21. im training with bicep, shoulder, knee and elbow injury. Starts to get better in the shoulder and bicep last month 😀 Still made tons of gains with this injuries 

  22. hi jeff, hope you are well. i was just wondering if you can do a video about nerve impingement? i have a scapular nerve impingement on my left side which i've had for about 5 years now it happened one time when i was bench pressing with retracted scapula and i have not found anyone or anyway to treat and resolve it. its causing a  decreased function and pain in my whole left side of my upper body in the shoulder, bicep and its also making my tricep snap and grind and i get lots of nervey type crawling twitching sensations in my muscles and skin. i also must mention that i have bad winged  scapulars where the bones protrude and nothing that i've tried seems to have fixed this however i noticed some improvement with dumbbell T's T's and supermans. i pretty much get hurt anytime do any upper body exercise and my shoulders are in chronic pain and discomfort. hope you can help or offer some advice. thank you. 🙂

  23. @Jeff Cavaliere & @ATHLEAN-X™ Thank you for everything. I'm a member and use the RX supplements. I watch all videos, but I can't remember or can't find a detailed video on Mechan-x. If you've made one please link it, if not please consider a video dedicated to it's exact purpose and formulation to achieve it's purpose. I've placed an order for Mechan-x. I would just like more information on it, I have bad knees. Also, it won't hurt from a Marketing stand point 😉 Thank you again for everything

  24. Hello Jeff, sorry to bother you but I wanted to know if it's possible to keep training with a wrist injury… I had a motorcycle accident and got a ligament partially broken a year ago. I started woring out and noticed that while doing chest press it hurts, that's the only exercise that I feel pain in the wrist… But I don't want to get hurt even worse, can you give me an advide? Can I still be woring out?
    Thanks Jeff and again sorry to bother you.

  25. AC joint injuries…Possible fixes for type 1 and 2…absolutely no info after 1 week of searching. Only type 3 and up info exists.

  26. I am 26. Been working out 2 years. Injured my knee joints in squats, back in deadlifts, shouders from benchpress, elbows from I don't even know. Now I have them all painful, sore/tender simultaneously. Thinking of just taking 6 months off and take rest from everything. I didn't even get that big. FML. And all my joints grind and make noises even wrists. FUCKCUCKCKJCJKC

  27. u should make a video of the physiological changes induced when lack of sleep is present i feel it would be a great addition to ur pain video and overtraining video

  28. Only 22 and struggling with knee, shoulder and elbow pain. Been lifting for 1 1/2 years probably just need a break. Hopefully

  29. Hey Jeff. I have a question about about some pain in my back. I think it is actually coming from my mid trap. Like a pins and needles followed by a burning feeling. I have tried to strengthen that area but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?

  30. feels like my tendon is moving in my right knee when im doing Bulgarian split squat, one time there was a crack sound during split squat

  31. I think I may have a slight ac joint injury in my shoulder i have a little bump consistent with what I have seen online… Can you do a video covering the ac joint separation injury maybe? It seems like a common thing

  32. Cover WRISTS! Please for the love of god i beg you! i have impingement on the top of my wrist and now i cannot even do a normal pushup anymore let alone try to planche or muscle up 🙁

  33. hi guys im also one of u guys sufferring of joint pains but i still workout my only suggestion is that avoid the excercises which put u on pain and do warmup and try to put less weight and do lots of reps. respect and peace stay healthy.

  34. Hey guys just started serious weight lifting and after my biceps workout yesterday i was ok till i woke up today and cant fully extend my left arm.Anyone been through this?

  35. Thanks for the videos Jeff. They are very informative. I've been lifting a year and a half and already have knee pain shoulder pain and hip pain. The shoulders are the worst and ill be seeing a doc soon. Hip and knee pain has worsened by shitty squat form so I will be taking a break from them to practice proper squat form. I'm sick of this shit. It's really putting a damper on my enthusiasm but I'm determined to hopefully fully heal the joints and take preventative measures. I'm wondering though r injuries almost unavoidable. It seems way too common

  36. What about lifting weights with a neck injury??? I have never seen anyone do a video on lifting weights with a neck injury.

  37. Hey Jeff, so I'm pretty sure i have a chronic injury "overuse injury" and i'm in a situation where i can't really stop training. i've been having pain on the top of my right foot for 4 and a half months now. What do you suggest I do?

  38. my issues come up with my heels. whether leg day or cardio , my left heel turns too sore. plz suggest

  39. im 14 and have been working out for 13 months but 7 months ago i got injured and lost most of my strength and muscular gains. the injury is in my elbows and a sports injury specialist said i have an inflamed growth plate. would your supplement help me at all? pls help, this injury is causing me to be constantly depressed and self conscious

  40. Hey Jeff, hurt my ankle playing football. I want to keep train around it. Can you recommend a good workout that works around my injury?

  41. AthleanX trainee here. One month into AX-1. Love the program!

    Big question: I keep getting sprinting related injuries. Any advice?

    Background: Day 18 of AX-1 involves sprinting reps. I followed the instructions — warmed up, and sprinted "all out". I pulled a groin on the 2nd sprint. Took a break for 3 weeks (involved traveling), and started all over again with Day 1. When I reached Day 18 again yesterday, I started feeling pain in my right Achilles tendon during the sprints. Achilles tendonitis!!!

    I am a runner/triathlete and decided to do your program as it focuses on rebuilding my functional strength. However, how can I prevent injuries such as these, whilst still following your advice of "all out sprinting"?

  42. Jeff how often should I lift weights per week if I'm looking to build muscle with joint recovery taken into account as well? Is push pull or opposites (chest/back) better?

  43. make a video that can tell me that its ok to Train With an injury, and that it would make it better if i do. if not, im not gonna watch the video.

  44. My wrist hurts because I fell and landed on it really bad and I can't lift because of it or do push up because I can't move it or put pressure

  45. is the joint formula available in the UK Geoff, my shoulder is painful when training shoulders and back, (especially lat pull downs and anything that involves my arm above my head), due to a motorcycle accident 18 years ago. Thanks, Nick. Great video's btw, very informative.

  46. Can you make a video on alternative exercises to sprint intervals for people with shin splints? I really don't want to fracture my shins.

  47. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis since November. I am finishing my 1st week on the athlean X program (just did sprintervals, which felt horrible). Are there any supporting muscle exercises you can recommend for this type of injury?

  48. Both of my wrist hurt so much that I can't even do a normal push-up so I do them on my knuckles and both of my shoulders hurt as well and my knees and my right hip

  49. Hi Jeff. Thanks for your content. Cervical osteoporosis is one of the most spread disease now days. Can you advise how to work for the guys with this problem?

  50. its hard to accept it, but this video made me wanna take a 2 week pause to just not risk advancing my injury and it should help me get motivated again to make gains when am healed

  51. Mobility training is definitely essential! In 9 months of almost daily training I rarely encountered any pain by doing mobility classes twice a week. BTW, I’m 64.

  52. I watched this video searching for a remedy to chronic left palm and finger pain. or just chronic pain from from exercise. I'm 64 years in age and use You Are Your Own Gym method full body workout in limited space without worrying about getting sick at a Gym and losing valuable workout time. Pain is a part of exercise but when the pain becomes chronic it leads to the inability to workout. Forcing other muscles (legs, arms, back, feet ext.) doesn't bother me as much as my hands. When my hands or fingers hurt I can't work out. Even using supplements has it's limit and rest is sometimes needed. Obviously my age is one reason but limiting my exercise routine from 4 Days a week to 4 Days a Month due to Hand pain has become a major problem. I have seen more than one Doctor and they have given me a clean bill of health with a prescription for NSAIDS. when needed. Any advice would be appreciated.

  53. Is it good to Ice elbows, shoulders or wrists that ache from working out. I see professional athletes (especially baseball players) constantly Icing and when I do it it feels like it does help.

  54. I had like a strain on to of my back the muscle on the left like sharp pain when breathing from chin ups going to low I think had week of still hurts little but but back in training now

  55. I have been training like crazy these past two years and achieved a body I was pretty proud of
    Last month I decided to stop, because I had a lot of pain in my lower back, shoulders, knees, neck, pretty much everywhere actually
    Fasted and rested and lot, and a lot of inflammation went away
    But I am at a point ,here I don't know what is beneficial anymore, I almost don't wanna go back to working out because I feel that it is destroying my body, but at the same time I don't really see myself not working out anymore
    Can't take more pain, just can't

  56. Don't know how many old farts you have watching but we need all the help we can gt. But from reading the comments below, I see it's a bigger problem. In the last month I've done many rehab suggestions from you and things are better. It takes time. ;Mayabeyou can give alternative exercises to do that will at least allow us to keep what we have until we're better. Beet most of us would be very satisfied with that. Thanks for all you ,ve done for me.

  57. This guy never gives any solution at all. He just talks talks and talks but never comes to the point.. and never tells us what to do to over come your injuries..

  58. Hi
    I just started youe Athlean X1 program. I was recuperating from a knee injury us patellar tracking issues. On the first lower body workout i already have the pain back. I did 6 weeks of physiotherapy and x rays and Ultrasound look ok. I have done all the
    Excercises they told me to do. But my tracking problem is still there. What can you recommend?

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