Tricep Workout Finisher!! (WORKS EVERY TIME)

Tricep Workout Finisher!! (WORKS EVERY TIME)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you’re doing a workout with the intent
to try to build muscle, then you better be prepared to bring a stimulus that your muscles
are not familiar with. And I’m going to show you today when it comes
to triceps, how you can really, really top off a really intense workout by adding a finisher
to the workout. We covered a few weeks back, a shoulder workout
finisher that you were to perform at the end of your shoulder workout to ensure that you got every ounce of effort
you had in your muscles that day. Well, today the triceps are on tap. Your goal here is to perform the finishing
move that I am showing you here exactly as performed to try to push yourself through
failure. Yeah, you may think you’re close to being
done with your workout, but when you add a finisher to the end, you can ensure yourself
that you’ve got nothing left. So, what do I do? First I pick up a pair of
dumbbells that will be challenging for me in the weakest part of this combo. And that’s going to start right off with a
Tricep Kick Back. You guys know how much I like this exercise. You position yourself inverted on an Incline
Bench. For me, I grab 30 pounds. Now, when you see, these dumbbells will likely become, or feel like they might be a little bit easy
for the subsequent exercises, but not after you’ve already reached failure on the initial
exercises in the combo. So, we choose the weakest part for that very
reason. I perform this set to failure. Here I get about 12 reps. And at this point, I then go right into an
Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension. So now we’re going to get the long head of the triceps. Get those elbows up over my body, or over
my head and behind my body, and here I try to rep out again to failure, 30 pounds on
this exercise generally wouldn’t be that much. But that’s the catch. Generally wouldn’t be
that much. Today, it’s already starting to hurt me and I’ve got to fight my way through
as many reps as I can until I reach failure. And as soon as I do that, my work is not done.
I’m actually half done. I now then take my elbows, I tuck them into my body, and we’re
going to do sort of a French Press variation here where I’m going to allow the ends of the dumbbells
to touch my shoulders, my elbows to be nice and tight to my body, and I press straight
up overhead. We’re doing basically a closed grip bench
variation where the triceps are doing 99 percent of the work here but we are getting some of
the help from the accessory muscles here in our chest and anterior shoulders.
So, we’re able to push ourselves even a little bit more through failure while our triceps
are still getting torched along the way. And then finally, I drop these dumbbells.
I’m exhausted as I already am, but I’m still not done. I’ve got to go rep out with my bodyweight
exercise. I hit the ground, and I do our Cobra Push
Ups. This is by far my favorite way to hit my triceps predominantly when I’m doing Push
Ups. And because we’re doing a Push Up, and it’s
a bodyweight move, I’m able to crank out even a few more reps maybe when I thought that
I had nothing left in the tank. And that’s why it’s a perfect way to finish
our finisher. So, there you go guys. Our finisher is the
way to end our perfect workout. Now, if you don’t know what your perfect workout should
be for triceps, guys, I invite you to head to ATHLEANX.COM
and get our ultimate arms program. We cover the best ways for you to build the biggest
arms possible in just 6 weeks. That program is available at ATHLEANX.COM.
In the meantime, you’ve got to make sure that when you’re using the finisher, the whole
purpose of it is to push yourself like never before. A finisher is to ensure that you eek out every
single ounce of energy that you had when you hit the gym because otherwise, why did you
go in the first place? If you found this video helpful, make sure
you leave your comments and thumb’s up below. Try the finisher out. I guarantee you that you will be surprised
even by that second and third exercise those light weights are going to feel real damn
heavy, real fast. Alright guys, we’ll be back here in a couple
days. Tell me what you want to see in this channel. Make sure you leave your comments
below. And I will make sure I listen and bring those
videos to you. See you back here soon.

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  1. Hey Jeff, your videos has been inspiring, I'm a basketball player who want to develop  a strong FOUNDATION ON BODY BALANCE.  If you could make a video about it, it would mean a lot to me 🙂

  2. Jeff recently I´ve been having a problem with my left elbow. I have been lifting for 2 and a half years and been playing tennis for 8 years you can really say I am an athlete, and in my career as an athlete my left elbow has always "popped" everytime I perform exercises such as push ups, bench press, shoulder press, every excersice that involves extending your arm from a neutral position. It was never a problem, however recently its started hurting so freaking much I had to stopped my workouts, because I could not do it anymore its painful. Should I just rest? Go to a physical therapist? Or if you know what I have, what do I do? Than you very much!

  3. Hey Jeff, I love your videos. If u would happen to do one of the in the future, may I suggest chest next?

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  6. Jeff just want to say your by far the best coach . I have learned alot from you . Thanks for all your help.

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    Next video is probably going to be like
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    I currently have a groin strain and hip flexor tear. How could I still get a decent workout without reinjuring or affecting this area?

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    I am a korean.
    I have a question.Dip do not work for tricep very much?
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  11. Hey Jeff,

    AX1 member and a big fan. Just wondering if you were going to be putting Ultimate Arms in a special offer or something soon? I'm not gonna bullshit you, in the fullest respect, I've gotten enough value out of AX1 that 80 bucks for just an arms routine doesn't seem like such a great deal. But if it went out with the abs thing again…

  12. This is pretty cool giant set.
    Cobra push ups look like a great way to get squeeze until absolute failure!

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  17. I know most of your subscribers are guys but, you do have some female followers.I have found your corrective videos helpful. I would like to see you do an ultimate sexy body for women – to the point, no BS weight lifting tips and exercises. I know you have a women's channel but, I would like to hear it from you. If you were hired to make a female celebrity the sexiest bitch possible, what would you have her do.

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  21. Hi there Jeff!  This question pertains to injuries in general.  I have recently hyperextended and broken one of my pinky fingers while trying to execute an aggressive athletic pull-up. First time, and I didn't go into it half-hazardly but things just happen.  While the injury is recovering are there some alternatives on how to train the arm and forearm of the injured finger(s) without compromising or putting any unnecessary stress on the hand?  Suggestions for recovery time and when will it be advisable to use the hand back in the gym again? Thanks and best.

  22. Jeff I just wanted to say thank you. Before finding AthLEAN X I spent a year just moving metal. I lost about 20 pounds and gained a little bit of muscle in that year. In four months of following AthLEAN X I've lost 25 pounds, 4 in. off my waist, added 3 in. in my chest and 2 in. to my arms. I've also cut 20 minutes a day off my workout! Amazing! Thank you!

  23. My finisher is rope pulldowns with light weight and holding it down for few secs each rep really concentrating on the triceps and supersetting that with overhead tricep extension, burn from hell.


  25. Hi Jeff! I've started incorporating these finishers for my shoulders and triceps! Love the burn at the end!
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  30. its fun seeing the other youtube knuckle heads lose followers to jeff ^^. tough finisher for my under devoloped tris, felf this for about a week !

  31. Thanks for this tips. I tried the shoulder killer workout and it was great. Now I can't wait to do this one on my tricep day. Thanks again

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  33. Thanks Jeff for great videos. They've helped me keep from damaging my shoulder and just got my order of your protein powder, RX3, recovery. Wow, delicious. I'm 64 and don't recover as quickly as I did 25 years ago. Just got back into bodybuilding after 25 years, I can feel the difference. Timing my sleep cycles as well for max recovery. Thanks a million.

  34. hey jeff i have a question, does this finishers lead into a muscle burn, instead of bulding the muscle? because overtraining a muscle leads to a burn of it right?

  35. No disrespect, I'm feeling this cat but his "finishers" are normal sets during my normal workouts. On the days I'm feeling extra crazy one could only imagine what goes on lol. It feels good to know that in the world of fitness you're in the upper echelon when it comes to torturing yourself because you want to try and find your personal limit… And then bust thru that bish.

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    I tried these and I can't believe how sore my triceps are a few days after doing this finisher. These definitely made a difference in my triceps routine

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