Trump Admits He Discussed Joe And Hunter Biden On Call With Ukraine’s Leader | NBC Nightly News

Trump Admits He Discussed Joe And Hunter Biden On Call With Ukraine’s Leader | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Hillary was the most prepared and safest person to lead our nation since national security rules and regulations only apply to her.

  2. This story will destroy the Democrats. I am an American living in Asia and this story about Biden and his son is well known here in Asia. I was shocked to learn that people in the USA had never heard about it. This story has the potential to bring down the Democratic party. Biden's son, someone connected to John Kerry's family and possible a member of the Bush family had taken control of the oil pipeline running from Russia to Europe and through Ukraine and were extorting large amounts of money. Accusations also include Hillary Clinton and Obama. This is one reason the Russians intervened in Ukraine. A Ukrainian prosecutor began investigating the situation and Joe Biden dangled a big amount aide money to get the Ukrainians to cancel the investigation and hush the story up. If what is reported here in Asia many big names in the Democratic Party will fall. There is another similar story involving China. I fully support Trump getting to the bottom of it. The story has been covered up for too long.The Democrats/Leftists/MSM are only trying to deflect against Trump to save their own necks.

  3. Trump had no choice! Trump could not ask FBI to investigate Biden family, because FBI works for the democrats! (now hows that for corruption?!?) So, your president had to reach out. Pretty bad situation you got there, when your lauded FBI is owned by politicians that openly oppose Trump. Maybe you should make vid out of that one… Oh, wait, what am I saying! You lot are owned by democrats too!

  4. January 2018 Joe Biden was speaking at the (Council of foreign relations) and admitted he had pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter within 6 hours or he was going to withhold us fundings ! 😯👇 a quick Google search and you can see it for yourself ! 👇😁👍🇺🇸

  5. NBC has taken the story and twisted around and made the narrative go against President Trump when Joe Biden and his son Hunter were caught red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar ! 🙊🙈

  6. We'll look into how to edit it or altar it in some way so it doesn't show my criminal actions. I dunno we'll see. – Donald Trump

  7. Hunter Biden was appointed to a Ukrainian natural gas company, with no prior experience, as a quid pro quo for the Obama administration's help in executing a 2013 coup in Ukraine. But no, Trump talking about the scandal is the scandal, not the scandal itself.

  8. this tortured sequence of parsing out the truth bit by bit reminds me of trump's denial of the hushmoney payments and of his sequence of denials of knowledge of them on airforce one followed by giulianni's spilling of the beans. lol

  9. WOuldn't it be easier to investigate Joe Biden, his son Hunter and John Kerry's son and their business with the Ukraine and China? This has been known since 2014 but nobody wanted to talk about it for some reason. The last thing we need is a President Biden who is just another corrupt politician who made money for friends and family using his office as Vice President. He is on tape bragging about it. What started as listening into Trump's private conversation has backfired to expose Biden's family and cronies. Just terrible.

  10. Little Adam Schiff assumes guilty until proven innocent, but then that's the Democrat distortion of our laws! Oh the loney toons on the left never ceases to amuse me! Firstly, NSI works for President Trump, not the other way around, let that sink in! While I'm sure there are a few unconscious thinkers who will buy your tale hook, line and sinker (all pun intended for your fishing expedition) most see it for what it is, another Democrat 'Wrap and Smear' job just like the Russia hoax starring the same exact characters, NYT, Washington Post with good old C(ommunist) N(ews) N(etwork) and other Democrat Tools to run the tale 24/7, and of course Drama Queen Adam Schiff (I have Proof.) Never mind that Adam Schiff was a member of the Gang of Eight and has been intentionally lying and misleading the public at large for over three years, he is once again the Democrat Poster Boy! October is getting very close people, but if these Clowns can keep you distracted with their false flags, you won't bother to read the IG report coming out, and that's the REAL TRUTH they don't want you to know! Will their Clown Show stop justice? No! Will it win them elections? No!

    Two years ago, Joe Biden willingly went on a public forum and openly bragged that he as VP of the United States blackmailed Ukraine government with billions of tax payer dollars, that if Ukraine government didn't fire the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and John Kerry's stepson in 6 hours, he would withhold the funds. You can twist the story any way you desire and it comes right back to Ex VP Joe Biden bragging about blackmailing Ukraine government to protect his and John Kerry's stepson from prosecution investigations of serious crimes! If there is nothing to hide 'Democrats', what is your real fear about President Trump speaking with Ukraine government? After all, that is within the Presidential branch of power and duty! If you want to demand private conversations of President's between other countries, lets go after ALL of them, not just President Trump's!!! I've been really interested in Obama's promise to Putin after his election as was caught on camera! BTW we should have all of Congressional private conversations with foreign government officials too!

  11. It's not illegal or unethical to ask about crimes committed by U.S. persons. In fact, it's well within his powers especially since Biden was stupid enough to brag about it on live TV.

  12. Isn't it a little strange that all of these 'investigations' over the past 3 yrs…everyone of them have failed…yet the MSM continues selling us these Crimes before showing us any Evidence ….
    'Innocent until Proven Guilty'…..
    it's as old as the Magna Carta, yet it's ignored by Democrats….
    Proof is on the internet of Bidens Strong Arm Tactic and even Biden himself bragged about it at a CFR Speech, yet the MSM still ignores the facts in order to 'Wrap & Smear' the President.
    This recent Whistleblower is the newest and is quickly becoming a huge joke around the world where people are a little insulated against the MSM Gaslighting the Public.
    Good actors need a good movie.

  13. Dems Keep SHOOTING Themselves… in this so called Whistelblower case we see Schiff's Deep State Bad Cop get exposed but that's not the Best News! President Trump get Zelensky to release Documents Proving Biden's Son was being investigated and Biden BLACKMAILED Ukraine into shutting down the investigation, The BIG Story is Obama has 5 Ukrainian Official at the White House and demanded they find DIRT on then Candidate Trump! CAN YOU SAY COLLUDED WITH A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT!

  14. Why no mention of the BILLIONS of dollars in aid that then vise president Biden threatened to hold back from the Ukrain if their AG did not drop an investigation into the corrupt dealings of his son there? MORE FAKE NEWS AGAINST TRUMP.

  15. he’s trying to get dirt on Biden ahead of campaign debates. Eliminate your competition. That would put warren squarely in the lead and we all know what Trump will do to Warren on stage….it’ll be a massacre. Lol fun to watch.


  17. If you work in a hospital at an executive level, you must disclose any dealings any of your family members might have with any hospital contracts. Yet the VP of the US does not have to disclose to anyone that his son is making millions of dollars from a company and country that the US is sending billions of dollars too? Once again, rules and laws are made for the poor and stupid in our country while the politically evil rich continue without any reprisal. Oh….yes… revolution of the common man is coming, and it is coming for those that have stolen our money, our democracy and our government.
    Thanks media for keeping this story going…. I love it. The truth is coming out loud and clear and you helped expose Hunter Biden! Great job!

  18. President Trump has just been compromised by the President of Ukraine. I'm sure he transcript of the conversation that he can use against Trump when it suits him.

  19. Enjoyed watching the video. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming video.. I think you will find this more interesting..

  20. No billion in tax dollars for Ukraine if you don't fire the Ukraine prosecutor who is prosecuting my son. Biden is going to prison.

  21. this is false info, joe biden was holding millions of dollars in loans from ukraine to get a ukraine prosecutor fired who was investigating his son hunter and trump told ukraine that’s a little fishy and suggested a investigation by ukraine on biden. you people eat everything you see on the news without the facts so sad and ignorant. 🤒

  22. i thought you people were the NEWS so where is the facts? some easy simpleton can get more information and facts right than any of these biased news sources

  23. This president has been surrounded by investigation since day one how many people connected to him have gone to prison?

  24. Sooo apparently Biden son has been taking billions from these countries and we are focusing on whether or not trump said something. Hopefully someday all this dirty politicians get taking done red or blue. The whole system needs to change

  25. Oct 17, 2014 – Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine,

  26. The hypocrisy is frightening, this moron is the reason the world laughs at him and the USA but they’re just too stupid to do anything about it, what a weak shithole the us is lol😂😂

  27. Don"t let the democrats act like they do not know about Joe Binden's son. I read about it in a book at the library about politicians.

  28. Treasonous cheater trump! Republicans are all unpatriotic criminal terrorists. Time for the Seals to get in there and take back our WH!

  29. Here's the video where Biden brags that "We're leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money" Apparently, the prosecutor that Biden had fired was investigating Burisma energy company and also the financial dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. Now, we're not settling for anymore of your two tiered Democrap Justice. This is enough evidence for a public HANGING!…

  30. The LEFT sure has a funny take away from what happened…first, they don't know what happened on the call…and second, what about the allegation against Bidens son??

  31. Ofcourse US presidents can't say anything political to other world leaders .Unless you are Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, Barak Obama.It just shows the American public how desperate the leftist media is to find something wrong with President Trump!Take care.

  32. The new Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch gave him a do not prosecute list during their first meeting in 2016.

  33. I don't support Trump. I do support TRUTH. Gandhi once said God is Truth, meaning Truth is God.
    With that in mind when I ask about or draw conclusions here it isn't to show support for The Quaffed One …CAN TRUMP RELEASE PHONE TRANSCRIPTS. Until then it's all suspect! But follow me here:

    Ok so Biden or his son was part of whatever American faction that was in Ukraine AIDING Ukraine in its effort not to be threatened by Russia, right Or wrong? If right , I finally get what Trumps angle is on this. He thinks maybe Biden did something corrupt in the Ukraine and that the Ukraine may have played its part In said corruption? OR trying to use this to destroy Biden, (even though the creepy photo ops Biden's in overly touchy with the young gals next to him in , Shud be doing )he's withholding money because he wants to be sure there wasn't corruption before giving this aid- "Hey you, Ukraine you're not getting no greenbacks until we's sure there ain't corrupt activities going on over there. ". Which sounds less like coercion and more like smart business tact. He isn't trying to bully Ukraine in to digging up dirt on Biden. he's trying to be sure 'merica isn't getting taken advantage of like it has been for many years ? The media is a many headed monster reporting the same notion that Trumps out to win the 2020 election by manipulating it any way he can. America has been caught playing dirty every where it goes. Middle East, South America etc. and Europe /Eurasia /Asia. It's like the bank credit checking me before lending the Bucks. Am I right or wrong??? Is the media controlled by the 1%? And trying to twists trump and his good tact into something bad natured. I can't believe I'm typing this. I was really hoping Trump dug his grave with this blunder ….but now I'm not so sure. Now I'm thinking I'm seeing a completely diff angle on this mess. Meanwhile I'm practicing my naruto run outta here before I gets shot. Peace

  34. A few people by the names of Robert Butler and Claire barber 
    were trying to tell me that I have herpers with out telling me. After a few months a few months I met a girl by the Lisa Anne Jones/Moyer which I dated for 9 month. Really bery Butler tried to tell me the whispers we're about to start. He suggested that I drive my car And turn the music up as loud as I could. Lisa Anne Jones/Moyer started messing my head really badly and people from my past we're brought up by people who were close to where I was standing so could over hear the conversation. I really don't think Lisa Anne Jones was her name because she couldn't even sign her own name after she used her debt card. I got tested but all they did was take blood. The doctor told me I was negative, but I remember having sores on my gentles when I was 17 years old. The strange conversations continued and the "whispers" started but it wasn't whispers. Everyone was screaming at and telling me how bad of a person I am. I still haven't figured out how they're doing this but I feel like my dreams have been messed with also. Kinda like I've had a blanket put around me and no one will help me with anything. 

    I'm pretty sure Robert Butler's ex wife works for the CDC.

  35. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 201:
    Everybody knows he called Ukraine's leader
    Everybody knows the call was warm and nice
    Everybody knows the call was perfect
    He repeatedly gave beautiful advice
    Everybody knows only those dumb enough
    Would believe he’d say inappropriate stuff
    Obvious quid pro quo
    Everybody knows

  36. There's no evidence to back up Trump's assertions about Biden. However, a president of the United States has solicited an attack on our election process. Besides being unethical, it's certainly un-American and treasonous. Seeking help from a foreign country to win an election is what Trump did in 2016. He was un-American then as he is now. He has no respect for our constitution or the rule of law. You Trump supporters care more about Trump than the USA and the values on which it was founded. Time to ask yourself about what patriotism means.

  37. Since there no comments allowed on the UN speech 9-24-19,,gotta say the immediate spin on NBC isn't. what the message is,,they just don't get it

  38. No one can hold up the report,
    A computer … the complaint goes to the I.G. , the I.G. Investigates the report ! FACT
    Why didn’t the Democrats and Republicans demand a full investigation of BIDEN’s actions in Ukraine and China before NOW ???

  39. Yeah. Trump talked about how Biden committed a crime? You should all be angry at biden for misusing your tax money. Trump is just doing what the democrats did with russia. How does it feel to have the same thing done to you

  40. Democrats just mad trump destroyed their #1 president runner up. Lol democrats hate it when their tactics are used against them. They are the real criminals lol

  41. How can we go from Obama to this clown treating our country like a reality show. Vote carefully because our country reputation has gone down the drain after all of this doings.

  42. If they do release anything it will be the water-down version of the transcript I want the whistle blower report which I take is classified we will never see the life of it ever. Nothing to see folks keep moving.

  43. Bottom line Biden messed up. Biden used his power as vice president to strong arm a country into firing a prosecutor to receive aid from the u.s. government. I don't see how yet again they are trying to make Trump out the bad guy. Democrats have found a new dead end investigation that will spend Millions and Millions of taxpayer dollars that will go no where. We need to be looking into what Biden has done not President Trump. I'm sick of the witch hunt [email protected] Trump 2020!!!!

  44. I Am Asking The Owners Of Youtube And Google Whoever You May Be To Keep This Impeachment Issue Going And Investigated Because If My President Donald J Trump Is Guilty Of Wrong Doing To The United States Too Which Is His Obligations To Every American Or Even Citizens Outside This Country To Not Be Then By Googles Terms Of Service You Can Yourself Persue This Matter At Will To Take President Trump To Court Too. Thank You Kindly From Mr, Robert Olen Byrd My Address Is 110 Trent Street Princeton West Virginia 24740 Thank You Kindly.

  45. LOL OMG, I can't stop laughing…  Trump orders the release of the complete transcript while the Dems are forcing Pelosi to open impeachment investigation.  Whistleblower admits to having only second hand knowledge of phone call…  All Trump had to do was wait until the MSM and the Dems were frothing at the mouth and Joe Biden is exposed as blackmailing a foreign govt while the Dems are left with an investigation into… NOTHING!!!  Oh, my sides hurt from laughing at the Dems too much…  DEMS, YOU GOT PLAYED LIKE A CHEAP DRUM!!!

  46. I bet the Chi coms gave Biden the billion dollars just to see if he was stupid enough to take it after daddy talked to them and the Ukrainians.

  47. Joe Biden admits to actually committing quid pro quo on film at council on foreign relations

  48. (admin) Msnbc is so biased I find it difficult to believe anything they put out. Major media is mostly propaganda and spin bought by big money.

  49. Transcripts are out!!! And all you have egg on your faces. Once again FAKE NEWS. LOL. And now Biden has been caught admitting that he was the one who held aid money because his son was being investigated. Trump is now what…23-0.


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