TUTO: Comment s’étirer les cheveux facilement

TUTO: Comment s’étirer les cheveux facilement

Hi, I hope you’re well in this tutorial I will show you how I stretch my hair to approximately 70% without heat after washing my hair that is now clean and damp I moisturize it this section is the last one that needs to be moisturized to do so, I’ll use a moisturizing cream this much but I happen to moisturize with water depends on the way I feel the moisturizing cream you’ll use doesn’t matter I start at the bottom and I work all my way up and then I’ll use my amazing Haitian Black Castor Oil I’ll never get tired of talking about its benefits it maintains the moisture in the hair up to one week make the hair thicker than ever this is a must have put a small amount I’ll put this much start at the bottom and work all your way up that’s what I do each time, and it works when the section is moisturized I twist it I love to cut my hair but I’ll stop doing that to see how long the hair can grow the hair is ready all the sections are moisturized and now I will flat twist the hair in 4 sections and to do that, we’ll need: a comb, a mirror, elastics and bobby pins I am checking how to section the hair for the work to be easy I’ll unravel the twists behind and the one on the side the hair is swelling because it’s still damp but tomorrow it’ll be different starting the work I am not using the comb to detangle the hair never i am parting the hair with the comb at the top and my hands at the bottom when I am done with parting I isolate the hair not needed check the real length of that part the hair will not be at its maximum length once stretched out but I’ll be able to work with it I am putting gel for the hair to look beaux et bien plaqués as sleek as possible and I’ll start flat twisting I am recycling the old sections to avoid parting again check that out see? I never separate the hair except at the end done this is the last section check how big the hair is tomorrow it’ll be totally different I am adding gel and twisting the hair style is set I’ll now bobby pin the length check that out it is very loose the only plan is to stretch out the hair and I put on my sating scarf time to go to bed, see you tomorrow the morning after the hair is nice and sleek but it is still damp so I’ll keep that hair style the all day for the hair to be completed dried on the way to go over my mother’s place left side look ride side look and at night, I unravel them as you can see it is not completely stretched out but it is enough to set up the hair style of the week check how thick it is let’s work on the new hair style I will set it up in less than 1 minute i pin it and I do the same thing on the other side I love the result turning it around and I pin it the hair style of the week is done it took less than 1 minute it is sleek, and it’ll be even sleeker tomorrow I add water on the hair and then I put my satin scarf on to go to bed and you’ll see the final results tomorrow morning the hair will look sleek and thick I think the Haitian Black Castor Oil is responsible for the thickness of the hair C’est l’heure d’aller dormir and the morning after the hair looks nice check that out the hair even looks shiny have a closer look OMG the thickness of this hair incredible there you have it I hope this video will inspire some of you And you? How do you stretch your hair? without heat? and to finish please subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Facebook and on Instagram Bye 🙂

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  1. hello je m'abonne n'hésite pas à aller faire un tour sur ma chaîne juste une question l'huile de carapate Haïtienne tu l'achètes où ?

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